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Driving Lady C

I was doing Nigel a big favour, a family crisis and no one else to help apparently. Nigel ran an upmarket cab or executive cars company as he called it. From what he told me, he did get to drive some high rollers and even celebrities around at times.

He’d asked me to drive one of his regulars tonight, some rich lady that he drove for 3 or 4 times a month, normally to evening events, horse racing that sort of thing. Lady C Nigel referred to her as but said I mustn’t call her that to her face. He also mentioned that the husband was normally in tow but rarely spoke unless he’d had a beer.

Nigel owed me big time, I’d had to put on a suit, collected the car from his garage and it was likely to be the early hours before I was finished. Nigel was a good mate so I didn’t mind too much, plus he said I’d get all the money he’d be paid. Nigel had told me exactly what car to take, a big black Mercedes S Class, it was like nothing I’d driven before. It only had two seats in the back but they were like armchairs. He’d also given me a list of do’s and don’ts, etiquette about opening doors and the like.

I hated being late for anything so I was about 30 minutes early, I decided to park up around the corner and wait there. After about 15 minutes I started the car, headed around the corner and turned into the drive of a big modern looking house.

Pressing the doorbell I could hear it ring inside, one of those over the top chimes. Nobody came, so after a couple of minutes, I pressed it again. A minute or two later the door opened, an attractive dark-haired lady glared at me, looking me up and down. I was just about to say hello but she snapped at me, “You’re early! You can wait in the car.” Then she looked me up and down again before opening the door wider.

“In fact, you can come in, I might have use for you. What’s your name?”

“Calum” I replied.

“Well Calum, you’re certainly an improvement on Nigel in terms of appearance. Let’s just hope you have his standard of manners and driving.”

“I’ll certainly try Caroline.”

Caroline was just wearing a short silky robe, loosely tied at her waist. I couldn’t help but notice the ample cleavage on display, in fact, it was impossible to look. I’m sure she had nothing on underneath it. It was a little bit arousing. Her hair just past her shoulders, slightly damp. There was no make as yet, it was easy to see Caroline was a very attractive woman. I’d guess Caroline was about forty and in very good shape. Height wise, perhaps 5′ 4″ many just a touch more.

One thing was certain, Caroline wouldn’t be ready for the time I was meant to have picked her up at.


“Make yourself use full, I’ve got a glass of champagne on the side in the kitchen that needs topping up. There’s an open bottle in the fridge. You can bring it upstairs, there’s a good man.”

Caroline headed upstairs and I was left to find the kitchen. I wandered in the direction it was probably in and spotted the open door at the end of the hall. I walked into a big, immaculately finished kitchen, everything looked expensive, it even had a chandelier!

I spotted the empty glass, then found the bottle of Bollinger in the fridge to replenish it. Retracing my steps, I headed up the stairs and headed towards the noise of the hairdryer I presumed must be Caroline.

Caroline was in the bathroom of what must have been the master suite, she turned off the hairdryer, “Go and put it in the side in the bedroom then go wait downstairs for me. You can sit in the lounge, first door off the hall. I’ll call if I need you.” With that, she went back to blow-drying her hair.

I thought Caroline was a little abrupt, almost ride in her manner. Maybe that’s why Nigel called her Lady N. I went into the bedroom, placing the glass on the dressing table, which various items of gold jewellery laid out on it. I also noticed a white dress handing up with an amazing pair of red sandals on the floor underneath. I felt my cock growing harder and the thought of Caroline wearing that dress and heels, she was going to look stunning. It made me forget about her manner, not caring how she might be, wearing that combination. I went to wait downstairs, not knowing if she needed me or not but perhaps hoping she’d need help with the dress.


I waited in the lounge, browsing the internet, though I kept being drawn back to thoughts of Caroline. How attractive she was, what her body might look like under that robe and how hot she was going to look in that dress and heels.

I’d noticed the hairdryer had been switched off but didn’t really hear much else, I wasn’t sure of how much time had passed when I heard Caroline call out.

“Right, you can come and help me now. And bring the champagne,” she added.

I nearly dropped the bottle when I walked into the bedroom and saw Caroline stood in front of me.

“You need to zip me up,” she said casually.

The style of the dress it meant Caroline’s right breast was fully exposed until the zip was İnnovia Escort done up. Her left arm was across her chest, the fingertips of her arm concealing her nipple. The bright red of her nail varnish providing a strong contrast to her pale skin. A large gold ring glistening on her ring finger.

The view just backed up what I’d thought earlier about her ample cleavage. It was perhaps the most perfect breasts I’d seen and it looked 100% natural and very firm. My cock was straining in my trousers now, I just hope she hadn’t noticed.

Caroline’s hair was pulled back and in a ponytail, bright red lips matched her fingernails. There was a smokey dark look to her eye make up. A simply gold necklace almost like a collar sat around her neck with as equally simple long slender gold earrings.

“Well,” Caroline exclaimed! “Get a move on, put that bottle down.”


I quickly put the bottle on the side and focused my attention on Caroline’s dress. Which was tricky, given the view I had of her breast and added to that I could see that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. I slowly moved the zip upward, keeping it away from her skin. Just as the last moment Caroline slowly moved her hand out of the way and I got a brief glimpse of her nipple.

Caroline glanced at me, a knowing look and wry smile on her lips. All the time my cock was getting harder and harder.

“Fill my glass up, then you can help with me my shoes.” I certainly wasn’t going to say no to helping with those!

Refilling the glass I looked over at Caroline, she’d sat down in a high backed chair in the corner. She looked stunning and I could help notice that you could see the outline of her nipples through the dress.

I handed her the glass and watching intently as Caroline crossed her legs and dangled a foot to await a shoe. It was then I noticed that her legs were covered by very sheer natural coloured nylon. They could only have been hold-ups as I would have noticed tights or a suspender belt when zipping up her dress.

“Time for you to get on your knees, ” Caroline said with a smile whilst waggling her at me.

I walked over to retrieve the shoes and returned to kneel in front of her. The shoes were divine, it was hard to describe their beauty. All red strappy sandals, with four pairs of flames running up the front and two ankles straps with small silver buckles. The heel must have been around five inches.

Caroline looked down on me whilst sipping her champagne. I undid the straps of the first shoe, took hold of Caroline’s foot and slipped the shoe in place. Trying hard not to fumble I fastened the buckles.

Without a word Caroline’s uncrossed her legs and recrossed them, holding the other foot out to me. It was a slow and deliberate movement, this lady knew exactly what she was doing to me, ensuring I got confirmation that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. I repeated my actions with the second shoe.

“You should feel very privileged, I always make Nigel wait outside in the car.”

Caroline stood, towering above me, turning on her heels she walked toward the dressing table and put her glass down. I watched, transfixed, my jaw almost on the floor, it was a sight to behold.

“Go and get the car ready, I’ll be five minutes.”

I slowly rose to my feet, trying to prolong the view as much as I could. I headed down to the car, turned it around so the right side of the car was facing the house and opened the rear door ready for Caroline to slide in.


The front door opened, Caroline now had a white shawl covering her shoulders and a small red patent clutch bag in her hand. Closing the door behind her she walked over holding out a bunch of keys.

“You can look after those,” dropping them into my hand.

Caroline was square onto me now, she tucked her bag under her arm. Raising her hands she took hold of my tie, making a small adjustment. Then she put the index finger of her left hand to my lips.

“Not a word to Nigel about where you take me tonight,” looking me straight in the eye, “if he asks, you’ll say it was a charity auction.”

“Do that and I won’t tell him you had a hard-on the whole time you were in my presence!” Caroline took her finger away and pointed at my groin, looking down, “Is that clear?”.

“Yes Caroline,” I kept my reply simple, wanting to keep in her good books.

“Good man!”

Caroline stepped into the car, her dress riding up, the tops of her hold-ups on full display. She made no attempt to cover them as I closed the door.

I took my seat behind the wheel and enter the postcode Caroline gave me into the SatNav. It directed me to a country house about 30 minutes up the motorway.

I turned out of the drive and onto the main road. Glancing in the mirror. Caroline had her long slender legs stretched out, crooked at the ankles, stocking tops still on show. Caroline paid me no attention, tapping away on her phone.

Just after I pulled onto the motorway I heard Caroline answer her phone. She İnnovia Escort answered with a “Hello Darling” so I assumed it was her husband.

“Hold on I’ll check. ” Caroline moved the phone away from her mouth. “How long until we get there?” Caroline asked me.

“About 20 minutes,” I replied.

“20 minutes, darling.” Switch her attention back to the call.

The conversation lasted about 10 minutes. Asking her husband if he was already there? Were the lots on show yet and had he seen anything he thought suitable. Caroline also mentioned a couple of numbers she was interested in and he should check them out if he saw them.

“Ok, Claire darling, see you very soon. I know, can’t wait either! Bye.” Caroline hung up and slipped her phone back into her bag.

So, I was wrong it wasn’t Caroline’s husband. Certainly sounded like it was an auction Caroline was attending and meeting a friend there.

I pulled off the motorway, after a couple of turns we were on a quiet country lane that wound its way through a wood, then into a small village and out the other side. A minute later the SatNav was telling me to take a right turn ahead. Indicator on, slowing down I turned into a large gated entrance. The gates were shut, two security men stood either side of the drive. The one on the passenger side approached Caroline’s window, Caroline’s was pressing the button to ease it down.

“Do you have your invitation please madam?”

“Certainly,” replied Caroline reaching into her bag and handing the man a small gold card.

“Thank you, Madam, enjoy your evening.” He took a step back and the gates began to swing open as Caroline closed the window.

The drive headed through some trees before opening out. A fairly large Georgian country house sat at the end of the drive.

“Pull up at the front entrance. There’s no need to get the door, one of the doormen will come and see to that.”

“Ok, Caroline,” I replied.

“I don’t know how long I will be so you’ll just have to wait until I’m ready to leave. I shall message you when I’m ready.”

As we approached the house I notice two men stood either side of the door. A red carpet ran from the door down a few steps and onto the drive. Both men were black, at least 6 feet tall, wearing what looked like identical black suits with white shirts and black ties.

I stopped with Caroline’s door inline with the carpet. Caroline had already unfastened her seat belt, she leans forward, placing her hand on the back of my seat.

“Oh and,” she paused waiting for me to look around, “no wanking that hard cock whilst I’m gone!” Caroline laughed.

Over Caroline’s shoulder through the window, I saw one of the doormen reaching for the door. Opening it, he held out his hand to assist Caroline, she took hold and stepped out.

“Good evening Madam.”

“Oh I do hope so,” replied Caroline.

I watched the door closing then Caroline holding the man’s arm as she ascended the step and disappeared into the house.


I was directed around the back of the house to a parking area with several other cars. I counted 10 so far, all high end, most were black but a couple of white ones included.

I parked at the end of the line and just decided to sit in the car and wait for Caroline to decide when she was ready to leave. I looked at the clock, just gone 8, the light was just starting to fade but the air temperature was still quite high. It was going to be a warm evening.

I couldn’t help think about Caroline’s parting words about no wanking. My cock was still hard. I rubbed it through my trousers. For some reason, Caroline’s words had power over me that prevented me from unzipping myself and stroking my hard cock and the thought of how incredibly sexy Caroline was.

Just after midnight my phone beeped, it was Caroline saying she was ready to be collected. I drove around the front of the house, pulled up and awaited Caroline’s appearance. My cock had started to get aroused again just at the thought of being in Caroline’s company.

After a few minutes, Caroline appeared at the door, immediately the doorman offered his arm. They exchanged words, with Caroline laughing as she took his arm and moved toward the car. Rather than reaching the rear door, he opened the passenger door. Caroline stepped in, her dress riding up just has it did earlier to reveal her stocking tops.

Caroline looked at the doorman, “Oopsie!”

A broad smile appeared on his face, “Have a safe journey home, Madam.” As he closed the door Caroline gave him a little wave.

“Thought Id travel upfront on the way home, I know you won’t mind,” explained Caroline!

“Of course,” I replied as I put my foot on the accelerator and pulled away. “Did you have an enjoyable evening?” It was hard not be distracted having Caroline sat in the passenger seat looking so sexy, stocking tops on full display and knowing there was nothing else underneath her dress!

“Yes, very enjoyable actually. Stop the car and I’ll Escort İnnovia show you what my winning bid got me!”

I slowly brought the car to a halt, we were still on the drive. Caroline took her phone from her bag. Entering the passcode she then opened the photos, holding it up in my direction. The photo was a full-length shot of a black guy in a suit and white shirt. He looked well built.

Caroline quickly swiped a finger across the screen to change the photo. Now the man was naked from the waist up. A few seconds later Caroline ran her finger right to left again, the next photo revealed. Now he was down to his boxer shorts. He looked very athletic, well-defined muscles. It wasn’t difficult to see where this was going!

Caroline has a rather coy smile on her face, she swiped again, watching me closely to see how I’d react. The new photo showed the guy naked, it was obvious he was very well endowed. Another swipe, a close up of his large cock hanging down between his legs.

“Much more impressive in the flesh!” exclaimed Caroline, a big smile in her face. “I get to have him as my house slave for 24hrs.”

Caroline swiped again, another closeup, his cock looked fully erect, he had his hand wrapped around the base of it’s shaft. It was difficult to gauge is size but obvious it was long and thick.

“He wasn’t the biggest available but he was the most athletic,” Caroline boasted, she really looked like the cat that got the cream. I could feel my cock now straining against my trouser purely and affect of the very sexy and confident woman tormenting me.

“You can drive on now.” I selected drive and moved off. Caroline placed her phone back into her bag, then slipped the bag into the pocket of the door.

“This evening has made me extremely horny and we are going to have to do something about that.” Caroline had emphasized the ‘we’! As she said this Caroline lifted her left leg, placing her shoe up on the dashboard. Her legs spread wide. I glanced across and watched her right hand slid up her thigh and across to her exposed pussy. I thought my cock was going to explode.

There wasn’t enough light for me to see any detail but it was obvious what she was doing. Caroline looked back at me, that wry smile of her’s appeared once again but she then turned her head away from me, looking out of the window as she continued to pleasure herself.

As we approach the gates they began to swing open. I could see the two security men still posted either side on the drive. Caroline didn’t pay any attention to the fact they might see. The additional light around the gates meant I got a clear view of Caroline playing with herself and if the guards were looking in the right direction, so would they, however fleeting.

We turned left out of the gate and back onto the public roads.


I was heading the way we’d come, back in the direction of the motorway. We left the small village and followed the road into the woods.

“There’s a car park not far down here on the right, pull into it.” As Caroline spoke, her voice was interrupted a couple of times by small moans of pleasure as she continued to play with herself. I occasionally heard the noise of her fingers slipping inside her.

I nearly missed the entrance to the car park, as I turned in I was faced with an immediate choice, a left or right turn.

“Left and right down to the end,” instructed Caroline. Clearly, she’d been here before. It was fairly dark, some moonlight was making its way through the trees. The car park wasn’t tarmacked, I could make out little parking areas either side of us as I slowly drove towards the end. The headlights didn’t pick out any other vehicles, the place appeared deserted.

After a minute or so we reached a clearing in the trees, the end of the car park indicated by some wood post blocking the way, grass beyond with about another 20 meters before more trees. I turned the car around and brought it to a stop, turning the headlights complete off. I wasn’t sure what Caroline had in mind but I didn’t think I was going to want to complain.

Caroline stopped playing with herself and removed her foot from the dash, releasing her seat belt at the same time. “Out and get around this side of the car,” she ordered.

I did as instructed. Caroline hadn’t waited for me to come and open the door, she was out of the car and waiting for me. The moonlight combined with the light from the open door was enough for me to see how good Caroline looked in the dress, her hard nipples prominent, pushing against the thin material.

Caroline pushed me up against the car, open hand splayed across my chest, her nails digging in through my shirt. Caroline was a little bit taller than me in her heels, almost eye to eye. I could feel her breath on my face. Caroline grabbed my hard cock through my trousers, rubbing her hand up and down then squeezing it firmly.

“I love making a guy’s cock hard. I think you’d love me to suck on it?” All I could do was nod. Caroline reached for my belt buckle and deftly unfastened it with one hand. Thrusting her fingers down the waistband, into my boxers and wrapping them around my cock. I’m sure I was already leaking a touch of pre-cum. Caroline used her nails to scratch at my balls, then up the length of the shaft.

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