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“Wow I always wanted to know what that felt like.” You say after we have lied side by side in silence for a good ten minutes.

“Sex, you mean?” I wonder, shocked someone this hot could possibly be a virgin.

“Ha, no silly. I’m not a virgin. I’ve just never let a man cum inside me before. I started on the pill last month and I don’t even have a boyfriend since Jeremy left.

“Oh ok, cool I guess. So how was it?”

We’re lying on your towel, a mottled sunbeam keeping our naked bodies warm just feet away from the water. I look over at you as you think about your response. Your breasts look surprisingly flat spread out on your chest. They look so large when you stand up. You’ve got one hand over your naked pussy.

“It felt warm. I mean, I could feel each burst, the heat of it, erupting inside me.”

“Did you like it?”

She looks over at me. My cock is still semi-hard, lying over my right thigh, my tip still glistening wet and pointing toward her.

“Yes it was wonderful. Sex with a guy wearing a condom is like fucking a piece of plastic. I mean sometimes I can feel it twitch but other than that I don’t even know if he’s cum or not. I lost my virginity to an older man. He didn’t use a condom but he pulled out in time and shot his cum all over me. It still terrified me though, the thought of getting pregnant. So I made guys use condoms ever since.”

I feel humbled, proud, lucky, a little guilty, almost like I did just take your virginity. Now I realize what you’re doing with your hand; you’re keeping all my semen inside, not letting it leak out.

“So how does it feel inside you now?” I wonder as I feel my cock move as I playback the sex in my head.

“It tingles. Like normally after sex my pussy feels hot and sore but right now my whole body just feels relaxed, satisfied, like I’m high.”

I can’t help it, my dick is completely hard again. Just then you look over at me and see it.

“Wow, you recover fast.”

“It’s a gift, I guess. I recover fast and then the second time I last twice as long, at least.”

“Oh ya?” You’re smiling. I see that look in your eye again. “I could use some more.”

“Are you ready?”


You Yeşilyurt Escort pull me back on top of you and instantly our mouths meet in another passionate kiss. Our heads are now in a shadow but my bare ass is in the bright mid-morning sun.

“Spread your legs for me.” I order, this time wanting to take control. “Wider than before.”

You willingly oblige me, spreading your legs much wider, giving me more room. I rise up and gently sink my tip in you.

“Oooh” you breathe out with your eyes shut.

Then I sink the rest in. It glides in so easily. Your pussy almost sucks it in. I feel my shaft gliding against the hot wet mixture of your juices and my still fresh semen.

I pin your arms to the ground as I begin thrusting deep and slow and forcefully, pushing your body against the ground. You lock eyes with me and bite your lip. You’re enjoying being under submission.

I feel you wriggle beneath, offering what resistance you can, but it only gives me fuel to fuck you harder. Your body, your pussy, will be mine. You’ve already given yourself to me. You wanted more, so that’s what you’ll get. I build up speed and look down to see my hard cock disappearing inside your body over and over and over. Minutes have gone by; I’m losing track of time. My balls hurt as they slap against you with each thrust but I don’t care.

Out of nowhere your first orgasm overwhelms you. You cry out, but no one besides me can hear you. Your back arches and I feel your muscles tense inside. I leave my cock all the way inside you and release your arms, only to rub my thumb on your clit to prolong your pleasure.

“Oh my God, just like that, mmmmmmm”

As your orgasm subsides I resume the pounding you asked for. My hands now gripping your breasts as I rock your whole body, my thumbs playing with your hard nipples. Listening to your soft moans my mind flashes back to the night I lost my virginity. We hadn’t planned on having sex. I had just assumed she would push me away, so I didn’t have any condoms. But she actually wanted me so we did it in her parents’ house and I didn’t know when to pull out so I just came inside her. Yeşilyurt Escort Bayan I tried condoms later but I hated them. If I didn’t get to cum inside, what was the point? Now this stranger was practically begging me to fuck her brains out and give her all the cum she could handle. And her pussy feels so good and she’s so smoking hot, and oh shit I’m about to cum again, but wait I want this to last longer!

So I slow my strokes and finally pull all the way out. Your pussy lips stay parted momentarily allowing a little gush of my cum from before to trickle out of your pussy. I’ve been fondling your breasts for what must have been ten minutes straight, but now I want to feel them against my cock. You know what you’re in for; I can see it on your face.

Before you can say anything I straddle your body and lay my long hard cock on your chest, pushing your breasts together, wrapping your skin around my cock as I begin to titty fuck you slowly. I feel you close your legs behind me and then I feel your knees against my back. Your hands clasp over mine, pushing your breasts together tighter around my shaft, but I still easily glide back and forth since my cock is still so wet from your pussy.

“Wow your tits are so big and beautiful” I just have to tell you.

“So is your cock!” you exclaim as you raise your head up, watching my swollen tip emerge from between your gorgeous tits. Then you tilt your head farther forward and stick out your tongue to welcome my tip. I push forward farther so my tip slides up your tongue into your mouth, letting you suck on it for a second before thrusting again. Each time you bob your head forward to welcome my tip in your mouth. Now I’m moaning. I’ve only titty fucked two girls before. The first girl barely had B cups and it didn’t work so well. The second was an older woman, a MILF really, and her boobs were completely out of control. But yours are perfect. And the heat of your mouth!

“Damn it I need to stop again before I cum!”

We both release our hands off your breasts and I rise up off your body.

“I want it doggy style, please, out here in the forest, fuck me like an animal!”

How Escort Yeşilyurt can I say no to that? You roll over on all fours, then bend down, hiking your ass in the air. I grip your hips in my hands then position my cock to push all the way in your body, even deeper than I could before when we did it missionary style. I rise up, lifting you for a second off the ground and I hear you cry out “YESSSS!!!!” Your body shakes and I know you’re cumming again. I take it as my cue to pound you like the sexual animal you crave to be. Pulling your body toward me as much as I thrust toward you, our bodies smack together over and over. I see you flailing your arms, grabbing the towel, clawing at the dirt, as I ram my cock into your incredible body over and over. You’re losing control and so am I. You’re saying something but I can’t make out your words. My fingers press into your flesh as my balls slam into you with every thrust. Your ass cheeks are now beet red from the pounding I’m giving you. What a woman you are! Just then I finally hear what you’re saying.

“They, they can can can see us!”

What, who? I’ve been so focused on your body that I hadn’t seen them at all. An elderly couple with walking sticks, staring at us from the end of the trail.

“I can’t stop now! I’m going to cum!” I yell, as much to you as to them.

“Oh my God, do it!” you yelled back. The elderly woman covers her mouth but neither of them can take their eyes off of us.

“Are you ready???” I warn one last time.

“YESSSS!” you scream…

Then with one last thrust I shove with everything I’ve got, not meaning to push your face into the dirt but that’s what happens. Our bodies shake together as I release all the pressure I’ve built up over the last hour. Your orgasm leaves you practically immobile, quivering and nearly limp in my hands. My orgasm starts at my head and creates shivers up and down my back. My whole body is dizzy with ecstasy as my cock throbs deep inside you, releasing stream after stream of hot semen, filling your womb. My most basic instinct is to pump my seed into your willing pussy. That animal part of me wants to get you pregnant.

I’m panting, breathless, sore, exhausted yet energized, proud and also embarrassed. Slowly I return to my right mind. Where are our clothes? My cock is still hard, buried inside you. I can’t tell if you’re even conscious and those two people are staring at us.

What do I do now?

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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