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Author’s note: While this story is in the group sex category because of the inclusion of a girl, please know that this story and the following chapters will involve lots of gay sex, dominance, humiliation and pegging (future chapters). If this is not what you are interested in, consider yourself fairly warned.

The players so far:

Mitch – 6′ tall, in average shape, looks like he hits the gym a couple times a week, but is far from a muscular guy. Hair still brown and above average looks. His cock is 7″ with a slight upwards curve.

Charles – Tallest of the group, a little thinner than the rest, starting to lose his hair, but not in a bad way. Barely average looking. His cock is around 7.5″, but more flat and wide as opposed to being completely circular.

Alex – Stockiest of the four with a short cut haircut. His demeanor and looks make him appear to be ex-military. His cock is the biggest I’ve ever seen at between 9-10″.

John – Really good looking man who is the oldest of the four, but still has dark hair and chiseled features. His cock is about 7″ and just a little thinner than the other guys, but not in a bad way.

Me – . 5’9″, 145 lbs, and very little hair due to my swim team regulations. Small frame, good tone and a pert, bubble-butt with a nice, cut 6.5″ cock.

Now on to the next chapter.

After giving all the men blowjobs in the limo and then stopping at a rest stop to pee, I had been whored out to two black men, strangers, that split roasted me in the bathroom. I had cleaned myself up and we all returned to the limo.

The ride to the cabin took just over an hour, but we finally pulled up to the remote structure that was buried deep in heavy woods and foliage. The men got out and instructed me to bring in their luggage and bags from the trunk. As I was bringing in their luggage and many bags of groceries and liquor, I heard Mitch telling the driver to come back on Sunday afternoon to pick us up. I walked in the cabin and placed some of the grocery bags on the counter and then walked back out to get more. As I did, Mitch called me over to where he and the driver were standing.

“Hey, before he leaves, he mentioned that he wanted to see about getting a tip from you personally, so I told him you’d be happy too,” Mitch said. “Take care of him for me and then finish bringing in the stuff and put it all away. The rest of the group should be here in about an hour and a half.”

He walked away and the driver looked at me and smiled and just pulled his zipper down. I knelt in front of him and pulled out his cock. It was smaller than the men I was here with, but still about 6″ and nicely shaped. I took him into my mouth and he put his hands on the back of my head and began to pump into my mouth, using me as just a hot, wet place to stick his cock.

He repositioned me so that my back was up against the driver’s door of the limo and leaned into me. This pushed the back of my head against the door, trapping me between it and his pelvis. He picked up the pace and really began to plow into me and I was unable to move or do anything but provide a good fuckhole for him. Within two minutes, he grunted and shot off in my mouth and down my throat. He kept his cock in my mouth and told me to clean him off which I did happily. It wasn’t a very long experience, but again, being whored out and used made me feel so good.

I stood up and finished taking in the rest of the luggage and bags. Once everything was inside, the men grabbed their bags and I went ahead and put all the groceries away.

The cabin was very nice. It was a mixture of rustic, complemented by state of the art technology like flat screens. There was a large communal area that was the den and it was on the same level as the kitchen and large game room. Raised up from the main floor by about five steps were many rooms that all opened out to the center den area and surrounded it. I came to find out that there were 6 rooms and two large, immaculately decorated bathrooms with large walk in showers and Jacuzzi’s in both. There was also a large balcony that looked out over the woods and contained a very large hot tub and a grill and smoker.

Mitch came out and was carrying a bundle of what looked like chains and leather straps. “They are going to be here in a few minutes and we need to get you ready.”

He had me kneel down about 10 feet from the door and told me to take my shirt and flip flops off. I still had my tight, black girl’s volleyball shorts on, but that was it. He shackled my ankles together and then put my arms behind my back, handcuffed them and shackled them with a short chain to my ankle shackles. He then put a leather collar on me and attached a black leather leash to it.

He kneeled down in front of me and pulled out a black sharpie and began to write something on my chest. When he was done, he smiled at me, stood up and alanya escort walked away. He joined the rest of the guys in the den and I heard the TV come on. I looked down and even though the writing was upside down from my point of view, I could still read what he had wrote.

“Welcome! Care for a blowjob?”

I chuckled at this. Yep, now I was a cock-sucking welcome mat.

A few minutes later I heard a car pull up the gravel driveway, its tires crackling over the loose rocks. I heard three doors close and faint voices coming towards the door. The door opened and two men, followed by a young lady entered the cabin.

The first guy, who I would later find out was named Ed, appeared to be in his late 30’s, was in great shape and was about 5’10” and the other one, who I came to know as Will, was probably 6’2″ and also in good shape. They were wearing golf shorts, sandals and polo shirts. The girl with them was Mandee and she was probably in her early twenties, maybe in college or just out. She had a tight, toned and tan body. She had killer legs and probably C-cup breasts. She was wearing cowboy style boots, short, cutoff jean shorts and two tank tops, layered, pink over white.

The guys smiled and chuckled, but Mandee bent over and clasped her hands over her mouth and let out a huge scream, then began laughing hysterically. She was staring at me wide eyed and laughing. “Oh my God, this is awesome,” she said between laughs, “I know you all said you got some little guy to come up here and be your bitch for the weekend, but, oh my God, this is just too funny. I love it!”

Her beautiful eyes sparkled as she laughed at me and her dark brunette hair that was pulled in a ponytail bounced away. She was very pretty and for most people, this sort of humiliation would be torture, but for me, it just made me harder.

“So, wow, are you all going to do it right here with him all tied up and out in the open?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. Remember, when you found out about this trip, we told you the whole time was spent, drinking and fucking for the most part. You are going to see a lot of naked men this weekend and they’ll be using him here for most of it,” said Will.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” she said excitedly, “thank you all so much for letting me come on this trip with you all. So, are you gonna do it now, I mean, get a blowjob from him?” She was so wide eyed, like a kid on Christmas morning wondering if they could open their presents.

“That is what he’s here for,” said Ed.

“And you want this,” she asked looking at me with a naughty look in her eyes.

“It is what I’m here for,” I said repeating back the words Ed had just spoke and then smiled, not quite able to take my eyes off her.

Ed stepped up and unzipped his shorts and pulled it out his cock. It was about 7″ long, very smooth with almost no bulging veins and a large, spongy mushroom head.

“Oh wow, Ed, you have a nice dick,” she said as he stepped forward towards me.

“If you like mine, you are in for a visual treat this weekend because I am probably one of the smallest in our group,” he said and pushed forward and I opened my mouth to receive him. Mandee stepped up and then kneeled next to me to get a better view as he pushed his way in.

“Oh my God, this is so hot,” she said.

He started pumping into my mouth, only inserting about half of his cock each time. Mandee sat there with her mouth open in excited shock as she watched the live gay sex display happening right in front of her. As he was pumping, I heard a voice from behind me.

“So, you finally made it,” said Charles, “and I see you found our welcome gift. He’s pretty talented, isn’t he.”

“Oh yeah, he’s got a great mouth on him,” said Ed.

“What do you think Mandee,” asked Charles.

“This is so freakin awesome, oh my God,” she exclaimed, never taking her eyes off me as Ed slowly fucked my face.

Ed slowly started going deeper into my mouth, exploring any limitations as a cock sucker I might have. As he got deeper, I started choking and producing more saliva, but never gagged. His deliciously spongy cock-head felt so good in my mouth and my tongue continually explored it as he slowly fucked my mouth. He finally pushed his cock all the way in my mouth and down my throat and Mandee gasped, “Holy shit!” He held his cock in my mouth with my nose pushed up next to his body. He pulled out slowly and his cock was glistening and there were long strings of thick saliva attached to his cock and running to my mouth. He pushed back in and sank himself balls deep in me again and held it there again. He then started to fuck my mouth. He picked up his speed, but never really got into a fast mouth-fucking session. He just went at a good speed, sawing his cock in and out of my mouth and throat and plunging almost his entire cock into my mouth aksu escort with each stroke.

Mandee just stayed there watching the whole time and she looked up at Ed and said, “are you gonna cum in his mouth or what?”

“What do you think I should do,” he asked her, never even slowing down his throat fucking of me.

“I wanna see you cum on his face. I think it would be so hot to see you cum on him while I watch it up close and personal,” she said.

“You got it. You like that idea little man,” he asked me.

“Mmmrfph-hummm,” I said in acknowledgement around his cock and everyone laughed. That’s when I realized everyone was standing around watching.

He pumped away for a little while longer and then pulled out and began stroking his cock at my face. Mandee leaned in closer, close enough I could feel her breath on me. Ed groaned and unloaded several blasts of thick, hot cum on my face and Mandee gasped in amazement. Ed came alot and coated my face. Mandee then said to them while still looking at me, “Don’t judge me,” and then leaned in and began licking his cum from my face and giving approving”mmmmm’s” as she did.

Her tongue felt so good as she licked up the hot cum from my face. It was completely erotic. She licked my face clean and then sat back and looked up at them, slightly embarrassed. “I’m so sorry, I’m just addicted to the taste of cum and there was so much, I just couldn’t help myself.”

They all laughed and Ed said, “girl, you have nothing to be sorry about. This is a weekend made for sex. There’s going to be a lot of cum this weekend and you are more than welcome to as much of it as you want.”

“Yeah Mandee, he’s our boy toy, your boy toy, whatever. No rules this weekend,” said Mitch. “In fact, I brought you a present for the weekend.” He walked over to the den and came back carrying a realistic looking fake cock attached to a harness.

She squealed and jumped up and grabbed the strap-on from him. She stepped into it and Mitch helped her tighten it. She grabbed it with one hand and made a goofy face like she was trying to imitate a male porn star. This made everyone laugh, myself included.

“Wanna try it out,” asked Mitch.

“Oh hell yeah,” and she jumped in front of me and with her mocking, male porn star face and deep goofy voice, she said, “open up bitch and suck my dick.” She broke out in the giggles after that.

I decided to play along and said with a playful smile, “yes sir,” and opened my mouth. She tentatively pushed her fake cock in my mouth and I looked up at her and began to bob up and down the fake cock.

“Oh wow, this is so hot. Now I know why you guys like this. You really feel powerful like this,” she said.

“Grab the back of his head and really give it to him,” said Alex in a gruff voice. She placed her small hands on the back of my head and started pumping her fake cock into my mouth. She got deep in my mouth and I choked, the saliva exploded from my throat and out of my mouth around the cock. This must have startled her because she jumped back and looked at me saying, “oh my God, I’m so sorry.”

I laughed and looked up at her with saliva on my face around my mouth and said, “no, no, it’s ok. I love choking on a cock. It is perfectly fine. In fact, really get into it and fuck me harder.”


“Absolutely, it IS what I’m here for,” I said and she along with everyone else laughed.

She stepped forward and I opened up my mouth to give her access. She inserted the fake cock in my mouth and grabbed the back of my head. I looked up at her and smiled with my eyes and she started fucking my mouth, still slow and tentative at first, but quickly picking up speed. She fucked my mouth and soon my throat with good speed and hard strokes and I gurgled around the cock and the thick heavy saliva was poring out of my mouth.

Alex came over and grabbed the back of my head and started slamming me forward on her fake cock. I coughed and spit, and she would pull out briefly and let me catch my breath quickly before slamming back in. Alex was pushing my head so hard and fast onto the cock, I almost wondered if he wanted to see it come out the back of my head.

“Yeah, that’s it, take my dick bitch, choke on it,” she said and then started laughing again. “Oh man, I wanna see one of you all do that to him with a real cock.”

“Well, I’m glad you said that because I do believe I’m the only one here that hasn’t had his or her cock in his mouth,” said Will.

She pulled out of my mouth but before leaving my view she said, “now be a grateful bitch and kiss my dick and thank it for using you.”

I leaned forward and kissed the head of the fake cock and looked directly at it and said, “thank you for using me, come back any time.”

Will stepped up and Mandee kneeled down next to me to get a better view. Will said, akseki escort “hey Mandee, since he’s tied up, you wanna reach in and pull out my cock and feed it to him?”

“Sure,” she said excitedly and reached out and undid his shorts and reached in. She pulled out a cock that looked very similar to her fake one in size and length. She stroked it a few times and said, “good God Will, it’s huge.”

“Yep, just a little over 8″,” he said. She stood up real quick and put hers next to his and compared them right in front of my face. Two big, beautiful cocks, one real and one fake, were rubbing against each other right in front of my face.

“Oh my God, this is so hot, I’ve gotta see this,” she said and then kneeled back down next to me. She grabbed hold of his cock again, told me to open up and then directed the big cock into my mouth. She then grabbed the back of my head and pushed me forward onto it.

Will, horny and turned on from everything that had been happening, went to town in my mouth. He thrust in and out of my mouth with a quick, yet not frantic, pace and the sexy Mandee continued to push my head forward.

He eventually was able to bottom out and then held his cock there with Mandee pushing me forward onto it. I choked several times, creating copious amounts of saliva that came out of my mouth around his cock each time. He pulled out and this time Mandee stood up behind me and grabbed both sides of my head with her hands and pushed me forward, choking me on his big cock.

“Yeah, that’s it slut, take his dick, take it all. Do you know how lucky you are to have this many great cocks to feed on? Huh, do you?” she asked, moving my head from side to side with his 8″ cock lodged fully in my mouth and throat.

I tried to reply but just choked out more saliva.

He pulled out and then went all the way back in and held again, producing the same results. She stood up still holding my head with one hand and pushing me forward onto his cock, but she also started slapping her fake cock on the back and top of my head.

He plunged fully into my throat a few times and then pulled out and rubbed his big, saliva-slickened cock all over my face and even slapped me a few times with it before going back to fucking my face again. He was being very rough and I, along with Mandee and the other guys, was loving it. His throat fucking was about dominance and power and I just ate it up as I kneeled there being bound and used.

He said he was about to cum and he pulled out and I expected him to shoot off on my face, but he quickly said, “Mandee, get back on your knees and open your mouth.”

Like lightning, she was down on her knees in a flash, her face almost directly in front of mine with her mouth open and tongue out. His cock was an inch away from her open mouth and he grunted, roared and then shot off a good 7 or 8 shots of thick, white cum into her hungry mouth. I was a bit jealous of not being able to eat or wear his cum, but the visual stimulation was still amazing.

She closed her mouth and swallowed the large amount of cum then leaned forward and began to clean him off by taking him in her mouth and sucking on his big head.

She sucked him for a short bit and then sat back and smiled. “Oh man, that was so hot.” She looked at me and squeezed my cheeks and said, “you are so much fun. You do all the work and I get the reward,” and then she let my face go. She looked around at the rest of them and said, “are any of you going to go next?”

“Nah,” said John, “he took care of us with that awesome mouth of his on the way up here.”

Mandee threw on an exaggerated pouty face.

“Yeah, not to mention those two black guys that did him from both ends at that bathroom rest stop,” said Charles.

“Oh my God, you got tag teamed by two black guys? That’s so naughty. Did you all know them?” she asked.

“Nope, none of us did, but he took them on like a champ,” said Mitch.

“Oh you are a naughty little boy, aren’t you,” she said looking at me. I just smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, he’s a rare find,” said Mitch. “When we auditioned him, he was able to please all of us simultaneously with John and Alex in his ass and me and Charles in his mouth.”

“You took two cocks in your ass?” she said with a shocked look.

“Not just two cocks, Alex’s cock and another. Alex has a good two inches on Will over there,” said Mitch.

“Oh my fuckin God, are you serious? I mean, Will is huge and you are saying he took one bigger than that AND another one? Holy shit. I hope you all are planning on doing that again because I have GOT to see that,” she said.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to see that and more this weekend,” said Mitch, “but for now, let’s let Mark here up and get ready to do some drinking and grilling. I’m absolutely starving.”

They unshackled me and let me get up. I stretched out and as I did, Mandee said, “good God, you’ve got a nice body. And it looks like you really like being used.” She grabbed my extremely hard cock thru the tight shorts and gave it a squeeze.

“What can I say, it really excites me to please others,” I said and smiled.

Chapter 04 is coming soon…..

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