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Jen is my friends wife. He was out of town on a business trip so i decided to stop by after work to check in on her. I had always wanted Jen but i knew it would never happen with her…Unless….I made it happen! She had just gotten home from work when i showed up and she let me in without any thought because we had known each other for years. She walked back into the kitchen and told me to make myself comfortable and asked if i was hungry. As she walked away my mind began racing as her perfect ass swayed back and fourth before me. I knew this was my only chance to have her and I was going to make the most of it.

i tip toed up behind Jen as she stood in front of the sink in the kitchen washing her hands trying to prepare for dinner. I pinned her body with mine against the counter as i started slowly sucking and nibbling on the side of her neck and continued up to her ear. She squirmed and yelled at me. ‘What the hell do u think u are doing” as she tried to get by me..I pressed against her harder as she squirmed to get away but there was nowhere to go. I grabbed her hands and pinned them to the top cabinet with one hand so i could have a free hand. She wrestled and told me to stop but it wasnt doing much because i was just too strong.

she was screaming at me to stop as I brushed her shoulder length brown hair back behind her ear so i could see her neck and shoulder line clearly… She was still wearing her work clothes that consisted of black dress pants and an untucked white button up shirt that was unbuttoned 3 buttons and revealed her breasts quite nicely. I peered over her shoulder and it was clear she was wearing a pushup bra of some kind because her breasts were damn near heaving out of her shirt as she squirmed and thrust back and forth. I always thought she might be a C cup but never had the proof…yet, that is. She stopped moving for a minute as we both felt my cock begin to grow in my pants as i pressed against her. She began to sob as she asked “What do you want with me”? i think we both knew the answer!

I started kissing and sucking the side of her neck again, this time tasting the salt from the tears that were trailing down from her eyes. “You taste so good” i said as i bit gently on her earlobe. “You are sick you fucking asshole”!! she screamed. This time her tone was more that of anger than of any kind of fear. ” I will fucking kill you” she yelled to me as she once again tried to slip away with little success. I used my free hand to reach in my back pocket and pulled out a very sharp kitchen knife that i had taken off the counter a few minutes earlier. I put it in front of her face and she stopped moving. ” This can be really easy, or really hard…..the choice Beyoğlu Escort is yours.! She didnt make a sound. “Please dont kill me” she whispered to me. ” Why would I want to kill someone as sexy as you” i said sweetly back to her like we were sharing a romantic moment.

My cock was rock hard now and i pressed against her even tighter. I felt some pre-cum drip onto my boxers. I slipped the knife back into my pocket.. i didnt think i would need it again as my threats seemed pretty clear as she hadnt tried to wiggle out in some time. ” I am going to remove my hand from yours and let you free. i want you to keep both hands up on the cabinet. Do you understand? Or should i show you how sharp your knife is?” She shook her head yes to let me know she understood and i released her hands so i had both of mine free. I used both my hands and put them inside the neckline of her shirt and started to rub her shoulders and neck, never losing sight of her heaving breasts over her shoulder.. I could feel her body relax a bit so i decided not to pin her to the counter with as much force as earlier. “See” i said. “You make things easy and I will make things easy for you” After a few minutes of massaging her back and neck i hooked my arms up under hers and cupped her eye-popping breasts with both hands. I groped them roughly and made them pop out the top of her blouse even more than before. This sight almost sent me into orbit and i hadnt even exposed my throbbing cock yet. I pressed tighter against her ass dry humping making her tits bounce like jello with every thrust. I needed to slow down before i came too soon.

I started to unbutton her shirt one by one until it opened up and her breasts spilled out. “Now move your arms just to take your blouse all the way off and then return them to the cabinet”. She did without trying anything. I rubbed her stomach gently from behind while lightly tracing my fingers just under her pants line. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled down her zipper and her pants fell slowly to the floor. ‘Now step out of your pants like a good girl”. She did and i had now noticed what was underneath… She had on a very thin satin red thong that was pinched tightly between her ass cheeks. I grabbed her ass hard and smacked it as she let out a small yelp. “I’m sorry” she said. “Those are the sounds i dont mind” i chuckled back. i unhooked her bra and let her tits bounce freely and allowed her to slip it off. She had big, light brown areolas with giant pencil sized eraser nipples that were now standing straight out! i reached out again and took one in my hand, fondling like a mad man as i lowered my head around her side and lifted her gorgeous breast up to my watering mouth. I Beyoğlu Escort Bayan twirled my tongue around her hardened nipples and then bit down with a little bit of force. “aahhhh” she sighed in some pain. I used my other hand to start inching my way into the front of her satin panties…”please stop”!! she said a little loud. “Please dont do this, it isnt right. I have a husband and a life. You are going to ruin it” She started sobbing again.

I kept inching my way down and to my surprise found her panties to be soaked with her juices. “I think you are teasing me” i said. “you really do like this dont you”? “No”!!!!! she yelled. “Its just natural for me to be wet when somebodys hands are all over me. I hate you!!!!! I dont want you near me ” !!!!!!!! She was getting louder with every word and you could tell she wasnt lying. ” I WISH YOU WERE FUCKING DEAAAA” she stopped talking and gasped as i jammed two fingers into her soaking hot pussy!! “Please dont do this’ she weaped. “Shut the hell up and enjoy yourself” i said. “Do you want me to get the knife back out”? She stopped talking after that and i went back to enjoying myself. I continued to plunge my fingers in and out, in and out of her sopping pussy and then began tracing her clit with my pussy soaked hand. “AAAHHH” she moaned. I began to rub her clit feverishly with her juices, still sucking and squeezing her tremendous tit.

“Undo my pants” I demanded. She didnt move at first but i pinched her clit between my fingers hard until she moved her hands. She reached behind herself and undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I let them slide to the floor. “My boxers too’ i ordered. She didnt hesitate this time and lowered my boxers over my massive dick and they too slid to the floor. “Hands back up” i said. She did as she was told. I stepped back away from her and out of my pants and boxers and kicked them aside. I then knelt down on my knees and reached up and slid her drenched panties down off her magnificent ass. “Step out of your clothes and spread your legs wide” I grabbed both ass cheeks with my hands as I raised by head up and started licking her slit up and down with my tounge. i lapped up her juices and started sucking gently on her clit and she let out a very quiet moan. I didnt feel the need to let her know i heard it. “I bet that feels good’ i said. I bet your husband doesnt eat your luscious pussy like this. I bet he doesnt put his tounge deep inside your dripping wet pussy does he”? i said as I jammed my tounge in her hot pussy as far as i could, my face getting soaked with juices. “No” she squeaked out very quietly, almost in a whisper. “Spread your legs wider” . I didnt Escort Beyoğlu have to ask twice as she spread her legs as far apart as she possibly could. I used a finger and started once again rubbing her wet mound. I got my finger nice and wet and traced down her slit til i was massaging her well manicured asshole with my finger. I rubbed around and around in a circle getting it nice and lubed up and then i gently forced it inside her tight ass. “Ohhh Godddd” she belted out as I began to inch further and further in. Soon her asshole loosened some with her juices dripping down and out of it and I began to finger fuck her asshole faster and faster. I then removed my finger and raised my tounge to her dark brown hole and began to twirl around. She squirmed a bit. “Never felt something soooo gooood huh”? i said slowly. “Your husband could never make you feel the way i can. For several minutes I sucked and fingered and licked in and out of her dripping asshole until i couldnt take it anymore and i stood up. ” Bend over” i said forcefully. She did and without warning i jammed my bulging 7 inch cock deep into her pussy from behind. “AAAAHHH FUUUCCCCKKK” she yelled out. I barely payed attention to her yelps as I started fucking her very hard…in, out, in out i thrusted, the slapping of me hitting her ass getting louder each time. I pulled back a little bit on her hair as she felt limp under me as i continued to fuck her wet hole harder and faster. “STOP IT YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!!! I HATE YOU” . I showed her no mercy as i reached around and rubbed her clit in a circular motion as i pounded away. “Ive wanted u for so long” i whispered into her ear. “Take this big fuckin dick as deep as you can you filthy slut”!! “MMMM, OOOHHHH, AAWWWHHH FUCK” she started to yell out.. and I noticed that she wasnt limp anymore. Infact, she was starting to push back on me as i rammed my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” she yelled as she arched her back and started rubbing her tits together to the motion of my cock plunging into her. “OOOOHHHH,,, MMMMMM, OH YEAH!!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!!!!! FUCK ME LIKE MY HUSBAND CANT!!!! PUNISH MY LITTLE TIGHT PUSSY FOR BEING A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT!!!!! OHHH YYEEEASSSS…FUCK ME….OH GOD, IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!” I couldnt believe my ears as she had done a comple 180 and was loving every minute of it. I knew i wouldnt last much longer…I rubbed her clit and fucked her as hard as i could as i could feel that familiar feeling deep inside my balls.. ” Im gunna fuckin cum ” i said.. “PLEASE LET ME CUM WITH YOU” she screamed. “OH YEA, FUCK ME HARD! RUB MY PUSSY BABY!!!!!! DONT STOP I’M ALMOST THERE!!! PLEASE DONT STOP…PLLEASSSSSEE!!!!! OH GOD, OH GOD, OH MY GOD I’M FUCKING CUUMMMMINNGG!!!!!!!. I started grunting loudly and shot a few thick loads of cum deep insider her pussy!!!! She collapsed onto my chest as we both hit the floor, both out of breath and exhausted!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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