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“You wanna play?”

A wide smile brightened your features and your eyes glittered. “I thought you’d never ask.”

“I want something a little different.”

Curiosity wrestled with lust to inform your expression. Kinda hard to tell which was winning. “Do tell. A little different, how?”

I closed the gap between us until I was right up on you. Too close. Invading your space. You didn’t step back though. You simply raised your gaze to meet mine, a question still in your eyes. I looked steadily at you, close enough to press my lips to yours if only I leaned slightly forward. “I want you to surrender all control to me for the night. You do everything I tell you. Everything. Without hesitation and no matter how outrageous. And you do nothing unless I specifically tell you to do it. I want you to be my plaything for the night. You game?”

Your grin widened. “On one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“Tomorrow night, you surrender to me.”

My turn to smile. “Deal.” I reached out and traced a fingertip through your fringe, down the side of your face and throat, onto your collarbone and beneath the neckline of your low-cut tee. Everywhere my finger touched, goosebumps erupted. Your soft, sudden exhalation of breath was not lost on me.

I tugged on your tee. “I wanna see your tits and this thing’s in my way.” As you lifted the garment over your head, I thrust my hand past the waistband of your shorts and into your panties. Just as your shirt was pulled clear of your face, I cupped your mound and watched your eyes squeeze shut. The slick moisture of your arousal seeped onto my fingers. “Wet for me already. You really want this, don’t you?”

Eyes still closed, you simply nodded and purred. “Mmm-hmmm.”

My fingers began massaging your pussy— firm circular strokes one minute and then shifting to feather-light caresses the next. Your hips thrust forward in search of more pressure.

I leaned close and let the words tumble from my lips with a low, animal sound. “You’ll do any filthy thing I tell you, won’t you?”

I pressed a finger between your slippery outer lips and into the warm, wet opening of your cunt, provoking a whimpered, “Yes.”

“And what’s more, you’ll like it.” It wasn’t a question, but you answered anyway with another groaning, drawn out “Yesss.”

Your sex clutched possessively around the intruding digit. I moved closer still, blew a hot breath over your collarbone and drove the full length of my finger into you. Not bothering to tease you, I took up a firm, steady rhythm.

A telling moan filled the air along with the wet sounds of me fucking you manually. I studied your face, gauging your every breath and movement. Seemed like an excellent time to grind the heel of my palm against your clit while I pushed a second finger into you.

You gasped and your hand shot out to a nearby chair for support, your eyes pinching tighter. I was enjoying your struggle for self-control and focus. It was precisely that self-control I was determined to wrest from you and I was delighted by how quickly your restraint was evaporating.

The force and tempo of my thrusts escalated, bringing forth several vigorous shudders from your body as the tension inside you seemed to build exponentially.

Your chest rose and fell rapidly, your other hand reaching out to grip the chair in an effort to remain upright. Your body thrummed at the bidding of my fingers. Your legs quivered and your hips began to jog in time to my hand. I felt the inner walls of your pussy begin to contract around my fingers. My free hand shoved one of your bra cups down and grabbed the breast within. My thumb and forefinger closed around the jutting nipple and twisted.

“Fuck… Oh fuck, I’m gonna…,” you panted, eyes still closed, thighs trembling.

“No!” I snatched my hand from your shorts. Your eyes flew open, struggled to focus on my face, then looked questioningly at me.

“Not yet.”

The way you chewed your lower lip suggested that you were struggling mightily to maintain your composure, until at last a wicked grin blossomed on your features. “Don’t forget, it’ll be my turn tomorrow.”

“True, but right now, your ass is mine. Turn around.”

You spun to face away from me.

“Pull your pants down.” Your pink and white shorts puddled at your feet, though a pair of lacy white panties were still snugly fitted across the curves of your delectable bottom. “These too.” I snatched the frilly garment down until it joined your shorts around your ankles. I noticed how the underwear’s gusset glistened.

“Bend over and grab your ankles.” You complied, but looked up at me. “You sure you wanna go th…?”

Whack. The sound of my palm against your buttocks was surprisingly loud in the otherwise silent room. As was the gust of breath that escaped your lips.

Whack. Whack. Whack. Whack. After each successive blow, your grunt came faster on its heels as you began to brace for them.

I knelt beside you while you continued to grasp Siirt Escort your ankles. My face was close enough to yours for me to see beads of sweat beginning to form. “You haven’t forgotten already, have you? You belong to me tonight. Everything I tell you and nothing else, unless I say. So no back-sass. No talk of any kind unless I ask you a question. Got it?”


I rub my palm meaningfully over the tender, blushing curve of your cheeks. “Got it?”


“Yaknow, it occurs to me that since you’ve agreed to be so biddable, I’d like you to refer to me as ‘master’ for the rest of the night. Understood?”

There was a pause before I heard you reply in hushed tones. “Yes, master.” It was delectable to hear you bring that cut glass accent to bear on such a submissive response.

Still kneeling by your side, I continued caressing your derrière as I kissed your forehead. “Good girl.” My hand slid from your ass to your inner thigh to find it glazed with your juices. “Jesus. Doesn’t seem like you’re hating this.” My fingers swirled in the stickiness, then pressed against your clit. That caused a fresh flow to spill onto my fingers. I brought them around to smear your own cream all around your nostrils and lips. Reaching back again to the source, I gathered more wetness and thrust my well-coated fingers into your mouth to let you taste your own wantonness. After you suckled, lapped and cleaned every digit thoroughly, I removed them from your mouth. and returned them to your gushing cunt.

“You’re just aching to be fucked, aren’t you?”

Another hesitation, as if you were learning how to say the words. “Yes, master.”

I daubed more cuntjuice all over your face, interspersed with butterfly kisses. “You’re such a good girl, I’m gonna fuck you till your eyes change colour. Gonna pump my cock into that pretty little mouth, that sweet pussy and then ram my meat into that tight asshole and spunk in your bowels. Would you like that?”

I was certain your breathing quickened. “Yes, master.”

“Now go and grab whatever vibes you can find, some lube too and bring them back here.”

I was amused to see there was no hesitation in your response. As you rose to obey, I grabbed your arm. “Hold still a second.” Unhooking your bra, which was still askew, I tossed the unwanted garment on top of the t-shirt and shorts you’d abandoned on the floor. With one more swat on your already rouged bottom, I sent you scurrying in your quest for toys. As you hurried from the room, I couldn’t help but notice the glistening at the top of your flashing legs.

I heard you rummaging in our bedroom when I glanced down my front to spy the obvious bulge at my crotch. I was also suddenly aware of the precum spilling into my underwear. This change of pace was turning out to be an excellent idea.

When you returned to me with several vibrators and a tube of K-Y lubricant, I was pleased to see eagerness in your expression. I jerked my thumb in the direction of the small lamp table beside the chair you’d been holding onto for support. “Put them there.” You obeyed, then returned to stand expectantly in front of me. My gaze wandered down your body, noting your laboured breathing, swollen nipples and the sheen of sweat that accentuated your musculature. You were shifting your weight subtly from one leg to the other, like a young child whose anticipation couldn’t be contained.

“Undress me.” You unbuttoned my shirt hastily; another sign of your eagerness. Draping my shirt over the back of the chair, you knelt down to remove my shoes and shocks. Your movements, as always, were informed by grace, though I detected a slight tremor careering through you.

When you stood again to unbuckle my belt, the smell of your arousal wafted up to my nostrils, accentuated by the sexfluids I’d spread over your features.

Once my pants were off, you hooked your fingers into the waistband of my briefs and dragged them down my hips, which caused my dripping cock to bounce comically. Your hand reached for it until I grabbed a handful of your hair and redirected your attention to my face. “Ah-ah-ahhh,” I chirped in a sing-song voice as I waggled my finger. “You’re gonna havta toss your initiative out the window tonight, sweet. You don’t do anything unless I tell you.”

Your eyes searched my features. “You’re really getting off on this. I never realised this was your thing.”

“Me neither, but it’s kinda hard to argue with the evidence.” I looked down at my erection and you followed suit. The length of it was red and slick, a thread of precum drooling from the tip and reaching all the way down to a small puddle I’d made on the floor. I pulled your head up to look at me again. “I can’t seem to get you to remember. No talking unless I ask you something.”

My hands gripped your shoulders and faced you away from me. “Grab your ankles again.” Once your shapely bottom was presented to me, my open palm sliced into it five times in rapid succession. I saw you brace Sinop Escort for the impact each time, so I paused for several moments before delivering another sharp slap across the back of your thigh. Your body jerked in surprise. “You’re anticipating me, hon. You should know better.”

The blush on your cheeks was intense. “Turn around and look at me.” You were biting your lower lip and your eyes were watering, but you looked unwaveringly into my eyes.

“Get on your knees and put your hands behind your back.”

After you’d done what you were told, your eyes were about level with my still-slobbering dick. A fresh globule was forming at the tip and it seemed to have your full attention. You looked as if you were about to lick your lips, but caught yourself in mid-action.

“I want you to kiss my feet.”

Your expression was incredulous, but when you realised I wasn’t kidding, you bent to your task, hands still behind you. As your lips pressed against my feet, I murmured, “Good girl. That feels lovely. Keep it up until I tell you to stop.”

While you continued with your assignment, planting soft kisses and feathering my feet with your tongue, I marvelled at the sculpted musculature of your back in full view beneath me. Admired the way it tapered to a cinched waist, then flared to that taut, but gorgeously rounded ass that never failed to arouse me. In fact, the bead of precum that had bloomed on my cockhead, had now expanded and elongated until a thick rope of it unspooled into your hair beneath it.


You raised your torso to kneel erect at my feet, your face turned up at me.

“Turn around.”

You moved to stand but were quickly rebuffed by me giving you the open-palmed universal signal to halt. “I don’t recall telling you to rise, beautiful.”

Resuming your position on your knees and with your hands still behind you, you shuffled awkwardly around until you were facing away from me.

“Head on the floor; ass in the air.” As soon as you were in position, I knelt beside you, leaning forward until my mouth was beside your ear. “I want you to reach behind you and spread your cheeks as widely as you can. Show me… everything.” That last word came out in something like a growl. You submitted without protest and I stood to look with wonder and lust at the sight of you so shamelessly exposed.

Taking the lube from the table, I turned it upside down and positioned it directly above your asscrack. A squeeze of the tube sent a stream of clear, viscous fluid spattering onto your backside. The cool, syrupy stuff began to ooze into the valley between your cheeks. It gathered in the crinkles of your asshole, then slid on down to grease the folds of your pussy.

Turning to the table, I glanced with delight at the little stash of toys you’d brought me. I was even more pleased when I saw that the Lelo was fully charged. I picked up that sleek favourite of yours and knelt behind your kneeling form. You were still obediently holding yourself open for me and I observed your copious spill mingling with the trickling lubricant to create a steady drip onto the carpet beneath you. The lewd spectacle stoked my already seething libido. I set the device to short, radiating and expanding pulses on its lowest setting.

You couldn’t see what was going on behind you, but I knew you recognised the sound of the Lelo’s vigorous engine. Though the answer to my question was absurdly obvious, I took pleasure in asking it anyway: “You ready for this?”

“Yes.” your voice was barely audible, but I still heard the quiver in it.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, master.”

“How badly do you want it?”

It must’ve been maddening to hear the hum of the thing so close, yet to be denied the sensation of it. Which was borne out by your response:

“Desperately.” Your forehead pressed against the carpet.

“You’re such a good girl. Let me give you what you need.”

I barely touched the thrumming fucktoy to your swollen lips, but the sensation was so long anticipated it wrenched a needful moan from your throat. Your hips shoved back at me, seeking more sensation. I pulled the vibe away and brought a resounding slap across your left cheek.

“Don’t be so greedy. Keep still. I’m in control here, love.”

After you’d settled down, I slid the pulsing device through your saturated, unfurling petals again. Teasing all the nerve endings while I inhaled the musky perfume of your lust. I pushed the vibe through slippery folds until it was seated nearly all the way inside you, still whirring and throbbing. Over the sound of the motor, I heard you mewling and gasping.

Reaching over to to the table again, this time I selected a smaller, bullet-shaped purple plaything. I slathered it through your cuntlips until it was covered in thick cream. Twisting the dial, I set it to vibrating and pressed it to your pucker, holding it there, stimulating all the crinkles, making your nerve-endings sing. You yelped in response. The yelp Şırnak Escort became a sob. Your hips, already active, began to quake. As I pushed the second toy inside your nether opening, you made a sound I can’t describe other than to say it was naked want. I pressed the vibe further in until only the tail end of it could be seen.

In the meantime, you writhed and wriggled, moaned and gasped with two vibrators shoved up inside you, buzzing at different speeds. I could only imagine the storm going on within you. I felt the heat rising from your pussy. The raw smell of sex filled my nostrils.

I’m a firm believer in overkill, so I picked up a third sextoy from the table. A lavender model, similar in size to the Lelo, though nowhere near as stylish. It would suit my purpose though. I pressed a button and it came to life in my hand. My free hand reached underneath you, sliding up your sweating tummy and ribs until I cupped your breast, squeezing it, plucking at the nipple. At the same time, I circled the third shivering vibe over and around your mound, occasionally glancing on your clit. Bringing you to a white heat, feeling you shudder and hearing you groan my name.

Putting the lavender device down for a moment, I turned up the dial on the toy in your ass, then increased the intensity of the Lelo in your pussy.

As soon as I pressed the third plaything firmly against your pouting clit, it sent you hurtling over the top. Every shred of decency and composure vanished like smoke. Howling and convulsing, your entire body was overwhelmed by sensation and beset by animal lust. Cum drizzled onto the rug beneath you. The vibes were expelled from your cunt and asshole by the intensity of your spasms.

Time seemed to stand still, as every muscle in that magnificent physique of yours clenched and released. At last, you slumped forward with a long exhalation, ass still tilted upward.

Godalmighty, I was turned on. After what I’d just seen and the overpowering scent of your arousal, how could I not be?

Grabbing hold of your asscheeks, I lifted and drew them apart, staring in wonder at the way the tension opened your anus slightly. I began to rim your hole. Quick little licks at first, enough to have you gasping and your pucker clenching. Then I furled my tongue and plunged it in. Assfucking you with my mouth.

When I felt you approaching orgasm again, I knelt behind you, grabbed my rigid pole and nudged at your back door. “Do you want this? You want me to fuck your shithole?”

“Ohgodyes. Please.”

I dealt a smack that surely left your cheek stinging. “What are you forgetting?”

“Please, master.” A plaintive wail. No hesitation anymore about saying the word.

I doused my cock in your dripping folds, then brought the tip back up to your asshole, spreading your juices over the crinkles while you whimpered your longing.

When I began to ease into that resistant bundle of muscle, my joy was as great as yours. As I pushed, you pushed back. My hardness forcing open your sphincter, levering apart the reluctant flesh to bury itself deeper. I heard the hiss of your breath as the tight sheath gripped me all the way to my balls.

You snarled over your shoulder, “Fuck me, dammit. Fuck me.”

Like you, I was too far gone to play the role anymore. I simply grabbed your hips, slid my cock out, then ploughed as deeply into your rectum as I could go. Using your hips as handles, I began to plunge into you, ravaging your ass, lost in overpowering need. I thrust faster and harder, hips driving mercilessly, balls slapping against your drenched cunt. I revelled in the shameless sounds you made with each dirty thrust.

The need to spunk was becoming urgent. FuckFuckFuck. Almost there. The inexorable spiral of pleasure coiling in my brain.

As I teetered on the edge of orgasm, I wanted to take you with me, so I snatched one of the still vibrating toys from the carpet and brought it to your clit. I felt you spasm, constricting around my cock.

You roared as you came again, your ass slamming back on my cock, gripping my length in a vice. Your whole body shook and shivered in waves. Tipped me over into a hurtling rush that detonated behind my eyes in a riot of light and sensation. Nerve ends shrieking. Voice bellowing. My seed surging along my shaft, until I jetted steaming ropes of cum into your bowels.

When I finally returned to this reality, I found myself lying atop you in a sweaty heap, both of us gasping for air. My softening prick was still buried in your ass, leaking jizz.

“Jesusfuck,” you finally groaned. “How long has that filthy little fantasy been whirring inside your brain?”

I rolled off you to lie beside you on my back. “Since just now. I mean, I’ve thought about how hot it would be to have you submit to me, or for me to surrender to you, but I wasn’t sure how it would work in reality. I decided it was past time to find out.”

“I’m glad you did, cos that was incredible. You better brace yourself though, cos this has inspired me to go crazy on you tomorrow, sweetie. No holds barred.”

I couldn’t stop grinning. I had no idea what you had in store, but thought of the possibilities had me as excited as a boy on Christmas Eve. Too excited to wait a whole ‘nother day.

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