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It was hot, very hot, as I sat on a small beach near Carnac, on the southern coast of Brittany. But it wasn’t just the heat that was worrying me. What concerned me most was how I could hide the throbbing hard on I was developing. I was only wearing my swimming trunks, and they were of no help at all.

The reason for my hard on was the girl who had just come and settled on the beach only a few yards away. She looked to be in her early twenties, a few years younger than me, and was simply stunning. Her dark brown hair was pulled back away from her beautiful face in a ponytail. She had bright hazel coloured eyes, a small nose, and full lips that just begged to be kissed.

She was wearing a tight vest top that had moulded itself to every inch of her slender but softly curvy body. Her breasts seemed almost too big for her frame, her nipples clearly visible through her top. She had just finished spreading her towel, and was now bending over to pull her shorts down. She wiggled her bum in my direction as her tight shorts slipped over her hips. She was wearing a tiny black bikini thong, and as she bent down further to pull her shorts off, her sun-tanned bum was pointing straight at me.

I sat up, pulling my knees up to chin, trying to hide what was happening in my trunks. This got even more difficult as she pulled her vest up her body and over her head, her naked breasts bouncing softly as they were freed. She was tanned all over, a soft, almost delicate, brown colour that simply enhanced her overwhelming beauty. She flashed a bright smile at me, exposing her small, white teeth, before heading for the sea.

As I watched her go, her gorgeous ass swinging from side to side, I couldn’t help thinking – perhaps a little resentfully – that she knew exactly what she had been doing to me. I was tempted to wander down to the sea to join her, but decided against it as my cock was still bulging in my trunks as I watched her swim out a little way.

By the time the time she was just a dot in the sea, I had calmed down, and lay back to enjoy the sun on me. I love to feel the heat of the sun, and to have a tan. I work out regularly, and keep myself pretty fit, so that I know I look okay. But somehow having a tan makes me feel even better. As I lay soaking up the sun, I thought briefly of the girl, but quickly pushing her to the back of my mind as my cock started to react again.

I opened my eyes with a start when it seemed to go dark. I thought the sun must have disappeared behind a cloud, but as I squinted up to see what had happened, all I could see was her.

“You should have joined me,” she was saying, “The sea was lovely.”

She was stood straight in front of me, blocking the sun out.

Her arms were stretched up, her hands behind her head squeezing the water out of her hair. Her pointy breasts were pushed upwards, her nipples dark and very erect. Her tummy was flat and contoured, her pussy mound plump and barely hidden by the thong. Her hips flared out deliciously, before tapering down into her shapely legs. Her body was covered in tiny goose pimples from the cold water that was still running down her body. Her teeth seemed to shine in the sunlight as she smiled down at me, her face simply beautiful.

In the seconds in took me to take in this amazing vision, my cock started to harden and lengthen. I sat up quickly, trying to hide my erection. She spoke again.

“That looks uncomfortable,” she commented, running the tip of her pointed tongue along her full lips, a wicked grin on her face.

Despite my embarrassment, I laughed with her, and then watched as she pulled her towel a little closer to mine and sat down. We chatted for a while. Her name was Kay, she was twenty-one, and was over from England for a couple of weeks with her stepbrother and his girlfriend. She had a wonderful accent, which she told me was down to her French mother. This probably explained her beauty as well!

As we chatted, I was constantly aware of the effect she was having on me. Kay had looked pointedly in that direction on a couple of occasions, just as I kept glancing at her, at her naked breasts, at her gorgeous body. In the end I was quite relaxed about it – how was my cock ever going to go down with such a beautiful, sexy – and almost naked – young woman sat so close to me?

We must have been chatting for half an hour or so when she stood up and started gathering her stuff together. I watched as she pulled her top over her still damp body, seemingly oblivious to the many people watching her.

“I’ll leave you to get more comfortable,” she told me with a laugh, and then she was gone.

I watched her disappear up the beach, her naked ass swinging softly from side to side, attracting glances from men and women alike. I tried to settle back to enjoy the sun again, but felt really restless. After only a few minutes I went down for a quick swim. When I got back, I grabbed my towel and stuff, and headed up the beach.

The beach wasn’t very big, mecidiyeköy escort with just a road between it and the car park. It didn’t take me long to get back to the hire car I’d picked up from a local garage that morning. The car park seemed quiet, and was well shaded by trees. I stood by the car and got dried off, deciding I could get changed as it was so quiet. I wrapped my towel around my waist and pulled my trunks off.

“Now that really does look more comfortable.” It was the same husky voice.

I looked around, but couldn’t see her. I took a few steps back, and then spotted her. She was sat on the steps of the caravanette parked next to me. It was at an angle, which was why I hadn’t seen her before. She was leaning back on her outstretched arms, her breasts thrust upwards. All she was wearing was her tiny bikini thong.

“Well it did look more comfortable,” she laughed as I walked across to her, my cock becoming more apparent yet again.

“Do you want a drink?” she added, picking up the can of diet coke from the floor next to her and holding it out to me.

I took the can from her, and took a sip, tasting her lips on the can. As I drank, I looked down at her, catching her looking me up and down, just as I’d looked at her on the beach. My cock was hardening again. I started to turn away from her, but she reached out and put her hand on my leg. Her hand felt hot on my thigh through the towel. I turned back, looking down at her, watching as the tip of her tongue slid slowly across her lips

“I think we ought to do something about that.” Her voice was huskier, sexier than before.

Before I could take in what she had said, let alone react, she had leant forward and pulled my towel away, my cock bobbing up to stand out rigid in front of me.

“Wow,” was all she said as she looked at me, reaching for my hips and pulling me closer to her.

My cock is thick, gets very hard and – at just over eight inches – is a good length. But as Kay looked at me, I felt bigger and harder than ever before. Certainly, she seemed quite happy as she leant forward and caught my cock between her moist lips before sucking me into her wet, hot mouth, her succulent lips stretched around me.

I gasped as she reached for my bum, her fingers slipping between my cheeks, pulling me closer to her. She sucked on me wetly, noisily. I held her head, rocking my hips to fuck her sweet mouth, pushing deeper into her, oblivious to our exposed position.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth, pushing it back flat to my tummy. She licked me hungrily, her nimble tongue swirling around my helmet before sliding down my length. She nipped the root of my shaft with her teeth before lapping at my balls, sucking them softly into her mouth. Slowly, she worked her way back up my length, her lips and tongue working overtime, her nose rubbing against me. She drew me back into her mouth, sucking me hard.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, spitting my cock out of her mouth.

I dragged her to her feet, and followed her inside the caravanette. It seemed cramped inside, but it didn’t matter – we had other things on our minds. She leant back against the worktop that ran along one side, pulling her thong away from her pussy. I was close beside her, and caught only a fleeting glance of her plump mound before she pulled me to her, guiding my cock towards her pussy.

I slid easily into her tight wetness, my cock engulfed as her hot pussy wrapped itself around me. I thrust my hips forward to meet her as we fucked quickly. I kissed her for the first time, sucking her tongue into my mouth, our lips crushed together. I reached for her breasts with one hand, her bum with the other, caressing her, squeezing her, as our hips drove towards each other, my cock pushing deeper and deeper into her with each thrust.

She cried out as her pussy convulsed around my cock, as her orgasm hit her swiftly, rippling through her hot body. Her tongue fucked my mouth as her pleasure peaked, as I fucked her pussy through it, fucking her until my balls seemed to burst and send my hot cum deep inside her body.

We clung to each other, gasping for breath, my cock still inside her as our bodies calmed down a little. We laughed together at our release, perhaps embarrassed by the speed of our reaction, and then kissed. What started as soft, almost tender, kisses, soon gave way to our underlying passion. Our tongues explored, enquiringly at first, and then more urgently.

My cock grew inside her, reacting to our passion, to her beauty, her sexiness. Her pussy moulded itself around me as I grew. I dipped my head and sucked first one, and then the other, ripe, succulent nipple into my mouth. She still tasted salty from the sea, as I licked and sucked her, as I tasted her.

I began rocking my hips again, sliding my now hard cock into her incredibly sexy body, pulling back until just the head was inside her, before driving myself deep inside her again. Her hips pushed forward şişli escort to meet my thrusts as we quickly found an exquisite rhythm. We kissed as we fucked, her breasts squashed between us.

I sensed someone beside us before I heard or saw them. I looked around in alarm. It was another couple, about Kay’s age. I had no idea how long they’d been there, but quite a while judging by the hungry, wanton look on her face, and the bulge in his shorts.

“Fuck me,” Kay moaned, ignoring the others, “Fuck me hard.”

I slammed into her harder and harder, watching as the other guy pushed the girl next to Kay and pulled her shorts away from her body. She pulled his cock out, and pulled him towards her. He pushed into her quickly, matching our rhythm. I watched as the girl pulled her top off, her big, heavy breasts bouncing free. He reached for them as he fucked her, squeezing her breasts roughly, making her cry out in pain, in pleasure. I reached for Kay, holding her breasts, kissing her. We all cried out as we filled the small caravanette with the sounds and smells of passionate sex.

I felt Kay almost freeze as her climax shot through her, her pussy clenching around my cock in a vice like grip. I heard the others cry out just as I came, as I pumped more cum into Kay’s sexy body. The other girl pulled me towards her, thrusting her tongue into my mouth as the man carried on fucking her. I groped her heavy breasts, feeling her erect nipples, as I carried on fucking Kay, my cock softening as I slid in and out of her wet pussy, her juices and my cum leaking from her.

Gradually, we all came back to earth, our bodies relaxing, slumping against each other. Once we had out breath back, Kay introduced me to the others – her stepbrother Mark, and his girlfriend Ali. Ali turned to me and said “Hello”, leaning over to kiss me, her tongue slipping between my lips, her breasts squashed between us.

The others straightened their clothes, the girls pulling their tops and shorts back on as I grabbed my towel, and went to get some shorts from the car.

We sat outside and had a drink, Kay on my lap, her sexy ass hot against me. They told me how they had been travelling around this part of France for the last week, but were now settled at one campsite for the next ten days until it was time to head back to England. They used the caravanette during the day, but slept in a tent at night. They invited me to join them, and minutes later I was grabbing my stuff from the car and throwing it into the back of the van.

They followed me back to the garage so that I could return the hire car, and ten minutes later we were pulling up beside the tent at the campsite. As soon as we were parked, Kay announced that she was off for a shower. I found a towel, and followed her down to the shower block. As I walked past the entrance to the ladies, Kay grabbed me.

“Quick,” she whispered, “Before someone see’s us.”

She dragged me into a cubicle, locking the door behind us. As Kay reached up to switch the water on, I stood close behind her, cupping her firm breasts in my hands, rubbing her nipples through the thin material of her top. She moaned softly and pressed herself back against me. I kissed the side of her neck, sending little shivers through her, before she turned in my arms. We kissed, her lips demanding attention. Her tongue forced it’s way deep into my mouth as she rubbed her pussy along the ridge of my cock.

We broke apart, catching our breath. She dropped to her knees, water cascading over us from the shower, and pulled my shorts down in one deft movement. My cock sprung up. Now it was my turn to moan as she devoured my cock in her hot little mouth, her lips stretched around me as she sucked me into her. I fucked her mouth, feeling her lips and tongue gliding wetly over me. She reached for my balls and cupped them, rolling them together. I pulled away from her, not wanting to cum just yet, and dragged her to her feet.

I looked down at her sensational body. Her wet top was now plastered to her skin, moulded to every contour of her sexy body. As Kay reached for the edge of her top to take it off, I dropped to my knees. As Kay eased her top off slowly, I kissed and licked and sucked on every part of her body as it was exposed.

I kissed her flat, muscled tummy, flicking my tongue into her neat little belly button. I kissed across the bottom of her belly, around to her hips, nibbling along the line of her hipbone. I worked my way up her body as she pulled her top up further, licking and kissing along the underside of her breasts.

I sat back on my heels to watch as she uncovered her amazing breasts. I watched as they bobbed just slightly when she dragged her top over them. I reached up and caressed them, feeling their weight, their firmness, in my hands.

She moaned as I rubbed her pointed nipples gently, watching as they puckered and became even more erect. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, licking around taksim escort her dark, erect nipple in little circles. She held my head to her, moving me across from one breast to the other, pulling me tight to her, urging me to suck her harder.

I looked up as Kay finished pulling her top over her head, before giving her breasts some more attention. I reached around her, holding her tight ass in my hands, pulling her to me, feeling her heat even through her shorts.

She pulled away from me and turned around, pushing her bum out towards me. Her wet shorts were clinging to her, showing me her tight, heart shaped ass. She pushed her shorts and bikini bottoms down slowly, uncovering her naked cheeks. I leant forward to kiss her ass, my tongue running slowly down between her cheeks as more was uncovered. I probed gently at her tight little hole as she pushed her bum towards me.

I stood up, my hard cock jutting out in front of me. Kay leant forward, her hands on the wall, her ass pointing up at me, water pouring over us. I held her hips and slipped my cock between her soft thighs. I slid easily over her hot flesh and into her pussy, her wetness welcoming me as I pushed deep into her body.

I reached for her breasts, her hips moving back to meet my thrusts as I fucked her. She urged me to fuck her harder as I pinched and pulled on her taught nipples, our bodies moving as one. We heard people moving about outside the door, but didn’t care as our moans and groans got louder, as our need intensified.

Kay pressed her mouth to her arm to stifle her cries, her moans, of pleasure, as her climax built inside her. A loud moan escaped her as she came, as waves of pleasure overtook her, as my balls tightened, as I pumped my cum into her.

We held each as the water poured over us, eventually finding enough energy to wash each other all over, our soapy hands slipping over each other’s bodies. We got dried off, and wrapped our towels around us, our clothes far too wet to wear. We headed back to the tent, no longer caring who saw us leave the shower block together.

As we approached the tent, we both heard Mark and Ali. They were in the tent, and it didn’t take much imagination to work out what they were doing. I hesitated, but Kay smiled at me and led me inside. It was a typical frame tent, but with one large “room”, rather than a few small one’s.

Mark was on top of Ali, fucking her. They knew we were there, but carried on. I watched as Ali’s big, soft breasts bounced around each time Mark drove into her. I couldn’t help but notice how his heavy balls hung down, or how his ass clenched each time he slammed his cock into her. I could clearly see his cock opening up her pussy, penetrating her body.

Kay dropped her towel on the floor and moved behind Mark, reaching for his balls, cupping them in her hand, squeezing them. She beckoned me over. I lay beside them, leaning over to kiss Ali before sucking a huge nipple into my mouth.

Kay reached over and pulled my towel away, reaching for my cock. I carried on sucking and kissing Ali while Kay stroked me. Somehow I got hard again. I pulled Kay on top on me. I eased my cock into her quickly, lying beside Mark and Ali. I sensed Mark reaching across and touching Kay as he fucked Ali, his hand stroking her ass, reaching for her pussy.

Ali came before Mark, crying out as she came. Mark shot his load only seconds later, his first jets of cum pumping into Ali, before he pulled and wanked the rest over her flat belly, filling her navel. They held each other and watched us for a few minutes, watched as I fucked Kay, holding her ass, sucking her hard nipples, sucking as much of her breasts into my mouth as I could.

Mark shuffled across to us on his knees, offering his semi-erect cock to Kay. She sucked it hungrily into her mouth, licking his cum and Ali’s juices off of him. His hands were on her ass again, his fingers rubbing at her tight hole, before sliding down towards her pussy. I felt his hands next to my cock, rubbing her clit as I fucked her, his hand touching my cock as I drove into her over and over again.

Ali knelt by the top of my head, leaning over to kiss my body, her heavy breasts across my face. She lifted her body away from me slightly, feeding her nipples and breasts to me, letting me lick and suck on her big nipples as I fucked Kay. Ali and Kay reached for each other, touching, caressing. Kay came over and over again from all the attention she was getting, her pussy gripping my cock as her juices poured from her, as she cried out.

Ali’s breasts muffled my cries as I came, as I poured my cum into Kay. Mark grunted that he was cumming, as Kay sucked on him. He pulled out and wanked his cock again, his cum hitting Kay’s pert breasts as she twisted around to kiss him.

I pulled Ali to me. She knelt over me, offering me her pussy. I looked up at her wetness, at her heavy pussy lips. I twisted my head and kissed the inside of her soft, damp thighs, before sucking on her pussy urgently as Kay reached for her breasts, kissing and sucking them. Mark moved behind Ali and slipped his hand between her legs, his fingers in her pussy. I sucked and nibbled on her prominent clit, her orgasm building quickly as we all worked to satisfy her.

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