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I’ve always had a big cock! I mean not gargantuan, but even from a young age, almost always in the changing rooms at the gym or at the pool, I was noticeably bigger than most guys. It was to be expected though. I knew this because I came from a family of athletes. My dad and all his brothers were, hell even my mom was an athlete and so were her brothers. Speaking of that because we all worked out and swam and were into a lot of sports so we constantly saw each other naked. My dad was hung and so were his brothers, and so were my mom’s brothers. As I got older and it was noticeable my dad talked to me about it one day, he told me never to be vain about out, or make someone smaller feel bad as cocks were just the luck of the draw, you got what you got.

He told me not to let it define me. You’re handsome with gorgeous blue eyes, long thick eyelashes a great face and a great smile. From genetics alone, you have a great body but with all the swimming, running and sports it just keeps getting better and better. You will be much happier in life if you are defined as the handsome young man with the beautiful eyes and the great smile, who just happens to have a big cock. If you’re a show-off or brag, you will just be the guy with the big cock, do you understand?

I was young, but I guess I understood as I saw lots of guys in the locker room at least glance at my cock, and theirs were usually much smaller. Girls and guys alike would notice the bulge in my speedo, but the girls mostly commented on my eyes, eyelashes or the bolder ones mentioned my butt.

The summer before high school my body really kicked into developing and I had a nice muscular body. I liked it that my body hair had become more than just a bush and pits thing, and even though it was mostly blonde, with a good tan it made my stomach and chest hair much more visible.

I first had sex in my sophomore year and found out that I could control when I wanted to cum, and that I could cum several times. Word started getting out with the girls that I was hung and I was good in bed, and the next thing I know I’m regularly fucking a girl who was new in town and on a two-year college program and I was still in high school.

I LOVED eating pussy and she loved me doing it. She taught me a lot about sex, and I’ll never forget it!

It was funny that I wanted an athletic scholarship, but studying came very easy to me and I got great grades, so most of the scholarships offered to me had little or nothing to do with sports. My parents convinced me to take a full boat offer from a fairly prestigious college on the east coast as having a degree from there would propel me into my career with ease.

My freshman year at the east coast college was totally different totally different from Socal. I grew up in an area where my family had been for generations so I was known pretty much known where ever I was. Dating was “way” different on the east coast with an almost mandatory 3 date minimum before sex. I was busy with my mecidiyeköy escort studies, and since I wasn’t involved in any one particular sport, I spent a lot of time at the gym and swimming whenever I could to keep myself in shape and increase muscle mass.

One day at the gym, I was feeling pretty randy, I hadn’t been laid in almost two weeks, it was a heavy weight day and I was pumped and charged. My balls felt hugely full and my cock was somewhat fluffed. I noticed a guy I’d seen before named Steve, he was a junior I think, I was standing at my locker naked and he was at his locker a couple away. Mine was an upper locker and his was lower. He knelt down to get his shower supplies and that put him right at eye level with my cock. He said, “I’m glad you don’t do all that manscaping like a lot of the guys do, natural looks much more masculine!”

I glanced down at this face and smiled and noticed his eyes locked on my cock, and then couldn’t help notice his average size cock fully hard and standing straight up! I’m not a homophobe, but the first thing I thought was why does he care? The whole thing was making me feel kind of weird and the worst thing was that my cock was now fluffing even more. I told him thanks, or something then grabbed my stuff and headed to the showers. Just a couple of minutes later Steve was in the showers two, there was no one else around, and he leaned over and quietly said, “I’m pretty sure I could deep throat you!”

It’s amazing the thoughts that can go through your head and how quickly they can pass through. The first thought was, no one had ever deep throated me, the second thought was fuck, this is a dude, the third thought was, we might get caught.

I realized that even thinking that thought meant that on some level I was actually considering this! I didn’t know what to answer, of course, I wanted some head, but I’d never done anything with a dude. I’d seen guys who were pretty straight doing some things that would be considered gay, but it really seemed that the lines on that were becoming more and more blurred.

I didn’t answer or say no, and before I knew it Steve dropped to his knees. He wrapped his fist around my swelling cock very close to the base and raised the swelling head to his mouth. He ran his wet tongue around the head and then basically suctioned my entire cock into his mouth and then into his throat. So very quickly his lips and nose were buried in my full bush and my entire cock was inside his mouth with over half of it buried in his throat.

I felt his tongue caressing the underside of my cock, and his throat muscles massaging most of the shaft, and in one move he tightened his lips around the base of my cock then slowly slid his head back until the head of my cock popped out of his lips with a plopping sound and it was now damn near totally hard.

Just then we both heard the door to the locker room open, he got off his knees and moved over a couple of shower etiler escort heads and I turned my back to shower entrance and quickly switched the temperature to a much colder level.

Soon another guy joined the first who came into the shower and they were involved in a conversation about lats and quads, so it wasn’t too difficult to get my still semi-hard cock out of the shower and not be seen.

Steve was dressed and at his locker. He handed me a slip of paper with his number and address and quietly said, “I have a cooler of ice cold beer, come by we’ll finish what we started.” He quickly turned and left.

I liked Steve’s discretion, and it only took about three heartbeats to feel the swelling start in my cock again. So I guess I made my decision in three heartbeats!

I kind of had butterflies in my stomach on my way to Steve’s. Sure I had done a few things messing around with guys, especially at jock parties. It appeared to me, that for some reason many of them felt that they needed to do some gay things to prove that they weren’t gay. However, after a while, it appeared that many of them enjoyed the interaction and did it more and more frequently.

At one party, Kevin the quarterback moved in to kiss me with a pat on the butt for a great play I’d made in a pick-up game at the park. So not too look too reserved I moved in and kissed him first. It was just a peck and I figured that would suffice. But not to be outdone, he grabbed me, kissed me full, on the mouth, when I started to pull away and opened my mouth to say something, he grabbed the back of my head and we had a full-on, open mouth kiss. It didn’t go on too long, and some of the guys cheered as they usually do when two hot guys do something sexually wild, and I felt kind of weird about it because it wasn’t disgusting like I expected it to be. I was also a bit surprised to see that a few guys went off to a darkened corner and I’m sure there was some cocksucking going on. It was kind of hot to think that sex was happening, but even when Kevin kind of nodded to a corner and I figured he wanted to suck me, I declined. Hell, I was getting plenty of pussy, so I wasn’t offended but didn’t feel the need.

I texted Steve that I was 2 minutes away and he met me at the door with a beer he had just pulled out of a cooler. With the nervousness and the icy temperature of the beer, I downed it quickly! He grabbed us another one and we stood in his kitchen and talked for a while.

He complimented my cock and told me how much he liked sucking it. I felt it necessary to show my straightness and told him I could kind of understand that as I LOVE to eat pussy. He asked me about it a bit and I filled him in on how a college girl had shown me some kind of kinky stuff when I was in high school and I just loved making a girl moan from licking her!

I was getting boned talking about sex and more boned noticing Steve checking the swelling going on in my shorts. He lead us to the kağıthane escort living room and got me to stand in front of a very comfortable chair and started licking the inside of my thighs and making his way to my heavy and low hanging balls! I’m going to tell you that he hadn’t even touched my cock yet, and I was as turned on as I had ever been.

Steve was taking his time and I could tell he was savoring this, so I just decided to lay back and see what all he did, to see just how good he was at what he called one of his favorite sports.

I was now relaxing into this and looking down at Steve, he had somehow slipped out of his clothes and for the first time I took in his body. He has a pretty slim frame and a well-toned body, not much muscle, not skinny, just slim but tight!

After a while, I decided to let my head loll back and just enjoy what Steve was doing. Slowly he made his way to my cock and started licking up the thick shaft until his tongue was teasing that sensitive area where the head meets the shaft, and I was now moaning.

I just kept allowing Steve to do his thing as everything he did felt amazing!

He finally took the head of my now throbbing cock into his mouth and began slobbering all over it. First off no chick had ever gotten my cock that sloppy and wet and it felt great. He never used his hands unless he needed to position my cock or pull it into his mouth as he how had it so hard when he released it, it would slap up against my hard abs!

The most amazing thing was when after he had my cock so wet his spit was dripping off of my balls, he wrapped his lips around the head and very slowly started the long descent and every so gently took every millimeter of my cock into his mouth. I know I moaned pretty loud when the head of my cock first passed through the opening of his wet and tight throat!

Soon I was sitting in a chair in a guy’s living room with my shorts around my ankles and had for the first time in my life got to experience my thick 8.5″ cock sliding into a tight, wet throat!

Yes I was sorry it wasn’t a chick doing it, but right now I couldn’t be picky. Besides, plenty of chicks had sucked my cock, and several of them tried to deep throat me. I had to give them an “A” for effort, but it had never happened until right this second!

At first, I felt Steve’s throat somewhat gagging, and I had to admit that felt good and kind of made my head swell at the thought of what my big cock was doing to him. He then started slowly just letting my cock in and out of his throat but never letting it all the way out of his mouth. I’d always had great cum control, but Steve’s actions were having an effect on me that made me want to cum a lot faster than I’d experienced with a chick.

I was just about to tap him out for a few seconds as I was NOT ready to let this happen when he slowly backed off to the tip. Steve wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, moved up and kissed me lightly. Then I was surprised when he moved back to toward my cock, but instead of taking it in his mouth. He turned around, spread his legs wide, bent his face and chest to the floor, then turned his face toward me and said, “You said you love eating pussy, if you eat my ass like a pussy, you can fuck it like a pussy, as hard, as long and as many times as you want!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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