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My first experience with a girl was one I’ll never forget. It was between my best friend Sam and me. It was so great she brought me into the world of women and I’ll never forget it.

I was in uni and moved into a flat with a friend so we’d be nearby. We’d known each other since college and did all the same subjects. We were best friends we knew everything about each other and we’d been there for each other and through a lot together. We’d seen each other naked before at wild parties and in the showers when we left the gym but I’d never really thought anything of it.

Sam had beautiful long black thin hair and beautiful fair but clear skin. Her breasts were prefect round and pert the stuff guys dream of. They weren’t too big or too small just a handful full and a half. I’d always admired her, she was slim beautiful and got all the guys. I’ve always been told that I’m pretty and beautiful but I know I’m not. I’ve got thick shoulder length blonde hair smallish boobs and a curvy figure. I’ve had a few boyfriends but they’ve never lasted very long, but either way she’d always been there for me no matter what.

We’d been living together a few months by now and I had boyfriend I really thought my luck was changing we’d been together for months and he’d been my first. Sam and I had great fun at uni got drunk a lot went to a lot of parties and ended up talking about sexual experiences more often than not. She didn’t have a boyfriend and was forever bringing guys back to the apartment. I didn’t mind we had an agreement I never really thought about it anymore but hearing her and the mystery guys going at it always turned me on. I’d find myself lying in bed and all I can hear is her and the mystery man in the room next door pleasuring each other, I found this oddly on turning but always hid how I felt as I had a boyfriend.

Here it was again we’d come home from the most amazing party we had a great time and Sam had got with yet another new guy and vacated to her room with him. I stumbled around my room getting myself undressed until I was stark naked, I flung myself onto my bed feeling the cold sheets wrapping around my body. Then it happened. I felt myself reaching to be sick, I threw myself off the bed and ran to the bathroom. I didn’t even take a seconds thought about what I was wearing or who would see it all I knew was I was going to be sick and I didn’t want it to be in my room. Tonight had been a night where id had way too much to drink and got with god knows how many men all I knew was I wanted to forget James. He broke my heart and cheated on me with that whore charlotte. I just wanted to forget and Sam took me to her friend’s party to cheer me up. I cleaned myself up and made my way to my bedroom but before I got there I came across Sam going to the loo herself. I didn’t even think about the fact that I was naked for a second and just fell into her arms crying. She was still wasted herself but she held me and let me blurt out what I had to say whether it made sense or not I don’t know but she was there for Esenyurt Escort me. I stopped crying while she was holding me and stroking my hair with one hand and her other hand was so warm on the bottom of my back. They were so close to my pert bum cheeks I don’t know why but I felt myself getting turned on, I quickly pulled away from her just in case she noticed and asked her how it was going with the newest mystery guy. She pulled me close again and whispered in my ear

“From what I hear you can do better than him. I need to get rid of him I came to ask if you can be my decoy to get rid of him but I don’t even need to lie now if want to be here for you, I’ll go get rid of him. You go grab a blanket bottle of wine and bar of chocolate from the fridge and meet me on my bed key?”

I nodded and slowly walked to my room and did as she said. I heard him leave and grabbed some tablets for my headache and made my way into her room. She walked in fiddled around in her chest of draws grabbed some items of clothing and stripped there and then. As we’d seen each other naked before I guess she thought it didn’t matter but my god was it sexy.

When she turned around she was in a full black and red velvet corset with lace around the edges and matching thong, it made her tits look fantastic so big I just wanted to throw myself at her there and then. I thought I was going crazy me bi!? I’ve never even thought about another girl the way I was her she was just there and god she was just a vision on beauty. She came and sat down next to me and opened the bottle of wine and poured it into 2 glasses and said

“Hey chick don’t worry your better than him any day, he wasn’t even that buff I’d rather have you over him anyway”

“Really I mean would you? If I came onto you now and then kissed you you’re saying you wouldn’t stop me?” As I said this I got butterflies in my stomach as I awaited an answer I felt myself getting wetter with excitement. I didn’t even notice it but Id moved my hand under the blanket and started touching myself.

“Laura are you asking me too?”

“I never said I was asking, only questioning you” I said winking

She starting shuffling close to me and put her hand on my knee that was poking out the blanket. Getting closer to me every second until our faces were all but touching she whispered to me

“I want you”

Before I even thought about it I turned to face her and kissed her passionately. After that we were just wrapped in each other kissing, snogging but not yet groping. I wasn’t a bit bothered though, this felt amazing as it was. But it looked like Sam couldn’t wait any longer she started to remove the blanket off me to my surprise she caught my own hand on my womanhood. She bit her lip and tut’ed “you dirty slut couldn’t even wait for me” we both giggled and I got off the bed I placed myself behind her and started to undo the beautiful corset she was wearing to reveal what I wanted underneath it. As it fell off her and dropped onto the bed İstanbul Escort I moved my hands round her back and slowly onto her firm breasts. When I did it I felt that feeling of excitement in my pussy buzzing around tingling and wanting so deeply for her touch on my warm pussy. She turned to face me again and watched me as I was touching her breasts. I flicked her nipples as they were getting harder and looked at her. She gave me the nod I wanted, I didn’t wait one second I wanted them now I moved straight down to her boobs and started sucking her nipples. I could hear her breathing getting deeper and she let out occasional moans. This turned me on more than any man ever had. As I continued to suck and lick both of her breasts I felt a hand sliding down my body past my breasts and onto my thighs. This sent me wild I just wanted her to touch me then and there; I wanted her in me more than anything. She was teasing me and I knew it she was looking at my beautifully shaven mound and teasing her fingers gently around it all over my thighs and up the sides of my vagina. I’d had enough I grabbed her hand and moved it onto my mound and told her to touch me. “Laura I never knew you were this dirty and its making me so wet… I need you.”

“Same Sam I never thought this would happen. But I really like it.” I uttered nervously I was scared of her reply.

“Don’t worry babe ill look after you, I’ve done this before.”

I was astonished by this id never thought Sam was bi, she’d always been such a man-eater.

I just nodded and let her carry on. By now we were both lying on her bed looking at each other and then finally she touched my slit opened it to reveal the extreme wetness inside. I heard her take a huge breath in as I stiffened my body for what was yet to come. I’d never been this wet before with a guy or on my own. She started rubbing up and down my slit making sure she rubbed my clit on the way. Then she moved all her attention to my very wet hole, she moved so she could watch herself fingerfucking me and to watch my reaction. She seductively licked her finger and grinned at me moving it towards my hole of desires just waiting for her to get there excited me and I got even wetter for her. As she inserted her wet finger into me and started rubbing me I exploded with passion I couldn’t hold on any longer and came all over her hand. I’d never come like that before it was so amazing and I wasn’t even at orgasm yet. I couldn’t wait. She’d found my G-spot and she wasn’t going to get off it till I orgasmed. I felt the pressure building up inside me like a volcano and I was so nearly there I just needed her too kiss my pussy to push me over the edge.

“Sam kiss me”

As she moved up my body I shouted

“No! Not up here…” She grasped what I wanted very quickly and moved down to my pussy she opened my slit with her free and found my clit with her tongue. It was so swollen and gagging for attention she stared sucking on it and flicking it sent me right over the edge. I felt my hips Beylikdüzü Escort bucking in excitement my pussy was tingling and then as I screamed my passion leapt out all over her face and fingers. That was the best orgasm id EVER had it was mind blowing. But I was still up for more; Sam was licking up all my juices and was getting so into it, it sent me into a second orgasm right into her mouth as she was licking me out. Her face was covered in my cum but she didn’t care she threw herself onto of me and starting making out with me. I could taste my own juices and I wanted more. It wasn’t mine I wanted it was hers!

“Sam I want you. It’s your turn and you better be wet or they’ll be trouble missy” I winked at her flipped her over and moved straight down to her pussy. Until now I hadn’t taken notice of the thong she was wearing, but now I looked and saw how see-through it was and that it was sopping wet.

“Sam your dirty girl your thong is sopping wet you big slut.” She sat up almost straight away and grabbed me and started tickling me. I was shocked at what was happening. She knew how ticklish was and dominated me and said

“I’m the dirty slut, I think it was you who just orgasmed all over my face wasn’t it?”

I was laughing so much I couldn’t stop and had to agree with her but she carried on tickling me and then she pinned me down.

I froze

“Now you’re going to fuck me with this” She went over to her wardrobe and pulled out a pink vibrator. She turned it on, handed it to me and placed herself in front of me on her back. I slowly moved the vibrator towards her lips and teased her making her evermore wet. I could see she needed it inside her so I opened her slit revealing her pink lips and swollen cilt. I rubbed the vibe over it and she let out little yelps, moans and screams. I took the vibrator and put it in my mouth and sucked it seductively then burrowed it deep into her aching pussy. I started pumping it in and out; I knew it wouldn’t take her long to orgasm now. My free hand was occupied by fondling her tits while I was fucking her hard with the vibrator, id used one on myself before and knew just what to do. Her body was stiffing her screams getting ever bigger, it was coming and I wanted to make it the best of her life. I started doing her faster and faster now moving my free hands attention to her clit. This sent her straight over the edge she was screaming and grabbing the bed sheets. I felt a lot of come fall out of her onto the vibrator. But little she knew she wasn’t finished yet, I carried on till she fell into a mind blowing second orgasm, she’d made such a mess on my hand and on the bed. I could smell her sweet juices and wanted them in my mouth. I took the vibe out of her dripping pussy and moved my face in there to clean her up, I slowly licked her lips and sucked her clit a little and sucked up all her delicious juices.

Once id finished I moved up to the top of the bed with her. She was totally spent and so was I, I cuddled into her arms and we fell asleep together.

After all this we decided that we really did love each other and stayed together. On campus we were known as the lesbians but neither of us cared we had each other and we were in a very open but caring relationship and had many experiences with other girls and guys too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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