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Author’s note:

This is my first submission, I appreciate and welcome both praise and criticism, so I can become a better writer. I hope you enjoy my work.


I had always had a special connection with Farther Marcus. He had been with our church since he finished his M.Div. Ten years ago. Even though I was only a little girl at the time, I had fallen in love with him. And now that I was finally eighteen, I could confess my feelings, my need.

Gathering my courage, I opened the heavy door to the church, that I knew would be close to empty. Not a lot of people went to pray or give confession on Tuesdays. It was Monday, Wednesday and Friday you should avoid. On Mondays, people went to confess whatever sins they had committed in the weekend, and Friday it was the sins of the week.

I dipped my finger in the Stoup and made the Sign of the Holy Cross, while walking down the aisle towards the confessionals, that thankfully was located in one of the side chapels. My heart was pounding and all kinds of thoughts was running through my head. I wasn’t really scared of telling Farther Marcus my feelings, cause I had seen him give me long looks when he thought I was distracted. What I was nervous about though, was getting caught with him, it would cost him his priesthood, and I didn’t want to cause him unhappiness.

The chapel was closed off by a pair of heavy swing doors, providing people more privacy, which was good for me. Another great thing, was the confessionals themselves. They weren’t just wooden boxes with a curtain. They were actually nestled into the thick stone walls and had doors with a small latch on the inside. There was only one compartment, and not two on either side of the priest, and there was only one other confessional in the chapel, which wasn’t occupied. Making Farther Marcus and me the only ones in the room.

I stopped in front of the confessionals and prayed for courage and understanding. I knew that what I was about to do was unheard of, but I had come of age, and I believed that love had no boundaries. Carefully, I opened the door to the confessional, walked in to the tiny room and made sure that the latch was in place. I kneeled down as I had done so many times before. Though this time I wasn’t going to be Bitlis Escort satisfied with imagine I was sucking on Farther Marcus cock, while I was rubbing my clit through my panties.

Farther Marcus was barely visible behind the thin grill that separated us. He made the sign of the cross and I followed his motion, while I drew my skirt up around my waist. The cold air hit my pantieless crotch.

“Forgive me Farther, for I have sinned,” I started as it was custom. “It has been a week since my last confession. My sins are that of inappropriate thoughts, that I am not even sure I can share here.”

“You can always ease your heart here, my child,” the sound of Farther Marcus’ deep voice sent a shiver through me, and my heart started racing.

“Do you promise that you wont say anything too anyone?” I asked as innocently as I could.

“Everything you say here will remain with me.”

I shifted closer to the grill, nearly touching it with my nose. “I have thoughts and feelings that I shouldn’t be having, but I believe that I’m not the only one who’s to blame for it. After all, if the person that my thoughts are about didn’t exist, my feelings wouldn’t exist either.”

“Who else is it that you blame?” Farther Marcus’ voice was calm and soothing as always.

I took a deep breath before I answered. “It’s you, Farther Marcus.”

I heard a sharp intake of breath, followed by silence. I waited patiently for Farther Marcus to answer, knowing that I wouldn’t achieve my goal if I pushed him too hard.

“Can you…” Farther Marcus cleared his throat. “Can you explain to me?”

“I have seen you look at me,” I put my hand on the grill, slipping my fingers through the tiny holes. “You don’t look at other people the way you look at me. Everyone could easily be a family member to you, but not me.”

“May, I’m sorry…” he started and I could see him get to his feet.

“Please don’t leave,” I interrupted, my voice shaking with emotion. I tightened my fingers around the grill and slowly slid it to the side, giving Farther Marcus a chance to stop me, but he didn’t. “I like that you look at me differently.”

Silence followed. His hand was within my reach, and I grabbed it gently and pulled him towards the wall Bolu Escort that were separating us.

“It’s like you see right through me, like you can read my mind. I blush constantly when I’m around you, and I end up shaking with the need to touch you.” I caressed his hand, brought it to my lips through the open frame. Even though I couldn’t see his face, I could still hear his ragged breathing. “And you can’t imagine how much I’ve struggled to keep myself from touching you, not to answer those looks with my own passion.”

There was a long moment of silence were I just caressed his hand, and giving him the chance to process my words.

“I know that I’m not suppose to feel this way, and I have tried so hard to change my emotions, but failed each time. I’m done trying now and I’ve come here today to confess my feelings and desires for you.”

Slowly I slid my free hand up my bare thighs, all the while I took one of Farther Marcus’ fingers in my mouth and licked it. He tasted both salty and sweet, and I heard his strangled moan.

“You have no idea what a relief it is to finally tell you,” I continued stroking my inner thighs close to my sex. “I love you and I need you so bad.”

I took a deep breath before I reached out and grabbed his robe, pulling him as close to me as the wall between us would allow. Again, he didn’t stop me and I was urged on. I started unbuttoning his robe exposing his pants and shirt. I could feel his erection through his clothes and I almost whimpered. He wanted me.

When I had the robe opened, I went on to his pants, my hands brushing against his cock and his breath caught and got more heavy. It seemed like it took an eternity for me to open all the buttons with my shaking hands. But finally I was able to pull out his circumcised cock.

It was beautiful and big, beyond what I had dreamed, and my mouth actually watered as if I was looking at a lollipop. The comparison made me smile. I was glad that my mouth was prepared for my first blow job, and my pussy more then liked the sight as well. My belly clenched and my juices started to drip out of me.

I wasn’t nervous when my lips met the head of his cock, precum already glistening the tip. The salty taste and velvet skin brushing against Burdur Escort my tongue as I took him in my mouth. Father Marcus gave a deep groan, one that came from a place deep in his throat. The sound made me shiver and my belly clenched again.

Spurred on by Father Marcus’ moans, I used my one hand to run op and down his length were there was no way I was able too reach, he was far to long. As I worked him, I felt his hand on my cheek, a light touch, a caress, and I loved it.

Boldly I brought my hand to his balls and started massaging them. More precum dripped into my mouth as his cock jerked in my mouth and his strong hand clenched in my hair, making me moan.

By then it didn’t take long before Farther Marcus started to lose some of the control he exercised every single day, and he pumped his cock into my willing mouth. I sucked on him as much as I could, rubbing my tongue on the underside of his cock.

Farther Marcus groaned and shoved his cock as far down in my throat as it could get. His cock jerked almost violently and he spurted his cum down my throat. It was nearly too much for me to take, and I orsgasmed against the fingers I had used to pleasure myself with. I whimpered around Farther Marcus, which brought out another groan and even more cum was sliding down my throat.

I was joyous, as Farther Marcus’ slowly pulled his cock from my mouth. I had successfully given him the ultimate pleasure and he hadn’t rejected me. I couldn’t help but smiled as I licked the little cum that was still on the head of his cock, while he caressed my face.

With a final small kiss on the tip I redressed him, buttoning his pants and robe, smoothing out the wrinkles, and you would never have guessed what had just happened. My own skirt slit in place easily, hiding the fact that I wasn’t wearing panties and that my pussy was still wet from arousal.

I took a deep breath. “I have sinned Farther,” I said. “But I don’t want forgiveness, but please be here when I come back for another confession.”

There was a long stretch of silence were Father Marcus only had his hand against my cheek. I was starting to panic when he answered.

“You are always welcome,” his voice was even more husky then ever, the only evidence of our intimate moment.

I smiled and turned my head so I could kiss the palm of his hand, a long and sweet kiss. Then I got up and left the confessionals, more happy then I had ever been. And I realized that this must be what love felt like. And I would be back for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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