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To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one. Please also vote on how you liked it, every vote does count. If you’d like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you…K’Anne


Leah parked her Volvo, grateful for finding an open spot at the busy beach. She spotted her quarry at the far corner of the lot and her heart beat a million times a minute. Taking deep calming breaths she glanced down at her shaking hands. Looking in the rear view mirror she checked her makeup one last time before putting her Ralph Lauren sunglasses back on her nose. Looking at herself in the mirror she realized she needed a brush through her hair and grabbed her purse for that purpose. Her long blonde and brown streaked hair went easily through the brush despite having been blown from the wind in it but the conditioner she used assured the smooth look she got from the brush. Rolling up the windows and pressing the button for the convertible top she closed up and locked the car. Looking both ways before she crossed the road that circled this portion of the parking lot she made her way towards the corner. She stopped a ways away from her quarry to observe first, looking out at the beach and the people on it if her quarry happened to glance her way. Her quarry was fairly busy though and had no time for another person on the beach.

Leah watched as families played on the beach, ate picnics, flew kites, or ran out into the waves. She knew from the forecast that this was going to be a gorgeous day and she had dressed for it, perhaps overdressed. Her Diaz sandals gave her an extra couple of inches and made her legs look longer with the wedge that had her feet at an angle, the straps wrapped around her ankles making them look slim and trim. An unnamed designer had made her dress but that didn’t mean it wasn’t striking and she got a few looks, after all, people came to the beach to swim, not dressed as a fashion plate. The white dress hugged her curves lusciously, the big black buttons all up the front making her waist seem smaller, and her bust larger. Her black clutch purse matched the black buttons and she tucked it firmly under her arm. There were a lot of pretty girls and equally good looking guys on the beach. There was an equal amount of both men and women who apparently weren’t shy about their looks and no one had told them they shouldn’t be out in public with their guts hanging over, their bulges grotesquely displayed with the tight nylon of their swim suits. She shrugged, it wasn’t her place to judge, she had been blessed and took it as a matter of course.

She glanced at her quarry, waiting for a lull in the almost constant stream of people who came up to buy a hot dog, grab a coke, or ask for information. She smiled as she watched the woman effortlessly juggle three people at once and get her cash at the same time. It was exactly as Carmen had described it, no frills, an honest living, and nothing fancy. Carmen finally had a moment to sit down on the director’s chair she had by her stand with an umbrella for shade if she wanted it. Most of the time she must spend in the sun as her bronzed body attested.

At that moment Carmen must have felt Leah’s eyes on her and turned around as Leah looked once again at the ocean. All Carmen saw was a slender woman, attractive, but way overdressed for the beach. She herself was in a tank top and shorts with flip flops. It wasn’t fancy but then selling hotdogs at the beach wasn’t a fancy job, she loved it though and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It was her own business and it gave her a chance to be at the beach almost every day of the week. She met a lot of people, good and bad, men and women. She had been propositioned in every shape, manner, and form and enjoyed flirting with her customers outrageously. It was all in harmless fun and she knew how to handle the more persistent admirers. Those who really knew her knew she was taken, hung up on someone she had never even met. While her friends thought it odd, they admired her loyalty. Someday, they would meet, she was certain of that.

Leah had met Carmen in an on-line chatroom and while she didn’t normally do that, she didn’t need to; she had found she had a lot in common with the woman before she even saw a decent picture of the woman. So began an on line romance that neither had expected, been prepared for, but hoped desperately for despite the odds. The miles between them had melted as they emailed, chatted, texted, and phoned. They had shared more with each other in this type of courting than they would have face to face. It was uncanny how attracted each was to the other. Carmen, a Latina beauty, and Leah, Anglo to the soles of her toes, were a case of opposites attract. They had gotten hot and heavy over the months and while neither could afford to visit the other, they both remained loyal Escort Ataşehir to the other. It led to a lot of frustrating times for both of them. Neither liked to masturbate but as the alternative wasn’t available, neither had a choice. Leah joked that they should invest in Duracell, Eveready, and generic battery companies. Carmen teased she didn’t need batteries with hands like hers.

Leah found herself looking at those hands when she could turn back. They were thin and feminine and she ached with longing for what she anticipated they would do to her body. They had talked so much about what they would do when they met that both of them were hot and heavy about the deed. Leah suddenly, inexplicably, felt immensely shy. What was she doing? She was meeting a total stranger who had no idea she was standing about 15 feet away from her, someone she had shared some of her deepest, darkest, sexual fantasies with, someone who had assured her that she would live out those fantasies with her. Leah was aroused and yet something held her back from going over and introducing herself, she wasn’t ready, yet.

That blonde chica over there must be waiting for someone Carmen thought as she glanced out the side of her dark black sunglasses. Nice looking too. Feminine, a girly girl, just the way I like them. Whoa, down girl, remember you have someone panting over you. It was damned frustrating to a hot-blooded Latina woman to have waited this long to have someone but something told her to wait, it would be worth it. This enforced inactivity was not usual in her world, she was a passionate woman and used to the company of them frequently. Something about the Anglo she had met on line though appealed to her, in every sense. She was smitten, that was for sure. Her sister had told her to take off work and go visit the woman already but the thought of losing hundreds of dollars while she did frightened her. For the first time in a long time she was becoming independent and didn’t want to lose this gig.

Leah wasn’t very well off, or so Carmen thought. Leah’s money had been a recent thing and she hadn’t shared the knowledge with her best friend for the very reason that she was here, to surprise her. Leah had always had class, in bred into her, from her parents. Their unexpected deaths had bequeathed her with unexpected wealth that had enabled her to quit her job for life and travel forever if she wished. After settling a few affairs she had bought her Volvo, new clothes, and headed south to this very beach, to this very woman to find out if what they had online, on the phone, etc., was real.

Having talked with Carmen every day for months she knew her routine, she knew a lot about her because she had paid attention, remembered the details, and knew her better than anyone else. She would work until the beach began to clear or her last customer an hour ago, whichever came first. She was always out of here by sundown. Knowing where to find Carmen hadn’t been hard and her heart had beaten hard when she spotted the hotdog vendor cart. Its stainless steel appearance glittered in the sun. She knew Carmen would hook it up to her battered old Nissan truck and take it home after her workday and hose it down and sterilize it for the next day’s work. Watching her though, being this close was not good for her equilibrium. She was aroused in anticipation. She was excited at the prospect of months and months of conversation coming to a conclusion. She was nervous as hell, what if Carmen didn’t like her in person.

Waiting on a few more customers, Carmen felt the stare of the blonde again and turned suddenly to catch her at it. This time the blonde didn’t turn away, she smiled insolently instead. Carmen frowned, sure she was about to be hit on again. I must remain faithful to Leah she told herself over and over again in her head. She glanced at the blonde and noticed the way the sun hit her streaked hair and the wind blew it, lovely. She gulped and turned away. She could feel those eyes on her though despite the sunglasses. She sold a hotdog to a little boy and looked up. This was ridiculous, she thought! That woman was still staring rudely.

“Can I help you?” she asked a touch of rudeness in the request.

The woman just nodded as she tilted her sunglasses down to reveal sparkling hazel eyes that looked intently at Carmen. The tilt of her head and the expectant expression rang a bell in her mind but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why. The blonde smiled and something about it clicked in Carmen’s head. That woman looks just like Leah! That was ridiculous though, Leah was thousands of miles away, and while she had never actually met the woman, she knew so much about her that the superficial likeness this woman bore couldn’t possibly be the same. She had Leah on the brain!

Leah could read the expression on her face but not her eyes due to the dark glasses. She was delighted that Carmen didn’t immediately recognize her. She could tell a hesitancy though; a vague Ümraniye escort feeling must be in her mind though. They had exchanged many photos with their camera phones, she had seen Leah with and without makeup, at her best, and when her parents died, at her worst. She wondered how much fun she could have with her Latina. It would annoy Carmen but it might be fun, and she would love it later when they discussed it.

“Do you have a permit for this?” she asked in her pearliest tones, hoping that Carmen wouldn’t recognize her voice which she didn’t try to disguise. She knew the shock value would put certain thoughts from the woman’s mind.

Startled Carmen reached for the pocket where it was kept to show it to the woman. Her over-dressed appearance must mean she was an official. All thoughts of the woman being attractive left her mind. She must look familiar because Carmen had met her before. These damn inspectors showed up to cause trouble. She knew they were just doing their jobs, but jeez. She was here to make money!

The woman didn’t even bother looking at the vendor permit as she came closer. Instead with a grin she couldn’t contain she whipped off her glasses and looked deeply into Carmen’s glasses she took the startled Latina in her arms and kissed her for all she was worth.

Damn, she’s a good kisser thought Carmen before she began to push the woman away outraged. Her perfume was intoxicating. She did have a momentary thought to continue the great kiss with the attractive woman but how dare she!

Leah pulled back letting herself be pushed away. She wasn’t too flattered when Carmen wiped the back of her hand across her lips, but was amused.

“What the hell was that?” Carmen asked outraged looking into the hazel eyes that were so damned familiar. The last pieces of the puzzle clicked into her angry brain and she realized she knew this woman. “Holy SHIT, Leah?”

The smile and the nod were unnecessary for affirmation as Carmen pulled her close for a hug.

“Oh my God, what the hell are you doing here?” she asked in her ear feeling her heart hurting. She had lusted after this woman for so very long. She felt like she was in love with her but they both had said they would wait to see if there was anything between them when they actually met.

They pulled back for a moment before kissing again, this time, not a surprise but mutual participation. For a second kiss it was nice, it was perfect actually. Both were happy with it and it relieved nagging doubts that they both had over the past months.

A cough and clearing throat had them both pulling apart, Leah smiling a gorgeous smile, Carmen embarrassed to be caught kissing in front of customers but she handled them quickly and efficiently just to get rid of them. Leah watched her intently.

“When did you get here?” Carmen asked amazed and delighted at the surprise.

“Just now” Leah answered.

“How did you get here?”

“I drove” she said with a self-satisfied smile.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re here!” she said, obviously stunned.

“Should I leave?” Leah teased.

“Don’t you dare!” Carmen answered as she went to help another customer. “I can’t leave yet” she warned.

“I can see that, that’s okay.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming” she looked at the sight before her incredulous at what she was seeing, not sure it wouldn’t disappear and become a figment of her imagination.

“Because then it wouldn’t have been a surprise?” Leah asked her.

They shared a laugh.

“Where are you staying? You can stay with me” Carmen offered.

Leah was shaking her head “no, I got a room at the Ramada. As much as I’d like to meet your sister, I don’t want to invade her space.”

Carmen had to admit that having Leah there would be a little tight in the place that they shared. “How could you afford this trip?” she finally asked.

Leah watched as she helped a few more last minute customers. It was thinning out as the sun began to set. She had timed it that way, worried that Carmen would have left early for some reason and relieved and excited to see she hadn’t. The expression on her face when she realized who she was worth the anxiety she had caused herself. The outrage on her face when she kissed her was a soothing balm to her soul with its insecurities and worries. “My parents” she said quietly, not having to say anything else.

Carmen realized then that she must have inherited something from her parent’s estate. To be here, after their months of lamenting that neither could travel told her a lot without asking.

They chatted easily as the customers started to wane; people looked curiously at the overdressed white woman on this primarily tanned beach. Carmen was relieved, she wanted to be done today and she began to close up shop. A few more customers came by when they saw her packing up and rolling the cart to the back of her Nissan. Hooking it up took no time at all. The chair and Bostancı escort bayan the umbrella went in the bed of the truck.

“Follow me” she told Leah.

“Anywhere” she replied cheekily and they both smiled.

Carmen was surprised at the Volvo that followed her from the beach inland to the house she shared with her sister. She backed the trailer cart expertly and easily onto the side of the house to clean it and hopped out as the Volvo parked in the driveway. She couldn’t help but watch as the impeccably dressed Leah got out and walked towards her. Never before had she cleaned and sterilized her cart as quickly as she did that night. Food stuffs went into the refrigerator in the garage for the next day.

“Come on in and meet my sister” she said as she invited Leah in so she could go change. They had decided to have dinner out and talk.

Carmen’s sister wasn’t home though so Carmen quickly showered and got dressed in something a little sexier to go out with Leah, something she had dreamed about forever. She was totally gratified to see the slightly stunned look on Leah’s face when she came out in a black dress, gathered at the waist, with a plunging neckline showing off her rather generous breasts. The skirt swung down to mid-thigh and she was wearing heels, to try and make up for the difference in height between them.

Leah had never ached to touch someone before. The generous breasts, the tan skin, the striking features, her hands wanted to touch, to caress, to fondle, and grope. It was an amazing physical sensation that was like a sexual torture, she kept thinking to herself, maybe later, maybe later.

Carmen was pleased that she matched Leah’s appearance as she gathered her bag she said “shall we go?” before linking her arm through Leah’s and escorting her out to her Volvo and opening the door for her to the amusement of Leah. Leah got in and unlocked the passenger door asking as Carmen got in, “do you want to have the roof down?”

Carmen debated for only a moment before nodding enthusiastically, hair could always be combed. She admired the rich upholstery of the sports car as the roof came down and tucked itself away.

Backing out of the drive Leah asked “where to, which way?”

Carmen directed her to a restaurant she knew that she had enjoyed that was a little fancy but they were both dressed appropriately. Valet parking took the car and carefully parked it for them and they went inside where Carmen asked in Spanish for seating. Leah was impressed and smiled in delight at Carmen as they were led to a quiet corner booth.

“What is this place?” Leah inquired as they both sat down and were handed menus.

Carmen explained it was an upscale Cuban restaurant.

Leah looked around at the furnishings, it was dark beamed with light stucco and made for an attractive and cozy atmosphere. Leah let Carmen order and the beauty and ease of her speaking in Spanish fascinated her. It was obviously not ‘just’ a second language but as familiar to Carmen as English and breathing. Soon they had two glasses of a soothing red wine that tasted delicious and then plates of food that Leah had no idea of what they were. Rich reds and yellows and greens with an occasional black or brown something were on the plate before her. She hesitantly tasted everything, following Carmen’s lead. Her eyes watering she gulped her wine and Carmen laughed in delight.

Carmen of course was used to the cuisine having been brought up on both Cuban and American food. She had ordered something fairly good that she thought Leah would enjoy but she could see that her friend wasn’t up to the task and this was mild in comparison to what she could have ordered. She had to admire the blonde’s attempts to try it all. She didn’t eat much and Carmen took pity on her and ordered some more ‘American’ styled food so that Leah could at least eat. Leah had no idea that this second ‘course’ was actually an entirely different meal. This she tried and found she could eat without the tears coursing down her cheeks from the spices.

They talked as easily as they had on the internet, the phone, and in emails, it was familiar, it was easy, they were friends first and foremost, the underlying sexual tension was building for both of them. Each knew they wanted the other, it had been spoken in the past, it was obvious by the admiring looks they gave each other; it was almost scented in the air.

“Do you want to go dancing?” Carmen asked politely after dinner.

Leah shook her head “no, the drive was kind of long, could we take a walk instead?”

Carmen smiled delightedly showing off her bright white teeth against her darker tanned skin and they took Leah’s car to a spot she knew that wasn’t far from Leah’s hotel and began to walk. Hesitantly Leah took Carmen’s hand in her own and they both smiled their enjoyment of the sensation.

As they walked along in the park they chatted as easily as they had for the months on the phone and on the internet, getting along as they always had.

“Isn’t this amazing” Carmen commented as they walked along the path.

Leah stopped and looked intently and meaningfully and softly answered “yes, it is” as she brought Carmen’s clasped hand up to her lips to kiss the back of it.

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