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Harvey Workman is a shy and sensitive young man. He is easily swayed and led by others. When Harvey was 18, he was talked into sucking his first cock.

Since that time, Harvey has become a cum addict, and a bottom, as well.

Harvey came from a solid family with a doting mother. A mother that was probably overly protective of her shy young son. He had two older sisters that were also very protective of their sibling.

Needless to say, his family life probably contributed greatly to Harvey being able to be talked into almost anything.

At 18, Harvey let his cousin Mark talk him into sucking his cock. Mark felt the shy Harvey might be gay and took the chance to broach the subject. Shyness is sometimes mistaken for being gay.

At that point, Harvey was not overtly gay and had no particular feelings for men, but that was about to change. When Mark pulled Harvey’s head down and inserted his cock in Harvey’s mouth, without knowing it, Harvey had found his true calling. Harvey was about to become a cock sucking homosexual with a love for cock and cum.

When Mark erupted and blew a huge load of cum in Harvey’s mouth, the shy lad greedily swallowed it all noting how much he loved the bittersweet taste. The shy Momma’s boy was officially gay.

Over time, while sucking Mark, Harvey honed his cock sucking skills. He was now ready to find more cocks to suck, and more balls to drain.

At age 19, Harvey was particularly drawn to an instructor at the Junior College he attended. But being shy, he was conflicted as to how to approach his teacher, a 45-year-old married man. All Harvey knew was he wanted to suck Mr. Jenkins’s cock.

Unbeknown bursa escort to Harvey, Mr. Jenkins had a penchant for young male cocksuckers, as they usually proved to be far better cocksuckers than women.

Mr. Jenkins took Harvey’s shyness as a sign that he might be gay. In this instance, he was correct. Mr. Jenkins decided to test his feelings about Harvey and asked him to stay after class.

Mr. Jenkins asked, “Harvey do you have any idea why I wanted you to stay after class Today?”

Harvey replied, “No sir.”

“Well Harvey, excuse me if I’m incorrect, but I sense you might be gay,” Mr. Jenkins said.

“What makes you say that sir?” Harvey asked.

“I have a sense about these things, and I love having my cock sucked,” replied Mr. Jenkins.

Harvey was taken back and was tongue tied unable to respond.

“Come Harvey, if you’re not, we will forget the whole thing,” Mr. Jenkins said.

Harvey, finally managed to stammer out, “Yes sir, I’m a cocksucker.”

Mr. Jenkins was hearing what he suspected, and his cock had grown hard, and was throbbing. He needed this young man to suck him off. He withdrew his hard cock and simply said. “Suck it.”

Harvey immediately dropped to his knees and engulfed the hard cock in front of him. Mr. Jenkins moaned.

Harvey was sucking the big hard cut cock of Mr. Jenkins something he had only dreamed of.

Mr. Jenkins’s cock was even better than he had hoped for, and Harvey used all of his cock sucking skills to service this awesome cock. It is not clear who was enjoying it more.

The thought ran through Mr. Jenkins mind, if only my wife could suck altıparmak escort like this young man. As he approached orgasm, Mr. Jenkins thought, oh my god, I want to fuck him.

Putting his thoughts aside, Mr. Jenkins plunged his cock in, and held, as he erupted sending copious amount of cum in Harvey’s mouth, which the young man greedily swallowed. The orgasm he experienced was awesome. Harvey had just given Mr. Jenkins his best blow job ever.

Over the following weeks, Harvey became Mr. Jenkins personal cock sucker and sucked him after every class till the end of the semester, at which time, Mr. Jenkins informed Harvey he wanted to fuck him. Harvey was stunned and surprised. As much as Harvey loved sucking cock, he had not ever contemplated being fucked by a man.

“If you want to continue sucking my cock, you will have to give up your ass to me,” said Mr. Jenkins.

Hearing that stunned Harvey. No way he wanted to give up sucking Mr. Jenkins. What am I going to do he thought. Finally, Harvey said, “Okay sir, I’m willing to give it a try.”

Wow, that was easy thought Mr. Jenkins. I would never give up these great blow jobs, ass or no ass.

“Get naked Harvey,” said Mr. Jenkins

Harvey slowly removed his clothes, as Mr. Jenkins viewed Harvey’s smooth body. Damn, why have I not fucked him before thought Mr. Jenkins. He looks amazing.

When nude, Harvey was instructed to lie face down on the couch. Mr. Jenkins spread Harvey’s legs and crawled between them. Using his hands Mr. Jenkins spread Harvey’s ass checks and snaked out his tongue making contact with Harvey’s ass hole. This caused görükle escort Harvey to involuntarily jerk.

Mr. Jenkins continued to rim Harvey causing the lad to quiver and shake. Harvey was soon in a serious state of arousal. His cock had gotten very hard. So hard it hurt. Then he felt a warm liquid being poured on his ass hole, Mr. Jenkins was lubing him. Mr. Jerkins inserted an oiled finger in Harvey’s rectum. The feeling was amazing to Harvey.

The next thing Harvey knew, he felt Mr. Jenkins hard cock being presented to his rosebud. Once insertion began, Harvey felt a sharp stab of pain, as Mr. Jenkins’s cock made entry. Harvey stifled a scream. Once the hard cock burst passed Harvey’s sphincter muscle, The searing pain began to ease. As the hard cock made contact with Harvey’s prostate, a warm wonderful feeling began to overtake Harvey and the pain disappeared. Unbeknown to Harvey, he was leaking precum.

Finally, Mr. Jenkins achieved balls to the wall. Harvey had taken the entire cock.

Mr. Jenkins began to slowly fuck Harvey building up speed as he did.

Soon Harvey was being slam fucked, and the feeling was exquisite, as Harvey shouted out, “Yes fuck me.”

That was music to Mr. Jenkins ears. As Mr. Jenkins fucked his way to orgasm, cum was leaking from Harvey’s cock, and Harvey felt an orgasm building deep within his core. Harvey was about to experience his first anal orgasm.

When Mr. Jenkins unleashed a torrent of cum deep in Harvey’s bowels, it sent Harvey over the edge, and he blew a huge load of cum, as the anal orgasm hit him.

Harvey was one well fucked young man and Mr. Jenkins was one sated middle age man.

Mr. Jenkins decided that sex with his wife in no way measured up to sex with Harvey, and decided to leave her.

Once he was established in a new apartment, Mr. Jenkins asked Harvey to move in with him. Harvey quickly accepted, and he and Mr. Jenkins became more than sex partners, they became lovers.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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