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I’m 29 single and have been to erotic massage parlors in the past. Especially since I became single again. For years they have been popping out everywhere here in my home town and in the cities nearby. Some give hand job and some give full service sex. This situation is something that just happened recently a few months ago.

I have a friend of Chinese/Vietnamese background who we can call “Tony”. He is a few years younger than me and he lives with his mom in her house. His mom who I just noticed about five months ago is a Chinese lady who we’ll call “Nikki” who’s about five feet tall, light skin, slim with curves (she really takes good care of herself), cute small looking face with fair amount of make up usually worn, pitch black hair to her mid back, usually has some nice bangs. She seems to be in her forties but looks younger. She is very cheerful, somewhat hyper, likes to talk a lot with her clear foreign accent, likes to laugh a lot during simple conversation with her son and is a total MILF. Throughout the past few months I had seen her about four times at her house but she hadn’t noticed me or most of her sons friends while we were in her backyard. She just walked past us 10-15 friends greeted us quickly while she walked over to her son while we were in the backyard having a bbq. I had glanced at her plenty while everyone just mingled but she always had the same routine as she went out into the yard, talked for a few minutes with Tony and walked back into the house. She is loud and is usually smiling.

Most massage parlors in the area seem to give extras and I had frequented a few since I became single again including one where I had gotten “full service” more than once which was close to a hole in the wall looking restaurant that I go to and here’s where it gets crazy. During a visit to the restaurant as I was walking around the strip mall after a meal. I noticed a beautiful Asian woman going into one of the strip mall’s businesses. I walked closer as I recognized her and it only took me a few seconds to notice it was my friends mom Nikki. I even recognized her car in the parking lot, the same one I always see at her house. I started getting closer to the spot where she was going in and I quickly read the business sign with the words, “Massage Acupressure” in bright red letters as in the same erotic massage parlor where I had gotten full service previously. My mind began to race. I remember thinking to myself, “There’s no way she works there (while hoping she would excitedly).” I froze for a bit as she went right into the erotic massage parlor and a big sensation hit me as I was shocked.

The place is a whore house with next to no massage so I highly doubted she would go in for another reason. I started getting hard and even more excited and began to think if I should go in to make sure she really works there. I got closer thinking if she could recognize me or not, hoping she wouldn’t as I don’t wan’t her to know that I know her son because that could ruin it with her possibly refusing to give me service if she worked there, but that was it, she never Gülveren Escort even noticed me in the past scenes. I still remember thinking this quickly as I got closer. I walked over to the parlor and stood in-front of the door for a few seconds convincing myself there was no way she could recognize me since she never even glanced at me or so it seemed. I stood there for about 10 seconds before my emotions got the best of me and I went inside thinking this could be a great miracle if I could have her through an erotic session, it was all happening too fast. It felt like a once in a life time scene for me.

Inside the parlor I met with the same old Chinese lady in charge at the counter as last time (the mamasan) and she asked me if I had been there before to which I replied, “Yes.” She then told me she recognized me after starring for a bit. She was there the last two times I visited. I asked her about the lady who had just walked in and if she was a masseuse there and she not only gave me her working name she asked if I wanted to try her which completely stunned me as I then pretty much verified that she did in fact worked there by then. I tried not to let a reaction out but I did bust out a smile. I asked If she would be available the next day as I told her I didn’t have enough cash and they only take cash at this massage parlor like many other of these massage parlors with extras. I’m sure she knew by then why I was there as she also knew that I already knew this was more of a whore house than a massage parlor due to my previous visits. She told me the days that I could find her after I asked and she gave me a business card telling me there was also a new lady I could try. I thanked her and I then took off excited and stunned about everything I had just found out as I knew I would be going back for a session.

I thought about not doing this as well for the next few days which was one of the reasons why I chose not to go the very next day because I wanted to give it a bit of thought on the pros and cons but finally decided that I was going to do it. She is my friends mom but she’s single and is only doing her job. I don’t even know if her son knows or suspects about this but I was definitely willing to stop going to his house after my session to avoid anything awkward in case his mother noticed me. It was one big fetish I was having for those few days waiting. I couldn’t even think straight on the way back home after the incident. It all happened fast and felt like a huge turn on overall, just the thought of us having sex. I just couldn’t believe that this was happening.

I ended up going four days later I couldn’t wait any longer. I went into the parlor met with the old mamasan again and I gave her my friends mom’s working name (which I had written on the business card by the way) and it was set as she told me she was available. The transaction went well. After I paid, mamasan took me into a small cozy room and told me to get undressed and lay on the massage table. I laid undressed on the massage table excited yet anxious for about Escort Gülveren five minutes. Some soft jazz began to play about for about another minute when the door opened and there before me stood a sexy well curved Chinese woman wearing very short cotton baby blue shorts that exposed her entire well curved and very well toned legs and a nice very short thin feminine white no sleeve shirt that exposed her belly button and thin abdomen as she walked my way. It took me a few seconds to realize it was my friends mom. I was in shock, amazed and too horny by now. I couldn’t believe all of this was happening. Her words to me were, “Hi honey are you ready?” with a smile as she walked toward me. I assumed then she really didn’t know who I was. I pictured myself leaping in joy as she came in looking like a hot slut MILF which I was loving.

She locked the door and told me to keep it down as much as possible. She walked over to where I was laying and then quickly ran her hands on my back and began to talk to me as I pictured she would, very kindly. She asked me a few questions about what I did for a living but nothing else too personal as I asked her a few questions about how she was doing, nothing personal on my behalf. It was pretty clear to me by then that she didn’t know I was her sons friend which had my erection hard. We chatted as she gave me a simple massage with some oil as the music played. She soon told me to roll over without my towel which she had now removed. I was now face up and she quickly began to massage my abdomen and legs. She rubbed near my hard erection a few times and soon asked me in a slow tone if there was something else she should rub. My mouth was open. It was clear to me then that this was really happening. I was very excited, I grabbed her hand, put it on my raging erection and told her, “I want happy ending with everything.” My voice was nearly shaking. She smiled at me and it was on.

The real session then began. I was under a passion. I took her little t-shirt and bra off and her nice B cup natural breasts popped out and I began to kiss and suck them. I helped her out of those little cute baby blue shorts and as she stood up to throw them to the side I saw her very sexy micro sized cheetah printed thong on her and couldn’t help but love the look it gave her pussy and ass as I turned her over to get a full on look. After a quick scroll of her posing her thong she slowly went downstairs and put a condom on to commence a blowjob with much teasing in the beginning. As she commenced the first bit of sucking I felt her experienced mouth immediately make many right moves which nearly made me cum right there and then. I had to concentrate to continue such an experience. She soon got a faster motion and fell into a great rhythm of her head bobbing up and down on my hard dick making very good suction along with noises of her lips colliding onto my dick she made some great tongue movement that had me rolling my eyes and moaning a bit in pleasure. I still could not believe this was all happening.

As she continued to Gülveren Escort suck me off she began to take off her thong. I soon stopped her and told her to leave them on as I wanted to fuck her with them on. She gave me a naughty look and stopped the blow job. With little time wasted she got on all fours on the massage table as I moved the thong to the side and I stuck my hard erection in her pussy doggy style and began to slowly grind in and out trying to pick up the pace watching her ass bounce back and forth slowly and then began moving faster as my pace picked up. I then got closer, grabbed her ass with both hands and pounded hard as she let out a very feminine innocent moan out loud, I loved it. We fucked doggy style for a nice while before I flipped her over and fucked her missionary. I spread her legs apart gently and began pounding her nice small framed pussy which was also well trimmed. We were both moaning. We then set for a reverse cowgirl position where I got to see her nice soft ass really bounce as it bobbed up and down my dick which was about to cum. We both picked up the pace, I thought I was gonna cum but I told her I wanted to try a few more moves. I then fucked her lift up missionary with her legs wrapped around my waist as I stood up off the massage table lifting her up like a little lady and grinding hard.

I finally got her once again in missionary mode on the massage table I couldn’t hold it any longer and I came hard as I breathed hard. I stayed inside her cumming while I looked at her face. We were both breathing deeply trying to catch our breath for a bit. I got closer to her as this happened and she hugged my shoulders and I hugged her while she gave me small kisses on the face. I didn’t know what else to think with this amount of pleasure rather than, “Did this really happen?” We cleaned up with some hot towels and began to get dressed without saying a word and she soon left the room but came back shortly. I started thinking less of the fact that she was my friends mom and more of how good the sex was though the MILF thing still had an effect on the scene. She told me that everything was well as they had no customers waiting, she said it was a slow day. We chatted for a bit as I kept trying to remind my self to keep in mind this was my friends mom and to keep the fact on my head as I did not want to let out anything on accident.

She escorted me to the door and told me to call and make an appointment soon with her. I agreed with her and walked toward the door after one last hug. I walked out of the massage parlor on cloud nine not even knowing what else to think now that it was over. I guess there really was nothing rather than to just feel the pleasure of knowing how much I enjoyed the whole scene and that I would be back. As I drove home I couldn’t believe that it all happened but this time I also felt bliss like I had gotten away with something. I smiled through much of the time while I drove home.

I have had sex with her three times besides this one first time and I plan on seeing her again in the future. It’s crazy but many things do happen. I have thought of this incident several times and it still brings some chills of excitement to me because of how it happened and of course the sex as well… lol.

Let me know if you’ve experienced anything similar. Doesn’t have to be the exact setting just similar or related.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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