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Angela White

Jennifer awoke slightly disorientated, a bit groggy but rested. Where was she? Oh yes, last night she and Denise had consumed two lovely bottles of Chablis and had crashed at her place. Consciousness came around, the faint scent of sandalwood incense and a more shocking revelation: Jennifer was nude, spread-eagled, wrists and ankles tethered by Velcro cuffs and blindfolded. Had she been drugged? No, that was doubtful. Her naked skin naturally felt cool, whereas her entire mons area was tight, tingly, as if some type of astringent had been applied there.

She sensed motion and people within the room. Men? Women? Who were they? “She’s awake.” A man said. Several hands immediately began to caress her. Some had the feel of pantyhose, some with rubber gloves, and some with hard fingernails. The hands with hose roamed over her face, ears, shoulders and parts of her legs. The rubber clad hands and fingers were coated with warm fragrant oil which massaged and gently pinched her inner thighs, tummy, pulling the taught flesh. Fingernails simply raked across inner thighs and underarms. Tactile, skin sensations were maximized, purposely, it seemed, and the hands completely ignored her stiffened nipples and vulva.

Totally awake and quite aroused now, Jennifer moved her hips and shoulders to somehow initiate contact with the fleeting, teasing fingers. They simply moved away, denying her the touch she wanted. A deep sultry woman’s voice whispered, “Oh Jennifer. We found your stash, your collection, bad, bad girl.” Was that, Deb? Who were these people? Sexually excited and embarrassed at the same time, she was helpless and at their mercy.

Two four inch Plexiglas cylinders were placed over each of her nipples. Tssss. Tssss. Tssss. She heard the all too familiar hand held vacuum pump being used. Tssss. Tssss. Jennifer’s turgid nipples were suctioned up into each tube, captive, expanding as the air was removed. Tssss. Tssss. “Okay, that’s enough, for now.” The voice said. They hurt, deliciously, red, swelling, pulled tightly. She groaned without shame, with no choice.

Soft, insistent fingers opened her labia petals and placed the third cylinder, covering her pink clitoris and hood. Tssss. Tssss. Tssss. Jennifer felt her insides flutter as the vacuum worked, inhaling, absorbing her sensitive pearl, soft tissue, clinging to the smooth sides of the tube.

Tssss. Tssss. Tssss. An unknown person worked the pump to perfection, slowly drawing Jen’s clit deeper into the air lock. Tssss. Tssss.

Tssss. Elongated to a full 2 inches, she tried to breathe slowly, in vain. “That should do it, 15 lbs of pressure, how yummy she looks.” Murmurs of approval from the mysterious crowd assailed her buzzing ears while their sexy massage continued. Spread like this, on display, her pleasure Escort Göztepe points were swollen for their voyeuristic delight.

Then, they simply left, departing through a doorway, leaving her helpless, unattended and desperately aroused. “You, you can’t just leave me here, like this. Please, come back!” which no one acknowledged. How many times had she enjoyed self-pleasure, masturbating, teasing herself with the tubes? Oh, but this was different, oh yes. She had no control, tied like this. Shaking her breasts, flexing her hips upward only caused more of an itching for unattainable relief.

Time was fuzzy. How long had it been, 5 minutes, 10 minutes? The tactile massage and the constant pressure took its toll, leaving her in a heightened state of excitement. Bound and blinded within the dark room, provocative images flashed and slipped into her mind:

A slim redhead impaled herself on the large cock while another knelt behind pushing his enormous cock into her star shaped anus. She tweaked her nipples, head thrown back, moaning from the double penetration.

The couple in the motel room fucked like animals, grunting and gasping. The young woman lay naked, furiously masturbating to their sounds through the thin walls.

The door opened slowly and she heard bare feet walking towards the bed. “Ohh…please.” Jennifer begged. Long, soft hair fell onto her breasts and she could smell her distinct shampoo. “D-denise? Is that you baby?” Of course, this was her bed, her bedroom! A small, whirrrr…whirrr and Jennifer’s head, neck and shoulders slowly tilted upwards as the adjustable bed moved. Denise giggled and brushed her lips over Jen’s. “Yes baby doll, it’s me.” She lovingly removed the blindfold. “So, tell me, how do you feel?” she teased. “Oh, Denise…I’m SO friggin hot! Please, please, undo me…I want you so bad, want to make love with you, hold you…” almost desperately.

Jennifer’s eyes adjusted and focused on her lover. She wore that awesome silk, Japanese orange kimono with the dragon on the back with nothing underneath, probably. Denise untied the sash and allowed the silk kimono to slip down over her body, exposing her nakedness.

Her sculpted Spanish olive toned skin shone in the dim light. Denise raised her arms, gathering her thick hair, holding it in place with an elastic. Her nipples were always red, always erect with gold loops piercing them. Her belly button had one as did her right labia. No tattoos yet, but she’d talked about getting one. Jennifer scanned her sumptuous nakedness, ogling Denise’s hairless cleft between her legs. “Like what you see, do you?” Jennifer began to beg again but quickly hushed as Denise released the air from the nipple tubes. She pulled them off slowly, making a wet popping sound. Jennifer’s Caddebostan escort nipples were long, puffy and deliciously ached for some type of attention.

Denise crawled up onto the bed, straddling Jennifer’s chest and eased down, pressing onto her breasts. Like a porn star, Denise raked her perfectly glossy bright red fingernails over her own neck, up against the undersides of breasts and toyed with the gold loops piercing her nipples. The color of her nails matched her lipstick, so inviting and sexy, so Denise. She palmed her tummy, Jen’s eyes following the path, finally stopping at her precious vagina and mere inches from Jen’s face. Her right pinkie inserted itself into the one gold loop there and teasingly opened that petal for Jennifer. Her heart beat faster while staring at her tender, glistening inner folds. “Hmm, see anything you like…yet baby doll?”

Jennifer practically drooled, totally absorbed by the sight and the distinct scent of Denise’s arousal. Her tongue reached out, “Please baby, let…me…eat you, taste you, please.” She looked down, ignored the inviting luscious, wet tongue and stroked her clit, teasing both of them. Unable to move, she simply moaned and watched as two performing fingers slipped easily into her wetness. “Oh, Jen…look how wet you’ve made me!” Denise moved them in deeper and quickly brought them out. They glistened with her dew, her special honey and offered them to her lover. Jennifer closed her eyes, lapping at the wet digits and eagerly sucking the froth.

“I know you love my taste…such a good girl.” She whispered. While climbing off, Denise purposely dragged her wet cunt sweetly across Jen’s left nipple and breast, both adoring the contact. Now at the foot of the bed, Denise appraised her captive, kissing Jen’s toes, her tongue darting, fluttering over and between them. “Mmmmm…you’re all mine, now.” she hummed.” “Oh god…Denise…yes…YES…I’m yours…all yours. Take me…please I’m so…please…” erotically whimpered.

Painted nails slowly crept up her legs, finally releasing the air from the suctioning tube. Jennifer’s swollen tissue clung relentlessly to the glass as Denise carefully eased it off. Her clitoris was disproportionately large and engorged, stiffly standing up between moist cuntal lips. Denise delicately captured the flesh with two fingertips, stroking the miniature penis-like shaft. “Now, it’s my turn to see something…I truly like. Oh yes, baby doll, my Jennifer, you’ve got a cock for me to suck. Would you like me to suck it?” She was fully aware, since they became lovers years ago, how her girl needed, desired and loved to be talked to, enhancing their pleasure.

Denise softly pressed the rigid stalk, “Oh my. So hard, she’s so hard…for me. I can’t wait Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan to…suck…you. My baby …My girl needs to cum…would she like to cum in my mouth?” Jennifer could only moan and nod as their glazed eyes met, the off color words permeating her senses, with Denise sprawled between her legs. In slow motion, licking her red glossy lips, she formed an “O”, bent lower and engulfed Jen’s fruit with her wet mouth. Her lips and tongue suckled, humming, “Mmmmmmm-mmmmm-mmmm” vibrating around the pulsating pearl.

Jennifer struggled helplessly against the straps, hips bucking uncontrollably and sighing deeply while climbing the ladder of ecstasy. Eagerly, Denise mouthed her lover with talent, darting the tip of her tongue around Jen’s tiny urethra opening, pressing her teeth against her clit and easily plunging two fingers inside. She felt Jen’s thigh and tummy muscles quiver, knowing she was ready, oh yes, definitely ready. “Don’t stop…please Dee…don’t…don’t…Ohhh…all…most…”

Denise allowed her middle finger to escape the slick cuntal opening, slide down and burrowed its length into Jennifer’s anus, sending her over the edge. Waves of delight descended, swarming over skin as orgasm deliciously, finally arrived. Jennifer’s body went rigid with spasms, her pussy blossomed sending sexual energy funneling into the hungry mouth.

“OHHHH! OHHH!!! Gawwdddd…DEEEH! OHHHH!” Jen harshly whispered, partly screamed echoing in the room. Denise swallowed and licked the sumptuous fluids which flowed onto her chin, soaking the sheet. They shared the most intimate kiss, sex and mouth fused, inseparable. Denise rode the flinching, bucking crotch for what seemed an eternity as Jennifer writhed passionately, gasping while bright sparkling stars dazzled her closed eyes. “Ugghhhhh…OHHHH! DEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Denise reached over to undo the Velcro tab on Jen’s right ankle, then the left. Shaky, near cramping legs closed, clasping and pressing against Denise’s soft hair. Knowing her lovers tendencies, Jennifer’s clit was at its peak of sensitivity, she reluctantly released the tasty prisoner. Denise mashed and swiped her nose, eyes and face against Jen’s pussy, covered in arousal, chewing the moist, pungent pubic hair.

She wetly kissed the palpitating tummy flesh, slithering upwards and lay top her spent, exhausted lover. Breathlessly, Jennifer kissed soft pliant lips, tasting herself, her passion. Denise pulled the tabs, releasing bound wrists and arms. Limply, her arms moved to caress neck, shoulders and back, adoring Denise’s smooth flesh.

“Did I…send you? Send you…somewhere baby?” “Oh god, oh Denise…you send me…you always send. What…what…you DO…to me!”

Denise pressed her pussy against Jennifer’s hip, delicately rubbing and painting her own nectar there.

“I love you…baby doll…always.” Denise whispered.

“I love you…too…so much…”

They lay quietly, blissfully, in love, their breathing became softer, serene and fell asleep.

~To Be Continued~

Next: Denise’s pleasure

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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