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An amazing experience from one of my last trips to the gym before COVID shut down the world. I contemplated submitting this for the pandemic contest a while back, but it’s not about what happen over the pandemic, more perhaps about activities that the pandemic prevented from proceeding. I still get so horny when I remember this…


It was the end of February 2020, late on a Friday evening and I was pulling in to the Crunch parking lot for a workout. The weather was cold with plenty of snow on the ground, but I was only wearing my gym shorts and a hoodie over my workout t-shirt. I’d just dart in and out quickly through the parking lot and wouldn’t have enough time to get cold. Plus, my new favorite part of my gym routine was a visit to the sauna at the end of the session. I’d begun to enjoy walking directly from the hot sauna out into the chill as I got back in my car. If the temperature was cold enough, as was the case tonight, steam would rise off me and I loved the contrasting hot/cold feeling against my skin.

I’d been frequenting the gym regularly since November and the results were starting to show. I definitely still had a “dad bod,” though. In my mid-thirties, I’d gotten very serious about lifting and had built a ton of muscle. But I’d had a few injuries that kept me from working out regularly for the better part of two years. Now in my late 30s, I’d been working to get back in shape as I approached 40, though I had to use more machines and fewer free weights.

As I scanned my membership card and exchanged brief pleasantries with the attendant, I looked around the gym; it was nearly vacant. This was probably a combination of the very cold weather, the recent snowfall, and the fact that it was about ninety minutes until closing time. There were a few women on treadmills running, and one guy pushing a sled in the “training” area of the gym. After a quick visit to the locker room to drop off my hoodie and wallet, I popped my earbuds in, headed over to the machines, and began my full body routine. I noticed two guys who were the only other people in the “strength” section of the gym with me. They were using the free weights, obviously friendly, spotting each other and taking turns in one of the racks.

One of them was around my height, 5′ 10″, or maybe a bit shorter— it was hard to tell without being closer. He was very lean. The other one was clearly bigger and taller than me. He’d obviously been working out regularly for several years and had a developed musculature. He wasn’t overly built and obviously a natural lifter, with a clear V-shape to his body, delicious looking arms, and an olive complexion. The tank top he wore had loose arm holes that showed off the sides of his body and his pecs. The dark hair I could see sprouting out from his armpits as he lifted an impressive bench press of over 200 pounds made me bite my lip. He seemed quiet and mysterious— immediately attractive to me.

The shorter of the two was obviously more talkative. He was much more pale in complexion with shaggy, sandy brown hair. He was constantly laughing and joking, and while I hadn’t put on music yet, I couldn’t really make out what he was saying with my earbuds in. In contrast to the tight fitting workout shorts and tank top that his friend wore, proudly showing how much he worked on his body, this lean guy wore a long t-shirt and pair of loose shorts with white athletic socks that rose quite high on his calves. He was much more slender than his friend but obviously still knew what he was doing in the gym. Suddenly I realized I’d been staring in a daydream state when I noticed he was returning my gaze. He gave me one of those nods that guys use to acknowledge one another from a distance. I reciprocated.

I continued moving around with my machine routine, which took me farther from where they were. I’d decided based on the way they were interacting that they were straight friends and despite my initial lust, closed my mental fantasy on them. I was married, and although my husband was currently abroad working, I wasn’t cruising. Just looking around at who was in the gym. Actually I was here to workout, I reminded myself.

The sauna popped back in my mind. My previous gym didn’t have one but I’d learned quickly that I loved the warm heat and had been researching the benefits of sauna. I’d been building my stamina in it; tonight I was hoping to stay in for twenty minutes. I glanced at a clock on the wall. With my fifty minute workout plan and my late arrival at the gym, I couldn’t afford to lollygag, so I cranked my music and got serious about my routine.

I finished up my workout and looked around the gym again. Except for the guy working the front desk, it seemed completely vacant now. I hadn’t seen when the two guys had left and whether or not they’d gone to the locker room or just exited. I headed to the locker room and put my phone, shorts, and shirt into my locker, leaving on just my red boxer briefs. When I first joined the gym, I’d gone naked into the sauna, but eventually realized that most guys went in wearing their underwear for whatever reason. Some even popped Anadolu yakası escort in fully dressed to do some stretches at the beginning or end of their session. This seemed strange to me, but I decided I was looking a bit creepy to go in nude at this location. Only one old fellow who often shaved in there after a shower would enter naked. I’d heard guys make comments that they didn’t appreciate it— either his nudity or his shaving in the sauna. I approached the sauna door and took note of a towel sitting on one of the locker room benches. Perhaps the gym wasn’t totally empty yet.

As I opened the door, I heard voices and recognized them as the two guys who’d been working out even before my eyes could adjust to the low light in the room. They were sitting side-by-side along the left wall on the top level of the sauna. I took a seat on the top level in the corner directly across from the door and catty corner from the two of them. This was my preferred seat: I could watch the clock as I tried for my 20 minute stay tonight while also sneaking glances at these guys from the corner without being too obvious.

I sat down and slowly eased my back against the wall, which felt as if it would burn my skin, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. I could only touch my back on the wall for a second or two at a time as I slowly acclimated to the heat. My boxer briefs kept my butt from feeling that it would burn against the wooden seat. I continued to gradually increase how long my back was against the wall and peeked my eyes open at the two guys. They’d clammed up their conversation since I entered.

The larger guy was wearing light grey Hanes boxer briefs that concealed a sizable bulge. Although the light in the sauna was low, it was delightful to really appreciate his body. He wasn’t leaned out and he had a ton of muscle. This is the kind of physique that I admire and wished I had myself, unlike my current gut and somewhat flabby pecs. I was slimming down though, back somewhere around 215, but I definitely had a way to go. I guessed that this guy shaved his pecs and torso and trimmed his leg and arm hair because he seemed the sort of guy who would be very hairy based on his armpits, but also the kind of person to want to show off his hard work on his body and would thus keep his body hair trimmed/shaved. His thick, wavy brown hair and perfect facial structure made him look like a model.

The smaller guy, seated to his left, my right as I looked at them, was glistening with sweat. His sandy straight hair, shaggy and just covering his ears was now stuck to his head from the sweat that was dripping off him. He didn’t seem to have a single hair on his torso, except for a thick treasure trail that disappeared into a pair of thin, white boxers with a narrow red pinstripe. His physique was very lean and one could’ve easily drawn a human muscle chart from looking at him. Toned (and not in the sense that folks on Grindr use) would best describe his physique. He wasn’t very built though; a striking contrast to his buff friend beside him. Every time he moved, his muscles rippled, clearly visible since he had practically no body fat. Suddenly he spoke.

“So that’s our plan, Will,” he said, resuming their conversation. Ok, so the tall guy’s name was Will.

“Agreed,” Will replied.

I closed my eyes and settled back against the wall now that my back would accept the hot surface and listened to them talk. It sounded like they had plans for world domination as they discussed some vague idea about international product distribution. The time difference in Germany came up in their conversation. Neither had their phone in the hot sauna to check. I happened to know because my husband was there working for another week before returning home.

“It’s a six hour difference,” I broke in to their conversation opening my eyes and turning my head toward them.

“Oh thanks so much, sir,” the shorter, leaner guy said.

“I have family working there now, so it’s on my mind everyday,” I followed up with a chuckle.

“I’m Tim,” the lean guy volunteered, smiling back at me.

“Matt,” I said simply with a head nod.

“Will,” Will offered, not knowing I’d already gleaned his name from their conversation.

Tim explained that Will was working as an auto mechanic and was taking courses in mechanical engineering and that he, Tim, was attending a local college studying business. They’d been friends since high school and were planning to go into business together after graduation in a couple years. I told them I taught at a prestigious local university, which seemed to impress them.

“You’re obviously serious about your workouts,” I said to Will, glancing at his sculpted chest. He was one of those folks who not only obviously has worked hard to build his body over a few years, but who also has good genetics. He looked amazing! Although he had a bit of a pooch at the bottom of his belly, the top hints of abs showed and his pecs were perfect. It’s exactly what I like in a man— not too lean, but someone who clearly lifts regularly. I could feel my dick inflating and Escort Maltepe had to be careful not to get myself too worked up; a boner would’ve been very visible in my red boxer briefs. But I knew it was safe to offer the compliment from my own history lifting; it’s not uncommon to praise people’s physiques, at least among those who frequent the gym.

“Thanks,” Will replied simply.

“Man, I’ve been trying,” Tim bemoaned. “Will just has a different body type than I do. I eat a ton but stay lean. Can’t put on muscle. ‘Hard gainer,’ they say. It’s not a bad look I suppose,” he said, flexing his arms and running his hands over his washboard abs. “I’m just built differently.”

“Well someone prefers every type of body. Thank god we don’t all look alike, right?” I laughed and patted my belly, “I definitely have ‘dad bod’ at this point. I’m working on it though. I used to work out regularly and loved it. Just don’t injure yourself and get set back like I did. I was pushing too hard. As you get older, it takes longer to recover and you can’t make as fast progress.”

“‘Dad bod’ is all the rage now,” Will said, eyes flitting over my chest and belly and smiling for the first time that I’d noticed.

“You can’t be that much older than we are!” Tim exclaimed, looking incredulous.

“I’m flattered. I must be twice your age… I’m 38,” I admitted after a pause that hung in the air. My blue eyes and blond haired combo hid any grey that others my age were starting to sport.

“Oh wow, not quite, but yeah. I’m 21 and Will just turned 22,” Tim said with eyes wide. “I never would’ve guessed 38! You should see how some folks look by then, all bald, wrinkly and gross! You look great, sir!”

“You keep saying sir… Are you from the south?” I queried.

“Yessir!” Tim replied beaming proudly. “I was raised right! My family moved up here when I started high school and Will was my first friend. His family’s aways lived here.”

“It must be nice to be your age: stable income, you’ve got life figured out…” Will mused, joining the conversation again and seeming to scan me again with his eyes. “I’m a bit envious and ready for that time in life.”

As we continued chatting, I noticed that Tim would adjust his package in his boxers, as guys tend to do, flipping his dick this way and that. Because of the perspiration from being in the sauna, and depending on how much he had slumped down against the wall at any moment, his cock would get stuck in some crazy positions with the head and even at times the shaft quite visible through the white, thin, nearly transparent, wet-with-sweat material. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this process. Soon, it was clear that Tim was getting aroused. He was slumped low against the wall in a position that must’ve hurt his back and his dick was noticeably rising off his balls and wagging around, tenting subtlety with the start of a hard on showing in his boxers.

“Tim, dude,” Will complained, cocking his head at Tim’s crotch and rolling his eyes, suddenly sitting up straight, his back off the wall, spreading his legs a bit more and resting his hands on his knees. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This allowed me to take in Will’s already large bulge, which was also looking more swollen and prominent.

“What?” Tim asked, “I can’t help myself. I’m used to our routine. Besides, I don’t think he’d mind,” Tim nodded toward me. “Would you mind? Want to join us, sir?” Tim asked.

“Uh… um… w… what?!” I stammered, my eyes darting around. Maybe I’d been too obvious with my line of sight as I’d got hypnotized by Tim’s ‘adjusting.’ I was feeling hot and tingly from the sauna, but now electricity was in the air. My heart was already pumping from both my workout and the sauna heat, yet I felt my pulse increase more still. My cock was swelling quickly in my boxer briefs and I was sure both of them could see it as plainly as I could see theirs.

“Well, we usually workout late like this and often we’re the only people here because it’s Friday night,” Tim explained. “So when we’re in the sauna, we like to crank one out at the end of our workout.”

“Y… you… you do?!?” I choked out a whisper, eyes widening. I could hardly speak. This was a search I’d entered on PornHub who knows how many times. How had the conversation pivoted here? I second guessed myself for a moment to see if I were dreaming. It was clear Tim was a talker and an open book, but this seemed like a porn script fantasy and yet was my Friday night reality.

Tim continued, “It feels so good to get off in here with the heat. Even if you don’t want to join, would you be uncomfortable if we jerk off?”

“Tim, dude,” Will began with disdain in his voice, “what’re you doing? This is crazy, we don’t even know this guy. I can’t jerk off in front of a stranger in a gym sauna.” I glanced again at his boxer briefs. Despite Will’s protests and his posture that minimized my view of his bulge, Will was clearly hard and there was a growing wet circle on his underwear where the head of his dick was positioned. Tim was still slumped with his bulge now throbbing on display Kurtköy escort bayan against his thin boxers and he began to run his fingers along its length. His cockhead was just peaking out of one of the legs of his boxers.

“Look, he’s into it,” Tim whispered to Will, jutting his chin toward my own rock hard bulge. I hadn’t tried to hide it, given how they were acting and had gotten aroused just as they were. “He’s been enjoying watching.”

My mind reeled when I heard Tim call me out. These guys had no idea that I was gay and married, did they? Perhaps I’d misjudged them as well. I wanted to be sure we were on the same page. “Uh, so… it’s just… jerking? Like each we’d just take care of ourselves? Or do you guys give each other a hand…?” Will’s eyes sudden flashed and caught mine, giving me an indecipherable look that Tim couldn’t see because of our positioning in the room.

“Oh, no. No… No sir.” Tim said emphatically, shaking his head. “No touching. We’re not gay. We’re just bros.” Tim explained, elbowing Will with a smile. Will held his gaze with me and sighed; it seemed he wished to communicate something telepathically.

Expectations set and without further ado, Tim reached in the fly of his boxers and popped his dick out. I openly checked him out in the dim sauna light. He had a fairly skinny member, not unlike me, though perhaps just a touch shorter. The head of his cock was a huge helmet that definitely made the shaft look skinnier than it would’ve otherwise. He started stroking himself slowly through the fly. “Don’t leave me hanging here, Will,” he requested, turning his head to look at his friend.

Will and I connected glances again and then at the same time we both stood as best we could, minding the low ceiling, to remove our boxer briefs. His grey boxer briefs clearly showed a huge patch of precum where his dick head had been. I noticed a small wet dot on mine as I removed them, but Will was clearly a really leaky guy, something I find very hot. As Will slid his boxer briefs off, his dick looked like a snake popping out of a tube. Tim slid his boxers off too, revealing a thick bush at the base of his cock and moderately sized but dangly balls. We all put our underwear on the bench where we’d been sitting to keep the heat of the wood from burning our butts and sat back down. Our dicks were rock hard and the sexual tension in the room seemed to me both thick and partially unspoken.

Will’s dick was fucking huge; there’s just no other way to describe it. His shaft had a notable turn to the left about midway up and the whole thing was really, really thick and long. It looked even more massive in part because he trimmed his pubes fairly low. Contrasting Tim’s flared helmet head, Will’s dick got larger from the base to a near Pringle can sized middle and then tapered back down all the way to the tip. He was ROCK HARD. I could easily see the three chambers of his dick distinctly, and a huge, thick vein running down the side. His cock stood nearly vertical, pointing straight up at his face. He was already leaking a thick strand of precum down himself.

“Damn dude, look at you!” Tim teased, noticing Will’s natural lubrication. Will looked slightly embarrassed.

I couldn’t believe that this was happening and my eyes wandered all over these two guys’ incredible bodies. Tim didn’t seem to particularly study me, but really got into his own zone as he began stroking. Will looked over me blatantly for a moment before looking down at his dick and rubbing the precum around it, lubing himself up. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought he seemed to be putting on a show for me.

I looked down at myself in comparison. Between the two of them, my cock was closer to Tim’s, though a hybrid. My pubes were trimmed, not as short as Will’s, but not a 70’s bush like Tim sported. My dick is average, although I like to say quite aesthetic. Like Tim, I have a fairly bulging head, but mine is a bit more proportionate and doesn’t dwarf my shaft the way his did. I wish I were a bit thicker and I wondered if Tim did too. I also have a slight curve upward, as did Tim, otherwise no bend to my cock. I ran my fingers through my pubes, feeling them crackle against my fingernails and rolled my balls around in my fingers. The sauna had my normally tight sack relaxed, which thankfully allowed my large balls to look their best. I started stroking in a relaxed manner, already feeling pretty worked up from the situation. I felt Will’s eyes on me. When I looked up, his gaze lingered just a moment too long watching me begin playing with myself. He then took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and refocused, stared at the wall ahead of him.

Tim closed his eyes and started jerking fast and hard, which made his muscles flex and twitch, each of them super obvious given his lean physique and pale skin. He was really going at it. Will meanwhile leaned his back against the wall of the sauna and tugged on his tight ball sack before running his thumb and a couple of fingers of one hand lightly up and down his dick, not even really gripping himself. Despite how turned on he looked, Will didn’t seem to want to jerk off. I wondered why he was acting awkward. After about sixty seconds of this situation, Tim slowed, popped his eyes open, looking first to his left at me stroking in a measured fashion, then to his right at Will who was basically just sitting with his hand on his dick.

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