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I hear a knock at the door and drop what I am doing to answer it. You are standing there looking cuter than ever. “Hello, Anna, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine Mr. Johnson, but I have a problem,” you tell me. I can’t help noticing your hair is up in a makeshift bun and you are wearing a t-shirt and some short shorts.

“What’s going on? What do you need?” I ask. Then I hear something from the other room and holler, “It’s Anna, she needs my help.” I hear a faint acknowledgement.

You begin to tell me about how your tub is not draining and you need to take a shower before a big date this evening. I tell you that I am going to grab some tools and a plunger and follow you back to your place.

We get to your place and sure enough, the tub has a few inches of water and not draining. I notice a pair of panties and a matching bra on the floor by the tub. They look pretty sexy, but I try not to stare. I get to work with the plunger and try to unclog the drain. I am not having much success. So I grab a screwdriver and see you standing in the doorway watching me. You tell me “I find men who can fix things really hot!”

I blush and stammer out a thank you. I use the screwdriver to remove the screw holding down the strainer over the drain. I grab a pair of needle-nose pliers and start pulling out the hair that is clogging the drain. I pull out a Ankara Escort couple of clumps of wet hair and the water starts to drain. “You did it!” I hear you squeal. “Thank you, so much!”

I tell you to try the shower again to see if it continues to drain like it should. We shimmy past one another in the small bathroom as your pert nipples graze the front of my chest. I feel something start to swell in my pant. Something I haven’t felt in a while. You bend over the tub to turn on the water and I get a great view of your stunning ass. The swelling in pants is increasing and becomes a little visible. The water begins to spurt out of the shower head and all over you. Your t-shirt gets all wet. The cold water has a dramatic effect on your nipples! You turn around with your eyes covered in wet hair and you stumble. I reach out to grab you so you don’t fall and get a handful of tit! A soft, yet firm tit! I probably held on a little longer than I should but just couldn’t help myself. Your hard nipple was poking into my palm and I had to squeeze just one more time before quickly letting go. I mumbled out an ‘oops’ or something stupid. You just giggled and said, “No problem, it felt kind of good.”

I don’t know what came over me. We were standing face-to-face. You in a wet t-shirt and me just gawking at you. I leaned in and gave you a quick Antalya Escort kiss. You put your arms around me, pulled me in, and gave me a real kiss. Your tongue pressed against my lips and I parted them slightly. You stuck your tongue in and found by tongue. I grabbed you tightly and we kissed. Not just a kiss, a deep, soulful kiss. A kiss that sent electricity straight to my burgeoning cock. You pressed yourself into my growing erection which just increased the stiffness. We continued to kiss passionately. My hands found their way down to your luscious ass. I pulled you in tighter, grinding my crotch into yours. To my surprise you pulled back. You could see the look of shock and disappointment on my face. You just put your finger to my mouth and said, “Wait.”

I didn’t have to wait long. You crossed your arms and grabbed the bottom of your t-shirt pulling it off in one swift motion. If I had been a cartoon character, my eyes would have popped out of my head on springs! They were magnificent, full yet pert and sassy! You grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me hard. We parted and you guided my mouth onto your hardened nipple. I kissed and sucked and licked it with abandon. While I was enjoying the delicious dessert in front of me, you began to unbuckle my pants. I sucked your tit and you shimmied me out of my pants. As my Antep Escort stiff cock burst out of my boxers, you moaned, “Oh my, Mr. Johnson it’s so big!”

You dropped to your knees and gave the head a kiss. It jumped, and you giggled. You did not waste any more time. You gave it a quick lick to moisten the tip and swallowed half of my dick. You continued to fellate me with expertise borne only by practice and passion. I leaned back against the sink and enjoyed the first blowjob I’d received in years. The combination of your skill and youthfulness brought me to climax quickly. “I’m going to cum,” I told you. You just hummed an okay.

My body began to shake and shiver as I erupted years of pent-up lust into your warm, talented mouth. You continued to suck me and swallow until there was nothing left and I had gone somewhat limp. I put my fingers under your chin and lifted you to me. I kissed you. I slid my tongue into your mouth tasting the sweetness of you mixed with the saltiness of me. I pulled away and said, “Thank you.”

“No, Mr. Johnson, thank you! I’m so worked up; my date’s not going to know what hit him!”

I pulled my pants up and arrange myself to look somewhat presentable when I got home. I grabbed my tools and turned to walk out of the bathroom. Before I reached the front door, you called, “Mr. Johnson, just a sec.” I turned and you gave me another hard, passionate kiss and stuck something in my pocket.

As I turned at the end of your driveway towards my house, I stuck my hand in my pocket and felt something smooth and silky. I pulled just enough out to see that you’d given me your panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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