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She awoke with a start, to a blinding light so white it was almost black. Her pulse was racing as her vision slowly came into focus. Dry, swollen, her tongue made her breath come in rushed gasps. She was aware of rough, sharp objects digging into her back. Blood rushed to her head as her vision went black around the edges, spots, and nothing…

Awake. Light this time, but softer, kinder. Light that echoed her surroundings, the coolness on her skin. Silk. Or something like it. As she gained her bearings, she realized she was in a plush room, carpets, tapestries, sweet incense, soft, mellow hues flooded her senses. Hunger–there was a bowl of fruit by the bed, which seemed like a mountain of goose down.

After eating her fill, somebody entered the room. Robed in a white, semi-transparent robe, the woman’s figure was just visible underneath. She had a beautiful face, and, the girl realized with a start, was completely bald. It was almost natural though, as if she were born bald and was beautiful because of it.

“Where am I? How did I get here?” the girl pleaded. Nothing. Just a kind smile.

She felt her eyelids grow heavy, almost of their own accord, and she slipped into a deep, deep sleep.

Colors flashed and a myriad images flew before her eyes, as if some trickster had spliced a single frame from one thousand movies together. She was always on the edge of understanding but never quite arriving. A warmth, brushing on her body, on her cheek. It increased in pressure as the frames flew faster, then faded with an urgency, a deep, primal fear.

Her eyes snapped open to a woman peering over her, sitting on the edge of the bed. The first thing she felt was an uncontrollable terror. It was almost instantly replaced with warmth and comfort, such security that she almost laughed at the fright. The woman’s large, brown eyes peered into hers with such kindness that she was reminded of her Beylikdüzü Escort mother. Well, not her mother, but a friend’s mother. Somebody very familiar.

“We were worried about you.” We? The girl looked up to see the other woman she had seen earlier. But she was accompanied by several others. Eerily, they were all dressed the same with the same bald head. Where the hell am I?

The woman had a dark, full head of a hair which splashed and played down her shoulders and to the small of her back. She wore a similar robe to the others, though it was black like coal.

The girl tried to open her mouth to speak, but words did not come. It was almost like she could speak if she wanted to, but her heart was in her throat. Thumping so hard she felt like she was going to have a heart attack. Beneath her skin, she felt her blood race through her veins.

“Shhhhh, don’t speak. We have a special treat for you.” One of the women in white brought a small, swollen red berry to her lips and nodded. The girl ate it without protest, though simultaneously wondering why she didn’t hesitate at all. The berry exploded in a burst of juice and flavor in her mouth. Well, flavor wasn’t the right word–euphoria.

As she was reveling in the splendour of that berry, her eyes had closed softly. She realized, almost from a detached perspective that she moaned softly with the pleasure of taste. Not sure if 10 seconds or 10 minutes had passed, she felt all the racing blood beneath her skin start to race with a purpose. It seemed to rush to one specific spot in her body. Her breathing became raspy.

She opened her eyes, now glistening, everything was blurry, soft and full of light. The women were looking at her with rapt attention. But there was a difference. The dark woman stared as if watching an experiment unfold before her eyes. The others were gazing past her, seemingly lost in the Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan same torrent of euphoria as well. She caught one woman’s hand dart to her inner thighs and back to her side.

“Good, my sweet,” the dark woman purred. As she spoke, she shifted her position and began to crawl onto the bed. “We were so worried when we found you by the side of the road.” She was on all fours, over the girls now immobilized legs, crawling ever closer. “We thought that awful man had killed you,” her heat inched its way up the girl’s body. “But you bounced back, you’ve been out for such a long time.” The girl felt the truth of that statement, though through a haze of understanding. The dark woman’s mouth came close to hers, breathing heavily but sweetly, stopping just short of touching her lips. She continued moving up the bed. “We knew that she would answer our prayers! We didn’t think it would take so long, though.” She continued to crawl up the bed, her stomach over the girls wide, glistening eyes. Her limbs shook involuntarily, with… what was it? Fear? Curiosity? Arrousal? Whatever it was, her hunger was so fierce it threatened to consume her mind.

The dark woman situated herself directly over the girl’s face and peered down at her. “Now, my love, drink,” she whispered. She slowly pulled her robe up, ever more and more until she revealed herself, swollen, red, and shining with moisture. The girl saw it and instantly knew that this was what her hunger sought; she longed to drink from the chalice of this dark-robed woman. As she lowered herself towards the girl’s mouth, the woman made cooed.

Though the rest of her body was immobilized, she found her mouth and toungue worked perfectly. She licked, sucked, feasted on something which tasted many times sweeter than the berry she had eaten earlier. The dark woman ground herself against the girl’s face, who hoped that this was Esenyurt Escort eternity.

The woman exploded, and the girl drank deeply. Never before had she felt so complete, so alive. The woman continued to rock on her face gently, increasingly slower, until… darkness.

She came up from the depths of a fuzz-encrusted sleep to see flashes of reds and blacks, heard the barking of a dog, and a man shouting. And again she descended.

Once more she surfaced, hazy, and… hot. She heard moans, grunting, sweating bodies slapping against each other. She heard penetration. No, not heard, but felt. She realized that the moans came from her own lips. Her eyes opened to a haze of shapes and colors, but where she expected a man, large and pounding, she found no one. Though her eyes told her one thing, her body sang a different melody. Moisture exploded from her as she was rocked in orgasm, just before slipping off again.

Clear-headed, she awoke. This time, she was standing and had full use of her limbs. The only thing she was aware of was a profound sense of lost time. But how much time? Well, she couldn’t be sure but she felt the oldness of centuries in her bones.

She was by a pool of water, a clear pond, on a stone patio lush with greenery. She peered into the pond, confused. What she saw was not herself. She saw the white-robed woman, though through a fog. Terror clenched her gut as she looked down at her body, as her hands shot to her scalp. She was robed in white and bald, smooth as silk. She started shaking violently. Who was she? What had they done to her? Who are they?

A torrent of questions and emotions flooded her mind–terror, rage, anger. And then–a tap on the shoulder.

She whirled. A woman-in-white, smiling sweetly. Without a moment’s hesitation, she popped another of the red berries into the girl’s mouth. The feelings of rage instantly subsided, replaced with comfort and wholeness. The woman no longer looked like a demon dressed in white. She looked like a sister, a mother, a best friend. The woman leaned down to grasp her head and brought it to her lips.

They kissed fully and deeply. The girl instantly realized that this was indeed the kiss of eternity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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