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She’d warned her boyfriend before, if she caught him watching tranny porn or dressing in her things that was it! And this time she had all the evidence she needed.

The first clue was the suspicious stains left on her tights in the laundry basket. She’s put them in there the day before after work but when she went to do the washing this morning, she noticed that they weren’t on the top where she’d left them but stuffed down the side. As she pulled them out she saw the tell tale white streaks that glistened in the sun as she held them up. Damn pervert, she thought!

Next she grabbed his i-pad. After last time she’d kept an eye out and had remembered the password to unlock it. She also remembered the password on her Chix account from last time and hoped it hadn’t been changed. Yes, she was into the profile page and her jaw dropped as she saw the pictures. OMG that’s my dress, bastard! And those look like my new Wolford tights, I’d recognise that shine anywhere and now they’re covered in your spunk!

Her immediate thoughts were to just pack his bags and throw him out. But as she read some of the private Chix mail in the inbox, she hatched another plan. A lot of the messages were from a male admirer and the theme of their chat had been watching each other on cam and wanking. She found one here they chatted about wearing tights and jerking off in front of each other. And then she found the pictures…pictures of her on the bed in tights. She read the mail that accompanied them and the reply from the admirer. That gave her the idea for her revenge plan.

First she created a profile for a Female Admirer, added a few pics and a brief description. A few forum posts would complete the honey trap and make her look like a regular user. After a couple of weeks she made sure that she kept looking at the admirers profile, leaving breadcrumbs. Then she added him as a Friend. Her pics showed her in sexy tights and provocative posses. She gradually added to her description to make sure it peaked his interest but all the time never showed her face. Finally she decided it was time to make her move..!

She saw he was online in the Chatrooms so she logged in and started posting stuff she knew he’d like…”at home in my sheer tights”, “need somebody to stroke my nylons”. The bait was too strong and up popped a Private Message. Yes, hooked! Now to set the trap.

She was coy but led the conversation. Gave a brief history of how she liked guys into more interesting lifestyles and how she loved to chat. The admirer was a bit suspicious thinking this must be a fake profile and was probably some trucker from Wigan in a string vest but was led by his cock, looking at the pictures that he wondered had been stripped off the net. A few chats later, a personal pic and a brief phone call and he was completely convinced he’d struck gold.

All this time, she’d been watching her partners profile as well. The admirer was still sending messages to them and the content was getting more graphic. She knew it was time to arrange the meet…!

With the first part of her plan set, she turned her attention to getting her TV boyfriend to play his part but not in a way that he’d imagined..!

Knowing his love for tights, especially hers, she made a point of wearing them as often as she could. For work, to the shops and then she started setting up date nights where she wore the dresses that he loved to “borrow” and the tights that she knew he’d wanked off in. Even the ones that her boyfriend had worn while wanking off on cam with his male admirer. The same admirer who thought he was coming over next week for his own date night with her.

One night, after she’d enjoyed a nice meal and a bottle of wine with her boyfriend, she made her move. Relaxing on the Sıhhiye Escort sofa, in her dress and tights, he was massaging her feet, loving the feel of the sheer nylon and his thoughts wandered to what he was going to do in them when she went to work tomorrow. Just as he was slipping into his daydream she shocked him out of it with one sentence. “You like tights don’t you..?” she asked him directly. Her steely gaze disarmed him and he stammered “I don’t know what you mean” and blushed profusely.

“Oh yes you do..” she pressed “you can’t keep your hands off me when I wear them!” He stammered again but she took charge of the conversation. “So how much do you like them..? Just looking at me in them, touching them, playing with them, WEARING THEM!!??” She accentuated the last part and leaned in so close she could hear his breath quicken. “I knew it…you want to wear them!” He shifted uncomfortably but so wanted this to be the moment he confessed. Should he or push his feelings back in the closet where they had been so long.

“Well I’ve never tried wearing them, but they do feel nice..” was the best he could manage. There was a long pause before she broke the silence. “Well maybe on next week’s date night, you can put some on and see if you like them..?” OMG his cock sprang up like a shot and it took all his will power not to blow his load in his pants. His throat as dry and he didn’t know what words would come out but he pursed his lips to speak. All that came out was a high pitched “Ok” and the moment was gone. She looked away and started commenting on the latest cakes being dished up on Bake Off.

He wondered for a moment if he’d just daydreamed that conversation, if it hadn’t really happened. When they got up to go to bed, she confirmed his deepest wish…”Ok, I’ll get you a nice pair for next week then….” and gave him a peck on the cheek.

The following week dragged and lurched with no further mention of their conversation on the last date night. But his girlfriend, Charlotte, had promised, yes promised, that he could wear her tights on their next date night. Well, that was how he’d fixed it in his own mind. However, he was far too scared to bring it up and burst the bubble he’d created. If he did, she might laugh it off as the drink talking and then he’d be back to square one, just watching her getting dressed and jerking off in her worn tights the next day.

By the time Thursday finally came around again, their next date night, he was a nervous wreck. He’d been diligently listening for clues, anything she said that might confirm it was actually going to happen. He’d routed through her drawers looking for any new tights he didn’t recognise and every time she came home with shopping, he darted to the bedroom to check out the contents but nothing! Now the day had arrived he had a rather heavy heart, like a small boy about to have his dreams crushed. He turned the key in the lock and sighed but as he opened the door, his spirits (and his cock) perked up.

Through the hall he could see Charlotte at the stove. She was dressed in her silky robe, the one that she wore to put her make up on. As he drew closer he saw her cute feet encased in sheer black nylon. “I thought I’d get back early and get the dinner ready so we could have that early night. Glass of wine..??” His hand trembled as he took it and he thought that he ought to be careful and not over indulge. He didn’t want to miss a second of this due to drunken stupidity. As the wine took effect he calmed down quickly and tried to appear casual. “So how was your day..?” he asked and the small talk continued. All the time he was hoping that the robe would fall open a little and give him a peak of the treats inside. He wanted to grab her and just fuck her Sıhhiye Escort Bayan over the sink but he knew that if he did, any plans she had might be spoilt. He was going to let her run this night at her own pace.

With dinner finished, he quickly cleared up the plates and while he was filing the dishwasher, she said it and he nearly dropped the plate his was holding!

“When you’ve finished in there, I’ve left something in the bedroom I think you’ll like…” He gulped, “Ok” he said still trying to stay calm. What if he got in there and it was a DVD or the latest sci-fi mag that he wanted, what if…. what if. He strode purposely to the bedroom door and pushed it open. The lights were dim but his eyes were immediately drawn to the tan coloured ball on the bed and the bright yellow post it note. “these are for you to try on, love Charlotte xx”.

He couldn’t strip off fast enough and nearly fell over pulling his socks off. He picked up the tights and immediately noticed that they were still warm. OMG this is the pair she wore to work today. He sat on the bed and carefully put them on, the speed at which he did would have given his secret away but he was alone at the moment. He drew in a breath and felt the sheer nylons pull on his legs and arse. Surprisingly, and probably because he was nervous, his cock was only semi erect but he cupped it in his hands and the squeeze felt wonderful.

Shit, he could hear her coming up the stairs! He started huffing and puffing and generally trying to appear put out by having to wear them. “God these are hard to get on..” he jested as she came through the door. “Well you seem to have managed” she smiled. She put her glass down and sat on the bed. He still couldn’t see the delights she was wearing under the robe but was just glad to be finally in her presence, wearing her tights. He sat on the bedroom chair opposite, nervously waiting for her next move.

“So now I know that you like wearing my tights, there’s something I’d like to share with you” she said. “I’ve never shared it but I’ve always wanted too tie you up and ravage you!” Could this night get any better he thought!. “So can I…? I mean it wouldn’t be fair if you got your wish and I didn’t. I’ll even use my tights so you get a bit of your kink too” she laughed. He held his wrist up to her and said “Of course you can baby” and she went over to her drawer and pulled out a couple more pairs.

She went behind him and moved his arms round the back. Quickly she’d tied his wrists firmly but gently and he was now tied to the chair. She stood back and admired her work. His eyes followed her round the room as she finally slipped off her robe. Underneath she was wearing a black lacy body and sheer black tights, ones he had never seen before. His cock sprang up and he gulped as he took in her beauty. He looked at her on a new level now, sure he loved her and they got on fine, but this was a new awakening, a new beginning. But just as he was thinking that, the doorbell rang…..

WTF he thought, no! Who’s come round now right in the middle of the best night of my life. He strained against his nylon bindings and wanted to just shout “FUCK OFF” at whoever it was but he never got a chance to make a sound. The gaffer tape was quickly and firmly wrapped over his mouth, he didn’t even see it coming. His head spun wildly as he looked around to see who’d done it and their she stood, scissors still in hand. “Well sweetie, I bet you didn’t expect that as well”.

For a moment he wondered if it was all part of her fetish, yes that’s it, tie me up and gag me. He relaxed, but then she slipped her robe on and was gone from the room. He heard her paddling down the stairs with her soft nylon feet. Ah, gone to get a top up Escort Sıhhiye he thought wishing he could reach his glass on the side. It was only when he heard voices that he started to get nervous again. Voices, hers and a deeper voice! Glasses chinking, laughter…what was happening. He didn’t have to wait long before the bedroom door was opened and he saw them, his girlfriend Charlotte and his nylon wank buddy from Chix, Stuart.

“I think you two know each other don’t you..?” she said. Stuart, dressed in a blue suit and open necked shirt nodded and smiled at him. “Yes, and you’ve done a great job here honey”. HONEY, fucking honey why is he calling her that? How do they know each other..? His mind raced.

Charlotte broke the silence..”You see, I found your little profile and your pictures. And all those lewd mails you’ve been sending to guys like Stuart. Tempting them with pictures and webcam. Even with pictures of me that he liked very much. So I got to thinking that if you liked the idea of sending my pictures to your wank buddies, then maybe I should give them the chance to wank over me properly, don’t you..?”. He shook his head furiously and tried to let out anything but a muffled rejection of the idea. “Oooo don’t you fret, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show. And besides, you’ve got my tights on to remind you of how good I feel and what he’s going to be feeling.

She slipped off her robe again and told Stuart to get more comfortable. He took off his shoes and socks and then unbuckled his trousers. As they feel to the floor, Charlotte’s eyes widened as she saw that he was packing a very nice bulge in his IZOD performance underwear. She moved forward to start unbuttoning his shirt. The buttons popped through the crisp cotton and whilst he was carrying a few spare pounds round the middle, his broad shoulders and chest meant that he still looked in good shape. The scent of his spicy Viktor & Rolf EDT filled the room as Charlotte bent forward and licked his left nipple. Playfully she bit it and looked over at her helpless boyfriend who by now had eyes like saucers and a cock tenting in his tights that Baden Powell would have been proud of.

Stuart swept her up in his arms and kissed her deeply. Her body naturally drawn to his in her sheer underwear and tights. She knew that he loved the feeling of nylon against his skin and was once again going to exploit his fetish to get what she wanted. She fell back on the bed and took him with her, the intensity of their necking was like two lusty teenagers. She slipped a fingernail into the gusset of her tights and tore a hole for him to enter her. She pushed him back up onto his knees and buried her face into his groin. Having taken the full length down once, she pulled back and gripped his cock. Staring at her restrained boyfriend, she licked the tip and swelled her tongue round the bulbous head before plunging down again.

Satisfied she’d got him fully hard she moved into a doggy position facing her boyfriend and invited Stuart to enter her. Her face was no more than a foot from her restrained boyfriend and the look in his eyes was pathetic. Like a whimpering puppy who doesn’t understand why his owner is being so mean to him. “Look baby, he’s fucking me..! Do you like it, do you..? His stiff hard cock feels so good in my pussy”. He tried to shake his head but he was beaten, he’d submitted to his inner desire and the jealous knot in his stomach. All he could do was nod.

Charlotte pushed herself up on her elbows and Stuart grabbed her round the waist and continued thrusting hard. She bit her bottom lip as she felt the wave of her orgasm coming over her and knowing that sign, her boyfriend knew she was cumming. As her eyes rolled back, he watched as Stuart gripped her tightly and unloaded his spunk deep inside her pussy. They collapsed on top of each other and went back to their teenage embrace.

Whilst he hadn’t cum himself, her boyfriend felt drained. Drained of pride and laid bare with all of his fantasies and fetishes spent. Now she knew everything and it was over, or was it….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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