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I have brought you to a gathering of like-minded souls. For the trip here you have been wearing a cape with a hood on it, and underneath that, a pair of stockings attached to a severe waist cincher, and a pair of moderately high heels. That is all.

Your hands are held modestly over your breasts via your index fingers being placed through the rings in your nipples, and secured by a slave bracelet over that. You are being quite careful to hug your elbows into your sides so as to prevent even the slightest movement, so that the rings are not tugged. Once we arrive at our destination, and have entered the room, I remove your cape, and attach a light chain lead to your clit ring. We walk about the room, and come upon a truly marvelous sight. A feminized man is straddling a pole-mounted dildo, and teetering on ballet ankle boots. He is attired otherwise like you, short corset, and stockings. He really is quite beautiful, and if it were not for the 8-½ inch cock, he could easily pass as a woman. His/her cock is wrapped in what his mistress terms a “Klit Korset”, which is little more that a boned satin sheath, laced like a corset to his manhood. It must be very tight because the head protruding from the end is turning very dark.

His mistress makes a request, Haymana Escort she is looking for someone to torment him, and could she please “borrow” you? Being the gracious fellow that I am, I turn the chain lead over to her. The first thing she does is remove your heels, and place ballet heels on you, lacing them up, and tightening the ankle strap. Because this is a first for you, you are allowed to shuffle on your knees to her slave, and are instructed to lick him but not let him cum, which is unlikely with the sheath anyway. You proceed to do your best, and after 10 minutes, you are told to halt. Your slave bracelets are removed, and you are allowed to remove your fingers from your nipple rings, which you gratefully do. You are then instructed to stand, put your arms around his neck, and mount him. Reaching up, you do as instructed, and wrap your legs around the back of his thighs, and inch your way up until she reaches between you and positions his cock, at your cunt, and then you slowly sink down. With a small crop, she encourages you to kiss and hump him, and you do, becoming very aroused, but not as much as he is, but before you can cum, she takes you back off of him. She leads you to a sort of inclined bench, and orders you to stand, Haymana Escort Bayan which you shakily do, and then bends you over the high end, so that your toes and heels just reach the floor, and she clips cuffs around each ankle, and your legs are spread wider. At the other end of the bench is a dildo with a strap mounted on it, and your mouth is placed over it, and the strap tightened, securing your head to the bench, Your wrists are cuffed, and brought down and secured to a pair of rings on the floor. Then a dildo is introduced into your cunt, and secured with about 8 inches inside you. This only makes you regret being pulled off the effeminate man.

Unable to look around, you hear the click, click, click of approaching heels, the person must be taking very small steps, then you feel him at your ass, it is your former victim. He is shuffled forward, and lubricant is applied to you and him, and then he is pushed into you filling all your holes. Straps are secured around your thighs, holding his thighs tightly to yours, and then he is bent over you, and another strap secures him like this at the small of his back. A small padded shelf is added to the bench over, but not touching your shoulders, and his shoulders rest on that, Escort Haymana his arms being held in an armbinder, and raised behind him so that he cannot raise himself up. Neither of you can move, you are completely helpless, and still seeking satisfaction. Then suddenly, he shifts forward, imbedding himself even further in your ass, a large man has come up behind him and starts to fuck him, and you, in the process. Another man straddles your head, and proceeds to fuck his mouth, then the vibrator concealed in the dildo in your cunt is turned on. It vibrates and moves, rubbing your inner walls, and your former victim’s cock. Your are both ravished like this until both the men and both of you cum like never before, and almost pass out from the ecstasy.

You are both released, but you are reversed on the bench, face up, and then secured again. His mistress, who has spent the time well, has had her cunt filled with the product of 6 pricks, and plants her pussy on your mouth. She demands that you act as a human douche bag, and scour all the cum out of her, during which time, she has a further 3 orgasms, each time grasping your head to her so tightly you almost suffocate. Saying that you have done well, and that you deserve a reward, she positions you on the bench again, but this time with your shoulders on the shelf. Donning a 10-inch strap on, she uses your cunt, while I, noticing that your mouth looks like a glazed donut, proceed to insert my cock so that the donut can be cream-filled. This time you do pass out and wake up with a dreamy smile on the way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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