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part 1

High school , everyone worst nightmare , i know mines , i was never popular i was good looking the girls seem to think so but my family weren’t overly rich like my schoolmates , we were lower middle class which meant i couldn’t hang out with the so call “in crowd”

“hay queer watch out ” it was Nathan ” he was the meanest jock in school he ran past pushing me into the lockers that lined up the hall way everyone laughed this guy wouldn’t leave me alone, ever since fifth grade when i moved from the upper east side of Manhattan to the small comforts of upstate New York and into east view elementary school where i meet a cruel Nathan , fast forward seven years later we are juniors and nothing changed , me and Nathan were the total opposite ,i had Brown hair with naturally blond highlights and blue eyes he had jet black hair and light brown eyes , he was muscular as he should be because he plays practically every sport in our school not a ounce of fat on his body and i had a swimmers body and a thick ass that people seemed to always notice i always knew i was into dudes , but i’ve been with a few girls as well it want bad but i knew it wasn’t for me, Nathan always had a girlfriend on his arm and for two years it has been Amber , she was a stuck up bitch in every way that counted , she was blond blue eyes big boobs you know the drill …

i made it to English just on time took my regular seat next to the window , the class was well into ten minutes Nathan and his friend Robby walked in Robby took the seat next to the door and the only seat that was available was the one next to me ‘oh shit i thought , this guy hates my guts and he had to sit next to me he sat and didn’t really look at me . Our English teacher was teaching then he said the words that i dreaded the most i will pair you up and you will complete a project it is half your grade he called out names left and right and my heart sunk when she said Matthew Barett (THATS ME ) you are paired up with Nathan Bellini ,Nathan gave me a harsh stare as if i was the one who assigned the pairing ,, the rest of the class i spaced out how is this going to work .. the bell rung and everyone left out i approached the teacher

“um Mr Kelly can you pair me with someone else me and Nate dont get along he hate me ”
“im sure you are over reacting ” Mr Kelly said with a smile
“its been this way since fifth grade “

he insisted there Beylikdüzü Escort was nothing he could do that we would have to get along if we both wanted to past ,with that i walked out the door and turned the corner nathan pinned me against the wall

“listen queer you will do everything and i will take credit for half of it you understand”

i pushed him off of me his man handling me started getting my cock hard i agreed to what he was saying to boost his ego i stated walking for the exit sign then i turned ” hay Nate ” he turned around

“fuck you , i’m not doing anything for you “

“you little prick” he started to run after me i ran out the door and to my car then started it up and drove off laughing to myself.

later that day i was in my room on my laptop starting to do the project then my IM BOX opened up it said where do you live i typed back who is this he typed Nathan you idiot , then i wrote i’m not telling you he wrote i want to come over to start the project i was skeptical about the whole thing but i was at home this was my territory not his , school was his , so i typed in the address about fifteen minutes later i heard a pounding at the front door i jetted down the stairs and i stood there pondering if i should open up or not i wasn’t scared of Nathan at all i found him intimidated but i never backed down from him that’s a reason why i think he picks on me he is 6’2″ and i am 5’10” so he stood tall over me but i never back down from him and i think he has a problem with that

“hay Matt i can see your shadow through the glass its cold out here, it is November you gonna let me in ” i opened the door he came in

“thanks ,” he handed me a bag “what is this” i asked “beers , and chips to keep me awake during this boring crap” he started up the stairs

“where are you going ” i asked

“to your room i assume thats where your books and computer is ” . damn even here in my own home he wanted to be in charge and bossy i followed.

We got to my room he looked around “nice room , but mine is bigger ” he said as if it was as competition “

“that’s nice” i said sarcastically ,” you live on Main with all the gigantic houses it doesn’t surprise me you have a bigger room ” “i know , but your house is okay i guess i assume your family makes some money to afford this ” money was a touchy subject for me ,my family Escort Beylikdüzü was okay we didn’t want for nothing but while i was driving a Honda accord he had a Lexus . he sat down at my desk and opened the text book “lets get this over with ” he said i sat down next to him i could smell him he smelled good like fresh dove soap and axe spray “can i ask you a question ” i said ” he didn’t look at me “what?” “why do you hate me ” i said he stopped typing “i don’t hate you Barett ” he then looked at me not with hateful eyes but as another human being , he became attractive to me “i envy you ” he said “what? why ” i was confused why would a hot rich guy envy me ” “you have a family that cares about you , who comes to your aid when you need them , me my family sends the maids to do everything for me , i hardly see them its just me” my guess was the three beers he was drinking was making him more of a human ” im sorry man , i didn’t know ” he turned and my jaw droped he had a raging hard on poking out his jeans all i could do is stare he followed my eyes to his tent “you are queer ” he said.

“so what if i am” i said he was speechless i then grabbed his crotch and started massaging his cock through his jeans he didn’t move he just looked at me “wh,,what are you doing ” he said “making you feel better ” i said i got on my knee’s in front of him and started to lick his crotch soaking up his jeans His dick was jumping in his jeans he then stared to touch my head his eyes were closed “i had Nathan where I wanted him ” I unzipped his jeans and played with his cock through his underwear then I guided his fat cock out of his boxers and through the unzipped whole of his jeans I played with his cock it was about seven inches with the biggest knob I’ve ever seen he had vein’s on his dick he moaned and then i put my mouth on it he jumped and his eyes opened he looked down at me I started to go to town on his dick I once read a article on how to suck cock online and i tried everything that was listed , Nathan was bucking back and forth in my mouth , he was enjoying my mouth “oh shit Matt that feels better then Ambers blow jobs I started working down to the rest of his amazing cock. Nathan moaned in ecstacy, Knowing that I was making Nathan Feel good was such a turn on and by cock was hard as a rock ” he unbutton his jeans and pushed his boxers and jeans to his ankle’s I was in the zone on Nathan’s cock.

Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I went all the way down “Ahhhhh” he screamed “oh my god Matty , you deep throat ? ,go all the way back down .” he said and so i did His vein’s felt good on my tongue I lifted off his cock and his precum was latched to my tongue and to his cock it was a nice sight i immediately started licking and sucking his balls, they were big and he started to move around his balls were sensitive”AH, fuck yeah” Nathan said with a smile on his face. I was jacking him off and sucking his balls at the same time, my bully was in heaven I then stopped and started sucking his cock which seemed bigger this time around. Nate couldn’t control himself he grabbed my head and was fucking my mouth “ahhh yeah sucked that fucking dick man , i love your mouth ” he then rested his hands to the side his cock started to swell even more i knew he was going to cum , i started to suck and go down faster deep throating him each time

“oh my go..god i’m gonna cum ,, stop Matt ,,, i’m gonna cum in your mouth ” thats what i wanted ” i deep throated one last time

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggg” his man juice squirted in my mouth and down my throat , this was my first time sucking cock I wanted all of it so i swallowed still sucking causing Nathan to go into a sexual seizure of pleasure his cum was coming out the sides of my mouth and down my throat he was cumming more and more and then he stopped and i kept his dick in my mouth until it got soft ” that was fucking hott Matt” he said i got up and kissed him he grabbed the back of my head and stuck his tongue in my mouth we were tonguing each other then i heard the door slam close.

“Matt you home” I heard my moms voice we stopped kissing and Nathan hurried and pulled up his pants and he put on his jacket

“who’s Lexus in the drive way” I heard my father “you tell anyone ” Nathan said in a threaten voice , i kissed his lips

” i wont say anything ” I cleaned my face and sprayed my room with air wick spray we both walked out

“it’s mine ” Nathan said “we had to do a project for English ” i explained Nathan left in a hurry, my parents went into the kitchen my sister Karen came up to me “oh my god Nathan Bellini was in our house, he is the hottest guy at school ” she said “relax sis your only in the ninth grade he is in the eleventh ” “a girl can dream right ” she grabbed our little brother Danny and went into the kitchen with mom and dad “he is the hottest guy in school and i just blew him in my room”.

Let me know what you Think , i’ll write part 2 if you guys like it ”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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