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I got the call right after I saw Molly pull into her driveway. The 60-year-old, lean, sinewy single blonde was home for her usual half-hour break from her retail job in a small store in town. She was wearing a dark pantsuit and shoes. She called immediately after she got inside.

“Come now, I need to be relaxed and don’t have much time,” she said plainly.

I’m her 22 year old neighbor just down the street. I’ve been her oral slave for two years, ever since the time when I was delivering pizza, I went to her house divorced and she was drunk, half naked and took me by force, making me eat her asshole. To relax her. That’s how she put it that night as she held me into her ass flesh with her strong legs, making me eat her sweaty asshole over and over. It relaxed her.

Something inside me snapped on, like a light and I couldn’t get enough of her. So nearly every day, she makes the lunch-time call for my services. That’s just how it is. It’s never enough for me, but it’s enough for Molly and I live to serve her so I live with it. I’m just there for her, to make her relax by eating her sweaty asshole. She won’t even let me have sex with anyone, nor jerk off. I’m entirely hers for her oral-anal pleasure. I’ve never eaten her pussy, just her asshole. She calls, almost every day. I’d go over just seeing her drive up, but calling is part of her routine. And I adhere to it.

I raced over and went inside. She was sitting on the couch watching the noon news, having a bowl of soup, as always. She had her legs crossed, the pant legs of each pulled up to the knees to reveal her skinny, pale but muscular calves above the low women’s black dress socks she wore. Her shoes were on. Same as every day.

“Kneel, here, kiss my feet, kiss my black shoes,” she said, not taking her eyes off the TV.

I obeyed, slapping her shoes with quick kisses and licks, tasting the leather and smelling her feet.

“I’ve been on them all day,” she said. “Massage my calves as you take off my shoes and smell my socked feet.”

I obeyed again, my trembling hands kneading the soft, creamy smooth muscles of her legs, one in each hand, as I lifted Molly’s small, socked feet to my face, rubbing it over Ufuktepe Escort them, inhaling the crisp, sweet-sour heat from her black socks. She continued to watch TV, me massaging her firm, supple calves and now licking her socked soles and heels and sucking her toes through the cloth.

“Take them off, suck and lick my feet clean, they’re quite filthy and I haven’t washed them in a day or so,” Molly said, putting the soup bowl on a side table and watching TV, but with one hand, unsnapping her trousers and pushing a hand into her crotch.

I did as requested, peeling off her sweaty, wet socks and devouring her foul-smelling feet, slavishly licking from heel to sole to toes and back again, tasting the tang of the sweat and then suckling her toes one at a time, then slobbering my tongue between them all, relishing in the taste and grit of them. She continued to watch the news, fingering her cunt more and more, moaning as she did.

“Back, here,” she said, standing to wriggle her slacks down over her small but meaty ass, bending to do it, exposing her wrinkled bum to me and in between a glimpse of her rosebud hole ringed with downy dark hair. “Smell my asshole.”

I obeyed, putting my nose in the moist pucker, inhaling her musky ass vapors, devouring it, loving it. She pinched it in her tight ring, puckering it, kissing my nose, chewing it deeper, same as always. Then she pulled away.

“Lay back. My ass needs to be licked clean. Take your cock out first. “

This was rare. Usually Molly uses my nose and mouth and tongue to clean her smelly feet and asshole, but rarely allows me to touch myself, and rarer still does she touch it herself. In fact, she’s never touched my cock, not with her hands anyway.

I lay back on the couch, facing up and Molly sat atop it, pinching it between her firm, warm, sweaty asscheeks, my mouth attached to her bitter butt hole, licking and sucking it deep, cleaning it for her. She continued to frig her hairy cunt in her fingers, and a dribble of cunt goo washed down her lips and into my mouth. Nectar of the goddess! I licked and sucked and ate every drop as I continued to devour her sweaty, wet asshole.

Now, Ufuktepe Escort Bayan she extended her legs down to clamp her scrawny but powerful calves around my dick, clasping it in their warm, muscled grip! It was heavenly, a rarity, her touching my cock! She crossed her ankles and began flexing the meat of the muscles of her calves around my scissored dick, giving me a handjob with her legs. It was all she ever allowed; the last was three weeks ago, and I was ready to burst the second the silky calf flesh surrounded my dick.

I could scarcely breathe and couldn’t see, the full weight of her small but thickish ass absorbing my face, my tongue stabbing frantically inside her asshole, scouring the walls, cleaning her. I felt her throb and twitch on my face and knew she was coming. As she neared it, she locked her calves more tightly, quivering and vibrating the fleshy meaty muscles on them. Making me cum in her calves made her cum faster. Every day, she’d play with herself, but rarely calved me off like she was now, and I felt privileged indeed!

“Cum,” she hissed. “Cum in my calves! Come FOR my calves!”

I feel honored she does give me some release, and I came when she did, feeling my balls knot and explode and give up their load, a thick, spattering squirt of hot cream that lathered her thickened calves and shiny white shins, three weeks worth of pent up sperm. She continued to squeeze my cock, quivering the flesh of her calves, shaking it, milking the last of my load and finally released my face from her sweaty ass prison. I rolled out and stood before her. The pant legs still rolled to her knees, her shins and calves lumpy with my cum.

“Put my socks back on and shoes,” she said, snapping off the TV, looking at the clock.

I knelt and did as she commanded me, looking at the clumps of cum on her shiny shins and sinewy calves and up to her eyes where she looked at me for the first time this day. She almost never looked at me.

“Rub that cum into my calves, it’s good for my skin,” she said plainly.

I obeyed, kneeling down and with trembling hands, rubbed the hot sticky load all over her legs, working it into her soft Escort Ufuktepe skin, from the tops of her socks, up her shins, down the sweet, supple curves of her slightly saggy but very sexy, muscular calves. When I was done, I sat back, awaiting further orders, her legs shiny with my cum, thick gobs of it still clinging to the succulent flesh.

“Lick your fingers clean,” she said calmly.

One by one, I sucked my cum from my fingers, all the while watching her, but not her eyes, she didn’t want me looking at her, but those amazing legs, watching the cum dry into her beautiful leg skin, leaving behind a few noticeable clumps as she sat, waiting.

“Don’t think you’re leaving that filth there, the cum that didn’t get absorbed,” she growled, lifting her socked calves to my shoulders and pinching them around my neck, squeezing me in the muscles, crimping the blood and making me dizzy. “Clean, lick the extra cum off my calves.”

I couldn’t help but obey my socked, strong, 60-year old mistress as she delivered a warning squeeze to my neck with those calves. She loosened up only to allow me to lick to one side, then the other, slurping in thick wads of my spew left behind, gobbling it down, licking some off her bony shin and sliding my tongue to the interiors of her strong calves, eating it all up as she looked darkly down at me, unsmiling, unemotionally. When I finished, she tightened her legs back around my neck, turning my face red, then blue, the creak of her twisted-together leather shoes behind me, her meaty calves nearly knocking me out.

When she was done, she released the grip on my neck, stood, pulled her pant legs back down and went to her bedroom, returning with a pair of dirty black socks and soiled white panties. She rubbed them in my face hard, transferring the stench of them to my nose and mouth. She did this every day.

“Take these home and wash them with the others from this week and bring them back to me,” she said. “Tonight.”

This was a break in routine, a rare one but one I relished. Usually, I’d bring them back at one of our routine lunchtime anus-licking encounters. I nodded my head, not daring to look into her pretty face.

She locked the door as we walked out and she headed off on foot toward her job instead of driving, and said, “I’ll call you at 7:30 p.m. I’m going to the gym and I’ll need you for more ass and sock and foot cleaning, it’s hot in there and I’ll be quite sweaty. Be ready.”

I’d be ready. I’m always ready for Molly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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