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“Janey is a lovely girl – but she is rather conservative. Ah, for those who understand British politics I should make it plain that I mean conservative with a small ‘C’ – she doesn’t like doing stuff that is out of the ordinary, or worse, risqué.

Actually, that’s not quite true. What I mean to say is that she wouldn’t initiate anything out of the ordinary, but she can be gently persuaded; she quite likes it when I do the ‘dominant alpha-male’ bit. And don’t get me wrong, even ‘run-of-the-mill’ sex with Janey is great; she is very good in bed.

What? Oh, I’m rambling am I? Yes, even my best friends tell me it’s one of my worst traits. I just can’t stick to the point, at least not without a major effort. Janey just says it’s ‘sweet’, but then she loves me.

What? Did you say ‘Stick to the story?’ O.k., now where was I? Oh yes, I remember.

Anyway, I had been working this one up for a while. It all started when Janey told me she couldn’t understand why anyone would try to have sex in a public place. Apparently a friend of a friend had stumbled – literally – across a couple fucking in a car park late one night. Janey’s friend’s friend had been ‘dreadfully embarrassed’, but the couple hadn’t. Janey couldn’t understand why not etc. And that set me thinking and then planning and scouting.”

“I was so pleased when Steve phoned me to take me out that evening a few weeks ago. He said we would go out for an evening picnic. It was when the weather was rather hot. I asked what I should wear and he said ‘a full-length skirt, whatever you want on top and no knickers.’ When I asked about the knickers he did not reply.

Poor Steve, he thinks I’m a bit straight-laced. As you know, I’m not really. But a girl shouldn’t do too much should she? So I just seed the ideas in his darling head and he always comes up trumps for me – eventually anyway. I think he gets off a bit on thinking that he’s shocking me. I certainly get off on being ‘shocked’ anyway. He’s a brilliant lover; fun, generous and innovative. What more could a girl want?”

“Knowing what Janey likes to eat, I packed a picnic for us in a small back-pack and added a pad to sit on. I made sure I was ready in plenty of time and drove round to Janey’s for exactly 6.30 p.m.”

“I made sure I was ready on time, one thing Steve can’t abide is people being late. I know some women think its good to keep a guy waiting, I always think it’s a power thing – but you don’t try that with my Steve, at least not more than once! That’s the only time I’ve ever seen him really furious, though he did his best to hide his anger, the sweetheart. I was late, very late, one time and with no good reason, and it got Steve really mad. Oh, he gets annoyed, but this was real anger. I had a miserable time and vowed not to do it again – I really didn’t want to piss him off that much after all!

Oh, sorry, I’m digressing – that’s very Steve-like too! Anyway, I got ready in plenty of time and I wore knickers of course – got to keep up my ‘conservative image’ after all.”

“Janey was ready on time. I really like that about her, she’s never late. She doesn’t know how pissed off I get when people are late. To me being punctual is just simple courtesy. So, as soon as I rang the bell, there she was, ready to go, just putting her shoes on – she doesn’t wear them in the house – and looking as beautiful as ever. She had even dressed as I’d asked her too. Though I did wonder if she was wearing knickers.”

“Steve drove us to a Park. I can’t remember which one. All the way there I was wondering when we’d fuck – before or after food. I’d seen his back-pack on the rear seat, so I knew Belek Escort he was prepared – for food as well!”

“I parked the car and turned to Janey. She reached up to kiss and so we did. Once we’d broken the kiss I took her chin in my hand and looked into her eyes.”

“‘Are you wearing knickers?’ Steve asked, holding my chin and looking into my eyes with one of his ‘looks’. I love it when he looks at me that way, rampant desire mixed with determination and a hint of irritation. I like him doing the dominant alpha male thing occasionally. Anyway, that look sent I shiver right down to my … I just nodded. I get off a bit on a little of the dom/sub thing. Wouldn’t want it to go too far though and I’m sure Steve wouldn’t either.”

“‘Take them off.’ I told her shortly. And I watched as Janey meekly slid her hands under her long skirt and drew her knickers down her legs and off. Needless to say, she was discrete and showed nothing. must admit I like bossing Janey around a bit sometimes. She’s such a strong personality in her own right that its fun to dominate her a bit; and I think she likes it too. But I wouldn’t dare try it regularly; she’d bite my head off! Anyway, once that was done I reached back for the picnic and we left the car. We walked through the park hand-in-hand. I wasn’t in a hurry to get where we were going. There was a particular bench I was aiming for and I hoped it would be vacant.”

“I started walking hand-in-hand with Steve, but soon I wanted to be closer to him, so I snuggled into him and put my arm around him. He did the same to me and we walked on with our arms around each other’s waists. Of course, that gave us both a chance to ‘accidentally’ slide our hands down and caress bums. Steve wasn’t saying much, he looked a little worried and I hoped he wasn’t getting cold feet. Mind you the weather was warm, the Sun out and the flowers brilliant against the earth of the beds, so it was a nice walk anyway.”

“I must admit that it was a relief to find the bench I’d selected vacant. It was rather secluded, set just in front of a shrub and tree hedge in a little sort of bay in the hedge, so it could only be approached from the front. That suited me well, it was in public, but not too much if you see what I mean. And I hoped that it wouldn’t be too public for Janey.”

“When I saw the place Steve had chosen, I was secretly delighted. He is so thoughtful. It was public, but not too much. We’d be able to see people coming; oh sorry, no pun intended; and no one could truly catch us unawares. Mind you, sometimes I feel that I’d like people to watch Steve and I fucking, he’s so damn good I’m sure most could learn something from him. Mind you, all I said to Steve was ‘Nice spot, nice view.’ Which it was, it looked out over a very extensive array of flower beds.”

“I was pleased when Janey said she liked the spot I’d chosen, though I don’t think that she was aware of what I’d chosen it for!”

“Steve shrugged himself out of his back-pack and unrolled the pad onto the bench seat. The seat was a bit mucky actually, so it wasn’t a bad idea to have the pad. Steve then sat himself in the corner and drew me onto his lap. I made sure to be a bit awkward and end up sitting with my legs either side of Steve’s. I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about having his lovely cock in me and fucking him right there and then.”

“After I’d sat down and before Janey could sit beside me I drew her onto my lap. As you know she’s quite small and light, so I like to have her sit on my lap, I remember that she stumbled slightly as I drew her onto my lap; Unusual for her, she’s such an elegant Belek Escort Bayan mover. Mind you, since she ended up with her legs either side of mine I was rather pleased about that. With Janey on my lap my chin rests on her shoulder, so; firmly grasping her just above the thighs I told her that I wanted to fuck her there on the bench. Needless to say, she gasped and shivered at this, but I held her firm and just told her how much I wanted her, the truth as always.”

“When Steve sexily whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me, his desire making his voice shake, that made me shiver. I’m sure he thought it was with fear and not my own desire, of course. Mind you I knew anyway. With me sitting on his lap I could feel his hard dick pressing up against my ass. How I wanted to get rid of the layers of clothing between it and my pussy and feel him enter and fill me. Steve had it all worked out. I was to flip my skirts up so I was sitting bare-assed on him and he’d unzip himself and I’d put him in me. It meant I’d have to do all the work, but so what. At least that was his plan.”

“I quietly explained to Janey how we could do this and she nodded her agreement. All the while I was gently massaging her mound with my finger-tips. So she flipped her skirts up around me and I unbuttoned myself and drew my pants down a bit to get clear of the fly. I felt Janey’s hand grasp the base of my cock and slide it into a very wet pussy.”

“I could hardly wait to have him. I raised myself off Steve a bit to flip my skirts out of the way and to make it easy for him to get himself ready. When he released his cock it jumped up so hard it slapped my ass and did that feel good too. Then I was able to grasp his manhood and guide it into me. Having him slide into me felt so good, I wanted him in there so badly I could have cum there and then, but I wanted to hang on a bit. I started to ride Steve, putting my hands on the side and back of the bench to help me lift myself on and off his dick, Steve gripping me lightly around the hips for extra guidance. My orgasm wasn’t long in coming. Little gasps and moans started to escape from me and moving became harder as my muscles tensed and the spark of orgasm already blossoming between my legs spread up to my belly and then crashed over my whole body. I didn’t dare cry out, I just heaved and shuddered on Steve’s cock until I was done, then sat for a minute to recover.”

“As soon as I was in Janey I could tell she was close to cumming. Sometimes she gets so randy. Curiously it’s often when I’ve done something to surprise her. Anyway, within a minute or two I could tell by her gasps and trembles she was on the verge and then she started to shudder and shake, not really moving on me and I knew she had cum and strongly.”

“Once I’d had my first orgasm I could start to enjoy Steve properly. That first cum, usually the biggest, takes the urgency away, know what I mean?

Any way I started to ride him slowly and deeply, just the way he likes. I like to pleasure Steve, especially when he’s done something nice, like this, for me. It’s a good way to say ‘thank-you’ I reckon. Mind you, it was quite hard work. I had to lift myself off his dick with my legs and keep my balance, well position really, with my arms – hard work!”

“Janey started to move again, long slow strokes up and down my cock that felt so good. We had to keep a look-out though; to anyone walking past would have known what we were doing easily. Sometimes Janey ‘took a break’ by just sitting on me and rocking her pelvis. She must have found the position demanding, I did what I could to help, but it was little enough Escort Belek in that position.”

“The only awkward moment was when I was about to have my second orgasm. Just as I was about to cum, this old chap hove in view. All I could do was sit down on Steve’s cock and rock my pelvis a bit. I could feel my belly trembling and my pussy clenching with the need for release, but this old guy, he just comes over and starts to pass the time of day with us. I couldn’t trust myself to speak. My teeth were clenched with the effort of not moving and so completely giving myself away. Eventually he moved off and two frenzied strokes on Steve’s cock and I was cumming uncontrollably. I couldn’t help myself groaning out loud, riding his cock as hard as I in time with the waves of orgasm until it all died away.”

“Poor Janey. Just as she was getting ready to cum for the second time, this old boy turns up. She stops moving almost, hoping for him to pass by, but he didn’t.

Up he comes, ‘Good afternoon.’ Says he, ‘lovely day to be out enjoying the sun and the park isn’t it?’

I could hardly stop myself from laughing, especially as I knew the agony Janey must have been in. ‘Yes’ says I, ‘We are enjoying it, aren’t we dear?’

Poor Janey just managed to nod. Fortunately, Janey was still wiggling on me a bit, otherwise I think the desire to laugh might have softened my ardour a bit.

Anyway, after a few more banal exchanges, off he goes again, to Janey’s great relief. She lets out a whoosh of breath then fucks me like demon as she cums. I’d never tell her, but she made enough noise that I hope the old chap was a bit deaf, otherwise he’d have to have guessed we were fucking.”

“I wanted Steve to cum, right there and then, so I thought I’d up the tempo a bit and to hell with being caught. so I climbed off Steve…”

“Janey went a bit wild, no very wild, then. I must admit I was a bit shocked. She climbs off me, kneels on the bench, throws her skirt up over her back, presents, that’s the only word for it, presents her cunt to me and says…”

“‘Fuck me like this, hard, until you cum.’ I said to Steve, wiggling my naked ass at him. He looked shocked, but so turned on. He virtually leapt on me, very sexy, ramming his purple headed dick into me savagely and gripping my hips he pounded me. Boy, did he pound! I had to hold on tight to the bench, otherwise I think he’d’ve shoved me over the back of it!”

“The sight of her like that, so wild, so wanton, was like an electric shock to my system. I jumped on her and pounded her for all I was worth. I wasn’t loving Janey then, I was fucking her, hard as I could. I wanted to cum in her. I was overcome with desire, terrified of us being seen and wildly excited, all at once.”

“It was very exciting. Not surprisingly Steve came quickly. He gave a shudder and thrust home savagely, three, four times, and I swear I felt the slap of his cum inside me and that was enough to get me off for the third time too.”

“I think Janey came when I did, but I’m not sure; I was too involved in my own orgasm to care much about what was happening to her just then. As soon as I was finished, I made myself decent and collapsed onto the bench, gasping. Janey snuggled down into my arms and we held each other for quite a while to recover. I may have dozed.”

“Steve almost collapsed afterwards. He was breathing as hard as if he had just done a 100 metre sprint. Perhaps he had, in a way. Anyway we snuggled up together on the bench to recover, we were both pretty shattered to be honest, but Steve was the only one to doze. I just held him close and listened to his heart while our mixed juices dripped out of me and onto the bench. I’d kept my skirts out of the way to avoid stains. When we left I looked back, There was a little pool of us on a plank of the bench. For some reason I didn’t stop to wipe it up. And we never did eat that picnic!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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