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Chapter One ~ The Thief

Celeste SnowFox folded her legs under her, as she sipped her morning tea, reading a novel in the Foyer of the FC house.

The door opened from the Private Quarter’s wing of the FC house, and Pooh’s frame filled the doorway. Celeste drew in a breath, and butterflies hit her stomach at the sight of him.

Their eyes met, and she blushed slightly, and smiled. “Good Morning Pooh”.

He smiled, and returned the greeting, “Morning Celeste. Sleep well?”

“I did” she replied. “Where are you off to?”

“Just running a few errands. I’ll be back later this evening…” he replied. With a smile and a wink, he was off, and walked out the door.

Hmmm… “Later this evening…” Celeste was curious about Pooh, and about his extra-curricular activities… Pensively she thought, “I wonder…what does his FC room look like? Well, since he’s out of the house for a bit, I’m going to find out!”

She opened the door to the Private Quarters, and found Pooh’s Room.

Her heart raced as she opened the door.

She walked into Pooh’s dungeon.

There were various implements of pain and pleasure throughout the room.

There was also a 4-poster bed.

Lounging on the rug in front of the fireplace was Scott. The light of the fire reflecting off his bare skin, and highlighting his hair. He was dressed in leather pants, and shirtless, with a collar on.

Pooh’s Collar.

Startled, he jumped to his feet. “Mistress Celeste!” He looked at me in surprise… “what are you doing here?”

Just as startled, Celeste quickly tried to recover. Perhaps, just being in that room, with the firelight, and seeing Pooh’s beautiful slave… she started feeling a little reckless. A new plan began forming in her mind. “Hmmmmm.” She pondered… “So, this is one of Pooh’s slaves. I bet he’s perfectly acclimated to be a servant. I just want to try… a little bit…”

She smiled, and walked across the floor. “Don’t worry Kitten,” she purred as she approached, I was just curious, and thought I’d drop in…” She reached her hand out, and lightly stroked his bare chest. “Mmmmm… I’m liking what I’m seeing here”.

“Ahhh… Yes, Mistress Celeste… I… Uh…”, Scott became flustered, and unsure what to do. Celeste knew what to do. She quickly took the leash attached at her belt, and clipped it to Scott’s Collar, instantly quieting the well-trained slave to follow the bidding of a Master.

She could feel the heat of his skin radiating off him, and pressed her lips to his, softly, while pulling on the leash, indicating that he was to remember who had control. He responded as he was taught, and instantly kissed her back. She smiled, and said, “Good Kitten.” With a tug on the leash, she said, “Follow me.” With that, she walked Scott across the floor, and out the door of Pooh’s Dungeon. They walked quickly down the hall to Celeste’s room, and entered.

Celeste’s dungeon was somewhat less functional than Pooh’s. She was missing the vast array of pain and pleasure implements. She had a few functional tools; A trunk of items containing, whips, leather restraints, handcuffs, and many pleasure toys.

The walls and floor were stone, and there was a great fireplace. A couch and chair were facing the fireplace. Candelabras and a bearskin rug completed the look. There was a hot tub in the corner. The 4-poster bed was the most prevalent item in the room.

She breathed a sigh of relief, having escaped Pooh’s dungeon undetected with his slave. She smiled. “Hmmmm… what to do with you… “she purred.

She pulled him to the side of the bed, and whispered, “So, kitten… would you like to dress up your Mistress?”

“Oh yessss… I would love to dress you, Mistress Celeste.” She pulled the leather boots and the stockings out of her nightstand drawer, along with the leather strap one piece, and a nice leather collar of her own.

“First, Kitten, you must undress me.” Celeste waited while he pulled her pink dress over her head. Scott’s eyes changed, and began to smolder as he looked on his Mistress, her naked body reflecting the firelight. “Stockings first, kitten…”

He took one stocking, and on his knees, he took her foot, and began inching the stocking up her leg. Celeste watched his moves intently, growing warm and tingly. As he neared the top of her thigh, his fingers brushed against her soft pussy, and she caught her breath. He noticed her reaction, and smiled, letting his fingers linger, before moving to take her other foot. He inched the stocking up her other thigh, and again, let his fingers linger for a moment. He retrieved the boot, and slipped it on her foot, and zipped it up. He did the same with the other boot. As he finished zipping it up, she let the heel of her boot dig into his thigh, as she pulled his head back by his hair, and she kissed him, long and slow, letting her tongue play in his mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she murmured against his mouth.

She pulled away from his mouth, her olgun escort hand still held his head firmly by his hair. She placed a kiss on his neck, then bit down, feeling his neck flex with the sensation. She licked the bite, and kissed again. She grabbed the one-piece leather thong, and handed it to him. He took the foot that was digging into his thigh, and expertly slid the thong up the boot. He placed her foot on the floor, and took the other boot in his hand, and quickly placed it on his thigh, so his Mistress would not lose her balance. He then moved the other side of the thong up her thigh. He placed her boot back on the floor, and stood up to finish dressing her. He moved behind her, and placed his hands on each side of the thong, slowly pulling it up an over her hips, carefully adjusting as he went. He slid his fingers down the leather straps to her pussy, ensuring there was no pinching or discomfort. He let his fingers glide across, finding the opening soft and wet. The tip of his finger slipped in slightly, and she moaned again. Reluctantly, he moved his fingers away to pull the remaining straps around her body, and adjusted as necessary for a perfect fit. He then took the collar off the nightstand, and fastened it behind her neck. He placed his lips against the back of her neck, and let out his breath, sending shivers down her spine. She let out a soft gasp, and he let his tongue taste the back of her neck. His teeth grazed her, and she let out a soft moan.

She turned to face him, and smiled, eyes smoldering. She kissed him again, and then pulled his leash down, until he was back on his knees, then on all fours. She walked around him, the click of her heels felt like an impact with each step. She stood directly in front of him. His head was down, waiting for instruction. She slid her thigh up against his face, and grabbing him by the hair, she tilted his face up to look at her. “Such a good Kitten.” Her voice was soft and husky. “Would you like to taste your Mistress?”

Scott moaned a “yes”, and she slid her thong over, guiding his mouth to her soft pussy. He licked eagerly, and she moaned as his tongue found its way into her soft folds.

Celeste bit her lip, her breathing becoming labored. His eager licking making her hot and wet, and her legs started to tremble. She pulled his face away by his hair, and moved back to the nightstand. She gathered two leather restraints. She pulled Scott up by his leash and pulled him into the middle of the bed. There, she straddled him, taking one wrist, and tying the leather strap on. She took the other wrist and did the same. Then, she moved off the bed. She took one of Scott’s arms, and stretched it out, tying the leather strap to the corner of the four-poster bed. She did the same with his other arm. Once he was secured, she took out a Cat O Nine Tails. She slapped it against her own ass, feeling the stinging sensation send hot bolts of pleasure through her.

She crawled back on the bed, and straddled Scott again. She felt his hot skin beneath her thighs. She moved her body down, letting her nipples brush across this chest. She kissed his mouth, then his chin, and ran her tongue down his throat. Her fingers found his nipples, and she squeezed, letting them get hard between her fingers. She then bit his neck again, and rocked her hips, grinding into his hard member, pressing to be released from his leather pants. She sat up, and smacked the whip down across his chest, and he moaned in response. Celeste moved her body down, and loosened his pants, pulling out his hard member. She took the tip in her mouth, and tasted the pre-cum. She then ran her tongue down his shaft to the base, and wrapped her hand around it, while she swirled her tongue and sucked in succession. He moaned with pleasure, and moved his arms against his restraints, clenching his fists. She moved her mouth and her tongue, until he began to arch up, coming close to release.

Celeste could take no more, and sliding her thong to the left, she moved into position, and slid his length inside, crying out as she felt him fill her completely. She rocked her hips and moved her body in rhythm, becoming wet and hot. As she moved, she positioned her body so that their bodies rubbed right at her clit. She was moaning with each stroke, and Scott matched her moans, and clenched his fists, wanting to break free to touch her.

The pressure mounted, and as Celeste reached the point of Climax, strong hands wrapped around her throat, and squeezed. Celeste came with an explosive release. Confused, she reached up, feeling the hands around her neck. The last thing she heard was Pooh’s voice whispering, “Tsk, Tsk” in her ear… just as everything went black.

Chapter Two ~ The Repercussion

Celeste awoke to the sensation of tugging on her wrist. She opened her eyes to see Pooh’s torso above her head. He was standing behind her, and her head was at the very edge of the side of the bed. The tugging sensation otele gelen escort was the second leather binding being fastened to the corner of the four-poster bed. She was lying on her back, across the bed, with her wrists bound, each to a poster, leaving her open and exposed.

“Ah, our Tiger is awake,” he said, and brought the Nine-Tails down across her right thigh. Celeste jumped, and her instant reaction was to try to protect herself, but her arms were spread wide. She could do nothing to stop the impact. Her breath caught, and her legs curled to the side, tying to protect her very sensitive spots.

“Tsk, Tsk,” he said again. “Scott.” With that command, Scott took her curled leg, and spread it wide, and positioned his body between her legs. He pulled her firmly against him, and he sat ready. She could feel his hard member pressed against her bottom. As Pooh struck with the whip again, Fero held her hips tight, keeping her still.

The whip landed on her right side, the tendrils of leather spreading out, and stinging. Celeste cried out in shock, and a fear began to spread through her, at her vulnerability. She began to squirm against Scott and tested the bindings on her wrists.

Scott held firm. After a few moments of struggling, Pooh bent down, and his lips brushed her ear. His breath sent shivers down her spine. He nipped her ear. She let out an involuntary moan. His lips traveled down her neck, to her shoulder, where he bit down. She cried out, and whimpered, afraid of the sensations she was feeling.

Pooh smiled against her neck. “Afraid, kitten?” He whispered. “You should be.”

With that, he grabbed a hold of Celeste’s hair, and pulled her back firmly. “Scott,” he said, “I want you to finish what Celeste started.” With that Scott grabbed Celeste firmly by the hips and drove into her. As she gasped, Pooh positioned his hard cock, and thrust it in her mouth. As Scott thrust, the impact flowed through Celeste, and onto Pooh. With every impact, Celeste’s mouth stroked Pooh, and the rhythm began. She moaned and cried, the sound muffled by Pooh’s hard cock in her mouth. “Harder”, he said, and Scott slammed into her, causing her to swallow more of Pooh’s cock. She began to choke. “There, there kitten… relax your tongue and your throat… don’t fight it.” For the first time today, she did as she was told, and the gagging sensation lessened. “Faster”, he said. Scott began to pile drive, and the three were caught in a rhythm that brought Scott to the peak of release. “Master, I’m going to come,” he said. “Come, Scott.” He thrust and then thrust again, and cried out in release, then Pooh, still holding Celeste by the hair, grabbed her jaw, and thrust in, coming down her throat. She felt both men shudder, and the last pulses of Pooh’s release in her mouth.

Pooh pulled out of her mouth, and leaned down, and kissed her, long and deep. She moaned against his mouth. He let go of her hair, and then began to kiss her again, becoming gentler. As her moans and cries lessened, he pressed feather light kisses on her lips, then kissed her eyes, and moved his lips back to her ear. “One doesn’t sneak into a Master’s room and steal his slave, without repercussions. But, I’m sure you knew that.” His tongue traced along the lobe, and his teeth lightly grazed it, causing her to shudder. His finger lightly traced the back of her neck, and the pleasure of his touch made her shiver. Scott relaxed his grip on her hips and slid out of her. She felt Scott’s cum spill out of her, slide down her buttocks, and pool beneath her on the sheets. He leaned down, and planted soft kisses on her abdomen, causing her tummy to constrict. The sensation of Pooh’s and Scott’s kisses had Celeste’s body involuntarily shuddering. Now, Celeste’s moans changed from moans of fear and discomfort, to moans of pleasure, and longing.

Scott slid his hand beneath her, and moved his finger inside her, feeling the slippery wetness of his cum. Celeste moaned again, and Pooh bit down on her shoulder again. She cried out. Pooh stood up, and wrapping an arm around her waist, pulled her body beneath her and had her ass facing him in one swift move. Now, she was still tethered to the posts of the bed, but face down, with her legs off the bed and feet on the floor.

Pooh slid his cock inside, getting good and wet. He moved his hips a few times, and she felt the fullness of him inside her. He bent over, and whispered in her ear, “don’t fight it” and then pulled out, and guided his cock inside her ass. She cried out, as her muscles flexed in her back and arms, and she clenched her fists, pulling against her bindings.

He bit her neck, holding tight, like a lion to his mate. Celeste couldn’t move. Her eyes clinched tight, and mouth open in shock and pain.

Pooh growled against her neck, and bit down even harder. Celeste cried out, and then felt Scott’s cock enter her mouth.

She could taste herself mixed with his cum. Scott stroked her cheek, masöz escort admiring the view he had. He moved gently in and out of her mouth. She felt Pooh’s grip on her neck with his teeth lessen, and she stayed perfectly still, hoping that she could avoid further pain. His lips hovered over her neck, and then he whispered, “That’s it. Good Tiger.” He reached over and pulled the jar of oil out of the nightstand.

“Good Tigers get rewarded. You’ve earned yourself some oil.” With that, he poured oil down her ass, and he rubbed it in around his cock, and pulled out slowly, leaving the tip in, as he coated the rest of his cock.

Celeste remained still, knowing the pain that she would feel if she fought it. Then Pooh began to move in and out, and, as before, each stroke forced her mouth to stroke, but this time it was Scott in her mouth. The rhythm began again. It started slow, and the sensation turned to something new. As he stroked, she began to feel a buildup, and pleasure. Scott watched his Master and Mistress, and he was overwhelmed with awe and excitement. His hands cupped her face, as he watched his cock disappear in her mouth. Pooh now kept one hand on her hip and reached his other hand beneath her. He felt her swollen clit, and began to rub, as he continued to stroke. As the three moved in rhythm, Celeste’s moans became more intense, and she felt herself build up and with a moan, she shuddered in release. Pooh grabbed both hips and began pounding faster. Celeste heard moans from both men, and Pooh shuddered, and released again, in her ass. Scott came with the sound of his Master’s release.

Scott pulled out of Celeste’s mouth, and collapsed next to her, his face close to hers. Pooh then extracted himself from her and laid down on the bed as well. The three of them were breathing heavy. Scott moved a tendril of disheveled hair off Celeste’s face.

“Are you ready to be released, Tiger?” Pooh asked. Celeste answered, “yes.” Pooh reached over and untied her right hand, while Scott untied her left. When her arms were free, she moved them close to her body, and curled on her side, rubbing her wrists.

Pooh snuggled in close, his breath hot on her neck. He pressed his lips to her neck and kissed softly. “Hmmmm… was it worth it?” he asked.

Celeste took a moment, but then a small smile played on her lips.

Was it worth it?

Ohhhh Yes. Yes it was.

Chapter Three ~ The Capture

Celeste woke with a start. She could hear the birds beginning their morning songs. She rolled to her side and noticed that she felt sore all over.

All at once, the memories of last night came flooding in.

Celeste blushed, and recalled moments of yesterday. Scattered images, thoughts, and feelings… She felt her temperature rise and her breath caught in her throat.

She slowly got out of bed. She walked to the hot tub, and let her body sink in. The hot water felt so good on her skin. She closed her eyes, and let her muscles unwind. She washed her hair and body and got ready for her day.

Celeste left her private chambers and walked down the hall. Her heart skipped a beat as she passed by Pooh’s room. She blushed and bit her lower lip. Her hand tentatively reached for the door, but then she thought better of it. She was still very sore from her last repercussion!

She left the Private Quarters ward and entered the FC Foyer. She attended to her retainers and went out the front door to train the Chocobos. She trained Baby, along with the others in the stable, and then headed down to the beach.

As she walked along the shore, the wind blowing through her hair, and the waves lapping at her feet, she continued reminiscing.

Poohbear’s Tummy watched Celeste walk along the beach. A plan began to form, and he smiled.

A week had passed since Celeste’s repercussion took place, and she hadn’t seen Pooh or Scott at all. She was agitated and couldn’t quit thinking about them. “Where are they?”

She left her private chambers and walked to Pooh’s room. She hesitated for only a moment and tried the door. It was locked. Celeste scowled. Hmmm. She exited the Private Quarters wing of the Free Company house and went to the desk that had the member’s roster. “Ahhhh…” She found Pooh’s Private Estate location in his profile page. “Hmmm… It won’t hurt to just go to the ward and have a look around, will it?” she said, in her most innocent voice. “I mean, there is nothing wrong with that, right??” With that, she was on her way.

Celeste arrived at the ward in the Lavender Beds where Pooh’s house was located. She wound her way around the ward, admiring the beauty of the housing district.

She arrived at the entrance to his property. Her heart raced, and her knees got weak. “Ugg. You big baby!” Celeste chided herself. Mustering her courage, she stepped onto his lawn.

It was beautifully landscaped. There were flowers and ponds, and lovely trees. It was so peaceful and serene. Celeste made her way to the front door. She wondered… “Should I knock”? She bit her lip. Then, she reached out, and knocked. She waited expectantly. After a moment, she tentatively reached her hand out for the second time today, and this time, the door opened. It was dark. She took a deep breath and walked inside.

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