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After I graduated from college in 1985, my parents rewarded me with what would be the greatest present of my life, a trip to Europe. I was 21 and full of life. My itinerary included Paris, London and Rome. I was over the moon when they told me that I could take my best friend Constance. Her parents had already approved it. We went to Europe on the Concorde.

Paris was first on the agenda. The concierge checked us into the hotel as we giggled in excitement. The next day we toured the city with a group of people from the hotel. During that tour we became friendly with two young tour guides. As we approached the hotel toward the end of the day, they told us about a club that they would be visiting that night and asked us to join them.

Constance and I had dinner in the hotel dining room and taxied over to the club the girls had named. When we walked in we saw only women. They were dancing with each other. Only women sat at the bar. We giggled as we realized this was a lesbian bar. We spotted our tour guides in a corner sucking some serious face. It was oddly exciting to see them. When a slow tune came on the jukebox, the women on the floor were grinding against each as they sought kisses. Constance went to the bar to watch as a woman asked me to dance. What the hell! I was on vacation and this was a new experience. She rubbed my ass and my back as she ground on me. This was beginning to feel pretty good. She sucked my neck and pointed to a back room. She wanted me to go with her. I waved to Constance as she led me away.

I knew I was great looking at 5’7″ with my long reddish brown hair and dark green eyes. My figure was lush and perfect in my short skirt. My legs were shapely in 3-inch high heels. My parents had said that I should start looking for a husband while I was still in college. John said he loved the way I looked and I set my sights on him. He was never really romantic. He rarely cuddled with me. He insisted on fucking me from behind, in both orifices, because he loved my ass. He did this to me every weekend at his apartment for six months. My parents thought he was a good catch. He was from a good family and I wanted to maybe marry him, so I let him have his way with my body. I made myself believe I felt something real, but I never felt the earth move. It never came close to moving before he dumped me when he graduated a year ago. I barely blinked when I heard he had married.

Apparently this French woman was impressed with my looks, too. She was kissing me as soon as the door closed. I felt alive and sexy with her. She only spoke French but the message was clear that she wanted to fuck me. I let her remove my clothes and push me onto the chaise. I was slightly aroused as I watched her remove her things. A lovely, naked woman stood before me. She fell to her knees, spread my legs and attacked my pussy. Now, I was totally aroused as she roughly ate me out. A long tongue speared into my vagina and I clenched it as she pumped. Her hands held my hips down as she used her hot mouth on me. My clit, my prize possession, showed herself as the woman exclaimed over it in her native tongue. I held her head as she took me into her mouth and made me come over and over. Oh, yes! The earth did indeed move.

The French woman laid herself on top of me and pressed her breasts and her pussy on top of mine. Wow! That was fantastic. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and fucked it as she fucked my clit with her pussy. Then she slid down, sucked my breasts and started all over on my pussy. She unfurled a two-headed dick from her purse and climbed over me as she inserted half into her pussy. Then she inserted the other six inches into my pussy and lay prostrate on me for a few minutes. All of me was sensitized by her. When she moved, the friction of her damp skin on mine, the texture of her long hair, the fullness of her dick inside me, the smell of pussy and perfume in the air, her tongue assaulting my mouth, her breasts pillowing mine and her deep grunting in time with her with her deep, steady thrusting had me cumming in minutes over and over and over. The fucking universe moved! Two hours later, I stumbled out of the back room. Constance looked frightened but was put at ease when she saw me smile. I told her I had had the most exciting experience of my life.

We were picked up the next morning by the tour group. The girls were cool and professional as they guided us through the rest of the city. At the end of the day they thawed and told me about another establishment that we might want to visit. Constance begged off, but I went. There were men and women at this club that I perused as I had wine at the bar. Shortly thereafter the tour guides appeared and pointed a beautiful woman towards me. She glided over with a huge smile and huge breasts on a slender frame. With just a little nudging those beauties would be spilled for all to see. She asked if I would like to see her studio upstairs. I followed her up hoping to have the excitement I had last night. The studio escort istanbul walls were filled with images of women in various states of dress and undress. They were beautiful.

She asked if she could photograph me. I was hesitant because I didn’t want a photograph of me to surface at an inopportune time. My family was well-known on the east coast of the United States. All of a sudden, she let her breasts spill free and asked me to suck on them as I made up my mind. She took a seat on her desk and I was drawn to her like a magnet. The nipples were huge, the globes themselves as big as grapefruits. I sensuously rubbed, sucked, bit and pulled on her breasts as my pussy became wet and heavy with need. I made no objection as she reached under and unbuttoned my blouse. When she had divested me of all of my clothing, she satisfied my need with her mouth several times before she posed me.

She took many photos of my naked body in varied erotic positions. I know I looked good because I was sexually satisfied at the moment. When she wanted some close-up pussy shots, she would eat me again to get me wet and swollen. Oh, my! As I took a break, she made a call downstairs. The lusty little tour guides came up. The lady wanted shots of them fucking me. We had champagne as she described what she wanted. One would fuck me while still clothed. She would raise her skirt and put her panty-covered pussy on mine. She unbuttoned Simone’s blouse so that she could see her breasts as they protruded into my hand from her thin bra before she snapped. I would finger one of the girls inside her panties from behind until they were wet. She exclaimed over those shots. First one girl fucked me naked, then the other. Then both of them did me together. They were insatiable as they devoured my breasts; put their fingers and their little fists in my pussy. They rode my ass and my pussy with their wet cunts. The lady was snapping it all. She shot me with my tongue extended waiting to taste my first pussy on the girl above me as she held on to the headboard. The other girl was holding my legs apart as she was eating my pussy. She loved the shot of Angelique’s long nipple in my pussy and the one of her licking my anus. Huge, pleasurable dicks worn by the girls were slipped deep into my orifices. She snapped. When she declared that she had enough, she dismissed the girls. She promised me that the pictures were for her personal consumption and would never appear on her studio walls or be published. She said that she would have a set delivered to my hotel before I left Paris. Rome and was London were a blur. In Paris I was born.

When I had been home a few months, my parents became worried that I was not pursing a job and that my once active social life was nil. I was always in my locked room opening packages I had ordered. I read all types of lesbian literature but destroyed it after I was done. I looked at my pictures as I fingered myself or fucked a long pillow. Mother would never understand what I was doing in my suite. I didn’t know how to go out a find a girl for myself. I thought of telling Constance about my feelings, but she had gotten engaged and was deeply in love. I bought a female blow-up doll with lips and a deep open mouth, large nippled tits and a greatly extended clit. I rode her in the night as I fantasized about Constance.

With my new very large trust fund, I really didn’t need to work. Ever. I tried a little charity work and was on several boards. My parents set up dates for me with their friends’ sons. I was the good daughter and did their bidding. When they declared that a particular young man was good husband material, the families got together and pushed us toward marriage.

My marriage produced two beautiful children, but I had to fake it with my husband whom I never loved. And I was very good. But for more than twenty years, I used every excuse to get away from him. I would tour the west coast alone, visit sorority sisters, check on an old relative for my parents or investigate a new summer camp for the kids. Any excuse was good. In those other cities, I would let down my hair and have adventures with beautiful young lesbian women from escort services. I liked them in their early twenties with long hair and large breasts. It delighted me if one had an extra large pussy or an ass to die for. The nights were filled with fucking. I ate so much pussy, I should have gained weight. I screwed so much pussy, I should have lost it. The only dick that satisfied me was that of a beautiful young woman. I lived for those times. My pussy was always heavy in need.

Sometimes the need overtook me and I satisfied it in a city in a nearby state without the proper preparation. The agency sent me the only woman available on such short notice one Saturday night when I arrived in Philadelphia. She was their newest. The girl looked barely legal, but I would fuck her anyway. The pussy wants what the pussy wants, I read somewhere. Or is that the heart? I hadn’t been able fatih escort to escape from my husband in three weeks. I needed this. Even though her hair was short, the big titties on her made up for it. When she undressed for me, I was all over them as she sat on my lap.

I had a close call when the little red-headed nymph did the unthinkable. I was having some fun eating Cool Whip from her pussy when my cell phone rang. Knowing that I was quite occupied, she picked up and said hello to my child. With my face full of cream and my pussy dripping, I explained to my 10-year old daughter that I asked the maid to pick up for me. I watched the girl’s cream-filled pussy as I made nice and laughed with my daughter and told her I hadn’t forgotten about her soccer game next week. Mommy loves you, too, I told her and hung up. I didn’t finish the girl off right after I hung up, but decided I would have some fun and “punish” her.

I put her on all fours at the edge of the bed and began paddling her ass with my hand. I spanked her again and again as she moaned in pleasure. I reached down and put four fingers in her pussy as I continued my slapping. She was sopping wet with girl juice and cream but managed to grip my fingers tight inside her. Good girl. When she came I could feel her spasms up to my forearm. I commanded her to her remain still as I strapped in the dicked harness that she brought with her. At least she did something right. I lubed the dick with a few pussy strokes, dipped in the Cool Whip container and rubbed a cool glob in her ass crack. I spread her cheeks wide and went into that little ass with all I had as she moaned submissively. Yes, baby, I thought as I humped her. Take my dick and like it. I helped break her in that night. Wow, that was so good.

But vodka and adrenaline were still pumping in my system. When I removed the dick, I rode the girl’s large titties with my pussy until I came all over them. I sucked on those babies until she screamed for me to stop. I spread her out on the bed and rode her ass as I squeezed her luscious, sensitive melons again. I tribbed her swollen pussy until I fell asleep on her. The little red-headed girl left my room, barely able to walk, with an obscenely large tip and a big smile on her face. For several years, I always asked for her in Philadelphia. The 18 year-old girl became a learned woman. She still had some of the best pussy I’ve ever had.

When I discovered my husband was cheating on me, I happily ended the marriage. I was almost free to pursue my passion. After my children were out of the house on their own, I began to pull out the photographs more often. I was truly awesome, especially as the girls fucked me. I continued to date for social purposes and to satisfy my parents. I was the perfect socialite when I went to the theater, a party or to dinner with men, but I was secretly ogling the women that I saw around me. I secretly wished I could fuck my way through all of this season’s 18-year old debutantes. My pussy was throbbing at the sight of richly exposed breasts and perfect little asses. Mother said that women were not meant to be without husbands as I was. I needed to get with the program, she said.

Constance asked me after several years what had happened in that room in Paris when I left her alone. I didn’t say a word, but I took her upstairs and showed her the volumes of photographs with me posed in the nude and being fucked by the girls. I told her that I had had many women over the years since our trip to Paris. She was overwhelmed. I told her that I had always wanted to do things like that with her. I wanted to share with her what I was feeling. She admitted that she had imagined what might have happened and asked me to show her now. I came to her and began unbuttoning her blouse. Leaning down, I sucked her nipple through her lace bra as she moaned in passion. I unsnapped the hindrance, pulled the blouse off and really went to work on those sweet breasts. My hands went down and I raised her skirt, put my hands inside her panties and cupped her ass. When I put my tongue in her mouth, she turned to mush. I led her to my bed, removed the skirt and panties and gave my best to my best friend. She was mine as I caressed and kissed her calves, placed her legs on my shoulders and sucked her bald pussy for the first time. I rode her hard into the mattress as I did all my women. Unh, unh, unh, shit, she uttered as I did things to her with my hands and my pussy.

When my husband moved out of the house, I was able to buy and stash items that I could use if I had the opportunity to fuck at home. Sweet Constance would be the first woman that I have fucked in my bed and would be the recipient of my first slice of dick. I was so excited as I strapped up and got on top of my friend. Her pussy was wet and open as I guided 9 fat inches of me deep into her while looking in her blue eyes. They were filled with wonderment. I took her slowly at first, steadily sliding in and bahçelievler escort all the way out of her. She moaned under me and called out my name as she played with her nipples or rubbed my ass. As she got more and more excited, I picked up the pace and was soon slamming my dick deep into her pussy over and over. She screamed my name as she came in what she later described as constant, hot clenching waves. But I was not yet done with her. I put her on all fours and entered her pussy from behind and pounded as I watched us in my floor mirror. Our damp skin slapped together. My dick made sucking sounds as I pulled in and out of her. I would always keep that image in my mind when I thought of her. As her ass pushed back to me, the apparatus deeply massaged my large clit. Soon we were both cumming and exclaiming how good our fucking was. I pulled out of Constance, kissed her ass and cuddled with her in bed. Her heart was still racing as I fondled her and the wet dick rubbed against her. I kept telling her how good she was for me, how sweet her pussy was.

When she declared that she really had to leave, I forced her down and fucked her again. Give me your pussy, Connie, I begged as I screwed my dick deep in her. I came as I watched her come. Then I slipped lower and ate her pussy again in an effort to keep her even longer. Constance came still. She was exhausted and satisfied when she left my bed. Weeks later, Constance moved to Florida when her husband accepted a presidential position at a large bank. She never came back to my house. The poor baby said she loved me dearly, but she liked my fucking too much to be around me. I know I was that good.

Now that I had the chance to fuck a woman in my own home, I was excited to get another. I met a discreet 30-year old waitress who works at the country club. I had seen the way several other women flirted with her and figured she would be ripe for some action. She knew what I wanted when I rubbed her hand and slipped her my card when she served my lunch. Yasmin was a sultry Puerto Rican lesbian who slipped over to my house after her three night shifts. The girl was delectable as I sucked her sweet ass cheeks and her large pussy. She loved throwing her head back and riding on my dick. The girl was a screamer. I love screamers. I hump them all the more harder. Although she objected at first, I paid her well to ensure exclusivity and her silence. She said she made good tips, was not a whore and fucked a woman because she wanted to. She was my hot little firecracker. I asked her to use some of the money to buy some sexy lingerie and she could model them for me before I tore them off. She liked that idea. I wore out a mattress with her before she moved away.

I am now 46-years old, but I look at least eight years younger. I take good care of myself with coaching from my personal trainer, yoga sessions and massages. I have been fucking women for 25 years. It has been a phenomenal journey. I am always as heavy in need as I was all those years ago in Paris. My body is smooth and firm and my breasts are perfect with just a little augmentation. My pussy lips are still plump, my vagina is always moist and my clit can rise to attention if the wind blows on her.

Alone in this house in Phoenix with a severely sprained hand after the third day, my 8-week vacation seems ruined. Even athletic people such as me make mistakes on the tennis courts. On a trip to Chicago while I was having some fun, I had my Paris albums digitized and put on a thumb drive. Not able to do it myself, I had the technician shred my beloved pictures, too. Now I pull my pictures up on my computer or project them onto a white wall and see the perfect slide show whenever I want as I burn with need for sex. There’s the Internet for erotic stories. But I need more. I need the physical woman.

I have interviewed twelve young women seeking a companion until I can use my hand. Of course, my choice must be special because she will have to satisfy me sexually as well. I certainly will want to eat some pussy and suck some titties while I heal. I don’t believe in too many dry spells. As I review their applications and interview sessions, I believe that number 11 may be my girl. She has been working nights at a local mall but also needs a day job until she goes back to college in the fall. I will call her, offer her the live-in job, double the stated salary, offer huge bonuses for good work and put my good hand inside her sweet panties when the deal is sealed. She will love what I will do to her pussy and what she will do to mine.

The girl, Brie, is gorgeous with long blond hair and blue eyes. She has long, shapely legs that could wrap around me or be easily put on my shoulders. At 21, she is the same age as I was when I discovered lesbian sex. As it turns out, the girl didn’t need any convincing or teaching. She had grown quite fond of lesbian loving when she saw her college roommate fucking her girlfriend. Occasionally, they would let her join in or bring a girl with them for her. Brie’s clit is as large and firm as mine. She rubbed it on my pubis that first night and brought us to climax as she kissed me. When she French-kissed my pussy, I knew she was made for me. She was exquisite down there. I threw back my good hand and sighed in contentment.

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