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Annette Schwarz

Jeremy and I had been married for 11 years when this adventure took place. We actually have a very good marriage, although he tends to work way too hard, which sometimes leaves little time for “us”. When we did have time for ourselves, we had always been a little on the wild side, so I was rather excited when we decided to take a summer vacation trip to a ‘clothing optional’ resort in Jamaica. I love being naked, so I packed relatively few things (hey….clothing optional, right?), and the two of us flew to Jamaica for a (hopefully) fun and frothy week of naked romping and debauchery.

Unfortunately, as soon as we arrived, Jeremy became engrossed in work issues, and had his face stuck in his laptop while our Jamaican vacation swirled around us. I was frustrated, but equally determined to enjoy my time in Jamaica, so I grudgingly left him in the room at our resort and took a towel (no bathing suit), and a book, down to the hotel pool for some sun.

When I got to the pool, I picked a chaise lounge for sunning myself, and furtively glanced around to see who else was there. I noticed two other couples sitting on the other side of the pool – one off to my left, and one off to my right. As I expected (hoped), both couples were completely nude. The couple on my left were both reading….they were in their mid-thirties, like me, and looked extremely comfortable in their nakedness. The couple off to my right were a little younger, but also appeared extremely comfortable in their nudity, occasionally touching and stroking each other as they sunbathed with their eyes closed, sipping rum-colored drinks.

I dropped my towel, and began adding suntan lotion to every part of my body, including my large, heavy breasts, my shapely ass cheeks, and my clean-shaven mound by my pussy. I guess I made some noise as I did this, because both couples glanced in my direction, checking me out. The guys both smiled slightly and continued watching as I finished applying lotion to my body, with my tits jiggling and swaying as I contorted myself in different directions to hit all the bare spots with lotion. The women noticed, too, and surprised me by continuing to watch, as well, until I was finished and laid down on my back to begin tanning.

I had been lounging in the sun and reading my book for about 20 minutes when I heard a rustle to my left, and glanced up to see a tall, strikingly handsome black man walking past my chaise lounge toward another one about 8 feet away. Like the rest of us, he was completely naked, with a towel thrown over his left shoulder. He was sleek and fit, with a tight, curvy ass and very muscular legs. But what really caught my eye was the magnificent cock that banged against his thighs as he sauntered over to his chaise lounge. It was easily 9” long, as it hung in its flaccid state between his legs, every bit as black and sleek as the rest of him.

I wasn’t the only one to notice, either. I could see that both couples had taken Sefaköy Escort notice of the newcomer, with the women unable to take their eyes off him. Meanwhile the guy off to my left had already gone back to reading, but the guy off to my right had reached over and begun stroking his wife’s breasts as she gazed at the magnificent black specimen.

Without delay, the new guy (I later learned his name was Tobias…Toby, for short), dove into the pool and swam gracefully to the other end of the pool, did a crisp underwater turn and swam back to where he started. He climbed out of the water, his skin now shining wetly in the bright sun. As he climbed out, his enormous dick bounced around, slapping his thighs and swinging wildly. He began drying himself with his towel, starting with his head and shoulders, leaving a clear view for me….and the other women by the pool… to stare at his impressive manhood. It was now slightly erect, so sticking out from his torso a bit, but still hanging down mostly, and swinging back and forth as he dried his upper body.

When he finished drying his upper body, he took the towel in one hand and slowly dried his cock by stroking the towel up and down his shaft, occasionally dabbing his low-hanging ball sack, as well. Since I was sitting just to the side of him, I had a fantastic profile view, so was able to appreciate just how long and thick his prick was. He continued “drying” his dong with gentle strokes for a bit longer than was necessary, as he obviously knew he had an audience.

I glanced over to the other couples, and – sure enough – the woman on my left was now stroking her husband’s cock, as she fingered herself, never taking her eyes off the big black cock dangling on the other side of the pool from where she sat. Her husband continued reading, but seemed to be enjoying the attention she was giving his prick, occasionally moaning and humping her hand as she jerked him off.

The couple off to my right were also focused on what Toby was doing with his cock, because the woman had been stroking her husband’s dick as she watched Toby swim the length of the pool, and — once her husband became hard – she had straddled him so that she was facing Toby as he “dried off” his magnificent black cock. She had shoved her husband’s dick into her pussy, and then began grinding up and down on his shaft….never taking her eyes off of Toby’s stiffening rod. Her husband was leaning off to the side so he could see past his wife’s back, and was also watching Toby “dry off” his cock. He was pumping his hips into his wife’s drenched pussy, as he reached around her and grabbed her bouncing tits, both of them watching Toby’s dancing dick as he finished drying off.

Having finished his “drying off the dick” show, Toby turned a brilliant smile my way, and walked over to where I was laying on my chaise lounge…..his now semi-hard prick sticking out from his torso, but still hanging slightly downward, swaying Sefaköy Escort Bayan back and forth as he approached me.

I put a hand up to block the sun from my eyes in an attempt to look at his face, rather than the impressive – and growing – black cock dangling inches from my face.

“Hi. I’m Tobias …. Toby to my friends,” he said with a heavy Jamaican accent.

“I’m Lisa”, I said.

He said, “I work here at the hotel, and when I’m not on duty they let me use the pool and visit with the guests.” As he said this, he stood with his hands on his hips, the sun bouncing off his broad shoulders, and his semi-chubby staring me in the face. He could see that the sun was posing me a problem, as I tried to block it from my eyes with my hand, so he shifted his position to block it for me, which brought his magnificent cock within just a few inches of my mouth. Without really thinking about it, I spread my legs slightly, which exposed my pussy lips a little more than they had been.

He noticed this, smiled more broadly and said, “It’s a shame to see you sitting here by yourself. A woman as beautiful as you should always be in the company of a man who appreciates her.” As he said this, he turned slightly to look at the two couples behind him, giving another amazing profile view of his big beautiful black cock as it continued to stiffen…now nearly 11 inches long. I followed his gaze to the other couples just in time to see the woman on my left bring herself to a climax with her fingers, as she pumped a massive load of cum out of her husband’s big prick. The woman off to my right was also having an orgasm as she ground her clit against the base of her husband’s cock. Almost immediately after she let out a squeal and squeezed her legs together as she climaxed, her husband grabbed her hips and, with a couple of huge thrusts, exploded into her pussy, sending ropes of cum deep into her cunt.

Toby’s cock was now standing straight out from his hips – a full 12” of massive black cock, with a sleek, thick shaft, topped off with an oversized mushroom tip. He turned back to me and said, “see what I mean? All beautiful women deserve to enjoy their time in Jamaica.”

As he said this, he stepped even closer…..his magnificent prick only an inch from my face. Without thinking, I parted my lips and sucked the tip of his shaft deep into my mouth. I was awash in ecstasy. Everything around me blurred, and I became extra-focused on sucking and stroking this amazing dick, while fondling the dangling nutsack that hung low between his legs. I didn’t even care that the other couples were continuing to stare at the two of us as they basked in the afterglow of their respective orgasms. Both women continued to stroke their husbands’ softening cocks as they all now watched the show taking place on the other side of the pool from where they sat.

As I sucked and stroked Toby’s cock, he reached down with his right hand and Escort Sefaköy massaged my big, wobbling tits, and pinched and pulled my nipples until they stood up like erasers. With his left hand he began tweaking my clit and rubbing my pussy lips. I was sopping wet…literally dripping pussy juices down my ass crack!! After a few minutes Toby pulled his huge cock from my mouth, and straddled my hips. In one smooth motion, he slid his massive shaft into my drenched vagina. He pushed his entire dick into my cunt….slowly, at first….then faster, until he was slamming his prick into me as deep as I could take him. I was grunting with every thrust, and my boobs were bouncing around like crazy, as he pounded in and out of my pussy with abandon.

Almost without warning, I let out a squeal and exploded into an amazing orgasm, causing my entire body to shake and tingle from nipple to clit. Toby’s breath began to catch as his own climax approached. He squeezed my tits with both hands as his hips bucked and, with a guttural moan, released a torrent of cum deep into my pussy. He kept pumping away as he emptied himself into my cunt, then slowed down for a few strokes before resting on top of me – his long, but softening shaft still deep inside me – as we both caught our breath.

Finally, Toby climbed off of me and stood up next to my chaise lounge…his long black shaft still semi-hard and jutting out in front of him, and my legs spread wide with cum and pussy juices spilling onto the pool deck.

I could see the other couples….especially the women….enjoying the view of Toby’s impressive cock hanging in front of him, dripping a mixture of cum and pussy juices onto my stomach. I propped myself up on my elbows and took Toby’s prick into my mouth, cleaning it with my tongue and lips. When I was done I gave it a few extra strokes, as it continued to soften.

When it was completely flaccid, I planted a final kiss on the tip, and gave it a playful swat to watch it dangle and swing between his legs.

“Well, that was unexpected, but absolutely amazing,” I said.

“Yes, for me, too. I’m glad I came to the pool today.”

I smiled at him and said, “I’m glad you came, too.”

He flashed his 1,000 watt smile and said, “I’m off duty about this time again tomorrow. I’ll come by the pool and see if you’re here.” With that, he grabbed his towel and sauntered off toward the men’s locker room for a shower. I watched his tight ass cheeks flex as he walked away, with his amazing black cock and dangling nut sack bouncing between his legs as we went.

I picked up my towel and my book and glanced over at the two couples sitting across the pool from me, giving them each a wink and a wave. They smiled and waved back, then I turned and headed to the room.

Jeremy was still tied up with work when I got back to the room, so I just took a quick shower and then we both headed for dinner.

The following day Jeremy was knee deep in work issues again, so I smiled to myself, grabbed my book and my towel (no bathing suit, again), gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and headed out to the pool……this was going to be a great Jamaican vacation after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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