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Jennifer and I had been fucking every Monday and Thursday mornings, more or less, with the occasional Friday thrown in for good measure. Sometimes I would find a reason to pull her into my office, where she would blow me from under the desk. But our sex had always been confined to my office, where we could shut and lock the door. Up until the day in the file room.

I was coming back from the bathroom, crossing back into our department, when I saw the door to our storage and file room open a jar. I pushed the door open and poked my head in. Jennifer was up on a chair, reaching for something in an elevated cabinet but not quite reaching it. She wore a knee-length skirt and one of her appropriately-corporate yet sexy blouses. Her legs were brown and muscled. Jennifer was blessed with the sweetest thighs I’d ever laid my mouth on.

“Can I help you?” I said. She cried out in surprise, then smiled as she realized it was me.

“That would be lovely,” she said. She climbed off the chair and walked to me, putting her hand on my chest in a familiar way. I smiled and peeled away from her and stepped up on the chair and reached up into the cabinet, pulling down the toner cartridge she’d been reaching for. She smiled as I climbed off the chair and handed it to her. She took it, set it down on a stack of boxes next to her, then went to the door, which was still ajar. She peeked out into the hall, apparently seeing no one, then pushed the door closed.

“There’s no lock,” she said.

“We’ll have to be fast,” I said. With that I reached for her and yanked her in close. She was light and I could move her around easily. I pulled her up to me and we kissed, my mouth swirling with the sensation of her tongue and her hot breath. My hands were quick, sliding down to her hips, then bağcılar escort under her skirt. I found she wasn’t wearing panties—you never knew with Jennifer. I wasted no time, finding her pussy was already wet. I traced my middle finger along her wet slit before pushing the head of my finger through. Once I’d split her open I found a reservoir of wetness. She closed her eyes and seemed to fall into me. I knew I’d been given complete control to ravish her, and right quick.

There were boxes of xerox paper stacked all over. I chose one of the stacks, bending Jennifer over it and flipping up her skirt to expose her ass and shimmering pussy lips. I put my nose in her ass crack and my mouth on her cunt and breathed her in, my tongue pushed between her pussy. She cried out in surprise. I licked her asshole and ran my tongue up her ass crack. She squealed again. This time I slapped her pink ass for it.

“You need to be quiet or someone’s going to walk in on us,” I hissed into her ear. I unbuckled my pants and dropped them, with boxers, to my ankles. My dick was full and hard and ready to go. I rubbed the pink handprint on her ass, then came around and stuck my dick into her pussy, spreading open the mouth of her with my dick and stopping there. Jennifer caught her breath just before the squeal got loose. I rewarded her for her silence, slipping the rest of me into her. This time she couldn’t help it, moaning deeply. I raised my hand again and came down on her ass, feeling as her tight ass vibrated against my pelvis.

“Quiet!” I whispered. She took hold of the paper box underneath her, stablizing her position. I pulled out of her then thrust back in with a suppressed grunt. She was plenty ready for me by now. I put one hand on her shoulder bayan escortlar and the other on her hip and really gave it to her, pistoning in and out. At first I spanked her for her moaning, but soon we were both in our own world. Neither of us heard the door opening or saw our co-worker slip in and shut the door behind her, not until she spoke to us.

“I knew there was something going on between you two,” she said.

I froze, mid-thrust inside Jennifer. I looked back and saw it was Gina. She worked with Jennifer and was almost her match in looks. While Jennifer was petite and fair, Gina was dark and long. Her eyes were gray, almost black; her tightly-curled hair was jet black and fell down around her shoulders. Black pants and a modest long-sleeve top couldn’t hide the delicacy of her body. She was light and long, with tits that were almost too large for her thin body. I’d been lusting after her since my first day with the firm.

I pulled out of my little blonde and turned toward Gina, my dick hard and glistening with Jennifer’s wetness and pointed straight at her.

“Let me see your cunt,” I said, surprised by my own boldness. I could hear Jennifer panting behind me.

Gina stood still, looking at me in shock. Then her hand reached down and she ran her thumb along the waist of her black pants. She reached the button and flipped it loose. She never took her eyes off mine, even as I stared at her crotch. Finally I got impatient. I pulled Gina toward Jennifer and me and pushed her down on the floor. I reached down and took hold of her pants by the waist and pulled them off of her, taking her panties too. Her pussy was thick with dark hair.

I put Gina’s legs up on my shoulders. My dick was still hard and wet from Jennifer. I didn’t bother beyoğlu escort with foreplay, instead using Jennifer’s juices to lubricate my way inside Gina. Gina closed her eyes and whimpered as my dick slid part way into her. Having just been inside another pussy not two minutes before, I was aware of how much different Gina’s pussy was—somehow warmer. I pushed deeper inside, her ankles up above my head. I ran my hands up and down the slim muscles in her long legs—the length of her thighbone, the angle of her hip. She was a different sort of creature from my Jennifer.

Who, I remembered, I’d left wet on the opposite stack of boxes. No matter; Jennifer was out to get herself pleasured. Before I quite knew what was going on, little Jennifer had gotten down on the floor and was positioning her golden cunt over Gina’s mouth. I couldn’t see Gina very well but Jennifer’s face was only inches from mine. The look of ecstasy that passed over her was familiar; I knew Gina was munching on my blonde’s pussy. The sight of all this—matched with the rapid fucking I was giving Gina—was more than I could take. Before I had time to even consider the fact that I was at work, deep inside a woman I hardly even knew, I was cumming. I grabbed her under the ass and sealed the connection between us as I emptied sperm into her.

If Gina had noticed me coming, it didn’t affect her cunnilingal devotion to Jennifer. Jennifer’s hands were on her own tits, rubbing them; she bobbed up and down on Gina’s face.

I pulled out of Gina and moved away, allowing her legs down. Taking the opportunity, Jennifer leaned forward and completed the 69. Her doll-like face disappeared inside Gina’s black bush as Jennifer licked my cum from Gina’s pussy. I stood back and enjoyed the site, my penis softening, thinking that this had all been so easy. As the two women came on each others’ faces, I realized that with two of my colleagues in the bag, and several hotties still at large, I was doing well in my young career. The coming weeks would be full of new professional challenges and opportunities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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