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Before reading any further, this story contains explicit descriptions of acts of sexual activity. If you are in any way sensitive to such content, or, be offended by same, then proceed no further.

All characters in this story are over 18 years of age, although there is a reminiscence of a childhood memory.

Please register your opinions through the web-site. All criticisms, favourable, adverse, or, perverse, are welcome.

Night Shift: Second Night: Prelude

Jeff was driving home after a hard day at the office. The traffic irked him somewhat for it was denser than usual and he wanted to get home. ‘For what’ he wondered, while the vehicles ahead twitched their clutches in anticipation of the traffic lights changing to green. ‘My wife is on night shift and will not have been awake for long by now. Dinner will consequently be late, as usual on her night shift, and then she will want me to drive her to her work to arrive just before midnight when her shift starts. No time for even a quick fuck, not that a fuck of any type had happened in weeks.’ Thus was the penalty of marrying a career-minded female.

‘Not that it had been always.’ Jeff reminisced. Before they got married, they fucked at every opportunity; while parents were out for just minutes, sneaking into their respective homes when they knew their parents were out for a considerable time, but, most of all, Jeff remembered the sessions they had in his car.

The lights changed, and Jeff, in procession with the other vehicles, progressed to the next set of red lights.

‘Mmmm, those were good days’ as Jeff remembered an occasion when his then future fiancée had, one day, bought a front fastening bra, and had tried it on in his car that night in a quiet country lane where he had parked his car off on the verge. Darkness and silence surrounded the car. There was no habitation within sight. Jeff switched on the interior light and his ‘intended’ removed her top and bra. He glanced at her lovely pale breasts with their proud nipples before she covered them again with her new, front fastening, bra. It was a lace patterned bra, and her pale flesh, and darker areolae showed through. She made several poses, all of them thrusting out her breasts and showing off how erect her nipples were.

“How easily can you unclasp this bra?” she asked.

Accepting the invitation, Jeff inserted his forefinger between her breasts, underneath the clasp, and depressed his thumb on the actual clasp. The two halves flew apart, but her breasts were still covered. So Jeff used both of his hands and peeled the cups from her breasts, revealing them in all their magnificence.

“My bra isn’t off,” she said, as she lent forward and shrugged it off her shoulders, “my rear fasten bra would have been off before now.”

“OK,” Jeff responded, “But at least I can get a feel of your tits without being a contortionist having to reach around your back to release them.”

“Exactly” she said, “But don’t use the word ‘tits’ please. They’re ‘boobs’ or, preferably, ‘breasts’. But that was the whole idea of buying this bra, so you could fondle my” she hesitated a fraction of a second “boobs” another pause “without my having to undress.”

Jeff was removed from his memory by an angry honking – the lights had changed and the car in front of him had moved a couple of inches, which had not gone unnoticed by the vehicle behind.

Not much farther, Jeff stopped at the next set of lights.

‘Unusual that’ Jeff continued to reminisce. ‘She never did use guttural language, nor did she allow me to. Still doesn’t, for that matter. Always prim and proper, but loved to fuck, or, in her terms, “have it off”. Not so now, never has the time for sex since she got that computer operator job. Or was it since we got married?’

Returning to his memory, Jeff recalled what happened next.

“Aren’t you going to put your bra and top back on?” he asked.

“Why? Nobody is about, and if a car should pass, no-one would see anything.” Was her reply. “Wouldn’t you like to fondle my pussy?” (She would say ‘pussy’, but nothing stronger), “I’ll slip off my tights to make it easier.” And she raised her bum off the seat, raised her skirt and hooked her thumbs in the waistband.

As she pulled down, she said, “Oops, I’ve caught my panties as well. Never mind, they’d be coming off anyway” and she proceeded to remove her tights and panties and leave them in the foot well.

“For God’s sake,” Jeff exclaimed, “all you are wearing now is a skirt. If anybody should look into the car…..”

“They would see my boobs!” she interjected, “and who is there to look? If wearing only my skirt bothers you, then there is an easy solution.” And she unzipped her skirt, raised her bum off the seat again, and slid her skirt down her legs, leaving herself naked.

Jeff, although nervous, admired his companion’s now naked body. Observing her pussy, which he thought her best part because her pubic hairs were sparse and allowed him a virtually unobstructed Temelli Escort view of her slit, and, when she was aroused, her clit. Her clit was visible now. Not only that, he noticed a glistening of seeping fluid. His cock did not have any reservations and was pressing angrily against the crotch of his jeans demanding release.

“Oh my goodness,” she said, “I’m getting such a thrill out of seeing you getting so hot under the collar, and, judging by the tent-pole in your jeans, under your collar isn’t the only place that is getting hot.” She reached over and began to unzip Jeff’s fly.

The traffic started moving again, so Jeff put his memory on pause. This time, the traffic flow had eased, and Jeff was now moving, albeit slowly but steadily. His mind drifted back to his memory.

Having pulled down Jeff’s zip, she needed to unbuckle his belt in order to free his stiffening member. She then gripped the waistband of his briefs and raised it from his abdomen, allowing his cock to spring upwards and into view. Gently, she stroked Jeff’s cock, bringing it to total hardness.

Jeff was in a dilemma, while enjoying his naked companion’s attentions, and desperate to reciprocate, he was highly anxious in case a police car should happen by and its occupants come over to investigate. His companion, on the other hand, did not appear to have any such concerns, for she shifted her position so that she was off her seat and was now facing towards Jeff. She grabbed the waist of his jeans and started pulling them down. Despite Jeff’s resistance, she managed to haul them over his bum and down almost to his knees. Then she did the same with his briefs.

Jeff’s cock, now totally free, stood upwards like a monolith, and she clambered over the gear-stick, climbed on top of Jeff, and, facing him, straddled him with a knee either side of his hips. She was hunched up against the car roof, her tits rubbing Jeff’s face while she positioned herself over his engorged cock. Gently lowering herself onto Jeff’s member and then adjusting her position until she felt his hot tip at the entrance to her vagina, she unceremoniously impaled herself.

Driving now almost automatically, Jeff continued his recollection.

The suddenness of his cock’s entry into her cunt took Jeff by surprise, and he almost came due to the searing heat that engulfed his member. Her arms snaked about his neck, and her face was pressed against his, cheek to cheek. She raised and lowered her hips slowly, making sure that Jeff’s cock did not exit her vagina. The hot rod inside her felt as if it would burn its way through her cervix each time her hips bottomed on Jeff. It would not be long before she came. She knew Jeff was not far away from ejaculation because she felt his cock was at its hardest and unyielding, which it usually is before shooting its load. All she had to do now was try and time it right.

Jeff was on the point of coming when she paused her hip gyrations. “Why did you stop?” he asked, “I was about to come.”

“I know,” she said, “but I’m not quite there. Almost, but not quite.”

They stayed locked together for a minute or two. “My tingle has subsided,” Jeff informed her, and she resumed her hip movements. Almost instantly, Jeff’s tingle returned, but, unlike Jeff, her sensations had continued to build up purely as a result of feeling his hot, hard, cock inside her. After a few strokes, she came hard. She held Jeff tight as she rode her orgasm. Her vaginal muscles tensed, which, when felt by Jeff, triggered his orgasm. On feeling his spunk fill her vagina, she went into a second orgasmic wave. Both held each other tightly until their orgasms subsided, and they continued to hold each other while their breathing and heartbeats returned to something resembling normal.

As Jeff’s cock softened inside her, he felt fluid trickling out of her vagina, down his cock, over his balls and pubes, and, down over his bum. When she lifted herself off, the trickle turned into a flood of her cum and his semen that soaked Jeff’s crotch area and the car seat beneath.

“Shit!” said Jeff, “we’ll have to clean up this mess. Can you get the box of tissues out your door pocket?”

She reached over and retrieved the box and handed it to Jeff, who got out of the car with his jeans and undies still at half-mast, all worries of being caught now secondary. “You’d better get out this side too, to avoid spreading the mess; your cu… I mean, pussy is still dripping.” Jeff suggested, mentally kicking himself at the slip he almost made.

She got out of the car and stood on the road beside him, totally naked, and he gave her some tissues. She wiped her pussy and in between her legs, but felt she was not getting all of the cum. “I can’t see what I’m doing in this light,” she complained, “go and put the headlights on.”

“Are you serious?” Jeff said, “There will be no mistaking that you are naked if anyone comes along.”

“There’s no-one within miles,” she said, “turn them on.”

Jeff Temelli Escort Bayan turned on the headlights and she went to stand in their beam, taking a good supply of tissues with her. Meantime, Jeff cleaned himself up, and sorted his clothes so he was properly dressed once again. Then he went to work on the drivers seat. After the goo was removed, there was a considerable wet patch which he would have to wash out in the morning.

Jeff realised that she hadn’t come back to the car and looked up to see her parading about the road naked in the beam of the headlights, striking poses. “For Chrissake, get back to the car and get dressed before we are caught,” he said in a shouted whisper.

“I keep telling you, there’s no-one about to catch us, now watch me,” she replied. Then facing Jeff, she struck the pose of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, legs apart and arms spread and raised. “Now you see all of me,” she said.

“Come on, let’s get going,” pleaded Jeff.

“I’m not finished,” she said, giggling, “look!” She lowered her arms and placed them on her hips, but kept her legs apart. Then she let loose a torrent of piss that splashed forcefully onto the road surface, sending spray some considerable distance.

Jeff was dumbfounded. All he could do was stand, mouth agape and watch the spectacle unfolding before his eyes. He had never seen a girl pee before, far less standing up to pee. He watched as the pee jetted from her pussy in a broad blade that eventually tapered into a thick stream that twisted and turned before spreading itself over the road surface. The accumulation of piss eventually formed a rivulet that followed the camber of the road to the verge, although not before it ran around her foot.

Jeff was amazed at how long a piss she was taking, she must have needed to go badly. The second thing that amazed Jeff was, his hard-on was returning. He found that watching her pee was highly erotic. The pee eventually dwindled and died and she returned to the car, but would not put her clothes back on until they neared her parents’ house.

‘I wonder what happened to that sexy, exciting, girl,’ Jeff thought as he neared his home, ‘We never have sex like that now. In fact, sex started dwindling off after we got married, and, she has never peed for me since, although I have tried to get her to on a few occasions.’

Jeff pulled into his driveway and got out of his car with some discomfort. He then realised that his cock was semi-hard as a result of recalling that sexy episode. ‘If only she was in a mood for a good hard fucking,’ he thought, ‘I’d give her a fuck she’d never forget.’

Jeff went through the front door of his house and closed it behind him. “Sally,” he called, “I’m home.”

“Through here, darling,” came the response from deep within the house.

Jeff went through the lounge, into the dining room, and, for the second time in his life, was dumfounded. There, standing by an intimately set dinner table, complete with candles, was his beautiful wife, Sally. She had done up her hair, applied delicate make-up, which was unusual for a work night, and she was stark naked.


10 Hours Earlier

After making her report to the incoming shift leader, Sally left the office, forging her way against the flow of staff arriving for the days work. She jumped on a bus to the railway station. The bus was full with workers travelling to their businesses in the centre of town, so Sally had to stand for the duration of the short journey. At the railway station, the bus disgorged Sally along with most of the other passengers, and she made her way into the station, struggling to avoid being trampled by the stampede of commuters leaving the station for their places of work.

The train was already in the platform, having arrived several minutes earlier with, probably, the load of commuters Sally had to plough her way through to get into the station. Boarding the train, Sally observed the empty carriage and spent a few seconds deciding which seat to sit in. She wanted some privacy, so she chose a seat at the end of the carriage with the doors behind her. Before her, was the connecting door to the next carriage, which is where any disturbance of her privacy would come from.

Sally’s pussy was aching, which is why she wanted some privacy in order to spread out and make herself comfortable. The memories of her night-shift had been running through her mind all the way to the railway station which served only to agitate her pussy more. She needed to give her pussy some physical attention, but found it was impractical as she was wearing jeans. ‘Damn, I wish I’d put on a skirt,’ Sally thought, ‘Then I could have pulled the hem up and slid my hand inside my panties. I must remember to put a skirt on tonight.’

Sally arranged herself as comfortable as possible considering her panties were soaked through with a spate of her pussy juices. She gazed out of the window, lost in her thoughts. The train departed on Escort Temelli time without anyone else getting into her carriage, nor, to the best of her knowledge, into any other carriage on the train.

‘Why do I feel like this?’ Sally wondered, ‘I wish when I get home, Jeff is there having decided to take the day off work, and he gives me a good hard fucking. I need to feel his hard cock pounding my hot, juicy cunt. Oh my goodness,’ Sally chided herself, ‘I’m thinking dirty. But it doesn’t feel dirty. It feels exciting to think dirty. As exciting as that time, before we were married, I took all my clothes off in his car to model my new bra. I really enjoyed his discomfort at my nakedness in case someone happened by. And when I peed in front of him – oh my God, I can’t believe I did that – the look on his face was classic, and the reaction of his cock even more classic. But doing that had excited me. I wonder if I can contrive to do it again.

‘And there was that time more recently, a couple of years ago during the long hot drought, when we were heading to a quiet lake on my uncle’s estate for a picnic. I had brought my bikini with me, but I was so hot and sticky in the car that I wanted to put it on for travelling. Jeff pulled in to a lay-by, and there was already a car there, but he kept behind it and didn’t leave enough room for another car to get in behind us. Then he said, “Change here, the folk in front won’t be able to see.” So I reached over the back and retrieved my bikini, and slipped off my shorts and panties. As I took hold of the bikini bottoms, Jeff stopped me from putting them on. His hand caressed my bare thigh and meandered through my pubic hair until his middle finger rested on my slit. God, was I excited, this happening in broad daylight with a couple in another car only a few feet away. My pussy immediately juiced. Then he wiggled his finger and got it between my labia, and I opened my legs to allow him in. His finger slid down my slit and he hooked his finger and the tip entered my juicy hole. It wasn’t to be a deep penetration, but it was very sensational. I felt my juices flow out and Jeff made sure his finger was coated in them. Then he dragged his juicy finger up my slit and circled my clit. He was driving me wild. He kept going down to my hole to gather juices and then spreading them up my slit and over my clit. I closed my eyes and savoured the attention Jeff was giving my clit. I was near cumming. Then he abruptly pulled his hand away. I opened my eyes, “Bandits at eleven o’clock, lay your bikini bottoms over your lap,” he said. I looked and saw two hikers approaching, and, I placed my bikini bottoms over my lap and closed my legs. Jeff put his middle finger into his mouth.

‘The hikers walked past my window. I don’t know if they even looked in the car as they passed, but I wonder how they would have felt if they had known I was naked from the waist down. Anyway, it gave me an unbelievable rush and a dollop of pussy cream exited my hole and landed on the seat. Jeff pulled my bottoms aside when he saw the hikers walk into the distance in his rearview, and resumed his ministrations to my pussy. It only took a few strokes of my clit to make me cum. I tensed my legs, and raised my bum off the car seat, and, my pussy expelled more cream as my orgasm took hold. I must have made some noise for we noticed the people in the car in front look round. So Jeff started up the car and drove off. I remained half naked, sitting in a pool of my cream, until we reached the lake. Yes, that was exciting.’

Sally delved deeper into her memories trying to recall any other incidents that had excited her. Rewinding the clock, Sally went back to her childhood before remembering an incident that she now realised had made her excited, but at that time knew she felt something but not what it was.

Because Sally’s parents both worked, she spent the afternoon after school at a classmate’s house, whose mother was at home. The house was only a few doors down from Sally’s, so it was quite handy. Her classmate was a boy, George, as she remembered, 9 years old, the same age as Sally. As is inevitable between a boy and a girl, one afternoon the two of them got around to “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Sally allowed a quiet giggle to herself as she recalled the occasion. ‘I desperately wanted to see what a boy had between his legs and it didn’t bother me at all letting him see between my legs for there was nothing there, just a slit. I reached under my dress and pulled my knickers down, then pulled the hem up to my chin showing off my pussy. Didn’t call it a pussy then, though, just called it my slit. No hair either, just like Susan’s and Anne’s are now, but no inner labia to hang down. George must have been dumbfounded, although I didn’t realise it then, he must have felt much the same as me when I saw Susan’s and Anne’s pussies last night. Then George asked why I didn’t have bumps on my chest like his mother and what did I have on my chest. So I pulled my dress over my head and removed my vest. I also kicked my knickers off from around my ankles because I needed to spread my legs a bit to keep my balance while I removed my other clothing. So I was standing there naked (apart from my socks) in front of George and all he could say was, “Your chest is just like mine!”

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