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I had been seeing Sandy off and on for just over a year. Sex was absolutely great with her. She would make love to me with her stunning body like the world was going to end when we finished. Her long brown wavy hair was always spread around so sexily. Her moans and words of pleasure would always make and keep my cock hard. Almost anything I wanted to do was fine with her as long as she got to feel me inside her. We fucked in almost every position I could think off. She was always apprehensive about anal sex and would only let me use a finger to please her luscious ass. The first time I did that she came so hard that I thought she was going to pass out.

By far though; her favorite part of sex was sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. She always talked about how she was thirsty and needed a drink from my fountain or how she was hungry and needed something to eat. The first time we had sex she knelt down and just started sucking on me. I was not sure how she would feel about me cumming in her mouth and I was about to loose it when I suggested we lay down on the bed so I could eat her pussy. She that was good but she still wanted to finish what she had started. Sandy climbed onto my face and I could see just how aroused she was. Her pussy was so wet that drops of her love landed on my lip just before she mashed herself down to meet my tongue. She was still holding herself up with her hands as I began lightly licking the folds of her cunt. Just trying to get as much of her own juice into my mouth.

She was moaning and wriggling around that I was having a hard time keeping my tongue on her. I reached up and wrapped my arms around her waist and ass and pulled her down hard to keep her still. She was bucking hard and my cock was throbbing so hard I knew it was needing some more attention. I started thrusting hips up like I was trying to fuck the air when Sandy realized that she had forgotten about my tool. She took one of her hands and wrapped it around me hard at the base and lowered her head down.

Sandy did not take time to play with me using her tongue or even jacking my off some. She just drove my cock into her mouth deep until I could feel the back of her throat. This sent electric shocks through me and I renewed my pussy eating with vigor. I licked and sucked on her clit so hard that she was really starting to buck and writhe on my face. Her orgasm was not going to be to far away. The vibrations of her moans on my dick were about to send me into orbit and I had to concentrate on not shooting off just yet. I wanted to experience her magnificent mouth more and relish in the taste of her cunt. The more she moaned the more I wanted her mouth. I was moving my hips up and down trying to fuck her mouth. Finally she could not stand it anymore as I shove a finger into her and was using it like a dick to fuck her pussy. She pulled away from my cock and gave me a soft scream as her orgasm hit.

I was awarded with a warm flow of her juice and licked it all into my mouth. Once she calmed down she went back to work on me. I thought she was going to roll off and tell me to fuck her but instead she went back to sucking and licking my cock like she had not done before. I could feel her lips sliding up and down my shaft with greater speed as she jacked me off. I shouted that I was going to cum over and over to Sandy. I was trying to warn her about the impending eruption so she could pull away if she wanted. No Sandy only worked harder Giresun Escort and soon I came. I sent shot after shot into her warm wet mouth. With each shot she moaned with the excitement of having it splash against the back of her mouth. As my own orgasm began to fade she held me still in her mouth and I could feel some of my cum had escaped from her mouth and trickle down my shaft onto my balls. Sandy pulled her lips away from me head and I heard a pop sound. She leaned forward a bit and finished licking my sperm from my rod and balls.

Over the next year we got together frequently and had some really wonderful sex together. Sandy would always initiate sucking on my cock. I never had to ask her. Occasionally I would stop her just before I came so I could deposit my jizz some where on her body. Usually I would unload on her tits, stomach or her neck. Once I was standing above her while she was on her hands and knees blowing me. When I felt close I had her turn around and I shot her ass hole with my cream. When I did that she inhaled deeply and I knew she enjoyed that so I took a finger and spread my cum around her ass hole getting everything lubed up good and the slid it slowly into her forbidden hole.

She rocked her hips back and forth trying to get my entire finger into her. The sight of Sandy fucking on my finger was incredible. I wanted to have my cock buried in her ass so bad but knew she would not allow that. We had talked before about anal sex and she was not comfortable with it. She said that having my finger was great and she always came so hard that way but the thought of the pain with my cock was too much. I continued to fuck her as she was nearing her orgasm while I fingered her cunt with my other hand. Without warning Sandy looked back at me and asked if I wanted to try and put my cock in her ass. Just take it very slow and lets see what happens was all she could say.

I pulled my finger out of her and watched as her hole quickly closed. There was still a lot of my cum on her and I pushed some more toward her waiting hole. I used the wetness on my other hand to quickly rub it around my cock head as lubrication and aimed myself toward her tight round hole. I pushed hard trying to enter her and I thought that alone was going to hurt her. Just then I pushed through and watched as my head disappeared into her. The initial shock of me entering her cause Sandy to tense up and squeeze me so hard that I thought she would pinch my head off inside her. I kept still for several long moments until she began to relax. Once she did I moved a little deeper in. I would pull out slightly and push back in just as slowly. She was not moaning anymore with pleasure it was full groaning and I could see the grimace on her face as I tried to push in further.

I decided I would not try to go deeper and be satisfied with what I had and moved back and forth in her. Her tightness was overwhelming on my dick. Knowing I was finally fucking her in the ass and actually seeing it drove me over the edge. I felt my body tense starting at my toes and working up to my balls. They contracted as they pushed my cream out and up to my shaft. I hardened and then shot into her lovely ass. She could feel the blast and I could tell she liked it as she tried to push back and get more of me inside. After I settled down and pulled away from Sandy, she got up and returned a few moments later with a wash cloth. She cleaned me completely Gümüşhane Escort as I was now deflated and spent. She looked at me and said that she knew how to get me back up and was going to give her a good fucking. She lowered her head and began working on me. We screwed for a long time that day and she did get hers.

After several months I was still giving my loads of spunk to Sandy in her mouth and almost anywhere I wanted to. But for some reason I was never able to get to shoot off on her face. It became a fantasy that I talked to her about and she told that sometime we would. Every time I was in a position to do just that she would move a little and I would end up shooting in her mouth. Don’t get me wrong. Watching my cum shoot into her and landing on her tongue was great but I really wanted to put it on her face. At least once!

Finally one day Sandy came over for a quickie during her lunch break. I had just gotten out of the shower when she knocked. We talked for a moment about her day when she said that she really needed to have some sex, even a quickie cause she had been thinking about sex all morning. She had been sitting on the sofa next to me and began to open my robe and extract my very rigid manhood. She stroked me fully up and down slowly while telling me she wanted to suck me dry. It took only a moment for my pre-cum to rise out from the slit of my head. She swiped it with a finger and licked with her tongue making smacking sounds. Told her to get up and strip for me while I got my robe off. There was no teasing as she was a blur getting her clothes off. Just as fast she was on her knees in front of me with my cock buried in her mouth.

I watched as Sandy wrapped one hand hard around me while her other was caressing and kneading my balls. She looked at me and I could see my dick disappear into her mouth then reappear. She was stroking my cock up and down as she pulled back and held me tight as she plunged back down. I put my hands on the back of her head and gently push down. I wanted to be completely in her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat pressed against me as I held her there for a few moments. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and that was all I could stand. She pulled back and went down again. I tried my best to think of something other than her perfect sucking and found myself wishing for the facial that I had always wanted to give her. She knew I was holding back and bobbed her head faster trying to coax my sperm into her mouth but I was lost in my daydream and I was not letting go. I told her to sit up on the couch so that I could stand in front while she ate me.

I decided that I was going to give her that facial I wanted and I was not going to be denied. Sandy licked and sucked my cock like a hungry wolf while I thought about what position I wanted her in while I came. I knew I had awhile before I came and decided that she was in the best place for the facial. I wanted to be able to see every shot and drop hit her gorgeous face. I wanted to see the lines of cum spread across her face and see her lick the remaining cum off my cock. I decided it was time and pushed her back into the sofa. She was wide open and trying to grab my dick so she could have more. I told her to put her hands down and watch me jack off on her. I wanted her to watch my sperm shoot from my head and land on her body. She purred with excitement and did as she was told.

My hand was a Hakkari Escort blur as it raced along my shaft and thought how exciting it was to not only be jacking off in front of her face but how wonderful her face was going to look. I watched as Sandy cooed while she admired my handy work. She would open her mouth and make it round as if she still had me in her mouth. She licked her lips as if she waited for a stream of my sperm to hit her tongue. I felt her hands reach up behind me and caress my ass. She loved to tease my ass hole while sucking on my cock. She said I always came more when she actually pushed a finger into my hole. As her finger pushed through my opening I felt my cock harden and turn a deeper shade of red. I was about to explode. I shouted I was cumming as the first jet sprayed her lips and outreached tongue. Her mouth was wide-open waiting for me to give her all my seed. I had other thoughts. I shot a stream over her nose and into her eye. I shot into her hair and cheeks. Once I stopped sending flights on her I settle for letting the final drops land on her tits and chin. Damn she was a mess. Sandy still had her mouth open and I fed my cock back into her mouth so she could clean what was left off.

Sandy used a finger to scoop my cum from her face and tits and putting it in her mouth. She looked at me and said now it was her turn to have what she wanted. She turned onto her knees on the sofa with her back to me. Her hands hung over the top as she looked back towards me. I could not believe how hard I still was and took aim for her wet and warm pussy. I realized as I sank into her that she had never been so wet before. I moved in as deep as I could and pulled away slowly. I began to build up speed as I pounded away on her. She was hanging on for dear life I as I slammed into her over and over. Her breathing was heavy and labored as she told me hot it was watching me jack off in front of her. She said that she had never had anyone bust out like I did all over her face. She wanted to feel my cum shoot her in the face anytime I wanted but for now she wanted to feel it coat the inside of her pussy. She told me over and over again that she wanted my cum on her again. I could feel her start to tense as her orgasm began to erupt suddenly she puled away and was back sitting on the couch begging me to unload on her face again. She sucked my cock for a moment before pulling away

“Take your beautiful cock in your hand and jack off into my face!” ” I want to watch you rocket your seed on me!” Damn, she had never talked like that before. I did as she said and worked my meat hard and fast. She kept telling me to cum. Cum on her face and body. She wanted me erupt all over her. Suddenly I did just that. I shot a string of my sticky stuff hitting her forehead and down her nose. Another caught her other eye and cheek. She took over and began jerking me sending shot after shot over every inch of her face. When I stopped I could not believe how much cum came out. I do not think I ever came that much. Sandy must have been reading my mind and commented on how much there was. I could hardly understand what she was saying cause she was busy licking and sucking all the cum off my cock.

Not too long after this she cleaned up and headed back to work. I watched as she walked away toward her car and must have found a spot she missed on her lip. She wiped it away with her finger and then sucked it into her mouth. Later she called and said she was having a better day at work now but again was going to come back afterwards for other round. She realized that I missed a spot on her and she wanted to make sure and get it taken care off. Besides, she said, ” I hear that these kind of facials work wonders for your skin.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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