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It’s important to understand that my wife and I are swingers. We’ve been in the lifestyle for about ten years at this point and I’ve enjoyed watching her with other men on several occasions (she’s enjoyed seeing me with the wives of those men). We were married for about five years before I told her of my fantasy to watch her take or be taken by another man. It was another five years after that before she admitted she’d love it too and we decided to try it out. When we discovered the spark it added to our sex life at home, we kept experimenting and expanding our sexual play until we were attending house parties and hotel parties and swapping with other couples. Each of us had had playmates we enjoyed alone but we never kept secrets from each other. That was one of our rules going in: we never hid anything from each other. No secrets. No betrayals. Complete honesty. Our marriage was stronger than ever and even though we’d been married over 20 years, our sex life was still hot and active.

So you can imagine, it came as quite a surprise to me one evening when my wife (Dana) turned to me and said, “I have a confession to make.”

I thought she was teasing me to come up with some sexy story – fictional as it may be – about some random fuck she’d enjoyed. So I joked back, “Okay… go ahead. Gonna tell me how many guys you entertained while I was on travel?”

Her response was serious and I realized she wasn’t teasing or joking. “No,” she said quietly. “I’ve been keeping something from you and while it happened before we were married, we’ve been so open and come so far in our marriage because of our honesty… I just feel like I need to tell you this.”

I could see she was nervous and worried and I couldn’t figure out why. There was little she could ever tell me she’d done that would upset me in any way, but there was obviously something she needed to share and I wanted her to feel comfortable doing so. “It’s okay, baby,” I told her. “You know you can tell me anything and I can’t imagine anything you could have done that would upset me.” I thought about that for a moment. We had very few rules but two of them were fixed in stone: no pregnancy and no disease. Unless we had confirmed a man as clean and cut (vasectomy) he HAD to wear protection for all intercourse. Had Dana broken one of our fixed rules? Was my wife about to tell me she was pregnant or had picked up something we didn’t want? Now I was getting nervous. I stayed quiet so Dana could tell me whatever it was.

“Do you remember when I told you that my bachelorette party had been nothing more than some drinking and dancing at a couple different bars?” Dana asked me. I knew she didn’t really require an answer but nodded my head. I had heard the story of her bachelorette party many times. She and two of her closest friends had bar-hopped three or four different local bars in the area where she’d grown up. They’d had a few drinks, but not so much as to be sloppy drunk, had danced a lot and had gone home. At least… that’s what I’d always been told. Why was she bringing this up now?

“Well,” Dana said, “That’s not exactly true… and I want to tell you the truth.”

“Okay,” I said evenly. “I’m listening.”

“Please understand,” she said, “I feel bad for having lied to you back then and for not having come clean all these years. I was always afraid of what you’d think of me and even after we got into the lifestyle I was scared you’d be mad that I hid the truth at all.”

“Baby,” I said, hugging her closer, “it’s okay. Whatever you did… whatever happened… it hasn’t mattered all these years and it hasn’t had any kind of negative impact on our marriage. We’re fine. In fact, I’m always happy to listen, but I’ve never known what happened that night, and I still don’t need to know. As long as you’re okay…” I let my voice trail away. I had given her an out but I desperately hoped she wouldn’t take it.

“No,” she replied. “I need to tell you this…” And then she smiled. “And I think you’re going to enjoy hearing it to be honest…”

– – –

Dana was an athletic brunette in her mid-20s. She had always been athletic, having played sports all through junior and high school and, after having her first child right before her 21st birthday, her curves had filled out a bit more and her chest grew a cup size to a soft C. Her brown hair was shoulder length and matched her brown eyes perfectly. She had always been a bit of a party girl but it had been restricted to drinking and dancing all through high school. The guy she’d first had sex with ended up getting her pregnant at 20 and then bailed out just a week before the baby was born. As a single mom, Dana leaned on her parents for assistance in caring for her son as she worked a full time job and a part time job. It was a rare occasion when she got to go out with friends. She had had just one boyfriend since her son was born but he hadn’t lasted. He was okay as a boyfriend and not terrible in bed, but kaş escort he sucked as dad material for her son and that had to be taken into consideration.

Then she met Dave. He was about five years older than her and had excellent parental instincts. Although he had no children of his own, he’d been married and was now divorced. Dana had met him at her part time job, where he had also worked seasonally part time, and they became friends. They didn’t date for quite a while but when they did start dating it got hot and heavy pretty quick. They were on their third date before having sex, but by the time they’d been dating about six months they were engaged and a year later they’d be getting married.

As the wedding date approached, Dana found herself thinking about the fact that she’d only had sex with three guys: her son’s biological father, her short term boyfriend before dating Dave, and Dave. Of the three, Dave was by far the best lover she’d had and she enjoyed that he was very open-minded. He enjoyed going down on her a lot, was considerate when she went down on him, and knew how to use his above-average cock when it came to giving her pussy a good fucking. Yes, they made love, but they both recognized that sometimes “making love” was an energetic and animalistic fuck that satisfied the primal needs.

It was usually after those more physical fuck sessions that Dana found herself wondering about other guys. She wondered what different dicks would feel like… She’d seen porn with curved ones, bigger ones, thicker ones. Dave was more than enough to satisfy her and in some positions he had to be gentle until she got relaxed and used to his size, but she knew there were bigger out there. What would that feel like sliding into her? Stretching her open? She knew how Dave felt fucking her hard and fast from behind, holding her hips and just pounding his cock into her. Did other guys feel the same? On the one hand her curiosities made her feel ashamed. What kind of slut dreamed about other cocks when she had a loving talented fiancé? On the other hand, her pussy throbbed and got dripping wet just thinking about taking those other cocks.

Dana’s two best friends were Sherri – a buxom raven haired beauty – and Tina – a tall slender red head. Sherri was married the year before and Tina was an avowed single woman who played the field and bragged about it. While Sherri would often brag about how nice it was to have the same man in her bed every night, Tina would offset that with stories of a different man each weekend, if not numerous times through the week. Tina’s stories of having two men at a time, and the one time she took on three guys all together, just made Dana’s pussy juice up and her clit tingle. Dana loved Dave and enjoyed few things more than falling asleep cuddled up in his arms (after a great bout of love making), but she found herself wondering what it would be like to have three guys lined up, each fucking her pussy in turn; just using her and fucking her like a female animal made for nothing more than breeding. Her shame over such thoughts faded when she began to visualize herself sucking some stranger’s hard cock while Dave was fucking her roughly doggy style.

As Dana’s wedding date approached, Sherri and Tina made it known that they were conspiring to set up a bachelorette party for her. Sherri was pushing for a “girls’ night” out that would involve some drinking and dancing and maybe some harmless flirting. Tina made it clear that if Dana didn’t get royally well fucked by someone other than Dave on the night of her bachelorette party, then something was done wrong. Tina’s plan involved drinking, dancing, and flirting that resulted in hot sex. On more than one occasion Tina voiced her outlook that no adult woman should have only experienced four cocks before marriage and certainly any woman planning on getting married should be pursuing all the strange cock she could manage before the big day. Dana remained silent when she listened to her two friends discuss the bachelorette party plans. She liked listening to Sherri talk about being faithful and just enjoying a night out. She even more enjoyed listening to Tina talk about random guys, gratuitous sex and having a sore pussy when she walked down the aisle the next day (if it was timed right).

As things worked out, Dana’s bachelorette party was the weekend before her wedding – a full seven days before, so she wouldn’t be sore walking down the aisle no matter what she did… or didn’t do. Verbally she’d indicated her approval of Sherri’s plan to drink and dance and have fun within reason. Silently she had been cheering for Tina’s plan and was ashamed of the fact that she loved the idea of finding a handsome stranger to suck and fuck thoroughly as a last fling before getting hitched.

When the Saturday of her party finally arrived, Dana had lunch with Dave and reassured him that nothing illicit would happen that evening. Dave had chuckled, gündoğmuş escort encouraged her to have fun, be safe and “get it all out of her system.” She had wondered exactly what he meant by that but took it as permission to do whatever she’d like… as long as she was safe. That evening she dressed to show off her curves in a tight pair of well-worn jeans (with no panties so no lines would show), a bra that held her breasts up high and together for plenty of cleavage, and a shirt buttoned low to insure that all the cleavage could be seen. She put on her makeup lightly and, feeling like a total slut, but just to be safe, stopped at the drug store for a three pack of condoms that she dropped in her purse. She had no intention of needing them but also was honest with herself about all her fantasies and wondering thoughts. She couldn’t say for sure that if the opportunity arose she would say no, so she bought protection just in case she gave into that baser side of herself.

Dana’s parents were babysitting her son and knew she’d be out late. She hugged and kissed her son goodbye, told him to behave, and then went out to hop in Sherri’s car when she heard the horn honk in the driveway around seven. Tina was in the backseat and Dana got the shotgun seat as they headed out. The first stop was a restaurant with a great bar where they could eat a good meal (to get plenty of food in their stomachs) as well as the first round or two of drinks. After that it was off to their first dance bar location for another round and to start their evening of dancing.

They took their time at the restaurant and didn’t head to the first dance location until about nine. After one round of drinks (their third for the evening) and dancing to several songs, they headed to the next dance bar about 10:30. At about midnight, after plenty more dancing and another two rounds of drinks, Sherri started talking about how it was time to wrap the night up. Tina scoffed at the idea saying that it was Dana’s last night out as a “free woman” and it would be sinful to end it before the bar closed. That sparked a mild argument between Sherri and Tina that only ended when Sherri finally looked at Dana and asked, “It’s your night. What do YOU want to do?”

Dana knew the right thing to do was to call it a night and head home. The drinks had been spread out and Sherri was probably okay to drive. They’d had fun dancing, had flirted with a few guys and generally enjoyed being silly. For all that, Dana kept thinking about the three condoms in her purse and how she’d been hoping that she’d at least have gotten some kisses or gropes during her bachelorette celebration. So far all she’d gotten was a dance with one guy who barely touched her below the waist, even as they were slow dancing.

Looking at Sherri she said, “I’m not really ready to head home yet.” Looking over at Tina and then back at Sherri she continued, “Why don’t you go on and head home. I know your husband is waiting and he won’t want you out late. Tina and I can take cabs home when we’re ready.”

Sherri looked back and forth between Dana and Tina and then asked, “You sure? I feel kinda bad bailing out on your bachelorette party.”

“I’m sure,” giggled Dana, stepping in to give her friend a hug. “Go on home and wear out your hubby. We’ll be fine.”

Sherri hugged Dana back and then stepped over to hug Tina as well. “Okay,” she said. “You guys have fun but behave!”

“Oh, we won’t!” laughed Tina back. It sounded like a joke but Sherri suspected it might not be. Oh well, she thought. It wasn’t her problem. It’s not like Dana was married anyway… yet. Once Sherri had left, Dana and Tina got back on the dance floor and the change in the energy was immediately noticeable. Without Sherri there, for whatever reason, the guys started approaching Dana and Tina more. They were taking turns dancing with different guys, switching off, dancing with multiple guys and then taking breaks for fresh drinks.

About a half hour after Sherri had left… almost one in the morning, Tina leaned into Dana and said, “We’ve got one more place to hit. Let’s go grab a taxi.” Dana nodded okay and off they went. The next dance bar was a little further into the city and looked a little more upscale. Dana asked Tina if she was dressed nice enough in her jeans and blouse and Tina assured her she was fine. “I come here pretty often,” said Tina. “They know me. We won’t have any problems at all.” Sure enough the bouncer at the door recognized Tina, gave her a big hug, shook Dana’s hand when Tina introduced them and then he waved them through without even asking to see their IDs.

Inside, Dana immediately noticed that the crowd was much thicker with a lot more people on the dance floor. It was plenty big enough to accommodate the swirl of gyrating bodies and there was lots of seating at low tables around the outside edge of the room. Tina led Dana over to the bar where she introduced her ibradi escort to the bartender, Joe. The ladies left their purses with Joe, who secured them behind the bar, and then went straight out to the dance floor.

Dana and Tina began dancing to the heavy beat they could almost feel through the floor and within just a few minutes four guys had danced over and were dancing around them. All four guys appeared to be about the same age as Dana and Tina and all of them were well-built decent looking guys. The guys were suave enough not to just immediately start dancing close to the women, but took their time dancing around in the area, then slowly closing distance, and seeing no negative reaction, gradually got closer. Eventually the four men split into two pairs and each pair began focusing on a woman. Tina found herself dancing between two guys, each a bit taller than her five foot seven inch frame, both of them built well, clean shaven and displaying enough rhythm to dance well. At one point, the guy in front of her leaned in to shout in her ear over the loud music. “I’m John,” he shouted. “My buddy behind you is Larry.”

“I’m Dana,” she shouted back, getting a nod from John in response and then they went back to dancing. When the fast song stopped and a slow song started, Dana figured she would have to choose which one she wanted to dance with, if either of them was interested. She was somewhat shocked as John stepped into her, putting his arms around her waist. She instinctively raised her arms to clasp her hands behind his neck. The real surprise came when she felt another set of hands at her sides, just above John’s arms that were circling her waist, and she felt Larry’s body press in close behind her. With a slight giggle, she thought to herself that Larry’s cock pressing against her ass would keep John’s hands from playing with it.

John felt her giggle, although the music was still too loud to hear it, and he leaned in to ask her what she thought was funny. Reaching her mouth up close to his ear she said, “I was just thinking… sorry you can’t get a handful of my ass unless you want to also be rubbing against your buddy’s crotch.” John didn’t say anything but looked over her shoulder. The next thing Dana knew, the pressure of Larry’s body had backed off just a bit, and John’s hands dropped, each of them filling with a handful of her ass cheeks.

“Like this?” John asked with a smile in his voice and a twinkle in his eye.

“You guys have done this before, haven’t you?” asked Dana with a smile of her own. She was enjoying the feeling of John’s big hands squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks. As she spoke, she intentionally pressed her chest a little harder against his and pulled her hands tighter around his neck.

“A few times,” he admitted. His hands left her ass and Larry’s body returned to being pressed against her. She noted that Larry’s hands seemed to be pulling her harder back now and, as if in a coordinated play, John’s hands on her hips were pushing her ass back at Larry’s pressed forward crotch. She could feel his bulge against her butt and was liking all of the sensation overload she was experiencing.

The song ended and Dana pushed John away gently, pushing back into Larry as she did so, but he got the hint and backed off too. “I need a potty break,” she said to John. “Be right back.”

“I hope so!” he replied with a smile. Before he let her go he leaned in and gave her a quick peck on the lips. It wasn’t a passionate kiss by any means. It was a quick tentative kiss at best… but it was a kiss, and the first she’d had from any man other than her fiancé, Dave, in well over a year. It startled her… but also left her thinking about kissing John in a more intense fashion. Pushing out from between John and Larry, Dana looked over at Tina who was sandwiched similarly between the other two guys. Reaching out, she grabbed Tina’s hand and pulled her away, startling Tina. Together the two women went off to the ladies’ room. Dana really did need to pee and she wanted some insight into what was going on… or what Tina’s intentions were before the night went any farther.

In the bathroom Tina smiled a big smile at Dana and asked, “Having fun?”

“Oh, yeah,” replied Dana with a big smile of her own. “But this is all new to me. Do you know these guys?”

“Not Biblically,” laughed Tina, “But I’ve seen them in here plenty of times. I’ve danced with them a few times. They seem like nice guys and a lot of fun.”

“Uh huh,” said Dana, trying to get her thoughts straight. “They feel nice to dance with… but do you have a plan for the night? I’m assuming it’s just dancing but from the stories you’ve told in the past, I’m not thinking that’s a safe assumption.”

Tina thought for a few minutes, looking at Dana carefully. Her neck was flushed, her nipples erect and she seemed to be enjoying the situation so far. Putting on a serious face and tone of voice she gave Dana a straight answer. “The night can hold whatever you want. If you want to just dance with these guys until you’re ready to go home, that’s cool. If you want to let other stuff happen, that’s cool too. My place is always available.”

“Other stuff?” Dana asked with raised eyebrows.

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