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Sandra couldn’t wait to get home. She had everything planned out to the very last detail. It was Valentines Day and she was ready to finally take charge in the bedroom.

She made it home an hour before Mark. Hopped into the shower, took extra care in washing her perky breasts and silky smooth pussy. Sandra could feel her pussy becoming increasingly more wet as she thought of all the things she wanted to do to Mark. Once out she placed a silky robe on, turned off the lights and lit candles.

Mark climbed out of his car. It had been a long day and he was so grateful to be home. He opened the door to see the flicker of candlelight. Before his eyes could adjust to the light change, he felt soft hands sneak up from behind him and remove his necktie. Then the cool silky fabric was being placed over his eyes and tied. The same soft hands started to slowly unbutton his shirt. Twirling her fingers in the hair on his muscular chest. She made her way down to his pants. This time she was greedier as she removed them. She flung the pants aside and guided Mark into the bedroom when she pushed him down onto the bed. Grabbed both of his hands and tied him to the bed.

He couldn’t hide his excitement as he laid blind folded and naked tied to the bedpost, not knowing what his wife had in store for him. He felt a presence in the room, and then he smelt the sweet smell of his wife Sandra’s perfume. She knelt down beside him to whisper in his ear, when one of her perky 38c breast brushed across his chest. Just the feel of her naked flesh touching his made his cock grow even harder. She asked if he was ready for his surprise? Do you even need to ask he replied? Sandra climbs on the bed and starts to rub across his etiler escort muscular chest. Then he feels someone else climb on the bed as well. His curiosity is raised now. Could it be he finally got his wish, he thought? When the two women giggled, his question was answered.

He wasn’t sure which side Sandra was on but he knew he enjoyed having one woman nibbling on his ear as the other was kissing his neck. Their hands wandered all over his body. He felt the warmth of a mouth wrap around his rock hard shaft. He let out a sigh as she slowly sucked up and down his throbbing cock. All of a sudden he heard her start to moan. He figured that her pussy was being licked as she sucked his cock. He couldn’t take the excitement anymore. Her mouth was filled with his warm load. His cock was sucked dry. She didn’t waist a drop. He lay there listening to her moan with pleasure. One of them finally pulled off his blind fold. Once his eyes adjusted to the light he saw Sandra’s face deep in their friend Lilly’s pussy. His cock came back to life just at the sight. He lay there enjoying the view. His wife stopped what she was doing only for a moment, just long enough to position her pussy over her husbands face, so he could pleasure her in the same way she was pleasuring Lilly. In just moments the room was filled with the sound of these two beautiful women moaning and groaning in pleasure. They came at almost the same time with screams of ecstasy filling the room.

Lilly climbed on top of him and started to untie him. Once free he laid both women down and started to have fun. He was like a kid in a candy store. Not sure what to go for first. He started to suck on Lilly’s perky breasts. eskort istanbul While he penetrated Sandra’s tight moist pussy with his fingers. Sandra met each of his thrusts with her own. Lilly climbed on top of Sandra and they started to kiss passionately. Daniel couldn’t pass up the chance he saw before him. As the two women lay on top of one another he placed the tip of his dick in Lilly’s pussy. She in return rocked back to shove the rest of his thick shaft in side her. He pumped his cock inside her wet pussy a couple of times and removed it. Then placed it inside Sandra’s waiting pussy. Daniel continued to tease them for awhile till Lilly climbed up and sat her sweet shaved pussy over Sandra’s face. Sandra quickly moved in and started to lick her. She loved the taste of the mixture of her husband and her friends juices mixed together. While licking and sucking she started to finger fuck as well.

Daniel slowly started to fuck his wife, while watching her have fun with Lilly. He started to increase the speed till he was fucking her deep and hard. The pressure was building on all of them until finally Daniel felt Sandra’s pussy start to pulsate as she started to cum. He couldn’t hold out any longer and he filled her full of his hot cum. Lilly heard the muffled sound of Sandra moaning as she cam; Daniel started to groan as well. Knowing that they both cam put her over the top as well and she cam all over Sandra’s face.

The three of them collapsed on the bed in pure exhaustion. Daniel grabbed a blanket to cover them all up with as fell to sleep. Sandra awoke in the middle of the night to find Lilly bent over being fucked from behind. Lilly ripped the cover off of Sandra exposing escort levent her naked body and pulled her towards her. Sandra lay there as Lilly pushed her legs wide open. Lilly smiled at the sight of the woman’s pussy just inches from her face. Lilly started to lick the outer portions of Sandra. Then started to suck on the inner flesh. Daniel was enjoying the tightness of her ass. Sandra never would have agreed to let him fuck her this way. Lilly had told him that it was the first time she had ever had that done before and he could tell she was enjoying it.

Sandra had looked over and saw that Lilly had found her vibrator. She turned it on low and began to pass it lightly over her clit. Then Lilly sucked it a little to make sure it would slide right in. Sandra watched her husband fuck their friend. As Lilly licked Sandra’s clit she maneuvered the vibrator inside this extremely wet cunt. Sandra could feel the vibrating grow stronger slowly over time. Daniel pulled his cock out and sprayed her ass and back with his cum. Sandra gave him a soft smile of approval, as she was watching him the whole time. Once Lilly had finished pleasing Sandra, Sandra got up and went over the drawer and pulled out a strap on.

Once she had it on, Sandra moved Lilly’s head towards the tip of dildo. Lilly instinctually opened her mouth and started to suck. Once Sandra was sure it was wet enough she pushed Lilly down on the bed and began to fuck her hard. Lilly became even more aroused by the fact that a woman was fucking her. Lilly pushed Sandra over and climbed on top of her. Sandra lay there while Lilly rode her. They played with each other’s breast. Daniel sat back and stroked his once again hard dick. He was watching the incredible show that was in front of him. Lilly flung her head back and started to scream she cam hard on Sandra. Sandra pulled Lilly on top of her where they kissed.

In the morning it was business as usual until when the night came and they started things all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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