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The slim, buxom geekette with green-dyed hair and glasses felt content as she lay under the dark-haired, likewise slim and always smiling friend of hers. Elvira’s Thursday had been interesting: programming from nine to four, reading a really good book in a comfortable chair from four to seven, and from seven to 7:20 or so, lying ecstatic under her good friend and getting something good slid in her… so many times, so fast.

Elvira was still enjoying slow pulses of the orgasm, slow and distant, almost forgotten, and wondering if it was just her mind. Matt lay atop her, his thick cock buried deep in her, now already softening a bit after his great deed; her massive orgasm had brought him to cum in her in such a massive way that she couldn’t remember anyone she had been lately that could have done that.

“Do you mind if I kiss this?” Matt asked.

“Go ahead”, Elvira said. Matt gave Elvira’s silver pentagram pendant, nestled between her breasts, a gentle kiss.

“Mmmmh. That was so good, my sexy nerd friend”, Matt said.

“Thank you so much, Matt…” Elvira said.

“You know, I don’t know that many gals that have that one spot in such an easy place…”

“What spot?”

“Mmm, just a random thing of mine. Just— just that one spot where I can easily bump the tip of my cock onto, when we’re in missionary position… It makes me feel sooo great”, Matt said.

Elvira giggled. “I’ve got plenty of good spots, you know.”

“Are you still in mood for more?” Matt asked with a wide grin.

“Ooo-ooh, heck yeah!” Elvira said with a teasing tone and a big grin.

Matt grinned. “Would you mind doing something a bit kinkier?”

“Like what?” Elvira asked.

“I don’t know – what would turn you on?”

“Well, let’s see…” Elvira held up her other hand and started counting with her fingers, looking at the ceiling with a playful, exaggeratedly ponderous look. “First, big guys cumming deep in me…” Elvira escort bayan said and smiled.

Matt grinned. “We just did that!”

“…number two, sleeping in wet spots…”

Matt grinned even more. “Well, that sort of needs to wait, but I’m sure you will do that, tonight…”

“…err…” Elvira was lost for a while. “Number three: In case you didn’t notice, I really love giving blowjobs…” she said and grinned.

“I noticed! And we did it today!” Matt grinned even further.

“…number four: I really like condoms…”

Matt looked puzzled. “Really? What’s so special about them?”

“Well, I just kind of feel like I’ve done something good for this world when I see a lot of used condoms in a trash can.”

Matt laughed. “I see! If you feel it that way, maybe we could do that too… maybe not today, though? Okay, anything else?”

Elvira held up all five fingers and lowered her hand. “I like being cummed on.” Elvira grinned. “Well, I don’t like to get it on my hair and not really on my face, but nothing beats hot cum on shower-fresh skin all over my stomach and chest…”

Matt grinned and stood up on his knees between Elvira’s legs. “Well, that’s something I’d love to help with…”

Elvira smiled dreamily and watched Matt as he began masturbating, hardening pretty fast, answering her smile with his own. Matt wasted no time, wanking faster and faster, swallowing a bit and letting out a bit of a groan in mid-way, pushing himself to go at it more and more furiously.

“Nnh, here comes – Oooh—ooh yeah!” Matt said with a content groan, thrusting his hips forward and pulling his hand and foreskin away just in time away as he cummed, his first spurt of sperm landing on Elvira’s chest, big glops dripping slow between her breasts, small drops of it in her hair and face. His second jet, half a second later, landed mostly on her stomach. For the following moments, Matt stood there on his knees, istanbul escorts with an erect cock still letting a weak drip of cum on Elvira’s lower stomach.

Elvira grinned. Her vision had blurred teensy bit, a few big drops of cum having landed on her glasses. She smiled happily as she saw him enjoy himself, and how he looked so accomplished right how, yet clearly in mood for even more fun. The feeling of the cum on her was an even better part, with the stinging hotness of the cum quickly turning into wonderful cool slimy-in-a-good-way feeling.

“Ye gods, I really love guys who can cum this much”, Elvira said.

“Heh, I’m glad I can make you feel good.” Matt smiled and kept rubbing his cock, looking quite eager to do something more. “Once more in doggy-style, dear?”

“Sure!” Elvira said, rolled to her side and got on all fours.

Elvira smiled, humming a tune a little bit, until she felt Matt take a hold of her left hip, probably aiming with his other hand as he guided himself in Elvira’s pussy. Elvira sighed happily as Matt slid himself in in Elvira’s hot, wet hole, taking a good grip of her hips as he drove his six inches of thick cock in her, all the way.

Matt began humping Elvira with a determined pace, breathing hard as he carefully slid in her a few times, and let out a bit of a content hum as his pace turned a bit dreamier for a while.

Elvira closed her eyes, and slowly started to move along with Matt’s moves, countering each slow thrust with her own moves, picking up speed slowly, steadily guiding Matt toward her own pleasure. The speed grew slowly, the only sounds in the air the mild croak of the old wood frame of the bed under the two friends, and the sweet, wet, squelching of the lovemaking as Matt slid in Elvira again and again. Sounds of sweetness, Elvira though.

And in that gentle serenity, Elvira was surprised how her arousal grew almost unannounced, and her orgasm came, bayan escort making her unable to breath for a while or make any sound as she squeezed gently but noticeably around Matt’s cock, her body throbbing and giving her the shivers of her lifetime once again.

“Ooooh… mmm… my sexy witch!” Matt shouted, and went on with even greater, far more vigorous speed, and Elvira found it harder to keep up, the pentagram pendant on her neck swinging hard enough to hit her on chest and even flail on her face.

“Nnnnh… gaaaaah!” Elvira howled as she had her second orgasm, far harder than the first one.

The bed croaked louder and louder as Matt went on, determined to bring Elvira to the greatest bliss so far. The bed banged on the wall, making books on the shelf and the night-stand come falling down on the floor.

“Oooh—Matt!!!” Elvira shouted as Matt drew his cock in her for the last time, giving her every bit of its thickness. Matt’s stone-hard cock spurted in her, and she swore she could almost hear it when his first throb came, filling her with the wonderful seed of his. Matt let out a loud groan of pleasure.

Elvira screamed a loud shriek of joy as her own bliss came to a wonderful electric bloom once more. “Ohhhh wow!”, she heard Matt shout as she came, tensing really hard around Matt’s thick manhood, taking him almost completely by surprise. Elvira panted hard, and her arms felt feeble. She managed to stay up, catching her breath, gently throwing her hair behind her quickly and hoping to get at least something in good order.

Matt let out a happy sigh as he enjoyed the bliss of Elvira throbbing hard around him. “Man, I guess you have problems faking orgasms if you ever need to”, Matt said, and slowly slid out of her.

Elvira fell on her side, and took a cat-like position, gesturing Matt to come close to her. She took him into a gentle embrace. “People still do that?”

Matt laughed.

“Mmmh… have you found any… ‘good spots’… while taking me from behind, too?” Elvira asked. “I could have sworn you ran into a few, you know…”

Matt grinned. “I think I did, and I’d sure love to look for more some other day, my dear sexy witch friend…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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