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They were an older gay couple, the uncles of my wife’s coworker’s girlfriend Mandy. They had been together so long that it was unclear which of them was actually related to her. Joe looked a little older, since he had gray hair, but he was tan and in great shape. Terry was a little heavier, but still attractive, with dark brown hair and a well-trimmed beard. I hope I look like them when I’m close to 60. Everyone else at our table was around 30, me, my wife Eve, her co-worker Asha and her girlfriend Mandy. I had never met any of them before, and Eve only knew Asha from calls and email, but there was already a good camaraderie amongst all of us.

We were there for some sort of corporate meeting for the company that Eve and Asha worked for. It was a pretty nice event, and the company was putting their employees and their significant others up at a four star resort. Asha’s girlfriend Mandy grew up in the Tampa area, and her uncles still lived there. Joe and Terry invited Asha and Mandy to go out to their favorite gay club on Saturday night, and Asha invited us to go along. I felt sort of proud that she could immediately tell that we would be comfortable with the invite. Of course, I knew that she mostly wanted to invite Eve, but I was happy to be included. My wife and I were very open minded people and comfortable with different sexualities. Eve had tried sex with women before, and I wondered if she had told Asha that. The two of them had been very close and flirtatious since we arrived. Eve was very warm and open with everyone though, so I wasn’t sure if there was really anything going on. I was generally less comfortable around new people, so I had been a little nervous about going out with all of them. I had also never been to a gay club before, but that was much more about my distaste for clubs than any sort of homophobia. I had gay friends and was comfortable and flattered when they jokingly flirted with me. I was secretly turned on by it too. I have never had any kind of sex with a man, other than one minor incident with another boy when I was a teenager, but I have always had fantasies about it. Eve had always been supportive of my fantasies, although I felt like she didn’t really want me to go further than that, since she could be a little jealous.

The evening was going along really well, and increasingly I found myself talking to Joe and Terry while Eve hung out with Asha and Mandy. Everyone was having a good time, with the three girls and Terry getting pretty tipsy, while Joe and I remained sober. Our waitress was a beautiful drag queen named Samantha, who was utterly convincing. I was surprised when Joe told me she was only Samantha at the club and not a full time transsexual. She flirted with me and I flirted back, which drew good natured teasing from the other people at the table. I didn’t mind, and admitted to my attraction. At one point, Lola sat down in my lap, and I got hard almost immediately. She made a joke about it and I got embarrassed, but she took it as a compliment. When she got up to go back to work, Eve gave my dick a squeeze through my pants. “Someone was having fun tonight!” she teased.

“Sorry, I guess I’m just getting into the vibe of this place,” I said.

“Don’t worry baby, I don’t mind. I’m a little excited myself,” she said, and gave me a nice wet kiss, drawing catcalls from our friends.

“Hey, none of that gross hetero sex in here!” Terry yelled. He was joking, but I was reminded that tonight, we were the minority. I went back to talking to Joe about his boat, which he wanted us to go out on the next day. Eve and Asha got up to dance, which I always refuse to do. It turned out Mandy was the same way, so our ladies were thrilled to get a chance to get out on the floor. Eve quickly began to grind on Asha, and I glance over to see if Mandy seemed jealous. She had a big smile on her face, so I guess it was okay. She came over to sit next to me and her uncles. Terry decided he was going to dance too, and he got up to join some friends.

“They look good out there,” Mandy said to me, and I nodded in agreement.

“I’m glad Eve is getting to have some fun, and that she got to meet Asha in person. She always talks about her,” I said.

“Asha’s really crazy about Eve too,” Mandy said in a slightly suggestive way, or maybe my lesbian fantasies were getting the better of me. The night continued to go on very well, with the girls getting increasingly flirtatious with each other. I felt like Terry and Joe were flirting with me a little too, but I wasn’t sure. I really liked them though. When it got late and time for us to go, there were hugs and kisses all the way around. Asha, Mandy and Terry all pecked me on the cheek, and when Joe hugged me I could feel his hard cock pressing against me through his pants.

“Call me tomorrow if you want to go out on the boat,” he said. “I think it would be really fun.” I told him it sounded like fun too, and we said our good nights. On the drive back to the hotel, I teased Eve about how she clearly wanted to fuck Asha and maybe Mandy too, and she came right back with how turned on I had been having a drag Bornova travesti queen sit in my lap.

“She was really pretty,” I protested. “That doesn’t mean anything.”

“Whatever,” Eve said. “I think Mandy’s uncles liked you too.”

“You think?” I asked innocently. “They seemed like cool guys.” She gave me a look. “What? I can’t think they’re good dudes, just because they’re gay?”

“Oh you could think so, and they are, but I just wonder if it was more than that.” Privately I was wondering the same thing.

When we got back to the hotel we were both horny, and within a minute I was on my knees with my face buried in Eve’s shaved pussy. I suspected she was imagining it was Asha eating her out, and that turned me on even more. She came really quickly and begged me to fuck her. I flipped her over and fucked her from behind with her ass sticking up in the air and her face buried in a pillow on the bed. As I looked down at her nice round ass I wondered how much different it would be to fuck Samantha like this. From behind a man and a woman really aren’t that different, and Samantha had been very smooth and feminine. Actually Terry had been too, and the thought of fucking him from behind popped into my head. It was actually a pretty sexy image, and I pounded Eve even harder. I couldn’t imagine Joe in the same way. He seemed too powerful and masculine, and I bet I would wind up the one who wound up bent over for him. As I imagined that, I came really hard, filling Eve with hot cum. I was a little troubled by these fantasies as I tried to sleep that night, clutching my beautiful and very satisfied wife to me.

The next day we were awoken by a text from Asha, inviting Eve to come out shopping with them. I was invited too, but I hate shopping and I was pretty sure the girls would have more fun without me anyway. Eve was excited to go, but worried that I would be bored. She suggested I call Joe and Terry and take them up on their offer of going out on their boat. I felt a little awkward calling, but I didn’t want to spend the day hanging around the hotel. Joe seemed genuinely pleased that I had called and promised me a fun day out on the water. Eve had been texting with the girls the whole time, and told me I should take our rental car out to the marina while she rode with Asha. I took a quick shower and pulled on a t-shirt and board shorts. I normally don’t wear underwear with board shorts, but I hesitated briefly, wondering if my cock would be too visible. Fuck it, I decided. Give the boys a show. I kissed Eve good bye and told her to have a good time with the girls. “Oh, I’m planning on it,” she said with a giggle that seemed even naughtier than usual. “You should too!”

“Thanks, I hope it won’t be too weird.” I headed out the door and took the short drive to the marina. When I got there Terry was getting a cooler out of the back of an SUV. I hopped out of the car and went over to give him a hand. He embraced me warmly and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“We’re so excited that you decided to come out today!” he said.

“Thanks, I’m looking forward to it. Are you sure I’m not imposing?” I asked.

“Not at all, we love taking people out on our boat. Mandy’s been out a bunch of times, so I’m not surprised that she decided hanging out with pretty girls would be more fun than with a couple of old farts like me and Joe.”

“You don’t seem that old to me,” I said.

“Compared to a young stud like you, I feel ancient. But I promise you a good time.” I picked up the other end of the cooler and we carried it to the boat, which was a nice thirty footer with a flying bridge and a nice long deck with chaise lounges on it. Joe was standing on the deck coiling up a rope, his shirt already off, looking tanned and muscular.

“Glad you took us up on our invitation!” he called out to me.

“Thanks,” I said as we climbed aboard. Joe and I hugged, but it was more of the guy-style hug I was used to. I found myself surprised that he was gay, and then laughed at my own dumb pre-conceptions. He seemed so manly that I felt slightly intimidated. We were out on the water quicker than I would have thought. Clearly these guys had a lot of experience on a boat. I just relaxed on the deck, drinking a coke and admiring the scenery. After we got further out into the Gulf, Joe shut off the engines and came down off the bridge. He cracked open a beer and sat down next to Terry. They kissed each other tenderly.

We spent a pleasant hour just talking and eating some tasty sandwiches that Terry had made. I liked getting to know them. I had things in common with both guys and the conversation was never forced. It was really rare for me to feel a connection with new people, particularly older people, and I was really enjoying myself. I got a little warm and decided to take off my shirt. They immediately whistled lasciviously at me. I blushed and felt a little self-conscious, which they picked up on. “Sorry, kid,” Joe said, “we just don’t get a chance to see a body like that too often at our age.”

“Whatever,” I said. “You guys look great.”

“Thanks,” Buca travesti Terry said. “You need to put some more sunblock on if you are going to go without a shirt. You’ll burn quick out here.” He handed me the sunblock and I began to spread it all over my chest and arms. Terry came around behind me and offered to do my back. After a second of hesitation I handed him the tube. He began rubbing the cool lotion into my hot skin, and it felt really nice. Even after I was thoroughly coated, he continued rubbing my back. It felt wonderful, and I was happy to let him. I felt more relaxed than I had in ages. I noticed myself getting a little bit hard, and wondered if they noticed. I honestly kind of hoped they did. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed Terry’s expert hands on my back and the warm sun.

Suddenly I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out and there was a text from Eve. I opened the text and it was a picture of Asha naked, with Mandy and Eve each sucking on one of her perky little tits. The message said, “Just wanted to say I love you so much. Have fun with the guys!” I texted back, telling her that I loved her too. “Everything okay?” Joe asked. I considered showing them the picture, but then I remembered that Mandy was their niece and pictures of naked women probably wouldn’t do much for them anyway.

“Everything’s great,” I said. “But I think I will be on my own for the rest of the day.” They were unsurprised.

“I thought that might happen,” Joe said, clearly understanding the situation. “You are welcome to keep hanging out with us.” Terry nodded encouragingly.

“Thanks,” I said, “I’d like that. You guys are great.” Terry gave me an affectionate hug, and I hugged him back, surprised by how nice his body felt against mine. The hug went on longer than it normally would, but I was in no hurry to pull away. Suddenly I felt his hand give my ass a gentle squeeze, and he began gently kissing my neck. I had a moment of indecision. I knew I wanted this, and I knew they did too. I didn’t wanted to upset Eve, but she was having her own fun right then, and we were on vacation after all. I decided to just do what my body told me too, and I reached out and grabbed Joe. I kissed him on the lips, and he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. We began making out while Terry continued to feel me up. Kissing a man was strange but wonderful. The feeling of his stubble against my face was a huge turn-on. I could tell tell how much Joe wanted me by the intensity of his kiss, and I realized I wanted him just as badly. Joe pushed me onto my back.

Terry collapsed on the couch next to me and we began kissing. His beard tickled me a bit, further making me realize that I was going to have sex with a man. Two men, actually, and I had never been more aroused. Joe pulled off his shirt, and I was again impressed with how good his body was, his tan muscles standing out against his salt and pepper chest hair. He pulled off his pants and his cock was already nice and hard. It looked like his was bigger than mine, maybe close to nine inches. I wasn’t even scared; I just wanted him more. He knelt down and pulled off my shoes and socks. Terry was nibbling on my ear and was sliding his hand inside my pants. I gasped a little as he wrapped his fingers around my hard cock. “Ooh, he’s got a nice one, baby,” he said to Joe.

“Let’s see,” Joe said and he pulled my pants off. My cock was standing out straight, looking even bigger than my usual seven inches. “It is nice,” Joe said, “But I’m more interested in his ass.” I shuddered in anticipation as he said it. I had thought from Joe’s attitude and demeanor that he was probably more of a top, and now I knew for sure that he was going to be fucking me soon. I also loved the way they were talking about me like I was just there for their pleasure. It was the truth; I just wanted to be their fuck toy right then.

Terry pulled my shirt off and began sucking my nipples. I had always loved having that done, and having it done by a man made me feel even sexier and more like the horny slut I was turning into. Joe lay down next to me and we started making out again. I reached down and felt his big cock. He had a nicely trimmed dark bush, but his huge balls were totally smooth. They felt good as I caressed them, and Joe moaned a bit as our tongues explored each others’ mouths. I pulled away long enough to whisper, “I want your cock in my mouth.” Joe sat up and stroked his dick enticingly in front of my face. While I had always been somewhat aroused by cocks, I had never thought of them as actually being attractive. Joe’s cock was gorgeous. It was nine tan inches with a big violet head, with just a drop of precum glistening on the tip. I had to have it inside my mouth. I was way past any concern about my sexuality or if I should be doing this; I just wanted to please this man with my body.

His cock tasted amazing, salty and warm. I licked the slit on top, savoring the sticky moisture. I ran my tongue along the base of the head as I began to suck. I barely had the head inside my mouth when I realized that there was no way I was Konak travesti going to be able to swallow all this cock. I was determined to get as much as possible in there, and I started to gag a little. Joe pulled back a little. “Slow down and just enjoy it,” he said. It was good advice, but hard to follow. I grabbed his shaft around the middle and tried just sucking the top few inches, trying to remember how I liked my cock to be sucked. This worked better and I attempted to lick the tip as I slid my mouth up and down. With my other hand I reached up and began to fondle his shaved balls. Joe lay back a little and started moaning softly, so I knew I was doing a good job. With all of my focus on Joe’s cock, I had nearly forgotten about Terry, but I was suddenly reminded of his presence when he started sucking me.

Terry was a fantastic cocksucker, and I bet he had spent hours perfecting his skills on Joe. Probably on many other guys too, considering how easily these two had seduced me. He was making me feel so good that for a moment I lost my focus on Joe’s cock, but just for a moment though, because then Joe began to really fuck my mouth. It was a whole different feeling than just licking and sucking. It made me feel even more like a dirty slut, and I loved it. He was being gentle and not trying to force the whole thing in my mouth, but I did gag a few times until I learned to match my movements to his. “You’ve getting good at this, kid,” he told me. I was thrilled and start sucking even more intensely. He grabbed the back of my head and held it closer, but there was no need. I wanted his cum like it was the fucking antidote at that point. Nothing else mattered in that moment.

I felt Joe’s body tighten and I braced myself for his orgasm. His cock was so far inside my mouth that his first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled back a bit because I wanted to savor the taste, while continuing to play with his balls. Joe shot three more times in my mouth. His cum was so delicious, different enough from the taste of my own to be noticeable but with that same salty, manly flavor. Having a mouthful of cum was such a turn-on that I involuntarily started fucking Terry’s mouth hard. He took it like a pro, having no trouble deep throating me and I quickly rewarded him with a huge load of cum. I still had most of Joe’s in my mouth, not wanting to swallow it yet. Terry slid up the bed until he was next to me on the bed and started kissing me passionately. I discovered he still had my cum inside his mouth, and we traded the two loads back and forth until there was just one frothy mess and two tongues. I was starting to be out of breath, so I swallowed what I could and let him have the rest. He swallowed the rest and then immediately grabbed Joe’s cock to suck the last few drops from it. Joe pulled Terry up a bit and kissed him. I lay back and tried to soak in what had happened so far. Normally, after I’ve cum I’m still a little turned on but relaxed enough that I don’t want to do anything more for a little while. This time though, despite having had Terry expertly suck me off, I was still horny as hell. Terry’s cock was within range of my mouth, and since he had yet to cum, I decided to get some more practice sucking.

Terry moaned as I start sucking him. Joe said, “He’s pretty good at that for a straight guy, isn’t he baby?”

“He really is,” Terry agreed, “but I’m not sure if he’s really all that straight.” I knew he was right. I was a full-fledged bisexual now, and while their beautiful cocks were in front of me, I might as well be completely gay. Terry’s cock was quite a bit smaller than Joe’s, about five inches long and not too thick. His cock, balls and ass were completely shaved. I found I could get almost his entire cock in my mouth, and I was quickly bobbing my head up and down on it. I rubbed Terry’s ass, which was so smooth and round that it almost seemed like a woman’s. I wondered if I would get a chance to fuck it. Thinking about that, my finger found its way to his asshole, and I began to lightly tease it. He let out a whimper and started fucking my mouth. Encouraged by this, I started to gently work my finger inside him. I love having my ass fingered while Eve sucked my cock, so I knew how good I was making Terry feel right then. I glanced over at Joe, and he was lazily stroking his big cock, clearly enjoying watching me pleasure his lover.

“Yeah, suck that cock, you hot little slut,” Joe said to me. I loved being talked to like that. My back was pointed toward Joe as I was bent forward sucking Terry, and I wiggled my ass at him. He gave it a slap, and then began to stroke and caress it. I wanted more cum in my mouth right away, so I jammed my finger as far as I could inside Terry’s asshole and pressed on his prostate. He cried out and immediately began to cum. I swallowed the first mouthful, and then coaxed out additional squirts each time I pushed on his prostate. I figured that Terry would want to share another cum kiss, and I was quickly proven right. We didn’t trade it back and forth as much that time before I swallowed it, but we continued making out, grabbing at each other’s bodies as we kissed. When we finally broke away from each other, I was out of breath and my cock was completely hard again. I wasn’t the only one, as Joe was also fully erect again. Terry and I moved over towards him, and Joe kissed us both deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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