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Family Sex

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


Tuesday morning Gary stayed home from working and Jim, his father, took his place.

“I’ve got a revenge fuck to set up.” was his only explanation.

That evening when Ron and Jim returned, Gary was waiting and couldn’t contain his eagerness to show them what he’d prepared.

“First of all, “he said, ushering them into the front room of the apartment, “we have the stage.” He’d moved the big mattress and box spring from the bedroom and it was now in the center of the front room.

“We need a stage because of this-” He walked over to the bookshelves and showed them a tiny camera with microphone set up there.

“It is hooked up to record to a laptop upstairs.” he said. “I got it from our tattoo guy, he uses it in his shop and he lent it to me. I’m going to get that motherfucker on tape this time.”

“That sounds kind of dicey.” Ron said.

“That big ugly bastard raped me.” Gary replied. “Should I let him get away with it?”

“You’re right. Payback is a bitch.” Jim said.

“Yeah, I’m behind you.” Ron chimed in.

“Good, I knew you guys wouldn’t let me down. Check this out.”

He walked over to the counter in the kitchenette.

“This,” he said, “is hummus. But not just any hummus. This side of the dish has the hottest peppers in it I could find at the supermarket. The other side is plain, for us. I already dipped into both sides to make it look like we’d been eating it. Just remember which side is which.”

Next he indicated a bottle of Jack Black and a pitcher of water next to it.

“After the bastard gets his tongue burned with the hummus, I’m going to give him a drink to wash it down. Taste.”

He poured them each a tiny bit from the pitcher and handed it to them and they both drank.

“But that’s pure vodka.” Ron said.

“Right. The asshole will think he’s getting a Jack and water but it will be Jack and vodka. His mouth will be burning so that he won’t be able to tell the difference. But my real masterstroke is this!”

He pulled a joint out of his shirt pocket.

“A reefer? What’s the big deal about that?” Ron asked.

“Do you remember last fall when we tried that shit called ‘Zombie?'” Gary asked him.

“Keep that away from me if that’s what that is! That shit is lethal!” He turned to Jim and told him, “We smoked that stuff one evening after work. Gary woke up the next morning naked with target rings painted on his ass in the bushes outside of the EU. I woke up in bed with two way butch black dykes with a ten inch dildo stuck up my ass. I couldn’t get the fish taste out of my mouth for days and those two bitches pestered me for months to come by again, too. That shit is so strong it’s like what old angel dust used to be.”

“We’re not going to smoke it. See this mark on the paper? That’s the one for him. I’ve got special joints for all of us if we need to smoke with him, they aren’t even all pot. This mindfucker is for our guest.” Gary said.

“So you’re going to get him fucked up, then what?” Jim asked.

“I’m just going to let nature take its course and make sure I’ve got it all on tape. Anybody as angry and mean as that bastard is, is that way for a reason and I’m betting the reason is because he wants to get fucked and can’t admit it. Now, let me show you the recording set up and what you need to do.”

He took them upstairs and drilled them on how to record and the cues he would give for them to reappear downstairs after his guest arrived. Gary changed into an old jockstrap and then they all sat down to wait.

When the doorbell finally rang, he said, “It’s Showtime, fellas. Hit the recorder.”

He bounded down the stairs and admitted the black cop from the previous week’s run in. The cop entered and looked Gary up and down, then roughly grabbed his ass and fingered his hole.

“Already got your ass out and ready for my big dick, do you? Just can’t wait for more of this chocolate bar?”

“I’ve been waiting all weekend for this.” Gary said. “Come upstairs and let me get you more comfortable.”

He bounded back up the stairs in front of the cop, his bare ass right at his eye level.

“Where’s your buddy? I was thinking I might give him some dick tonight, too.” the cop said as he entered the apartment.

“I’ll call him.” Gary said and went to the stairs and hollered, “Hey, Ron, Black Magic is here!” He turned back to the cop and said, “That’s what we call you on account of your magic wand.”

Ron came into the apartment, totally nude and walked over to the cop who gave his ass a hard slap and then thrust his hand between Ron’s ass cheeks and fingered his hole.

“I didn’t get a chance to stretch your ass last time because I was too busy fucking your buddy but tonight you both are going to ride my cock till you can’t walk.” he said.

Ron just smiled, then walked over to the hummus platter and picked up a chip that he dipped into the plain side. He lifted a big gob of hummus into his mouth and then said, “Have some.”

He Bursa escort picked up the platter and walked over to Gary and the cop, who each picked up a chip and dipped into opposite sides of the hummus.

“I made it kind of spicy.” Gary said and then popped his chip into his mouth.

The cop smirked and did the same and started to chew. Suddenly, his expression changed and his eyes started to water.

“Goddamn!” he gasped. “How can you guys eat that stuff?”

“I guess it is strong if you’re not used to it. Here, let me fix you a drink.” Gary said. He popped ice into a glass, poured in a couple of inches of Jack and topped it off with what looked like water. He handed the drink to the cop who threw it back and drained it.

“Fuck, that stuff is burning all the way down.” he said.

“You need another cold drink.” Gary said, taking his glass and refilling it.

“The cop took it and threw it back and then said, “Yeah, that’s making it better.” He was already getting glassy eyed.

“Let me just get out of this strap.” Gary said. “I don’t want anything between me and your dick.” He put his thumbs in the waist band and lowered the strap and kicked it into the corner. His fat cock was half hard and standing out.

“You just can’t wait to get my cock up your ass, can you?” the cop said.

“Something like that.” Gary replied.

Ron took his glass and he refilled it this time, and then said to Gary. “Haven’t you got something else to relax our guest?”

“I almost forgot!” Gary said. He walked over to the counter and picked up a joint. “I assume you smoke?” he asked.

“Shit, I’ve smoked enough weed to kill an elephant. I started when you were a baby.” he replied. “Let me get out of these clothes and then we can all relax…for a minute.”

He started shucking off his clothes and soon stood naked as the other two. He had a beefy, muscular body, in great shape for a guy in his late forties. His big uncut cock was half hard and hung over his enormous ball sack, both of them several shades darker than the rest of his skin. You could see the thick veins pulsing under the skin of his fat shaft. He was swaying where he stood, feeling the effect of his 3 drinks.

“You boys can’t keep your eyes off of this big donkey dick, can you?” he said, grabbing his cock and pointing it at the two of them.

He walked over to the mattress and fell onto his back and spread his legs.

“Come on over here and I’ll smoke that joint while you two cocksuckers smoke my joint.” he said.

“Seems like big dicks are always attached to big dicks.” Ron said in a low voice.

Gary got the joint, a lighter and an ash tray off of the counter and handed them to the cop, and then he and Ron climbed between the cop’s wide flung legs. He fired up the joint as Ron and Gary took turns licking his long shaft and balls.

“Damn, this is some good shit.” the cop said. “You need to hook me up with your supplier.”

He took in another deep lung full and Gary gave Ron a wink and an evil smile.

“I was going to share this with you two cocksuckers but your mouths feel so good on my cock I think I’ll just keep it all for myself.” the cop told them.

“Really, we want you to have it.” Gary said.

They continued working over his massive dick while he smoked and in a few minutes he had smoked the whole reefer.

“FUUUUCK! That was some strong shit.” the cop said. He was holding onto the mattress like he was afraid he’d fall off.

Gary lifted his legs and exposed his ass hole between his meaty ass cheeks.

“Just look at this tiny little hole, Ron.” he said. “I bet he’s a virgin.”

“That hole isn’t virgin but it’s been a hell of a long time since I’ve had a cock up it.” the cop said.

Gary started to lick around the cop’s tiny pucker, making him squirm while Ron deep throated his fat cock.

“Oh, yeah, eat my ass hole.” the cop said. “I forgot how good it feels to have your hole worked on.”

Gary nodded to Ron who got up on his knees and walked up the mattress till his cock was standing inches from the cop’s face. Gary grabbed the cop by the hips and flipped him over so that he was lying on his stomach and then used his hands to spread his ass cheeks.

“I wonder where my dad is?” he said, Jim’s cue to come down from upstairs where he was watching the show on the laptop.

Gary buried his face between the cop’s cheeks and started to tongue fuck his tight hole while Ron lifted his head up by the hair and rammed his erect cock into the cop’s mouth. He was bucking his hips to get more tongue up his ass and it took him a moment to realize he was sucking a cock. At first he resisted, and then he seemed to realize he was enjoying it and started to go to work on the fat shaft in his mouth.

Jim walked in just then, naked like the others. His cock was hard from watching the show and his abnormally long ball sack swung between his legs. Fully hard, his cock was almost as long as the cop’s.

“So you’re the guy who raped my son’s ass last week.” Jim said.

The Antalya escort bayan cop looked up and pulled the dick out of his mouth and said, “That’s me and he fucking loved it. I might wind up raping your ass hole before the night’s over, too. I’m a cop; you can’t do anything about it.”

Jim walked over to the counter and got a bottle of lube out of a drawer while Ron went back to fucking the cop’s mouth. Motioning Gary to move aside, Jim climbed between the cop’s legs and used one hand to stroke the cleft between his meaty ass cheeks.

“Why don’t you feed our guest some more cock?” Jim said to Gary and so Gary moved up next to Ron in front of the cop. He wrapped his hand around Gary’s hard shaft, pulled his mouth off of Ron’s dick and started to suck on Gary’s thick meat.

“Damn, I love the taste of white boy cock.” he said after a minute or two.

Jim, meanwhile, had spread lube in the cop’s ass crack and was now using the head of his dick to stroke up and down his valley. When his cock head was good and greasy, he stopped stroking it and poised his head against the tiny puckered hole. He bore down on it and his cock head popped easily inside the cop’s tight ass ring.

“Your daddy is putting his cock up my ass.” the cop said to Gary.

“I see that.” Gary replied. “He’s got just about the whole thing up there, now. How does it feel?”

Jim had sunk the whole length of his long dick into the cop’s guts and he slowly started to fuck in and out.

“I forgot how good it feels to get ass fucked.” the cop said. “That’s what I should have done; I should have found some long dick white boy to keep my ass full of cock and my belly full of cum instead of marrying that nagging bitch I’ve got at home. She won’t suck my dick, she won’t let me fuck her in the ass and she sure as hell ain’t got a dick to stick up mine.”

Gary and Ron took turns fucking the cop’s mouth while Jim kept pounding his dick in and out of his hole.

He would pull his dick entirely out of the tight fuck channel, and then ram it entirely back into his guts with one lunge. Each time, the cop would raise his ass for more.

“Hot damn, you boys know how to party!” the cop said. “I’m higher than shit, I’ve got two cocks to suck and another one up my ass. This is the best time I’ve had in years!”

Jim was pile driving his cock into the cop’s tight hole, making the cop suck hungrily on the two rock hard dicks. Ron and Gary forced their cock heads deep into his throat, both at the same time, just as Jim began squirting his juice deep in his ass. The cop was choking, trying to swallow more dick while bucking his ass against Jim’s hips trying to get more of his cock up his ass. Jim lay on top of him and let his dick soften inside his ass.

“I need some more cock in my ass.” the cop said. “Ron, fill my hole up and daddy, you come up here and let me clean that dick up after you pull it out of my hole.”

Ron and Jim traded places, Ron sliding his big uncut cock into the cop’s cum filled ass hole and Jim positioned his slimy dick in front of his face. The cop grabbed it by the base and licked the juices off of the flared head, then licked every bit of juice off of the shaft and Jim’s ball sack.

“I can taste your cum and my ass juices both on this sweet thing.” he said. “I bet if I keep sucking it I can get it hard enough for another fuck.”

“Have at it.” Jim said. “Just don’t forget my boy here; you owe him after raping him.”

“Shit, if I had to suck every guy I’ve forced I’d be at it for a month. There must be a hundred guys walking around this town with my cum up their ass instead of a ticket. I think of it as just one of the perks of my job.”

Ron started pounding in and out of the cop’s stretched ass hole and the cop raised his hips to open his ass wider.

“You really love getting fucked, don’t you?” Gary said.

“I totally forgot how much. I was the whore of my high school, all of my friends and even some of their dads fucked my ass. I gave it up when I got married and became a cop.”

“Well, we’ll help you make up for lost time.” Gary said, smiling. “Now suck my cock, I’m next in your hole.”

Ron was nearing orgasm, slamming his cock harder and harder up the cop’s hole. Jim and Gary could see the cop’s ass lips drag out over Ron’s cock every time he withdrew it. His hole was so loose that Jim’s cum load squirted out at the sides of Ron’s cock while he fucked. Finally, it was too much and he rammed his cock into the cop’s ass hole all the way to his balls and unloaded. The cop was going crazy feeling a second load of cum splash into his guts.

“Give me that baby juice, motherfucker!” he cried. “Fill my ass with that hot cum!”

Ron collapsed on his back, his cock marinating in the juicy ass chute.

“Goddamn, you boys know how to fuck! I need to feel more cock wrecking my hole! I had the daddy, now I want the son! I just wish I get both of you fuckers up my ass at the same time!”

“Oh, that’s no problem at all.” Gary said.

Ron pulled his softened cock Escort Manavgat out of the cop’s cum filled hole and rolled off the mattress and Gary and Jim lifted the cop up by his armpits. He was so fucked up from the pot, liquor and ass fucking that he could barely stand. Ron grabbed him and supported him while Jim and Gary got into position between each other’s legs, balls to balls. Gary grabbed Jim’s hard cock and held it upright against his own, then moved his hand down to the base of each so that they stood upright against each other.

“Come on, motherfucker, sit your ass down on this and you can fuck us both.” Jim said.

Ron helped him over to the mattress and helped him get into position. He squatted over the two cocks and when they could feel the heads nudging his stretched out ass hole, Gary nodded to Ron.

Ron let go of the cop and he collapsed, his ass hole sliding down over and engulfing the fat, hard pair of dicks. The cop reached down and felt under his ass as if verifying that both cocks were in his hole, then smiled and wiggled his hips to seat the big dicks deeper inside of him.

“Hell, yeah!” he said. “That’s the kind of dicking I need!”

He started riding the pair of dicks, not even the least uncomfortable with his ass hole stretched so wide.

He was panting and sweating, his own hard cock bouncing as he rose and fell. He threw his head back; eyes closed and let out a howl.

“Yeah, I got your daddy’s dick and now I’ve got yours. I’m going to suck the cum right out of your balls with my ass hole and mix it with your daddy’s spunk”

Gary reached up and pushed the cop, who fell over backwards, the two fat cocks sliding out of his hole.

“I want to power fuck your hole, bitch.” Gary said. “Get your legs up in the air.”

“You gonna fuck me like a pussy?” the cop said, pulling his knees up to his shoulders so that his ass spread wide and his gaping hole was exposed. “Come on and fuck my pussy ass. Shove that big white dick all the way up my pussy hole.”

Gary got on his knees between the cop’s legs and slammed his cock deep in his hole.

“Oh, yeah, fuck that pussy! Make me your bitch!” the cop said.

“Jesus, don’t you ever shut up?” Gary said. “Dad, come over here and sit on his face so he can’t talk.” Jim got up and straddled the cop’s face. He lowered his ass and the last thing the cop said was, “Yeah, let me eat that man hole!” before ass and tongue made contact. Gary pushed his dad forward a bit and he had a perfect view of the cop’s tongue sliding in and out of Jim’s hole. He motioned to Ron, indicated the camera and had him carry it over to shoot a close up of the cop eating ass, then a close up of his own hard cock sunk deep into the cop’s ass hole.

After Ron had placed the camera back on the shelf, Gary said, “I’ve got a better idea than cumming up your ass. We’re going to give you your very own bukkake party. Ron, grab those old tanning goggles out of the drawer so our guest doesn’t get any cum in his eyes.”

Ron retrieved the goggles and placed them on the cop while Gary drew his hard cock out of the cop’s dripping hole.

He placed his dad on one side of the cop’s head and he knelt on the other, then he motioned to Ron to pick up the camera and bring it with him, then placed Ron in the third position above the cop’s head with the camera.

“Okay, cocksucker, we’re going to flood your face with cum.” Gary said as they all began beating off.

“Cover me in that sweet white boy cum.” the cop said. “Use my face as a cum dump!”

They all three pounded their meat over the cop’s face and Gary was the first to cum, a thick hot load of pearly jizz that coated the cop’s cheek and nose. Jim came next, not as big a load but respectable size, his juice coating the other cheek and mixing with his son’s cum on the cop’s face. Ron was last, his load blasting out over the cop’s forehead, nose and mustache.

The cop stuck out his tongue and licked up Ron’s cum and said, “Feed me that ball juice!”

They each used their still hard dicks to scoop up the mess of cum and feed it into the cop’s cum hungry mouth. He sucked and licked each cock, savoring the flavor of the blended cum until it was all in his belly with Ron using the camera to record the whole thing.

“I need some more cock up my ass now.” he said.

Ron placed the camera on the shelf and Gary removed the goggles. Ron reached into another drawer and brought out a huge dildo. It was at least a foot long and as big around as a man’s wrist. The end, instead of being molded into a cock head was molded into a thick clenched fist, bigger and wider than the shaft itself.

Ron threw the dildo on the mattress and said, “Give us a show. Pretend you’re at home jerking off and fucking yourself. Show us how you do it.”

“How about another drink, too?” Gary said.

“Fuck, yeah, this is what I’m talking about. This is going to fill my ass real nice.” the cop said, lubing up the dildo.

Gary brought one of his special drinks over and the cop downed it in one gulp, then lay down on his back and lifted his legs. The head of the dildo was huge and the three spectators watched as the cop’s hole expanded to let it in. Finally, the ring stretched enough so that the fist like head disappeared into his guts, his ass hole stretched taut around the shaft.

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