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It was dark. No one could see anything. Sweaty bodies were using their senses enhanced by adrenaline to find their way. I was one of them. I lost count how many random hands touched my chest, my face, my shoulders or my ass. Some of them lingered a little longer than necessary. Others even tried to slip their fingers under my short tight skirt. I didn’t mind. I just kept on walking, following the crowd. Dance floor was the destination.

Finally some lights appeared around the corner — sparse, haphazard. One moment you can see the face of the person in front of you, the next — yet again you’re not sure where you are.

The music felt tribal thanks to the live drums in the corner of the room. I could feel the beat with every part of my body. I let go. I let the rhythm take over. I felt free and uninhibited.


After a while I went to grab a drink at the bar. It was crowded and so I had to wait, while consistently getting closer and closer to the bartender. When I finally stood leaning against the counter, although still waiting to be served, I felt a firm hand on my ass. There were too many people around me to be able to turn and check whose hand it was. It was also too loud to throw that question in the air. I let the hand stay where it was. But it moved. It started to gently massage my ass with occasional squeeze: nice, strong, and decisive. I had to make a small step to the right — the hand followed. Again. And again. By the time I got to order, all I wanted was for that hand to move in between my legs. But it didn’t happen. I got my drink and suddenly the hand was gone. Disappointed and wet I returned to the dance floor.


As I danced, there were people coming and going, brushing against Ataşehir escort bayan me with their bodies. Some stayed a bit and danced in front of me or to my side. There were bold hands running up and down my body. There were beautiful round asses shaken in front of me, as if asking to be grabbed, held on to. They didn’t have to wait long. I was becoming more and more aroused still feeling that last squeeze from the bar on my ass. I answered all the pleas: I held the hands that were reaching out towards me; I was swaying my body in response to those stroking my sides; I rocked my ass when someone came from behind.

And then this girl came — I knew it was a girl, because of how soft her skin was, even though her hair was short and her chest really flat underneath the fitted t-shirt. She came really close. Her face was right there by my cheek. She smelled of sweat and herbs. Her hands were on my hips by now. Mine kept touching the velvet of her forearms — up and down. Then I moved my hands onto her torso, a bit towards the back, caressing her to the rhythm pulsating in my whole body. I don’t know how long we were dancing like this, but the next thing I realized was that I was pinned against the wall. Her face, still so close to mine, now leaned forward even more. The softest of lips kissed my neck; the gentlest of tongues licked the salty skin of my jawline. She was firm and calm. There was no rush. While being kissed, I put my hands on her tight ass. It fit perfectly in my hands and I couldn’t help but squeeze it time and time again. I don’t know if she heard me, but her lips and her tongue were driving me insane — I started to moan. She must have felt something, because suddenly she grabbed my Escort Ümraniye face with her both hands, looked at me with great intensity and then finally, finally kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes and completely gave in. Her lips felt even softer now. Her tongue, however, lost its gentleness and together with her teeth fucked my mouth. Her left hand moved down, just beneath my neck and pressed down on sternum, while the right one directed my head. She pressed her entire body against mine rubbing my clit with her raised thigh. One of my hands stayed on her ass, while the fingers of the other sank in her back.

She made just enough space in between us to slip her slim fingers into my panties. I was soaking wet by then. She firmly grabbed my pussy through the underwear, while looking straight into my eyes almost as if it was a challenge of some sort. Then she pushed the wet fabric out of the way and shoved three of her fingers into my welcoming pussy, which was dying for attention for the last little while. I moaned, probably screamed actually. She knew how to touch a woman, yet she was so decisive and firm that I was never certain what she’ll do to me next. It didn’t matter though. By then, I would’ve let her do whatever she felt like: fuck me with a strap-on, finger fuck my asshole, bite the hell out of my erect nipples. She continued to kiss and bite my face and neck, occasionally choking me, all while fucking me like a maniac with her three slender fingers with her thumb on my clit.

It was too much. Fuck, it was too much. I gathered all the will I had and turned her around. Now I was pinning her against the wall. I took a step back, waited for the light to illuminate her body, and memorized Bostancı escort its topography. She was beautiful: so boyish and sexy, and still feminine. Just hot. Really hot. She smiled that challenging smile at me as if asking “what the fuck are you waiting for?” I happily obeyed. I couldn’t wait to suck on her long neck, to caress her perky tits, to slip my hand inside of the jeans to finally feel the soft skin of her gorgeous ass. I was hungry. So hungry for her.

She wanted more though. She took my hand and led me to the service room in the back, which had a small window through which a street light was coming through. Now I finally saw the entirety of this beautiful girl. I wanted her even more. And she didn’t resist. She slid down her jeans together with panties and sat on some crates that were around. Her hand pushed my head right towards her pussy. Soaking. Delicious. At first I took a good look. Even her pussy was fucking incredible hot. I licked my lips in anticipation. She was losing her patience though, so she pushed my head closer in between her thighs. I licked her from the bottom to the top with the entire surface of my tongue letting its tip find her clit. She moaned. She loved it. Her hands, still on my head, now were just unknowingly playing with my hair, massaging my scalp. I licked her again. I left the tip of my tongue this time to stroke her clit for a bit longer. Faster. Then slower. Faster again. At the same time, my hands were on her hips, her supple thighs, trying to get as close to her ass as possible. I started to slowly shove my tongue into her pussy. She let me in as deep as it could go. When coming out, I sucked on her lips with mine, even bit them gently. I went back to her clit letting my fingers take care of her beautiful wetness. She slid her ass forward a bit finally allowing me access. I scrupulously took advantage of that.

My mouth on her clit, the fingers of my right hand inside of her pussy and my left hand on her ass casually stroking her asshole. Delicious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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