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I slept for a little while but not too well and my overall state of health was one of achiness, dull throbbing headache, sore cock (well that was good), and a feeling of feverishness. In a few words I felt like death warmed over. I thought for minutes thinking about step 1 in the program of A.A. but couldn’t admit that I was powerless over alcohol. My case was different and I just had to buckle down and resist taking more than a couple of belts. If I could do that I would be okay. To make the doctor happy I would agree to check out a meeting.

About 4AM to my surprise Donna came into the room to check my blood pressure, vital signs, and IV.

Donna said, “Your blood pressure is 140/77 which is down from earlier. I think that the titty fucking was good for it.”

“It must have released a whole lot of tension,” I said as I brought my hands down to my cock which I saw she had noticed. My compulsive behavior could not resist in grabbing her small but shapely breasts and giving them a nice feel, causing her to gasp and suck in her breath.

“You’ve got a nice pair just like Janet,” I said, “But no sag in those beauties at all. I’ll bet that they stick straight out like twin missiles.”

With that remark Donna pulled the curtain around my bed and unbuttoned her uniform and pulled her beautiful titties out of her bra. The tops were a toasty brown with freckles with a distinct tan line that showed a pure white color with small very dark nipples that were capped off with raisin size ends that seemed to be at attention waiting to be aroused by stimulation from hands, cock, or mouth. There was no sag at all as the titties didn’t even touch the bra which was nestled underneath them. There was lust in both of our eyes as she leaned close to my mouth so I could play inspector and examine the goods. As I bit the right one first taking care to only use my teeth on the rock hard nipple I could feel her sexual tension as the bite transmitted right to her pussy. As her hand went to her pussy I inspected the other breast clamping down on the nipple nice and hard but this time I cupped and squeezed her titties together as I kneaded them like one would do to bread dough. The blue veins became pronounced and I could see a couple of black hairs in her cleavage, something I’m sure she didn’t want at all. I thought it looked rather sexy and could see myself taking a tweezers and lovingly pulling them out.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned, “Squeeze them, lick them, and bite them hard. Your making my pussy so wet.”

Rather than responding to her I merely doubled my efforts not only continuing the assault on her nipples but I also began to lick them. Bite, lick, repeat. Bite, lick, repeat as I got into a sexually Rize Escort stimulating routine for both of us. This breast attention was giving me a hard cock again as I enjoyed the visual as well as the physical assault that was taking place on her titties. They might have been smaller than Janet’s with little bounce but they were every bit as tasty as well as most stimulating. Donna now had her hand inside her panties and was moaning as the attention to her titties and her pussy was having their results. Rather than breaking up the routine I let her continue while I was totally obsessed with her titties. I had now stopped the kneading and the biting and was concentrating on licking every square inch of flesh. While I still felt that Janet had the perfect pair these were not too far behind and until I came I was going to enjoy all of them. This seemed to be what Donna was after as her clit playing in her pussy increased.

Donna cried out, “I’ve never been so turned on by what you’re doing to my titties. Don’t stop Don. I’m so turned on I want to cum.”

“I’m turned on too. Your beautiful breasts are going to make me cum too.”

“No one else has ever paid so much attention to them before,” she responded.

“I would sure like to fuck those titties and spray them with my hot cum,” I replied. “On second thought I’d probably make too much of a mess in that you’re working.

“Why don’t you fuck them and then cum in my mouth,” she responded. “I want to feel that hard cock between my titties.”

“Get down on your knees so I can slide it in your cleavage,” I said.

Donna got up and went to the closet and proudly showed me a bottle of baby lotion.

“Massage it in to my titties,” she said, “It will turn me on even more.”

She got in front of me staring at my hard cock and handed me the bottle of the baby lotion. I dribbled it on the tanned part of her titties and then began to give them even more attention slowly rubbing the lotion in paying special attention to her swollen nipples. I made sure that the undersides of her breasts were also covered. Before I slid my cock in between I continued the massaging and gave each nipple one last loving bite which made her groan even more. I slid my cock into her cleavage and then squeezed her titties hard pushing them together while I slowly moved my cock up and down. Even though they were smaller and I could see my cock moving back and forth the feeling was the same, heavenly. She was turning me on every bit as much as Janet and enjoying it just as much as Janet and her perfect pair did.

“Fuck em Don,” she said, “You’re going to make me cum. No one has ever paid this much attention to my titties before.”

“Cum Sakarya Escort for me Donna,” I shouted.

I could see she was rubbing her clit harder and harder as my large cock continued the assault on her beautiful titties. As much as I wanted to spray her beautiful mounds I held back and could feel her coming over and over, the juice dripping out of her pussy. While she was coming I had nestled my cock head in between her breasts and was ever so gently teasing the head. I could feel the throbbing and loved every minute of it. Donna was too as my assault on her best assets kept continuing nonstop. Her engorged nipples were as hard as eraser tips only longer.

As I continued my titty fucking Donna reluctantly pulled the shaft out of her cleavage and put it in her mouth taking the shaft all the way down her throat. I could hear a gurgling sound which added to the excitement. As much as I enjoyed the titty fucking I was in heaven with her lips rubbing my cock as it slid down her throat again and again. There was a look in her eyes that she was a satisfied woman and wanted to make sure that I was too.

I could hold back no more and exploded in her mouth over and over. Some of the cum began to dribble from the side of her mouth which really made an erotic looking picture. She finished by sliding the well lubed rod back between her titties giving them a final massage milking out the last few drops of cum into her cleavage.

She said to me, “I now understand what Janet was talking about. You treat my titties like I’m some sort of goddess. They ache with pleasure and I can’t wait until next time when you can really hose them down in a cum bath of semen from that big hard cock.”

“Anytime you want Donna,” I said. “I could pay even more attention to them if we had more privacy. Believe it or not I was a little nervous.”

As I put my cock away I leaned over and gave her breasts one last squeeze perhaps a bit too hard as I thought her nipples were going to pop. The white flesh had turned a crimson cover from all of the kneading and attention I had given them. As I put my hands down she adjusted her titties back into her bra and buttoned up her uniform, pulled the curtain back and acted like nothing had happened.

“You need to get a little sleep Don,” she emphasized, “They’ll be around in less than two hours.”

I nodded to her, closed my eyes, and fell asleep right away. At 6AM a different nurse was back taking my vitals again, only waking me up enough to get my blood pressure and take my temperature. I fell back asleep until 7:30 when breakfast, if you could call it that was served. My stomach being still queasy I ate the toast but pushed aside the juice Samsun Escort and oatmeal. Just looking at the bowl of oatmeal made me want to throw up again. It was then that I realized how far down the ladder I had gone. And keep in mind that I was being given large doses of valium and I still felt bad.

“Good morning Don,” shouted Dr. Salter.

“Good morning doctor,” as I looked up and could see that he had a clipboard in my hand.

“I see some improvement in your blood pressure,” he said.

“I’m starting to feel more human. Still a bit shaky and I have a dull headache but 100% better than yesterday.”

“With certain rules I think you can be released today,” he said.

“Good,” I responded.

“You’re to stay in bed for the next two days, no drinking, plenty of rest, and drink a lot of fluids. Take both of the medications that I’m supplying to you. One is valium which you know about and the other is medication to prevent anymore seizures you might have providing you don’t drink anymore.”

“I also plan on going to an A.A. meeting and see what it has to offer me,” I replied.

“If you continue down this path Don the booze is going to kill you. Your system is already beginning to fail, including your liver. Try to go to a meeting tonight and just listen to what they have to say. It’s not going to hurt you and maybe it will help.”

Dr. Salter signed the release, wrote two prescriptions and left the room. I got dressed, filled my prescriptions with the hospital pharmacy and drove home to my apartment with a huge sigh of relief like I had just dodged another bullet.

I went to the kitchen cupboard and poured a double shot of whiskey, looked at it for a minute, and then gulped it down waiting for it to take effect. I promised myself that I would just have one and would go the meeting tonight. As the alcohol and valium began to take effect I mentally was undressing both Janet and Donna comparing them to each other. I would just have to be more careful.

At 6:50 with a lot of breath mints in my mouth and slightly drunk I walked into a meeting of A.A. While I was greeted by an older man my eyes made contact with a woman who was seated in the back of the room. You know what happens when two lost souls make eye contact it is an instant connection. Not only that but my eyes drifted down to two huge mounds underneath a pink sweater and I just knew I had to explore those melons a whole lot more. I went over to where she was sitting and held out my hand.

“Hi, I’m Don,” I cheerfully responded.

“I’m Vicki alcoholic and welcome to our meeting.”

As I sat down next to her I looked over her tanned body, pouty nose, brown eyes, and a very nice slim figure except for her big knockers. They seemed out of place on this figure and I began to ponder if they were real or fake. She was all smiles when I sat next to her and the meeting was about to begin. I suddenly began to like this meeting thing a whole lot more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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