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“Johnny,” said my girlfriend Lori, “Bruce and the guys have an extra ticket to the ballgame and they’d like you to go with them. I think you should go. You haven’t seen them since they all came home from college.”

“I haven’t seen much of you, either,” I mildly protested.

Which was true. My friend, Mike, and I would not be going to college in the fall so we both found full-time jobs and moved into a two-bedroom apartment together. It had been a hectic month. I hadn’t seen my girlfriend in two-weeks and was looking forward to having her alone in my new apartment.

“I wanted to cook you dinner at my place tonight,” I said.

“I know, sweetie, maybe tomorrow night. I think you should have some fun with the guys tonight,” she said.

Bruce and his friends are a year older than me and Lori. They were popular jocks in high school. Bruce is Lori’s older brother. I had known them all for some time.

I grew up just down the street from Lori and Bruce, and ever since I can remember, I have been going to their house on a regular basis. They have an almost Olympic-size swimming pool so all of Bruce’s friends hung out there as well.

In fact, Bruce is going to a well-known Christian college three-hundred miles north of the city on a swimming scholarship, and last winter he was the first freshman to win the Division II swimming championship.

That afternoon I drove to their house to meet up with them. It was kind of embarrassing when Bruce greeted me with a big hug.

“Johnny, you’re such a big boy now…you finally made it to puberty!” he said drawing a round of laughter from his friends.

Doug, who was on football scholarship to a major university said, “My God, he still looks fifteen! I bet he doesn’t even have any hair on his nuts!”

More laughter. I blushed but laughed along with the guys.

Since there were six of us in a car with five seats, Bruce spoke up and said, “Johnny can sit on my lap.”

I am the smallest of us all so I guess it made sense, but it also made me nervous given Bruce’s history of making improper advances towards me.

Naturally, the other guys made snide comments about the arrangement.

“No funny business near the back door, Bruce!” chuckled Terry.

“If something comes up, Johnny, get a good grip on it!” Chuck said laughing.

“Don’t move around too much, John, or you might find yourself between a rock and an even harder place!” quipped Eddie.

Bruce sat in the passenger side backseat and I carefully sat on his lap. It was a thirty-minute ride to the ballpark, and Gino is a notoriously bad driver known for jack-rabbit starts and sudden stops and frequent jerking lane changes. My body was moving side-to-side and to-and-fro. I almost fell off Bruce’s lap twice.

I was grateful when he put his arm around me to keep me steady, but wary as well considering his past touching of me. He had me shift my position from facing forward to where my legs were more toward the door. He placed a hand just above my left knee to help hold me still.

Even though I was secured in place, Gino’s erratic driving kept my body squirming and shifting on Bruce’s lap. It was about five-minutes in when I first felt something pressing against my buttocks.

I immediately knew what it was: Bruce had sprung a boner.

Oh no, not again, I thought to myself.

If I had been sitting on any of the other guys laps I would have figured it was a natural reaction on their part due to my butt moving on their crotches, but with Bruce, it was his reaction whenever he and I came in close contact.

A few minutes later the hand on my leg slowly moved higher. I was wearing baggy shorts and his hand crept up to the opening of the leg-hole then slowly back down again.

I sighed and remained silent. I’ve always liked and admired Bruce; I certainly wasn’t going to embarrass him in front of the guys.

His hand never rested. He continued stroking my thigh.

I knew what he was trying to do. Last year in August, a week before he left for college, he showed a more personal interest in me.

I had never learned how to swim and Lori insisted that Bruce teach me. I grudgingly agreed.

It started out innocent enough, but soon evolved into something that made my head spin.

He had a ‘hands-on’ method of teaching, so to speak. He was constantly touching, holding, and squeezing parts of me that made me uncomfortable…and unfortunately, gave me erections.

The first time he saw the lump in my swim trunks he laughed, and said it was perfectly natural.

“See,” he said pointing to the bulge in his own trunks, “…perfectly natural!”

I wasn’t a dummy — I knew what was going on. I had suspected him of being gay for a few months, but I was sure Lori didn’t know, and I wasn’t going to break her heart by telling her.

Suddenly, his hand became ever bolder. His fingers moved underneath the leg hole of my shorts almost touching my briefs. He continued to stroke my thigh higher-and-higher.

Panic coursed thru-out my body Kadıköy travesti when my prick became totally hard from his softly persistent massaging of my thigh.

Still, I kept silent. Now I was the one who was embarrassed. Between his hand stroking my smooth flesh and his erection firmly pressing against my butt, I couldn’t help but become more and more aroused.

I should have pushed his hand off me, and shifted my body forward off his hard-on, but I didn’t want to create a whole nasty scene in front of his friends.

When Gino pulled into the stadium parking lot a pretty woman was collecting the parking fee and the guys attention were all on her. Bruce took the opportunity to pull me down hard on his erection, while his other hand brazenly squeezed my now-throbbing prick thru my briefs.

He could feel the pre-cum soaking thru my briefs and whispered in my ear, “I really missed you, Johnny, it feels like you missed me, too!”

Before I could speak, he snaked his hot, wet tongue in and out of my ear and gave my hard prick a couple of vigorous tugs. I almost came in my briefs — oh my hell, how humiliating!!

When we parked and I climbed out of the car I turned away from the guys to hide the lump in my shorts.

Eddie said in jest, “Did you boys have fun back there?”

Bruce immediately shot back, “Well DUH — Johnny does have a sweet little sexy ass!”

I forced a weak smile as they all burst out laughing.

When we found our row in the stadium, Bruce took the furthest seat then motioned for me to sit next to him.

I made a split-second decision and abruptly announced, “I better use the men’s room before the game starts.”

When I returned to our seats, Bruce had moved, and was sitting in the second chair from the aisle. I had no choice but to sit next to him.

My eyes were glued to the baseball diamond the entire nine-innings but my mind was a million miles away. I was too mortified by Bruce’s actions and words in the car to concentrate on the game.

I couldn’t help but relive what happened last August with Bruce.

His smothering attention…his strong hands holding and touching me all over in the guise of teaching me to swim…his odd words of encouragement (“Relax and be yourself, Johnny”)…the improper advances…finally, and most shameful of all — my passive acceptance of his improper advances.

I guiltily thought of Lori. She and I were just friends until our junior year when we took our relationship to the next level. We were kindred spirits; we could almost read each others minds.

One night while I was watching her swim, I was suddenly consumed with an overwhelming desire to take her in my arms and kiss her. It was then I realized she was much more than just a friend.

I remember watching her climb the ladder to get out of the pool. Her shapely body tightly encased in her one-piece swimmers bathing suit. She shook her hair and water was flying everywhere. Once she’d dried herself, she smiled at me, crooked a finger and pointed to the gazebo that was out of sight from the house.

I followed her there. My heart was beating so loud I thought she could hear it.

Once we were hidden away from the windows of the house, she took me in her arms and we kissed for the first time. She’d had the same feelings as me. It was then we became a steady couple. I began to hang out at her house just about every day.

Her brother, Bruce, was a year ahead of us, and a star on the swimming team. He was not only a great swimmer, but a real nice guy, too. He didn’t call me ‘little pipsqueak’ like his friends.

Bruce went out of his way to talk with me whenever I saw him; he was always interested in not only whatever I was doing, but he spoke to me like I was his peer.

Whenever Lori went inside the house, Bruce would come over to me, put his arm around my shoulder, pull me close to him and he’d talk in hushed whispers like I was an intimate confidant to him.

Those moments made my heart swell with pride. One of the most popular guys in high school treated me like an equal!

His best friend, Andy, was also on the swimming team, and was at the house almost as frequently as me.

Before Bruce taught me to swim, I would just sit poolside and watch him and Andy swim and fool around. I have to admit, I was jealous of their long and lean swimmer’s bodies. Not an ounce of fat anywhere!

That was when I began my daily regimen of sit-ups and push-ups. I wanted a hard, flat belly like theirs.

Whenever their parent’s were out for the evening, which was quite often, Bruce and Andy would go into the house for thirty or forty minutes after swimming their laps.

One night I asked Lori about it and she coughed and said, “Oh, swimmers give each other rub-downs when they’re done practicing…you know, to keep their ‘muscles’ relaxed.”

I never thought about it again until a couple weeks later when I watched them climb out of the pool and noticed the bulges in the crotch of both of their swim trunks.

Don’t Kurtköy travesti get me wrong, I didn’t intentionally look down there, but you know, sometimes guys like to know how they ‘measure up’ to other guys.

Anyway, this time when they walked to the house they had their arms around each others waists. I knew they were close friends so I didn’t think anything of it.

When they came back outside thirty-minutes later, I noticed their bulges were gone. I guess I was pretty naïve because that was when I should have figured out something was going on between the two of them, but it never crossed my mind.

The proverbial sh** hit the fan after Bruce graduated from high school.

Bruce and Andy had planned on going to the same far-way west coast college. I was sitting with Lori poolside when the shouting began inside the house.

“You’re not going to school with HIM,” I heard Lori’s dad yell. “I’m not going to let any son of mine turn queer! You’re going to take the scholarship from Mount Olivet Lutheran College…it’s a good Christian school…maybe a healthy dose of religion will straighten you out!”

In hindsight, yes, I was pretty dumb. I should have known he was gay, but in my defense, Bruce had always acted like a completely normal guy with me…until last August anyway.

The most baffling aspect of his behavior with me was that he knew I was his sister’s boyfriend. I know how much they love and respect each other. They are as close as brother and sister can be.

Why on earth did he betray his own sister and come on to me? And now he is doing it again!

I almost leapt out of the seat when his hand suddenly squeezed my thigh.

He faced me and whispered, “Johnny, I think of you every night when I masturbate — do you think of me?”

“Bruce, your sister is my girlfriend!” I said to him sharply, but quietly.

He smiled and said, “I won’t tell her if you don’t, I KNOW you think about those last few days we had together….”

He squeezed my thigh one more time then turned and watched the game.

His touch caused my prick to swell inside my briefs.

His mention of ‘those last few days we had together’ caused a rush of guilty memories to overwhelm my mind.

He had taught me to become a pretty good swimmer in a short time, but it was awkward and I was very self-conscious of his hands on me all the time.

Lori would be sitting poolside watching us, but after awhile she’d become bored and go inside the house. That was when the improper advances would really begin.

He would be holding me steady in the shallow end of the pool. One arm holding me under my chest, the other holding up my thighs. He’d have me work on my freestyle stroke.

It didn’t take long for me to feel a hand kneading my breasts. When I didn’t object, he cupped my crotch with his other hand.

“Bruce! What are you doing?” I protested.

“Relax, Johnny, you need to concentrate and be ready for any distraction!” he explained.

It was embarrassing. Even in the pool, his hand gave me an erection.

He would squeeze it then say “Okay, the lesson is over for today.”

Before I knew it, he would be helping me out of the pool and guiding me to the gazebo where our clothes were on chairs.

I watched wide-eyed as he pushed his trunks down his legs.

Oh my hell, in the twilight I saw his hard-on jutting straight out from his crotch. I became acutely aware of my own boner.

He saw me looking at him and said, “Yes, swimmers have to shave all the hair off their bodies — everywhere — to reduce friction in the water!”

“Oh, sure…” I replied. I actually hadn’t noticed he was hairless. It wasn’t the lack of hair I was staring at.

“Hurry up, Johnny, I need to dry you before you catch a cold!” he said.

I couldn’t let him see my hard dick so I protested, “Bruce, uh, no, I can dry myself.”

“Grow up, Johnny, these things happen all the time…” he said.

I couldn’t believe it when he came to me and pushed the trunks down my legs then brazenly grasped my hard prick in his hand.

“BRUCE!!!” I objected.

“Shhhhhhh…do you want Lori to see us?” he said quietly.

Before I could make a sound his hand began to move rapidly back and forth over my now throbbing prick.

Oh my hell, what’s going on here? I can’t let him do this, can I?

“Bruce, this isn’t right — I’m not, uh, you know—“

“Gay? Johnny, this isn’t a gay thing — guys do this for each other all the time,” he said with conviction.

For a brief moment he had me wondering if that was true, then I came to my senses and knew this was wrong, but by that time it was too late. His hand moved faster and faster and it felt so good all I wanted was to relieve the growing ache in my balls.

A shiver raced up my spine as I arched my back then my balls exploded.

“Shhhhhhhhh, don’t let Lori hear you cum,” he whispered in my ear as his hand milked my prick until my balls were empty.

He immediately took me in Pendik travesti his arms and hugged me then guided my hand to his long and slender hard cock. He wrapped my fingers around it.

Oh my hell, I’m touching a guys penis! I panicked and pulled my hand away like it had touched fire.

Bruce kissed my forehead and said, “That’s okay, Johnny, I’ll take care of it later.”

We dried ourselves and dressed in silence then went into the house. Lori was watching tv in the living room.

“You boys have fun?” she innocently asked.

“He’s getting better,” said Bruce. “Two more lessons and he’ll be a pro!”

“Well, uh, I think I’m, uh, a pretty good swimmer now…I don’t think I need any more lessons!” I said in a shaky voice.

Lori bounded from the couch, gave me a kiss, and said, “Johnny, Bruce is the expert…if he thinks you need two more lessons then you NEED two more lessons! See you tomorrow!”

“Oh, uh, yeah sure,” I said hoping she didn’t notice the fierce blush that spread across my face.

The next night it happened again. In the pool, after all his improper advances I had a raging boner. When Lori went inside the house Bruce led me to the gazebo and proceeded to masturbate me again.

This time, when he placed my hand on his erection, he curled my fingers around it and moved my hand back and forth. The moment he released his grip on me I pulled my hand away.

“Really, Johnny?” he exclaimed pointing at his hard-on, “you’re really going to leave me like this?”

“Bruce, please, I can’t, sorry,” I mumbled.

Moments later, I felt so guilty and ashamed, when we went inside I couldn’t look my girlfriend in the eyes.

The third night I had firmly resolved it wasn’t going to happen again. I would summon all the self-control I had and refuse Bruce’s improper advances.

It was the same scenario: In the pool, Bruce touched me all over and by the time Lori went inside the house my boner was throbbing.

I followed Bruce to the gazebo and when he stood naked before me with his cock standing outward, I said, “This is wrong, Bruce, we can’t do this again!”

He stood inches from me face-to-face. He smiled then his hands were so quick, before I knew it, my trunks were down around my ankles and I was naked , too.

“Bruce, please, not tonight!” I pleaded.

He took my erection and began stroking it.

I sighed but didn’t stop him. I cursed myself for being so weak.

He suddenly took my hand and placed it on his hard cock.

“Johnny, please, I won’t see you after tonight…” he said. “Do it for me this one time, please….”

The heat from his hard cock melted all my resistance. The fog of lust in my head caused me to cave in to his request. He placed his arm around my shoulders while we vigorously stroked each other to climax.

I didn’t have the nerve to go into the house to say ‘Good night’ to my girlfriend.

I heard the crack of a bat on the ball and Eddie yelled, “It’s coming right at us!”

Before I could react, Bruce stood and snatched the line-drive foul ball out of the air before it hit me.

The crowd around us cheered his catch, and when we settled back into our seats, he surreptitiously squeezed my thigh again, winked at me and said, “You can thank me later for saving your pretty face!”

I blushed three shades of red.

Twilight turned to darkness, and it was in the eighth inning when I felt his hand on my thigh again, and like before, he brazenly ran his hand thru the leg hole of my shorts until his fingertips were teasing my burgeoning prick thru the fabric of my briefs.

I calmly placed my hand on his to stop him, but he was too strong for me. The thigh massage continued until, oh my hell, I sprung another boner.

It was time to take drastic action so I leaned over and said, “What about your sister? She wouldn’t like what you’re doing with me!”

“Johnny,” he said with a smile, “she doesn’t have to know we gave each other handjobs…your secret is safe with me!”

Huh? What? He’s twisting my words. He’s the one who made the improper advances to me!

I began dreading the end of the game and the ride home on Bruce’s lap.

In the top of the 8th inning the visiting team tied the game and I thought “Great! Extra innings! Maybe the game will go for another hour!”

My hopes were quickly dashed when our team hit back-to-back home runs in the bottom half of the inning then our closer struck out the side in the top of the 9th.

Walking to the car in the parking lot was pure hell. My heart pounded and the veins in my forehead throbbed. I tried to fall behind the rest of the group only to have have Bruce place his hand on the back of my neck and hurry me along.

It reminded me of the time Mike and I had skipped school one day and got caught. The walk to the principals office the next morning was sheer torture.

Bruce opened the back door and climbed inside. I could barely make out his form in the darkness. When I stepped inside and slowly lowered myself onto his lap I sat squarely on his hands. He cupped my asscheeks and squeezed.

I couldn’t help but give off a small yelping noise when he kneaded my buttocks.

“You boys playing grab-ass back there?” asked Gino with a chuckle.

Oh my hell, how did he know?

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