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It sounds stupid but I really don’t know if this happened or not. I was fresh out of university and had my first job teaching at an all girls’ boarding school in the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong I loved my job but the isolation I felt living and working in the same place every day with a bunch of hormonal girls and all female teaching staff drove me crazy.

I’d always been horny but this long, hot summer combined with a lack of cock was so frustrating! There was just one guy at the school. He managed the stables where the girls took riding lessons. I’d spend my days gazing out of the classroom window trying to catch a glimpse of him and my nights in my room imagining what he’d do to me. I don’t ever remember him being mentioned, being introduced to him or speaking to him, but I’m sure he was real and not just one of my fantasies…

It was late July. I was in my tiny bedroom all alone once again. I’d been standing by the open window on the ground floor trying to catch a slight breeze to cool my warm skin on another sultry, close night. I turned from the window toward my bed and then froze. I swore I could feel a presence and caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye but didn’t dare look.

The flimsily light curtain flapped gently as a slight gust of warm, static air entered the room. I stood, unable to move. Then a voice came out of the darkness. Deep, soft and commanding.

“Why are you alone in here again tonight Johanna? A smart woman as sexy as you deserves more – so much more.”

Then from the corner of the dimly lit bedroom a figure emerged and stood close behind me. I jumped a little at the feel of his muscular arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me close to him, safe and warm. He gently kissed me behind the ear and I felt a tingling sensation as the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. His lips then traced a line of soft, warm, melting kisses down my neck to my shoulders and before I could respond he’d slid his hands under the sides of my t-shirt and pulled it off over my head.

I shivered with excitement as he ran his powerful hands up my taut belly and lightly traced his fingers around the contours of my silky boobs which I now so wanted to slip out of my bra and have him kiss and fondle. He turned me to face him and as I stared into his deep brown dreamy eyes he gently held my face in his hands like it was a work of art whilst moving his mouth towards mine to kiss me slowly, passionately and powerfully.

I could feel the butterflies in my tummy fluttering madly away like they could explode out of my belly button any minute. He unclipped my bra and let it fall to the floor and then took me by my hands and sat me on the side of my bed.

A single candle was all that lit my room and I could barely make out the strong, sexy shape of his face and body. Just through our fingers touching we could both feel the sexual excitement within each other. He glided his hands from holding mine down to the side of my thighs and gently took hold of my pyjama bottoms. Then, whilst looking into my eyes he slowly but firmly pulled them down so they lay around my feet. The feel of the material brushing down my Balıkesir Escort smooth, silky legs and then the air against my bare skin made me shudder with anticipation.

As he knelt beside the bed he gently ran his hands up my legs and softly kissed me on my knees and inner thighs. At the same time he skillfully slid his finger as softly as a feather into the crook behind my knee and down my leg. His kisses began to linger as he planted them further and further up my thigh. Then, as lightly as a soft breeze he kissed my panties over my pussy lips where a sexy damp patch had begun to form.

I could tell he was savouring my sweet, sexy smell and I felt my clit tingle with excitement at the soft, wet feel of his tongue through my underwear. Gently taking the hem of my panties in both of his hands he slowly slipped them down. They stubbornly stuck to my moist pussy lips a little as he tugged on them but as they pulled free my little slit came into view, glistening with beads of excitement inviting him to lick it.

I leant back upon my bed, propping myself up on my elbows so I could still see around me. My stomach and breasts rose and fell quickly as I felt the extreme excitement of being naked, open and so wanting the feel of his tongue on my sensitive clit. He knelt beside the bed, staring intensely at my body. I could see his cock pressing hard against his jeans as he looked upon my firm tits, hard pink nipples and wet slit, fighting with all his might against his basic instinct to climb upon me, run his hands over every inch of my body and slide his hard dick into me so we became one.

I laid back flat on my bed, stretching my arms out to the sides and opening my legs wide. My senses were enhanced with anticipation. I could feel the soft, crisp sheets beneath my body. My skin tingled with excitement as I awaited his next touch, not knowing where it would be and which body part he would use.

I closed my eyes because I almost wanted to hide from the pure arousal and excitement I knew I was about to to feel. I heard him undo his belt and take off his jeans and boxers. Lying there in the dim light I could feel a trickle of warm pussy juice running down my slit as I imagined him naked just inches from me, knowing his cock was now hot and throbbing at the sight of my body.

I jumped with excitement at his first touch. Long, slow gentle kisses running from my hip up to my belly button whilst at the same time clasping my hands in his so our fingers intertwined once again. His kisses and tongue strokes lingered just below my boobs and from the goosebumps around my now erect nipples he knew I was aching for them to be caressed. Covering my body in kisses and the sight of my natural tits made his cock bulge and I felt a shiver of intense pleasure as the head of it brushed against my leg and left a small trace of pre-cum.

He hesitated a second or two and looked deep into my eyes, both of us knowing he was about to relieve my suspense and start pleasuring my tits and sensitive nipples. His lips softly kissed the crease under my breasts causing my straining nipples to pulse with excitement desperate to be sucked. He Bartın Escort ever so slowly planted gentle butterfly kisses one by one in a line up to my nipple, till at last I gasped with relief as he took my sensitive teat into his mouth and sucked on it making it grow longer and harder sending ripples of pleasure from my chest all the way down to my stomach and pussy.

He sucked more intensely sensing my pleasure as I arched my body pushing my tits closer to his mouth. He caressed first one breast and then the other in his hands as he hungrily licked, kissed and sucked on my sexy nipples, faster and more intensely, building my pleasure. My boobs felt full of pure sexual energy as I grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled him towards me, urging him to suck harder, flick and lick faster, bathing in that erotic feeling of an impending orgasm.

It seemed like he wanted to spend all night sucking on my tits until he forced his mouth away from them and slid his lips up to my face. My breath was shallow and rapid and we could feel each others’ heartbeats thumping rapidly away in synchrony as his chest pressed against mine. He kissed me on the lips passionately and as our tongues explored each other I let out a little moan.

He playfully rolled my sensitive nipples between his fingers making me squeal with pleasure every time he applied a little pressure. He slid his lips down my cheek and then kissed and licked my neck just below my ear before moving on to suck and nibble my earlobe. Suddenly he paused and broke all contact. It was just for a second, but for me it felt like an eternity. Every bit of my body was screaming for his touch. Then he whispered in my ear.

“Now I’m going to lick your perfect pussy Johanna and I’m not going to stop until you’ve cum.”

As his words hit me my stomach turned sexual somersaults and I could literally feel a stream of fresh, warm pussy juice flow to my cunt multiplying the tingling sexual excitement I already felt down there. He pulled away briefly to stare in awe at my body.

“I love the way your hair falls in feather-like curls upon your shoulders. I love the shape and curve of your natural tits that sexily slide toward your soft areola and perky nipples. I love your smooth, luscious skin. You are perfect Johanna.”

He stood over me in all his glory. My gaze ran from his face where I saw the crazy desire for me in his eyes. I glanced down over his firm body and finally at his cock. The sight of his fleshy, pulsing tool with its bulging head sticky with pre-cum made me feel a craving beyond imagination to have him slide inside my wet pussy. I burned with desire for the feeling of fulfilment this would give me. Wild with sexual passion, I couldn’t control myself so sat up and reached around him to run my hands over his firm bum cheeks.

My face was inches from his cock. I could feel the intense heat radiating from it on my skin. He placed his hands on the side of my head and ran his fingers through my silky hair. I stretched out my tongue to taste him. His engorged cock twitched wildly as I licked him greedily from his balls slowly up to the tip of his shaft. The taste Batman Escort and feel made me hungry for more and I tried to take him in my mouth but he held my head back and stopped me.

“I must pleasure you first,” he said.

Before laying me back down as he knelt once again beside the bed. He placed his hands on my knees and slowly opened my legs. I offered no resistance. The skin and pubes surrounding my pussy felt electric as I awaited his touch. I’d felt my fingers and my selection of dildos down there many times but I now yearned for the feeling of his warm, soft tongue.

My pussy tingled as I felt the soft warm breeze from the open window blow gently over my sensitive labia. He delicately ran his tongue all they way around my pussy lips, lapping at the bottom as some of my sweet juices dribbled down onto his tongue. I was now crazy with desire and was doing everything in my power to not reach down and touch myself to relieve the amazing sexual tension that had built up between us.

Then he finally pressed the whole surface of his tongue against my wet cunt and slid it hungrily all the way up my slit from bottom to top. The feeling was absolute bliss and my whole body shook with pleasure. My engorged lips begged for more so he licked again from bottom to top, this time probing his tongue inside me a little. I could feel some of my own sweet juices escaping as his tongue entered me and he excitedly swallowed down my sexy stickiness.

He slid the palms of his hands up my body and rested them firmly on my tits, taking each of my erect nipples between his middle and index fingers and massaging them in a circular motion. At the same time the tip of his tongue slid to the top of my pussy and began circling my clit. I started to feel intense waves of pleasure washing over me as his tongue brushed back and forth and side to side around my clit.

I felt a rush of excitement recognising that feeling of an impending orgasm. My legs closed around his head and my hands pulled him forcefully towards me as I uncontrollably tried to intensify and speed up the motion of his mouth, lips and tongue upon me. His strokes grew faster and faster, frantically flicking the base and then tip of my clit. Each swipe sent a rush of pleasure through me like a heavenly electric shock.

All my senses were now concentrated solely on the pleasure I felt from my stimulated nipples and clit. He carried on, sensing I was near and now grasping my tits firmly to keep me from throwing myself about the bed in wild rapture. Finally the tongue flicks on my clit pushed me over the edge and a rush of intense warmth, energy and pleasure pulsed around my body, emanating from my clit.

I let out an almighty scream as hot juices squirted and oozed out of my pussy all over his face. He lapped down every ounce of my sexiness wanting to share in my ecstasy before sliding his body up alongside mine, looking deep into my eyes and kissing me passionately whilst holding me close. I felt a fuzzy glowing warmth overcome me as our bodies intermingled. I could taste myself on his tongue. I lay there in a haze of ecstasy and drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning I was alone once again. There was no sign of my visitor. My memories were a blur and my bed was a mess. Had it been a dream? I really can’t say. But what I can say is that I spent the rest of my summer re-living the memory of that night and will do for the rest of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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