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Disclaimer: All sexual activity is between characters over the age of 18. If you have a problem with May/December relationships, please find something else to read. Any similarity between these characters and any other real people is entirely coincidental. I hope you enjoy.

I’m not an English or writing major. So, give me a break on English and grammar.

After I graduated from college with a degree in civil engineering, I moved home for a while to save some funds for getting my own place, and starting my life as an adult. I had finished my partying days my junior year of college. So, I was a pretty stable guy for all practical purposes. My parents were good with my moving back. They said it was the mature thing to do, and not just go out there without a solid foundation on which to grow.

As I was saving up, I was looking into various apartments for rent as well as condos for sale comparing price and other considerations for my future. I decided to buy rather than rent. Why throw away your money when you can build equity in your own home?

As I searched for properties for sale, I continued to save until I felt I had enough saved to buy my own place. So, I got approved for a loan in order to know the how much I could spend, and be ready to buy when I found what I wanted.

Next, I contacted a realtor to help me find my starter home. It didn’t take long. I found a two-story condo in a duplex which suited my needs perfectly. The kitchen, den and first bathroom were on the first floor, and it had two bedrooms, laundry and master bath with a walk-in shower on the second floor. I loved the master bath. The shower was amazing, it had a window to let in a little sunshine, and it went directly into the dressing room with a walk-in closet. It was in good condition, and in a good school district all the better for a good investment property once I was ready to sell.

Once I closed on the property, I couldn’t wait to get moved in. So, I packed up my stuff, called a few friends, and also got my parents to help me move. It didn’t take long because I didn’t have much. Most of my furniture I bought and had delivered straight to my home. So, I was completely moved in. That was a really great day in my life. I was finally on my own.

The next day, my neighbor in the duplex next door came over to welcome me to the neighborhood. her home wasn’t in the same duplex as mine. There was about a ten-foot space between our homes.

She was an older woman. Her name was Sally, and I’d say she was in her mid to late sixties. However, she still looked good in my opinion because I actually preferred older women. They don’t play games like the girls my age, and they always knew what they wanted.

She was a big beautiful woman with gray hair, really huge breasts, wide hips, and a bit of a tummy although she still had a nice hourglass figure. She showed her age, but that was what I liked. Although, she wasn’t wearing anything to accentuate her figure, but I’ll admit, I checked her out when I opened the door. I’m sure she saw me looking, but she didn’t let on.

As for me, I’m no Adonis, but I got my fair share of women in school. I stand at six feet, I’m not ruggedly athletic, but I’m in pretty good shape. Like most men, with the obvious exception of most of the writers here on Literotica, I don’t have a monster cock, but It’s on the larger side of average. However, I do know how to use it.

Now, on with the story. I invited her in, asked her to sit down, offered her a drink, and had a nice long chat. It turns out we liked a lot of the same things, and hated a lot of the same things. I thought she was really nice, not to mention hot, and we became good neighbors.

I really enjoyed my new home. There was very little yard work which was nice since I grew up mowing the half acre lot my parents owned. But I did tend to the little bit I had including the flower beds.

Now, I grew up in the deep south where it was always hot and humid in the summer. So, I typically did my yard work in shorts with no shirt so I could tan a bit as I worked.

On occasion, I noticed Sally watching me from her windows while I worked. Of course, I didn’t mind. I would’ve done the same had she done her yard work without a shirt. The first time I saw her looking, I just ignored it, but, on subsequent occasions, I’d give her a little show. I’d stand up, stretch by back and arms to show off my muscles knowing she was checking me out.

However, whenever we passed each other, we’d still just wave and say “Hi.” Just as if nothing ever happened.

Eventually, I decided to do something about it. I wanted her, and, it seemed, she wanted me. I just had to find a way to subtly get her into bed, but how was I going to do that? Keep in mind that this was a much older woman not used to being hit on by younger guys. She had grandkids that came over regularly. So, I had to be crafty going about seducing her.

As I mentioned earlier, my master bath has a window. I had somewhat see-through Beşevler Escort curtains. They were translucent enough to let in some sunshine, but thick enough to allow privacy. So, I decided to accidently open these curtains as I showered. The window faced across the ten-foot space between our condos, and she had a window facing mine. So, she could see everything going on in my shower and bathroom, and I made sure she had something to see.

Eventually, I got out of the shower to see out of the corner of my eyes that she was there watching me dry off. So, I just continued drying off stretching my muscles, showing off my dick, and bending over showing her my ass without letting on that I knew she was there. I really put on a show for her. If she wasn’t interested before, she was now.

My plan was working!

Now that my plan was working, I couldn’t figure out how to close the deal. It had to be subtle enough not to scare her away, but obvious enough to get the point across. I thought about this for several weeks without a single good idea. I obviously couldn’t get any ideas from the stories I read here. They were obvious and cliché. It had to be something subtle, and respectful with some sexual inuendo to get the point across. Then I decided on something rather simple, but full of possibilities. I invited her over to my house for dinner.

I planned on grilling kielbasa sausage with green bell peppers and onions served in sausage buns. That’s one of my specialties, and full of possibilities. So, I went shopping. I got everything I needed including wine.

So, I waited for the perfect opportunity to invite her over. One day we passed in our adjoining driveways, and so I nonchalantly asked her if she’d like to join me for dinner. I told her it would be very informal. I was just grilling out. Oh, I did fail to mention exactly what I was grilling. Sometimes women have an aversion to eating something that shape with men. Hmm, go figure. I told her to be there about 7:00pm.

I prepared to start dinner well before 7:00pm. Obviously, I didn’t set things up to appear romantic. There were no candles. I didn’t have the wine on ice at the table. Although, it was in the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Just a few minutes after 7:00, she arrived dressed casually as I’d hoped. She was in a semi-tight t-shirt which didn’t show a lot of cleavage, but accentuated her bust rather well. Of course, there really was no hiding her bust. She was also wearing a pair of shorts which came down to mid-thigh. She had her hair back in a ponytail. Even though she dressed somewhat conservatively, there was enough skin showing to get me excited.

Once I invited her in, we made casual conversation about various things all of which were non-sexual. Then I offered her a glass of wine. She accepted, and, as she drank, she began to loosen up a bit.

I, of course, was being the perfect gentleman. I wanted her to feel comfortable around me before I truly began my seduction.

I asked her if she’d like to join me on the patio as I grilled our dinner. Once out on the patio, I showed her the sausage, and she seemed pleased. She actually loved sausage with green peppers and onions. It didn’t seem to bother her at all which pleased me greatly.

Once I finished grilling the sausage, I told her “My sausage is ready.” She said “I can’t wait to get my mouth around that sausage.” It seems the double entendres didn’t go past her at all. So began our flirtation for the evening.

We finished dinner. We sat outside on my patio under the stars. We drank more wine. We had a delicious conversation full of sexual tension. The more we drank, the more we flirted. The night couldn’t have gone any better if I had planned it myself. Oh wait! I did plan it myself!

Eventually, she decided it was time for her to leave as it was getting late. Again, I wanted her to feel comfortable with me. After all, we had to live next door to each other for the foreseeable future. So, I just gave her a kiss on the cheek which may have lingered a bit longer than would be expected from a friend, and she said “Next time you can come to my house for dinner.”

My plan of slow seduction seemed to be working perfectly.

The next weekend, we passed again in our driveways, and she asked if I’d like to come over to her house for dinner. I wasted no time in responding with a resounding “Yes!” She told me to be at her house at about 7:00pm dressed casually. It was to be a very informal evening again.

I wanted this evening to go well. So, I went to the liquor store, and bought a bottle of red wine. I wanted to make sure there was plenty of drink available. I wanted us both loose, and rid of all inhibitions.

I was getting very anxious waiting for the clock to strike 7:00. It felt like it took forever, but the time eventually arrived.

So, I walked over to her home with my bottle of wine, and rang her door bell. When she opened the door, my chin nearly hit the pavement. She Escort Beşevler looked so incredibly hot, and I said “You look incredible!” She actually blushed a little. I loved that reaction.

She was wearing a tight t-shirt tied in a knot in front just under her breasts, and this t-shirt actually exposed quite a bit of cleavage. The shorts she was wearing came just above mid-thigh and were tight emphasizing her gorgeous thighs and ass. Needless to say, I was totally blown away.

She invited me in, and I gave her the bottle of wine. She asked if I’d like a glass, and I told her yes, and she invited me to sit on the couch as she poured our drinks.

We talked and flirted for a while until she said “Would you like to eat now?” I told her “Yes”, and then she said “Since you served me your sausage last time, I thought I’d serve you my tacos this time.” I told her “I’d love to eat her tacos.” Double entendres obviously intended.

Apparently, I wasn’t as subtle as I thought, but this evening was looking better and better by the minute.

I thought I was the predator easing in on my prey, but it turns out she was a cat on the prowl looking for her prey. And, it looked like I was it. She was obviously not going to see her prey fighting back tonight. It was just a matter of how we were going to get from point A to point B.

As we ate dinner, we flirted, had a conversation full of double entendres and sexual tension until dinner was over. She then refilled our glasses of wine. We were now on the second bottle, and our inhibitions were completely gone.

We then went to her living room and sat down on the couch. She sat on the end, and I sat right next to her.

I put my arm around her, and leaned in for a kiss. There was no mistaking either of our intentions. That kiss grew more and more passionate by the second as she parted my lips, and slid her tongue in my mouth. I, in turn, slid my tongue in her mouth, and our tongues began the slow dance of seduction which turned into a battle we both would win.

I began to move from her mouth to her ear, and kiss my way down her neck and jaw line as I made my way to her cleavage. I placed my hands on her breasts as I kissed and squeezed through her shirt and bra.

As I was playing with her breasts, she was rubbing my growing cock through my jeans.

Then I untied the knot of her t-shirt under her breasts so I could lift her shirt off. She just raised her arms to help me remove her shirt. Underneath her shirt, she was wearing a lacy, see-through bra which we wasted no time in removing.

Once her shirt and bra were off, I began playing with her tits in earnest. They were huge. They had some sag as a woman of her age and heft would have. Her areola were about the diameter of a softball, and her nipples were nearly an inch in length and about the diameter of my index finger. I squeezed them as I sucked and lightly bit her nipples until they were hard like pebbles.

As I was lost in her breasts, she began to free my cock from it’s confines. She unbuckled my jeans, slid down my zipper, and pulled it free of my jeans and underwear all at once. She then told me “I’ve been craving some more of your sausage.” I told her “You can have all you want.”

She then reached down, grabbed my jeans and underwear. As she slid them down off my hips and thighs, I lifted off the couch so she could easily remove them. Then she removed my shoes and socks so she could complete her mission. She completed the removal of my jeans and underwear. I was now completely naked from the waist down, but she wasn’t done. She then lifted my t-shirt over my head, and threw in in the pile with the rest of my clothes.

I told her this wasn’t fair. I said “I want more of your taco.” So, I removed her socks and shoes. Then She lifted herself off the couch so I could slide her shorts down. Then I saw she had on a matching pair of lacy see-through panties which were so sexy. However, they were in my way. So, I pulled them down and off as well.

When I got them off, I was really surprised. Her pussy was completely bald, and it looked totally delicious. She was obviously well prepared for this evening. Now, I wasn’t sure who was the predator, and who was the prey.

At this point, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I leaned in and inhaled her scent. She was intoxicating. While there I blew my breath on her clit, and she quivered.

I began to tease her with light kisses and touching her lightly with my fingertips. She began to shiver and begged me to eat her pussy, but I continued to tease her until she screamed for more.

When she was ready, I licked her from her entrance to her clit, and she trembled, and seemed like Oliver asking “Please Sir, I want some more.” Well, who was I to deny her. I dove in face first licking and sucking her as she quaked in my hands. Then I placed my mouth over her clit, and began to suck as I teased her with my tongue.

Next, I inserted two fingers inside her quivering Beşevler Escort Bayan pussy, and pushed down on her muscles until she squeezed to give her that “getting fucked” feeling. Over and over, I pushed and let off fucking her with my fingers. Then I turned them up to find her g-spot all the while sucking on her clit. I continued until she exploded in my mouth. Her come was sweet as honey. I drank as much as I could as she drenched my face with her sweet nectar.

Once she finished her climax, I allowed her to regain her senses, and she kissed me tasting her own flavor on my lips. She licked it off my face, and kissed me again. Then she said “It’s your turn.”

That’s when she began to kiss her way down my chest nipping at my nipples as she went. She made her way down to my navel and licked it in and out. It was so sexy. Then she grabbed me at the base of my rock-hard cock which was throbbing at this point. I really needed to get my first orgasm, and she knew it. So, she took the head of my cock in her mouth, and expertly played with it with her tongue. Then she surprised the hell out of me as she quickly took my whole cock down her throat. This woman knew what she was doing. She did this several more times, and I warned her I was about to come. But she continued until I erupted down her throat. Then she pulled out some so she could get some of my jism on her tongue. Apparently, she loved the taste of a man’s spunk.

When I finished getting my nut, she cleaned me off, and kissed her way back up my chest. Next, she kissed me. It was a real turn-on tasting our mingled flavors in her mouth.

Then I rolled over Sally, my cock still hard. I had my arms under her back, and my hands cradling her head. We were eye-to-eye with our mouths nearly touching. I had the head of my pulsing cock nestled at her entrance. Then I kissed her as a lover, our tongues touching as I filled her with my cock.

I began at a slow pace as I fucked her sopping wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around me. I was clamped to her body with my throbbing cock slowly edging to climax and her quivering body begging for more. I pulled out not wanting to climax just yet, and rubbed my cock on her clit causing her to shake. Then, as I felt my climax begin to pass, I pushed deep inside her waiting pussy. It felt like we were on fire. The heat radiating through both our bodies.

I pumped in and out until she screamed for me to fuck her faster and harder. So, I built my pace rotating my hips to try and touch every tender place in her wanting cunt. It was then I felt her muscles try to milk my cock of its building spunk. I knew she was close. So, I fucked her harder and faster to give her the release she craved. Then she began to buck, moan and quiver below my body as I continued my assault on her raging hot cunt.

Soon her climax began to wane, but, I continued, bringing on another climax as she began to shake uncontrollably. That’s when I felt my cock begin to thicken as my sperm exploded over and over again in her molten pussy. I could feel our juices begin to mingle in an exciting concoction.

After our mutual climax, I knelt between her thighs as I licked the mixture from for cunt. It tasted wonderful, and I raised up, kissed her and fed her our lustful potion. We lay there kissing tasting the mixture in each other’s mouths as we rebuilt our stamina.

Once we regained our strength, Sally rolled me over so she was on top. She held my stiff member as her body engulfed my rigid pole in the cowgirl position. She rode me like a rodeo bull rider for quite some time before she turned to ride me reverse cowgirl.

After a while, she needed a rest. So, I turned her on all fours as I fucked her doggie style. This is one of my favorite positions, and apparently hers too as she moaned and whimpered as my cock pounded her flesh. Then I reached up, and grabbed her tits squeezing her nipples between my fingertips. She started to pound back against me hard and fast. She was quickly building to another climax. So, I met her blow for blow before she exploded around my cock once more, but I had already released. So, I was still ready for more.

I continued to assault her steaming cunt as she came once again, and I could then feel myself begin to shoot pulse after pulse after pulse of steaming baby juice into her waiting vagina.

Once she concluded her orgasm, we both just collapsed onto the couch. Me on top of her. I then rolled over so we were side by side facing each other, and we caught our breath. We paused and drank some more wine as we rested, and caught our second wind. That’s when she asked me if I was ready for round two. So, what could I possibly say other than “Yes.”

She then opened the drawer of the end table next to the couch and pulled out a bottle of lube. Now I knew that I was the prey all along. This sultry cat stalked me and caught me unexpectedly in her charming trap. She was well prepared and had everything in place.

I asked her what she wanted me to do with the lube, and she just turned over on her stomach. That’s when I knew exactly what she intended. However, I’d never met a woman that was into anal. So, this was new for me. She told me how to use my fingers to stretch her out a bit before I entered her back door.

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