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This is a work of fiction, and all animals, names, characters, incidents, well anything at all, portrayed in this work are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living, deceased, or planned), places, buildings, other fiction, any non-fiction, and products is intended or should be inferred, and is purely coincidental. No animals were harmed in the making of this work. All characters of legal age 18 or older. There are no minors in this fictional work.

Note: multi part, fiction description: Auntie is on the wrong side of revenge but likes it.


Not expecting anyone or even a delivery, Jane is surprised by her doorbell. She hoped it wasn’t a neighbor. She was tempted to ignore it. Hesitantly moving the door’s curtain aside for a peek a moment later, she’s surprised to see Bobbie smiling at her.

“Well, hello Bobbie. How nice to see you.”

“Hi Jane. Sorry I didn’t call ahead. Before I knew it, I found myself pretty close to the area so I took a chance to see if you were in.”

Jane stretched to glance past Bobbie, verifying no car was in the driveway. She looked back at Bobbie. Before she could ask, Bobbie turned, waved to a car in the street, and Jane and Bobbie watched the car launch its way down the street.

“Was that my son?”

“No, a co-worker.”


“Really, it wasn’t.”

Something different from Bobbie and Jane was a little confused.

“Your… friend… didn’t have to leave.”

“How are you getting home? Your co-worker coming back to pick you up?”

Jane was hoping for a yes from the younger woman before her. It was bad enough Bobbie was here unannounced. It was rude and she’d say something. She wasn’t Bobbie’s chauffeur. Not even if Bobbie paid for gas and left a tip. And, not even if she ends up being her daughter-in-law.

“Back in a little while after doing a few chores. Boring stuff. I don’t need to be there. I definitely didn’t want to get trapped into helping out either.”

“Oh, I understand. I’m your excuse. Well, please come in then. Want something to drink or eat? Help…”

Bobbie continued past Jane, and past the kitchen appliances.

“Some iced water would be great. Will help wash down what I just ate. And, if you have your homemade cookies, I’ll take a few. If you have enough, maybe take some back home with me as well.”

Now I’m her maid.

“Sorry, haven’t baked in a while.”

Jane Şentepe Escort put a glass of water with cubes on the small kitchen table before Bobbie.

“It only takes a few minutes, but unfortunately, I have no supplies here now so we can’t make any together.”

“Ah, well, if you have enough time, text your friend the ingredients to pick up before coming back to for you. We can bake a batch in no time before you go.”

Appearing as a gracious offer, Jane was actually hopping for a no this time.

“Nah, that’s okay. Likely buy the wrong stuff or forget something.”

“Well, next time, let me know the day before you visit and a few dozen will be ready for you. Better yet, bring my son and we’ll talk while watching ’em bake in the oven.”

Opportunity presented, and taken, Jane hoped Bobbie would get the not-so-subtle hint.

More than a mere few seconds passed.

Bobbie wasn’t going to take the bait.

Neither was oblivious the silence was adding up. Both were aware no amount of small talk could slow that momentum. Although so far it appeared she was here just to waste time, Bobbie was actually here for action. Focused, the misleading small talk was Bobbie’s tool of choice until the right moment.

Jane knew she’d have to be careful as she proceeded further into the minefield, but curiosity drove her to take the steps. Jane wasn’t prepared to talk wedding plans with Bobbie. Wasn’t sure if she ever would.

“So, how are you, and, how is that son of mine? Tell him I am disappointed he hasn’t called or visited me in a while.”

Bobbie knew to the day the last time John called or visited Jane. She even knew the last time Jane called, talked to, or visited her son. Bobbie was in control but made sure she never revealed herself as the dictator. After all, what else should a mother expect from her son’s girlfriend after the first date. How soon the foolish ones forget. Mothers were someone’s girlfriend before becoming a wife. Wise ones practice so as to have a perfect relationship before the big day.

Bobbie expected a few mommy’s cheap tricks from Jane. This wasn’t the first time. But soon, Bobbie would inform Jane what she expected from her. This would be her last.

“We got together this past weekend. He’s doing well. Thinks he might get a decent bonus this year.”

“Really? It’s been that long? Sorry, I lost track. Not calling or visiting is my Şentepe Escort Bayan fault. Where would men be if women didn’t remind them of their responsibilities. I’ll get on his ass and make sure he calls and visits more often, even if I have to drag him here myself.”

“What would they do, indeed. Unfortunately, in some ways he takes after his father.”

Jane clenched as she spoke the last words.

“Should I have a talk with him?”

What had she just done she asked herself. That damn man! Clearly she lost her senses. Panic was just behind realization but gaining fast. Minefield be damned. Jane was now unsure if she had in opening her mouth, also just opened a different door to hell.

Bobbie held back the smirk faster than it could naturally appear, as well as a supply of smart-ass replies with various degrees of insult. Opportunity now favored Bobbie. It was hers and she would keep it. Small talk was done, even if Jane did not realize it. Bobbie maintained her focus but teasing wasn’t beyond her. She waited long enough to get Jane to sweat it just a bit more.

“No, really, everything is fine. Just busy. Also, seems to get easier and easier to get forgetful with so many important things going on.”

Jane, relieved in her mind that Bobbie recovered nicely without forcing her to do something she had no desire or intention of, let a faint smile form on her face. Bobbie didn’t skip a beat.

“Don’t worry, Jane, I won’t let John forget about you.”

Playing with her hands sufficiently enough so Jane could notice in the last several minutes, Bobbie made her move.

“Jane, do you have some hand cream I can use?”

“Yes, upstairs, just be a second Hun.”

Over the years, Bobbie came to know Jane, the house, and most important, Jane’s ways. Bobbie caught the surprise on Jane’s face as she got up and started following Jane. Bobbie almost grinned off her smile. Bobbie moved again before Jane tried to cut her advance off.

“So, any new hobbies… or, men in your life?”

“No, well, not really and, nothing serious.”

“Hobbies, men, or both?”

Both let out a light laugh as they continued up the steps to get to Jane’s bedroom.

“Any new girlfriends then?”

Jane wasn’t going to let Bobbie break news to her son. If and when the time came, she’d tell him herself.

“Probably met some new people since we last talked. Haven’t keep Escort Şentepe count, but it’s no more than a hundred. And, don’t quite call them friends, at least not yet.”

Bobbie wasn’t interested, at least not yet.

Jane stopped upon passing through the doorway but Bobbie continued in as if it was her room. It had been a while since she was last in Jane’s bedroom. Something forgotten perhaps, and why Jane seemed concern when Bobbie started following. Bobbie knew Jane could be messy and disorganized in private. Perhaps Jane panicked and could not immediately remember if she had put away sexy sleepwear, a sex toy, a man’s drawers, or something else. Jane couldn’t know nothing would offend or embarrass her. And, if something was out, Bobbie intended to take advantage of it as well as anything else she could.

The room had not been rearranged or remodeled. Not even given a fresh coat. The soft lighting revealed more than just create shadows. Furniture had not been replaced but it still appeared to be in good shape. The bed was not made. There was a few clothes and towels that were thrown on the floor. Slightly messy and disorganized, as expected, and Bobbie hadn’t even seen the bathroom or closets yet.

The room harbored smells of all kinds of female products and candles that were scattered around the room. Bobbie was fairly certain of another smell present, that she was very familiar with, that wasn’t from something sold in stores. It was strong enough not to be completely masked by any of the others. The scent was complex; fresh, yet also an underlying staleness. Bobbie’s smile transformed to a grin that Jane could not see.

“There’s a couple different brands on that dresser. Oh, and one on that night stand. Help yourself. Bring a few down to the kitchen if you want.”

We won’t be going back to the kitchen any time soon Bobbie thought, and not because there weren’t any homemade cookies to be found there.

Bobbie stopped at the dresser, on the other side of the unmade bed, and made like she was really interested by picking up a few. She had not found anything that Jane preferred hidden but knew after pulling a few drawers open, she’d find something that would turn Jane red.

“Oh, I have this one. It’s really good.”

Bobbie made like she was going to put the container down, stopped before it touched the dollie on the polished dresser, and slowly raised it up as if to reread the label again. That provided the silence she wanted. She was certain the next word from her mouth would be the trigger. The beginning of the unexpected. Followed by another short delay and then Bobbie would hold nothing back. With the first hurdle behind her, before her was the next one.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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