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“Wait here, hon” she said. “I’m going to change and then put on the coffee.” The woman disappeared down a hall.

I looked around the smallish living room at the overstuffed couch and chair, the obligatory coffee table with scuff marks and cigarette burns in the finish. All in all, the room was nothing special. My bladder had started to feel full, probably the psychosomatic result of the hope in my loins rather than any real need to pee. I decided to look for a bathroom anyway.

I headed through the doorway and found a short hall. At the end of it there were two doors, one on each side. One was probably the bathroom. I headed that way. At the two doors, not knowing which way to turn, I glanced left.

There she was, standing in front of a dresser at the back wall, shirt off and in the process of taking off her bra. Unlike with most women, with her that was a real production. Let me describe her.

Her name was Pamela. She was 51 years old, more than a dozen years my senior. She weighed 265, over forty pounds more than me. She stood 6′ 1″, just an inch taller than me. But much of her weight was in the enormous globes on her chest. I would find out later that she wore a 52-JJJ bra that she had to have specially made. Now as she worked on the last of the hooks she had her eyes closed and was concentrating on the contraption. Silently I watched as she pulled the material away and revealed the biggest tits I had ever seen on a woman.

She dropped the bra and, lifting the heavy flesh, began to massage the angry red lines that ran under them showing where the bra had applied pressure to hold up the globes. As she spotted me in the mirror, I said “Can I help you with that?” In three quick strides, I stood behind her and replaced her hands rubbing the red lines, finding the flesh warm to my touch.

She moved her hands up to hold her boobs off the under-flesh and let me rub. She said “That feels good, sugar. These big things make me hurt all over sometimes. I wish I could get rid of them.”

Putting my face beside hers, I whispered in her ear “Oh, no, sweetheart. They are so beautiful! It would be a shame to lose them.”

Her body began to react to my rubbing, going through a sort of rolling wave from top to bottom. Her ass rubbed against my crotch and I felt my cock instantly began to grow stiff. She said “So … you must like big titties, huh?”

“Yes, I do” I replied. “And you have the prettiest ones I have ever seen.”

“Oh, honey, you’re just saying that.”

“No, I mean it” I countered, letting my hands begin to rove over the globes now that the red marks were beginning to fade. I found her nipples and rolled them between my fingers, causing her to moan and once again the wave rolled down her body. By then my full erection was pressing into her ass.

Her hand slipped behind her and grasped my cock. She said “Honey, there’s no doubt you like my titties but what are you planning to do with Topkapı Escort this?” Just as she finished her question, I pinched her nipples and pulled them away from her body, stretching out her huge jugs. She responded by dropping her head back on my shoulder and moaning again, a sensual sound that left no doubt that she was liking what I was doing so far.

“Well” I whispered, “I thought I might do some exploring.”

“Oh” she said. “And where did you want to explore?” she asked softly.

I let my hands rove over her ample stomach, found the elastic waistband of her shorts and quickly worked her shorts and panties over her hips and let them drop to the floor. While my left hand returned to playing with her left tit, my right hand moved over her abdomen, felt the mound of curly pubic hair and found the top of the slit between her legs. She was wet and slick and my fingers easily slipped between the two puffy lips guarding her treasure. I said “Well, I think this would be a nice place to start.”

She groaned and her knees buckled slightly. She said “Yeah, honey, I think that would be a good idea.”

I guided her around a ninety degree turn to sit on the edge of the bed. Squatting before her, I lifted and spread her legs as she sank back onto the mattress like a ship sinking in a storm. I started licking her thighs from her knees and worked my way up to where they joined, where steam was already emanating from her core. I spread her outer lips and sank my tongue into her, laving the length of her bright red flesh, finding her opening and filling it with as much tongue as I could and wishing for a longer tongue. Almost immediately she began to moan and thresh and the more I ate her pussy the more violent she became until she clamped her legs onto my head, tossed her head back and began to quake through an orgasm. Fortunately I had kept my fingers in her pussy, leaving me a slight opening for air, otherwise she would have smothered me in the twenty-five seconds it took for the orgasm to subside.

When she relaxed I found a new supply of sweet-tart cunt juices all around my face and I greedily set about consuming them. For the next forty minutes, I repeated nearly the same process over and over, getting the same results four more times. After I had cleaned her up from the fifth orgasm, I resumed the same procedure but after a few minutes, I lifted her legs higher, spread her buttocks and set about washing her ass hole and the valley around it. I had been working in the new location less than 40 seconds when she exploded like none of the other times, seeming to be coming apart, shaking uncontrollably, talking in monosyllabic half-words about her pleasure.

When that orgasm passed, I figured it was my turn. Holding her legs on my shoulders, I stood and worked my pants and shorts to the floor and kicked them out of the way. My throbbing erection was ecstatic to be free of the confining material and began Topkapı Escort Bayan to dance around in search of a hiding place. With a little guidance, it found one between her legs … I think it may have homed in on the extreme heat coming from her cunt. I spent the next ten minutes just flexing my schlong in her love tunnel and feeling her respond by clamping her inner muscles around my shaft, all the while repeating over and over “Honey, nobody every kissed my ass before. Why did you do that? Will you do it again? I loved it, honey? Fuck me, baby.”

I did just that, cycling in and out of her pussy just a few times per minute for the first ten minutes, even though she was begging me to fuck her harder. My finger occasionally teasing her clitty and my thumbs massaging the nerves on the soles of her raised feet got her to her next two climaxes. Then she asked me to come up on top of her so we broke our connection long enough for her to turn around and scoot up into the middle of the bed and for me to crawl into her saddle. With her legs now spread wide and my cock deep into her tunnel, I rested just above her and worked in a triangle formed by her right nipple, her mouth, and her left nipple, kissing and sucking all three about equally while I pumped progressively harder into her hot twat. By the time I had worked my balls to the point of no return, she had cum three more times.

I rolled off her, pulling her over to face me and we kissed for several minutes. Then she scooted up a bit, cushioned my head between her honkers and fed me a nipple. I was asleep in ten minutes.

When I awoke it was dark outside but in the soft glow of a night light, I could see her ample ass backed up to my crotch. My cock grew hard quickly as the sensations of her soft bottom were transmitted through my body to my brain. Even though I could hear soft snoring sounds from her, I eased my dong into her pussy and slowly began working it around. She moaned and rolled back just a bit, changing the angle of my entry but also giving my hand access to her slit. I soon found her clit and a few moments later she was jerking her head from side to side until finally she began the shaking-quaking of another orgasm. As soon as it passed, I pounded her ass until my balls emptied. Then I put both arms around her and held her titties until we were both asleep again.

I awoke later and slowly came out of my groggy haze to the realization that she was sitting on me, not moving, not saying anything, just sitting. And then I realized that I had a hard on and it was inside her. I flexed my tool and she said softly “Hi, baby.”

“Hi, sweetheart. What’cha doing?”

“I got horny again. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Nope. Feels good.”

She began rocking, not really moving but just rocking back and forth. But it was enough for me to feel my cock working like a seesaw in her pussy. And it felt fantastic. Every so often she would grab my Escort Topkapı shaft with her cunt muscles, hold it a few seconds and then release it.

Her tits were swinging crazily as she moved. I reached up and captured them both and she obliged me by leaning forward so I could suck them one at a time. Her big nipples were as hard as erasers and she seemed to enjoy my nursing on them as much as I did. After several minutes she began moaning and her speed picked up, although her rhythm became erratic. I felt my balls growing tighter, teased not only by the action of her pussy around my cock but also by the weight of her buttocks on my thighs, part of which was translated to massaging my scrotum, as if she’d had a hand on my nuts. I wasn’t going to last long. But then neither did she. I shot off my load into her depths and that seemed to be all she needed to trigger her orgasm. She collapsed on my chest with the first waves and her shivers shook us both as I held onto her to keep her from sliding off. After it was past, she slid off and we cuddled face to face, although her big tits kept us somewhat apart. We were soon asleep again.

When I woke up again, she was not in the bed nor in the room but I could smell bacon cooking. I went to the bathroom to take a leak and wash up, then walked into the kitchen. She was standing at the stove wearing a little half apron and nothing else. She said “Good morning, sweetie. Breakfast will be ready in a few. Will you pour us coffee?”

I got two mugs from the hanging rack and poured from the freshly brewed pot. Leaving the cups on the bar, I walked behind her and put my arms around her, not impeding her movements at the stove as she tended a pan of scrambled eggs. She murmured something and wiggled her ass against my crotch, causing the usual flare-up by my cock. She laughed when she felt it poke her. “You sure are Mr. Ever Ready, honey. I like that. Come on, let’s eat.”

As we sat at the table, I said “I figured you’d want me to leave before spending the night, since this was the first time for us.”

“Oh, honey, I learned a long time ago that when I find a man I like, I’d better keep him as long as I can because soon enough he’ll get tired or start looking for something younger or smaller or something. When you didn’t seem inclined to leave, I sure wasn’t about to kick you out of bed.”

“Why would I be inclined to leave? You’ve got everything I love in a woman and are definitely a loveable woman.”

“Ooh, I like that, honey. Sounds like we both found something we like.”

“I know I did.”

“Does that mean that I might not be just a one-night stand for you.”

“No, ma’am. I guarantee it.”

“Okay, then. Why don’t we leave it like this for now? If you want to be with me, just ask me. If I want want you got, I’m gonna call and ask for it. Okay?”

That lasted just one week. By then we were constantly hot and horny for each other. She moved into my house and things escalated from there.

It was the beginning of the most intense sexual period in my life. We’re over four months upstream and counting. I think I have finally found a woman who’s just as horny as me and likes the way I screw her. What more could a man want?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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