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My name is Penny, Penny Bloodworth. Please, no jokes, I’ve heard them all! I’ve always found the company of girls to be a lot more interesting than that of boys, but it wasn’t until I was 13 or so that I realized that I was also sexually attracted to other girls. Whenever I could get a chance to “play doctor” with one of my friends, I’d get a special tingle whenever they’d let me touch their little pussies, or they’d touch mine. I even think they often came when I touched their little pink clits, and I’d maneuver them to touch my hard, prepubescent clit, so that I could cum, though I didn’t know that’s what it was.

But when I hit puberty, with my breasts budding into B cups, light blonde hair growing out above and around my now pouting pussy, my butt developing into a dangerously well-rounded ass, I tried to suppress my attraction to girls and women, and so had never had sexual relations as such with another female. I did shoot up in height, and by age 18, as a senior in high school, I was standing at 6’ even, and of course I was very good at basketball, playing as a forward on our high school girls team. Most people think I’m really cute, but in a couple of ways it’s more “cute boy” than “cute girl” cute.

I had several offers from some smaller colleges out of state, and so I knew I’d be assured of a ride in college. It was only a matter of deciding which was best for me. At the beginning of our first practice my senior year, coach introduced a transfer student, a senior named Tiffany, also 18. She had blonde hair, light like mine, tied back in a ponytail, that bounced up and down whenever she dribbled the ball. For some reason it looked cute on her, though almost every other girl also put her hair in a ponytail while playing.

Tiffany, Tiffany Denise Ames in full, was short, about 4’11”, and she played point guard. It was her responsibility to bring the ball up into the offensive end, and see that somebody like me got it to shoot. Because she was so short, it was hard for the opposing team to get the ball away from her, plus she was quick and could scoot all over the court. She came in with the nickname “Pocket Rocket,” and it sure seemed to fit, so as her new teammates, we called her that, too. She was really, really nice looking, and she was definitely “cute girl” cute.

Pocket Rocket was liked by everybody on the team, as she had a bubbly personality, and really got things started. I, on the other hand, tended to hang back and see how things would develop. I noticed things about her that I knew I shouldn’t, like her D cup breasts, or her fully rounded ass. I’d look at her when I thought she wasn’t looking. In the locker room, when she’d slip off her practice or game jersey, she’d sigh when she’d get her sport bra off, as her breasts were slightly too large for it. Oh, how I wished I could massage the skin of her round, white breasts, with their brown nipples and aureoles, when her breasts would ease out of those confining cups, and I could see the indentations from the support wires. I ached to suckle her breasts in my mouth, to soothe any discomfort she might be feeling. And to make her feel good.

When she’d put one of her legs up on the bench in the locker room, and slowly roll off her white athletic socks, revealing her shapely ankles and feet, I felt like I’d love to suck those sweet, painted toes into my mouth, and nibble on each of them, tasting her sweaty foot taste, although I’d never even thought such thoughts before. I could visualize myself running my hands up those shapely, muscular legs, caressing her firm calves, tickling under her knees, then stroking her full thighs upward until, what? I knew what lay beyond that thought. Humiliation and frustration, not a pussy right out of paradise.

Still, undressing, when she’d shimmy her practice shorts, or our golden satin game shorts over her voluptuous hips, working first, one side, then the other, until her white cotton panties would teasingly reveal themselves to my furtive glance, I thought that I’d go crazy. I could clearly see the vee of her crotch revealing itself to me, virginal white, yet with the distinct impression of two wet, pouty, separated cunt lips poking through the fabric and creating a shadow. If she should happen to turn around then, it was only worse for me, because then her two, round ass globes would be forcing out the damp fabric in a very pleasing round shape. They looked to me to be only inches away, close enough for me to feel, or taste, them, but in reality across the hot locker room, with other girls present. Girls who might not understand my feelings.

Deep between those two delicious looking ass mounds, a dark crevice hid, with delights I could only imagine. I had, on occasion put my finger up my own ass hole, and the aroma, and taste, of that secret crevice was not unpleasant, but I had no way to know how Tiffany’s hole might be. In any case, I knew I’d never find out. I turned away, and slowly disrobed myself. Then I padded over to the showers to wash down. Unfortunately, şişli escort (or fortunately, in my case), our shower room was older, and had not yet been rebuilt to allow for individual privacy, so girls would be forced to shower with other girls.

It was nothing like those lesbian fantasy stories, where the whole team of nubile, naked girls showers together, then has hot lesbian sex! Most of the girls, while sweet and nice, were pretty muscular and not necessarily raving beauties, but all good friends nonetheless. So, I didn’t often find it difficult to keep my eyes off them. Besides, in some cases it would have been something like looking at my sister, since I’d known them so long.

I started washing myself, with the shower area to myself, since I’d lagged after the others to take practice free throws, a skill I was having problems with. I was about half way through my shower, when I flung back my long hair, then turned to get water on my back. I looked across the shower to see Tiffany on the other side of the room, showering and soaping herself. I got my first really good look at her naked body, and I was nearly speechless. Her big breasts stood up firm and high, with no support at all, and her nipples were hard and erect, and must have been sticking out at least 2 ½ inches. I’d never seen nipples like that, and I could feel an instant tingle between my legs.

Tiffany was soaping between her legs, with her head down, languorously slipping her fingers up and down her slit, and her other hand ‘soaping’ her breast. It was clear to me that she was caressing herself, and at the sight, I wished it were my hands on her pussy and breast. She looked up then, and caught me looking at her. She gave me quick smile, then said, “Coach runs hard practices, huh?”

I looked sheepish, and replied, “Yeah, but it ought to help us hold up better through the season. If I can get my free throw shooting down, I’ll enjoy this season a whole lot more, though.”

Tiffany, or Pocket Rocket, said, “You know, I’m a pretty good free throw shooter. Would you mind if I looked at your style? I might be able to make some recommendations.”

“Sure, I’d appreciate that,” I said. So, we made plans for her to come over to my house, where my dad had put up a goal with a half court. Since practice had started on Friday, we’d have the weekend to get together. Tiffany walked over under my shower head, saying, “Mind if I finish myself off over here,” with the sweetest smile I think I’ve ever seen on another girl.

I gulped, and said, “Please. I mean, oh, sure.” Tiffany twirled under the stream of water, then looked at me and said, “Check me to see if all the soap’s off. I sometimes leave some on my back, where I can’t see.” She pushed her butt at me, and I pretended to be looking at her back. “Looks okay, yeah.”

“No, you’ve got to see if my skin squeaks or feels yucky slimy. Just touch me there.”

I gulped again, and quickly ran my hand across her back. Smooth, warm and wet, I thought I’d cum. The temptation to drop my hand down, and caress one of her delicious looking ass cheeks, was overwhelming, but I fought against it. “Yep, soap free,” I said, reluctantly.

“Your turn,” Pocket Rocket said, putting her hands right on my naked hips, then spinning me until my bare butt was facing her. “Umm,” she said, but I couldn’t tell if that was just a sound of appreciation or one of assessment. “Looks like there’s some here,” she said, brushing my back and the top of my ass. “All better now.” She smiled at me, then. I felt like kissing her, but didn’t dare. She looked directly in my eyes, reached up on her toes, and kissed me! Her lips were only on mine for a brief part of a second, but it felt like years, years spent in paradise.

When I opened my eyes, which had closed in a reflex action, I saw her walking over to the towel rack. She grabbed one and walked back to the locker room, and I followed her like a puppy. We both dressed, and, getting ready to walk out, Pocket Rocket said, “I’m really looking forward to our session tomorrow. One o’clock okay?” I nodded my head dumbly, and she smiled at me and walked out.

The next day, I slept late, and was just getting ready when Tiffany showed up at my house. “Hi, ready to go?” she said.

“Yeah,” I said. “My parents are going out shopping, so they won’t bother us,” I said, as neutrally as possible. We decided to work on a couple of specific skill sets, with Tiffany helping me with my free throw shooting, and me helping her with learning how to block out for rebounds. We got pretty sweaty, then decided to finish up with a game of horse, after practicing for almost two hours. I was leading Tiffany, with her only needing one more letter to lose. Then, she hit a hot streak, and we were both tied at hors_. Finally, I hit a behind the head, off the backboard shot that I’d called that way. Tiffany missed it, then asked if I’d go for double or nothing if I could make a shot that she made.

I agreed, and she made a ridiculous eskort taksim shot that involved squatting, then jumping up with her eyes closed, and swishing the ball without touching the rim. I started trying to duplicate her steps, then started laughing halfway through, and completely missed everything. An air ball. Tiffany got a triumphant look on her face, and claimed that I’d lost to her and had to do what she wanted. I just looked at her, and said, “Yeah, right.”

She took my hand and said, “Hey, I feel all yucky. Can we go shower?” this made me think of her naked body again, and I felt a tingle like never before.

“Okay,” I said slowly. We went upstairs to my bedroom, which has a private shower. Dad thought I might get spoiled having a private bathroom, but then rationalized it since I was an only child, and I exercised a lot and would be using a shower a lot. So I was much luckier than most kids my age. Mom and Dad weren’t home yet, and probably wouldn’t be for a few more hours, since Mom loves to check every single store in the mall.

When we got in the room, Tiffany closed the bedroom door. I looked at her funny, but she said, “Sorry, there’s a bunch of kids in my family. Closing a door is reflex.” But she made no move to open it. We stood close together, and then Tiffany said, “I want you to know why I transferred out of my old school. You’re the only person here I know at all, so I’m hoping you’ll keep it secret.” She didn’t say anything further, and just sort of looked at me expectantly, so I said, “Okay.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“I got caught uh, playing around, with another girl on our team at my old high school. If it had been coach, it would have been okay, ‘cause she’s a lesbian, but unfortunately it was the fundamentalist Baptist coach’s aide, the bitch!” I looked at her disbelievingly. I don’t know if I was more torn with excitement at hearing that she fooled with a girl, or at the story overall. She must have wondered at my expression, because she added more.

“We were only kissing. I don’t think that’s the end of the world, do you?” I nodded my head, then said, “Uhh, no, that’s not too bad.”

“Penny?” Tiffany said, slowly.

“Uhh, yes?” I responded smoothly.

“Do you think we might try it? Kissing, I mean. What we did yesterday was….nice.” I felt my body drawn irresistibly to hers. We hesitated, inches away. I could feel the raw heat pouring off her wet body, from our intensive workout. The heat seemed to suck me in, because the next thing I knew, I was in Pocket Rocket’s arms. Her arms were wrapped around my back, under my arms. My arms were around her head, with my hands twining through her silky blonde hair. She looked up at me, with her blue eyes wide open, and a warm smile on her face. I reached down, and gently placed my lips against hers. Her lips were warm and soft against mine, and tasted slightly salty. Our lips molded together, and I could feel her breathing into me.

I opened my mouth, and her breath entered my lungs, her tongue into my mouth. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything so romantic in my life! I could feel her cute snub nose resting against my cheek, and her hot breath in and out of her nostrils scorched my skin. We kissed, and kissed, and kissed. Our tongues danced gently against each other, and she tasted like strawberries. I never wanted to stop feeling her touch me, I wanted her to possess me, though I didn’t know then what that could mean.

I dimly realized that her hands had gone under my sweatshirt, and were gently caressing my naked skin. Her fingers found my erect nipples, which are small, and lightly pinched them. That drove me berserk! I began moaning into her mouth, and drooling into that wet, sweet, hot mouth of Tiffany’s. She drank my saliva greedily, and her tongue scoured my mouth for more. She continued pinching my tits, and I broke our kiss, gasping.

“God, I’ve got to touch you, I’ve got to SEE you!” With that I slipped my hands down from her sweet, silky hair, and grasping her teeshirt, ripped it up and over her head, mussing up her hair, but baring her delightful, full breasts. My hands molded themselves to her delightful tits, and I could feel her long nipples thrusting through my fingers. In some dim recess of my brain, which was already overloading, I wondered what those nipples would feel like inside me. She pulled up my sweatshirt, over my head, and we were both topless. We thrust our proud, young teenage breasts each others’. I’ve never felt the thrill that came over me, to have this beautiful teenager’s hot, wet breasts thrust against my equally hot and wet tits.

Our breasts slipped against each other, due to the sweat covering our bodies, and the deep flush that our fair skins each showed. It felt delightfully lewd to be touching this half nude young girl, and we quickly resumed our passionate kiss. Our tongues danced and thrust against each other, and our hands then turned to new pursuits. I could feel Tiffany urging my shorts down, and escort mecidiyeköy they quickly tangled up with my panties, wet from my sweat, and fell to the floor around my ankles. A delicious thought, that I was now almost completely nude with this beautiful girl, and she could do anything she wanted with me. I wanted her to do anything to me.

I couldn’t reach her waist, since she was much shorter than I, so I stepped back and knelt down to grasp the waist of her gym shorts, and pull them down. Her panties, too, were wet from her sweat, but I kept them on her hips, at least momentarily. I stood up again, pressing her naked top against me, and our wet, naked legs tangled together, her warmth mingling with mine, her wetness mixing with mine. I slid my hands down the back of her panties, to feel her deliciously smooth and slick ass flesh under my fingers. I cupped her butt cheeks, one in each hand, and viciously squeezed them, to get the full feel of her luscious bottom.

Tiffany yelped, then wiggled her bottom in my hands, her slick flesh slipping around in my hands. “Slip your finger inside of me,” she urged. My fantasy was about to come true! I readily slipped the index finger of my right hand inside her warm crevice, to find a red hot hole awaiting me. My finger slowly slipped into that tight hole, her sweet anus, and she moaned loudly in my ear. I could feel her sliding her hot, wet tongue into my ear to urge me on. I’d never felt anything quite like her tongue wiggling inside my ear, and I liked it.

Tiffany kept rotating her hips under my hands, and I eased another finger slowly into her tight hole. Meanwhile, I felt her hands attacking both my pussy and my ass at the same time. One hand was planted firmly over my golden-pink pussy, separating my labia while the fingers frantically sought, and quickly gained, entry. Her fingers at first felt cool inside my pussy, and she moaned, “Oh, God, your pussy is so hot, I want to live inside you, sweetie!”

Her other hand was busy caressing my sweat-slicked ass, and she rubbed a finger up and down my warm, dank crevice, pausing to slip around my puckered ass hole, teasing me. As Tiffany tortured my hot wet pussy and ass, I concentrated on her tight ass hole, squeezing her ass cheek with one hand, while the other penetrated her with 2, then an unbelievable 3 fingers! Tiffany groaned on feeling a third finger insinuating itself inside her tight ass hole, but made no effort to stop or discourage me. Indeed, she pressed her sweet, round ass harder against my hand, as though demanding more!

I pressed in and out of her with my 3 fingers, while her fingers were busy in my holes, and we fucked each other’s sweaty holes for what seemed a delightful lifetime, but was more like only a few lust-filled minutes. We brought our mouths together, as we could each feel the delightful tension building between our legs, and in our asses, that, heretofore, we had only felt in a lonely masturbatory diddling.

The orgasms that roared over us both, however, was nothing like the sensations I had ever felt while masturbating. It would be like comparing a Magritte painting to a crayon drawing done by a 6 year old. I think we both lost consciousness briefly when we came, because the next thing I know, we were tangled together on the floor. As I became conscious again, unlike someone coming out of a faint, I knew exactly where I was, and what I was doing, and I wanted to complete the act. I brought my mouth to Tiffany’s pussy, which had creamy white skin at her crotch, light pink labia with tiny golden hairs, a deep pink, almost red, vaginal lining pouting like a lover’s lips waiting to be kissed, which, of course, they were. Closer to her flat stomach, directly above those sweet, sweet pussy lips, her pubic bush of light golden hair, which I longed to stroke.

My mouth approached her pussy, and my nose picked up the scent of a strong, aroused woman, the greatest perfume I have ever smelled. My tongue dipped down into that pot of honey, as I could see her upwelling of liquid and lubrication inside, from her heights of passion and arousal. I dimly felt Tiffany trying to pull my body around, and moved my legs and hips to accommodate her. So it was that we found ourselves in our first 69, but certainly not our last.

I lay on top, with Tiffany supinely and submissively under me, my tongue dipping into her ineffable sweetness, like a hummingbird taking its meal. She also would lift her head up, so that her sweet tongue could penetrate deeply inside my virgin pussy, causing my liquids to drip onto her beautiful face. We pleasured each other like that for hours, and knew that we’d have to bring it to a halt, or my parents would catch us welded together. We reluctantly removed tongue from vagina, and sat together, and smiled at each other, and murmured quietly to each other.

I think that was when we each fell in love with the other, never to part. Our shower together was a slow, dreamy affair, with each of us taking the responsibility to ensure that the other was scrupulously clean, even extending to sticking our tongues up each other’s hot (but clean) tight asses. We had finished drying each other, and dressing in clean, dry clothes, with many kisses, and went down to the living room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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