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Chapter 2 On the Job training

The big day is here. It’s Sunday morning and Elliott will find out for sure where he will be working as a urinal today. Uncle Richard lets him out of the cage. He empties my urine jug into the piss funnel and instructs Elliott that once we leave for my job he is not to urinate until told to do so. He has Elliott shower and clean up so he will appear as a clean urinal. He puts the collar and leash on him and attaches the urine jug to the drainage shaft.

Uncle Richard explains that he is going to work at a small party of between 15 and 30 men at Gus’s bar.

Elliott carries the urine jug and piss funnel gag out to the car and gets into the trunk. Uncle Richard drives to his friend Gus’s bar. They arrive at 9am and are escorted to Gus’s office. John the bar manager joins us. Gus asks if the urinal has completed the required initial training and Uncle Richard gives him a certificate that says Elliott has completed the required 5 day successfully and is an apprentice urinal. Uncle Richard says Elliott did ok but there is the underlying subconscious resistance but he signed all the necessary paperwork. Elliott thought it was going to be easy and he could con and manipulate everyone. Gus says the resistance won’t be a problem as bar policy requires all new urinals to be fully restrained. The conning and manipulation won’t be a problem either as my staff will and the customers will simply treat him as a urinal

Gus then addresses Elliott about his role and asks if he wants to be a urinal and why. Elliott states he wants to be a urinal because he has always enjoyed helping others. Gus says that is good and that he likes using male urinals at the bar because they help lower expenses

Gus tells him he will be treated as a urinal and expect to act and behave as a urinal. At the start it will difficult but if you will start thinking of yourself as a urinal it will get easier. In probably 3-4 hours you will be starting to accept being escort şişli a urinal. That doesn’t mean you are a urinal it means you are just starting to accept being one. It generally takes 4-6 months but in the end you will be completely happy as a urinal. If the bar should decides to use you often you will work indoors as a urinal and also on the outside patio during football season and for parties out there. You will receive no pay because you are a urinal.

I assume you know that you are not supposed to urinate until we have you set up. Once we secure to the urinal pole we will start pouring water into your funnel but you are still not suppose to urinate The reason for this is we need to do what they call ‘tapping the urinal’ Basically we will pour water into you and right before we open you up for the customers use we’ll tell you to urinate You will go easily as this will open up the flow of urine through you so you should b able to urinate more easily.

Gus says the mouth is now considered a urinal, your throat is your urinal drain, your stomach is considered a urine storage facility and your penis is a drainage shaft. A word of advice is that you cannot do anything about the flow of urine in to your urinal so you should push the urine out of you shaft as quickly as you can. You realize that when people have to piss they have to piss and they won’t be concerned about a urinal like you. Another bit of advice is when you are busy is to open your urinal and urinal drain as much as possible and the urine will flow more rapidly down you. Also keep you knees spread apart. Constantly repeat to yourself ‘I am a urinal. I am a urinal”

Elliott is then taken outside and secured in a kneeing position to the urinal pole with hands and legs secured behind the pole. He is blindfolded for the customer’s privacy. A strap is placed around the chest and pole to prevent movement and a strap is placed across the forehead and around the pole to keep escort nişantaşı the urine funnel from moving. The urinal funnel gag is placed on him and water is poured into it and Elliott is reminded not to urinate until told to do so.

Elliott is feeling anxiety. He is nude outside a bar can hear people in the background watching the pre-game of the football games. He is secured to a pole with a tube and urine jug attached to his penis and a penis funnel on his mouth. On top of that his has to urinate but can’t because he has been told not too. He feels like his penis or drainage shaft as it is referred to be going to explode and they just pour more water in him.

Finally Gus comes out and announces to the customers that they are going to open up their new urinal. He tells Elliott to go ahead and urinate. At first he can’t and then the urine explodes out of him into the jug. What a relief he thinks. Finally he finishes and he hears the staff replacing the urinal jug with a new one and then the warm taste and feel of his own urine being poured into the funnel and down his urinal drain

Gus then announces that “The new urinal is open for use. Please use urinal Elliott as much as often as you need to. He volunteered to be here today and he wishes to be put to good use. He is the new model green product and all urinal is recycled 24/7. He is also environmentally safe as there are no leaks.

Elliott hears people lining up and laughing and having a good time. Then he feels the warm urine flowing into his urinal and urinal drain. He hears the bar staff adjusting the urinal flow to slower on the funnel tube and the staff tells the urinal that they will open it up for a faster and steadier flow in a little while. He can tell when a new customer starts using him by the new urinal taste. Then people are standing beside him getting their photos taken. He thinks ‘dam tourist’ Two lesbians get their photo taken and comment how they would like escort mecidiyeköy to have one of these and it is a perfect use for a male.

Finally the line slows up and the staff then empties the urine jug into the funnel. Then the quarter ends and people start lining up again. Then it slows up, then its halftime and a rush then it’s the end of the 3rd quarter and a rush. Then it’s the end of the first game and start of the second.

By now Elliott is starting to accept that he is a urinal. He is now following Gus’s tips. He repeats to himself constantly ‘I am a urinal’. He opens his urinal and urinal drain as much as possible so the customer’s urine will flow through him. He concentrates on urinating into the tube and urine jug. He keeps his legs spread apart as this may be uncomfortable but it seems to make the urine flow better and the customers seem to like seeing the urine flow through him and is seeing how a urinal actually works

The second game isn’t as busy as the first game. Finally business is slow so Gus comes out and places a closed or does not use sign on me. He tells Elliott they will now start a flushing process and will be pouring water through his system and flushing me out. So the staff then pours water into the funnel. They repeat this process for at least an hour. It’s now hard to tell time as Elliott has no reference such as the football game quarters

Finally Elliott is flushed out and his shift is over. Uncle Richard comes out to get him and takes Elliott to Gus’s office. Gus tells him he did an adequate job and will be invited back. Elliott is surprisingly happy and thanks him for letting him try again. Gus says they will probably use him inside and he will be placed along side the other urinals next time. Uncle Richard thanks him and they leave. They go to Uncle Richards and Elliott cleans up and then is placed in his cage. The next morning Uncle Richard has Elliott sign an agreement to return for further use as a urinal and then takes him to the airport.

On the flight home Elliott is happy He believes he could become a good urinal but realizes he will need more training and practice

End of Chapter 2

Am unsure if there will be Chapter 3 or I may look at pros and con’s of a male urinal and discusses its possibilities

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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