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I could not believe it. Freddie must have dissolved the Viagra in the coffee and that was why my cock had become erect on its own, why it would not go down and why I was unable to resist his advances. Freddie had duped me. At least that is what I told myself. I decided to go back down to the basement and confront him.

When I went down to the basement I went over to the sofa bed where Freddie was lying on his back with his eyes closed. Still asleep, I thought. I sat on the edge of the bed for a long time just admiring his manliness, then a wonderful idea came to me. I went to my shorts and took my mobile from my pocket. I took a video of him lying there resplendent in his stockings and garter belt. I wanted some shots of his fat cock too. As I concentrated on his cock he opened his eyes, smiled that smile of his and then he spoke.

“Are you looking at my cock? You are, aren’t you? Do you want to take a photograph of it? Go on then, I don’t mind. You can look at the photo of my cock next time you play with your little cock.”

I put my mobile down and putting my hand in the dressing gown pocket I pulled out the empty Viagra box and sachet and waved them in his face. I pretended to be cross with him.

“You are a very naughty man Freddie. You tricked me and manipulated me with this aphrodisiac. You used it to seduce me and take advantage of me. You knew I would not be able to control my sexual urges. You deliberately waited until the Viagra had taken effect before you made your move. You have taken advantage of me Freddie and … and I want to thank you.” Having said this, I lay down beside him on the sofa-bed.

It happened again. My cock just became fully erect in an instant and was screaming out for attention. My face turned crimson, my breathing quickened, my heart was thumping in my chest. I did not care that Freddie had deceived me. I wanted more cock fun.

“Oh, did my little cock sucker finish the coffee,” said Freddie reaching out his hands and pulling me close to him. I offered no resistance.

“You are so naughty,” was all I managed to say before he forced his tongue into my mouth again and began swirling it around. Resistance was futile. He held me tight to his body and our naked cocks touched each other. He was thick and hard again and I could not stop myself from thrusting my cock out to meet his thrusting manhood and try, in vain, to match him. He licked my lips and then he licked my face. He nibbled my neck and then he nibble my ear lobe. Then he whispered in my ear.

“Don’t kid yourself that you do not want this, my little, cock lover. You know you want this, as much as I do. Just accept what you are.”

His hand went down and grasped both our cocks together. He rubbed our knobs together and I yelped in pleasure. It was so much better in reality than I had imagined it would be. Freddie’s precum mingled with mine and our cocks slid against each other. He was so calm and in control whereas I was lost in wonder and lust. His lips were only inches from mine as he spoke to me softly.

“Yes, my little cock sucker. You love this. I know you do. You love being cock to cock with me. You are so ripe for the plucking and I am going to turn you into my little panty boy, my very own cock sucking, cum swallowing, panty wearing, sissy. That’s really what you are, isn’t it? That’s what you want to be?

“Yes, yes,” I gasped. “Oh Freddie, you are wonderful. Oh, Oh.!

“Now get down there and lick my shiny knob and rub your soft, baby face into my leaking, cock. I have plans for you and you are going to love them all. This is what you were made for, to be a sex toy for a man, a real man that is. Show me how much you love my cock”

I did not refute a word he said. There was no fight in me. Everything he was saying was true. When my cock was hard I did want to be his panty boy, I did want to be his cocksucker, and I did want to swallow his cum. His words only turned me on, even more. He was running his fingers through my hair gently and then he stuck his long, wet tongue under my upper lip running it across my gums.

“You know I am right, don’t you baby. You are my baby now. You belong in my arms, in my bed, pleasuring me, meeting all my needs. Just admit it.”

“Yes, Freddie,” I whispered, almost breathless. “This is what I want.”

I looked into his eyes. Oh gosh he was right. I loved everything he was doing to me. He was setting me free. I had come to him, willingly. The Viagra just made it all more pleasurable. Freddie rolled over on his back and pushed me down on the sofa. As I traveled south I luxuriated in his hairy chest and rubbed my soft cheek against it, thrilling in the delight of the sensations I was experiencing. I came to his rock hard cock and luxuriated, again, in the smell and the heat that emanated from it. It was so beautiful and erect and proud.

“Enjoy yourself, sissy. Just, enjoy yourself. Make love to my cock with your sweet, soft, girly, mouth. Do it for daddy.”

“Yes daddy.”

The sound of his voice was my command to action and so Halkalı travesti for the second time that day, I stuck out my tongue to french his purple knob and was instantly rewarded with sweet, precum that oozed out of his cock slit. In an effort to extract more of that precious nectar, I tried to force the pointed tip of my tongue, into the slit of his cock. This brought wails of delight from Freddie. I repeated my action and followed it, tout suite, with more licking of the underside of his crown, as I lightly caressed his big, hairy, balls with my fingertips.

I ran the very tip of my index finger, ever so gently and lightly, the whole way up his shaft and back down again and then slurped his cock head into my mouth and sucked hard. Ever so gently I caressed the length of his shaft with pursed lips and wet tongue, paying particular attention to the underside of his knob with my tongue. The more I played with his cock, the hornier I became, and the more Freddie moaned and babbled. He kept telling me that I was a good little boy and how lovely and sweet my mouth was. I reveled in his praise and felt so proud of myself. My mouth was dribbling saliva and precum all over his engorged, fat cock but the flavor of his cock was divine. I continued to play with his balls and slide a fingertip along his perineum. All I could smell, all I could see, all I could taste or touch was Freddie’s manhood. I was in heaven. This was where I belonged and it felt so good.

He pushed me over on my side and drove his cock in to the back of my throat causing me to gag. His cock was glistening now with my saliva and precum and the inevitable, little, threads of both, joined my nose, chin and face to his beautiful fat knob. Recovering slightly from his initial thrust into my throat, I placed my hand around his shaft and felt it pulsating and throbbing with his rampant lust. My hand did not reach the whole way round his manhood, yet I managed to get a firm grip on him and stroke him gently. He was out of control and cried out to me, to grip him tighter and rub him faster. He was going to shoot soon and I was the one making it happen. I had total control of his desire for me and took great pleasure in my manipulation of his impending, orgasm. His cock was so beautiful.

I formed a perfect O with my lips and in spite of his upward thrusting and his lustful yells, to allow him access, to my warmth and wetness, I only allowed his cock head to pass through this hole, into my waiting mouth, where my wicked tongue pounced, upon the underside of his knob, with many viper-like flicks, eliciting from Freddie, shrieks of delight, until finally, I could feel his cock expand to its maximum as he forced it into my mouth. I clamped my lips behind the ridge of his big, shiny, purple knob, gripped his shaft tightly, and sucked on him for all I was worth as he released his living seed, his precious, delicious sperm, in several forceful jets. His spurts of manly cum hit my throat, coated the sides of my mouth and filled me to such an extent, that even though I swallowed quickly, my mouth was overflowing with cock cream.

He did not have to tell me what to do next. I pulled his fat cock from my mouth and climbed back up on top of him. I brought my lips to his and he eagerly parted his to allow me to share with him, to snowball back and forth between us, his sticky seed. When he was satisfied and had swallowed what I left in his mouth, I scooted back down to suckle on what still remained, inside his deflating cock. I lay my face below it, against his thigh and placing just his purple, crown inside my mouth, I gently suckled his creamy dregs. I lay with his cock head in my mouth, savoring every last droplet and the flavor of him, until he told me to come up beside him. I have to tell you that I left my post reluctantly.

I lay down on my back and Freddie lay on his side, leaning on his elbow, his head resting on his hand again. This time he slowly massaged my chest and tummy. It was beautiful torture. The Viagra was doing its work now and my cock wanted him to palm me. Instead he played with my inner thighs and tickled my balls mercilessly. When he drew his fingertips along my perineum I had to moan.

“You like it when I tickle you down there with my fingertips don’t you? Heck, you really are a hairless little boy aren’t you? Your inner thighs are so white and soft, like a girl. Maybe I’ll get you to shave off this blondie fuzz you have around your lovely little cock. I love the fact that you are not circumcised. What is that like?”

I was moaning as I told him how the tip of the skin was ever so sensitive and he teased it until I was almost delirious with pleasure. He gave gentle little squeezes to the edge of my foreskin by using the tip of his thumb and his forefinger to pinch it. This was pure delight for me.

“I know you like my cock so I am going to let you hold it. From now on, you will come when I call you because you are a submissive boy by nature. Now, when I give you permission you will be allowed to hold my cock in your hand. You Levent travesti do like having a thick cock in your soft hands, don’t you baby? You are the sort of boy who likes to be told what to do and from now on you will do what daddy tells you, won’t you baby?

“Yes, daddy,” I gasped and I meant it.

His words were like a dream come true for me. He licked my lips several times more before continuing. I could taste his cock cream and smell it off his breath. It was heavenly. I wanted him to make me cum. I would do anything for him now and he knew it. How many times had I dreamed of lying down naked with a lusty man like Freddie, who teased my cock as he was doing and made me want to willingly submit to all his sexual wishes? When he stopped licking my lips all I could do was say his name and beg him not to stop touching me.

“Yes. Do you want daddy to talk dirty to you? Of course you do! I bet you love dirty talk. Don’t deny it. You want me to tell you what a sissy little bitch you are; that is what you are isn’t it? Yes it is baby. We both know how much you love my cock, don’t we? You want to hold it in your soft sissy hand don’t you? Why I can even taste myself from your mouth, your sweet, cock sucker’s mouth.”

Everything he said was true and I did not want him to stop talking to me in this manner. I had masturbated so often imagining a man talking to me like this, calling me his baby, his sissy, his cock sucker. I looked up into Freddie’s eyes pleadingly.

“Please Freddie. Please can I touch it?”

“Call me daddy now pet.”

“Please daddy. Please can I touch it?”

“Touch what? You have to be more specific. Tell me what you want to touch. Is it my fat cock?

“Yes,” I gasped. “Please daddy.”

“Then say it. Be a good little boy and say it.”

“Please Freddie, I mean, please daddy, may I touch your cock?”

“Do you want to hold it through my panties or do you want to feel it with your bare hand?”

“I want to feel it throbbing in my soft hand and to have you stroke me gently, tenderly, as you whisper dirty things in my ear. I have dreamed of this. I don’t mind if you lick me. I love it when you lick me. I will do anything for you, but please daddy, please, please, please, just talk dirty to me as you stroke me tenderly. I love that, Oh God, I love that so much.”

Freddie picked up the panties and took them in his hand. Gently he placed them over my cock. Oh my goodness, how he teased me with his wicked tongue. I was so hard for this. He stroked me up and down as he called me names. He licked my lips and whispered in my ear. I could feel his hot breath on my face and the occasional rasp of his manly face against my baby face. I was so turned on. I was his baby he said, his very own little cock sucker, his cum swallower. I had his thick cock in my hand and I was loving feeling it and touching his pubic hair, his black pubic hair.

He told me I would become like a girl for him and he would dress me in lingerie and that I would come to love wearing stockings and a garter belt for him. He promised me that I was his from now on, that there was no going back now. He told me I could never be with a girl because I was not a real man. He told me I could never really satisfy a woman with such a little boy cock. Besides, didn’t I prefer older men like him. Older men with big hairy cocks. Manly men. There was no denying it. I preferred cocks. He told me he owned me, because I adored his thick circumcised cock. He told me I was his to do with as he pleased. Had I not sucked his cock with relish? Then it follows that I was his cock sucking, cock loving, little cum slut.

“What are you?” he asked me.

Before I could answer he flipped me on to my tummy and to my surprise and delight he playfully spanked my bare bottom.

“You have such a lovely firm, bottom,” he said and proceeded to massage my buttocks. Oh God it felt wonderful and I did not want him to stop.

“You like that, don’t you baby? You like daddy’s hands on your bum. You have such a perfect, round, little bum.”

The next thing I knew he was sucking my bum cheeks. First one, then the other. He would pretend to bite me and then move to the other bum cheek and his hands parted my cheeks and I could feel his rough manly face rub against me. It was so strange and yet so sexy. Then he did something to me I never thought people did. He licked me. He held my bum cheeks apart and he gave me one long, delicious, sticky, wet lick all the way up the crack of my bum and all the way back down again. I nearly jumped out of my skin with shock and pleasure.

“Oh!” he said. I think you liked that baby.”

I was going to answer but could only squeal with delight as he proceeded to repeat the operation. I cannot describe the pleasure he gave me. I whimpered and yelped at the sensations I was feeling when his lips kissed my pink bum hole and his tongue flicked in and around the entry to my most secret place. His tongue licked and probed and I squirmed and squealed as I pushed back against this Şirinevler travesti beautiful, soft, moist invader. My cock was on fire as Freddie relentlessly probed me with his long tongue and his saliva ran down along my perineum. I could hold back no longer. He raised my bum up to give himself a better angle and just as my sphincter opened up and his tongue entered me, he seized my cock and pulled it down roughly and I completely lost it and came all over the sofa bed.

Freddie did not stop. He tongued me without mercy and the more he tongued me the more I squealed and wriggled and the more I pushed my bum back begging for more, like a shameless little tart. I knew men licked women’s pussy but this was so unreal, so bizarre and the best thing ever. Something firm pushed in to me and while I was a little bit shocked at the stinging sensation, I knew immediately that Freddie had inserted a finger into my boy pussy. I shamelessly pushed back against this new intruder and a wave of intense pleasure spread through me as his fingertip glanced my prostate. I couldn’t help but moan and whimper.

Then two fingers went up me and he slid them in and out, in and out, relentlessly, unceasingly. Each time they passed over my prostate I could only moan. Freddie reached down under the sofa bed and lifted something off the floor. As I lay there exposed he withdrew his fingers from inside me. It was a tube of lube which he generously poured over his fingers and into my bum hole.

His fingers slid into me again as I lay in a heap upon the sofa. He placed both hands on my waist and raised me up on my knees. I heard him soaking his cock in lube. I trembled as he leaned forward with his cock in his hand, hard and erect. I felt him slide up and down in between my buttocks. His cock was so hard. He spoke firmly to me.

“Place your hands on your bum cheeks and show me your pussy.”

This was not a request but a command so I did what I was told. He was salivating at the prospect of taking me and making me his property.

“So pretty, so pink. This is mine now.”

I felt him climb over me, part my buttocks further and place his big, purple, spongy knob at the entrance to my inner sanctum. I begged him not to do this to me. I told him I was not ready. I was truly petrified. His cock was so fat even when only semi-hard.

“Ssh, little one. Daddy’s here for you. Just relax for me now.”

He pressed his cock head against my opening and pushed against it with some force. I froze. I was so afraid and so excited. It couldn’t fit.

He drew back a little and then pressed against my opening again, more firmly this time.

It hurt me. I told him so.

“It hurts, Freddie, it hurts.”

Gripping my hips firmly, Freddie pulled me to him as his fat knob made a third attempt to breach me. For some reason I pushed back against this intruder at exactly that very instant and his lovely purple crown entered my boy pussy. I cried out in pain as Freddie gasped loudly.

“It’s in. It’s inside you. My cock is inside you,” he cried out triumphantly. “Oh, fuck me, you are so tight!”

Ignoring my cries of pain, he gave a forceful, upward thrust and just like that, his entire cock was in my bum. He had penetrated me. I was in shock. I did not want this pain but Freddie held me tightly in his arms. I was going nowhere.

“Just relax. That’s my little girly. The pain will ease and you will accommodate me. This is your place. You are mine now, all mine. I own your girly ass and I am going to breed you. I am your master.”

Time seemed to stand still, but as the seconds ticked by the pain eased off and I felt the need to pee. I also felt so full. Then, of their own accord, almost like a reflex action, my bum muscles started to spasm around Freddie’s fat cock, slightly so at first and then with regular pulses. My God it was almost as if my ass was pulling him deeper in to me. I became conscious of his pubic hair tickling my smooth bottom. He held me so tightly.

“That’s my boy,” said Freddie who began to withdraw his rock hard cock from my bum, only to push it back in all the way again. He repeated this action, slowly at first and so began a gentle rhythm. New sensations began to take over. The pain was now just a dull ache, a discomfiture. There was a slopping sound being made as his cock went in and out of my boy pussy. I was beginning to like the sensation of being taken.

He reached his hand around me to wank my cock and started to laugh. He stopped fucking me to tell me that my cock was so shrunken it had practically disappeared. Freddie was fucking my manhood out of me and told me that this was yet more proof that I was his little girl now. I felt so humiliated but I didn’t care as I was picturing his fat cock so hard inside me, leaking precum.

“Tell daddy what you are, bitch,” he demanded of me.

“I am daddy’s little girl,” I whispered. “Daddy’s bitch”

My whispers seemed to urge him on and he started to vigorously pound his fat cock in to me. I tried to push back to keep up with him but his piston like action was too much for me. His breathing became labored and he was grunting with pleasure. Something went off in side me and I yelped as my seed gushed out from my soft little cock. He had fucked the cum out of me. I just gave myself over to his pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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