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He looked at her sitting there content with her book. He had a ton of paperwork he needed to be doing, but couldn’t keep his mind on it, away from her long legs curled up under her, or his mind out of his crotch. His balls tightened every time he looked at her. Fuck, he thought, I should have stayed home.

He shifted in the usually comfortable office chair, reached down to adjust his balls, and loaded another email. He tried to read it, he really did, but the words seemed to be screaming at him to go take her, and do what he wanted. He wanted it so badly, even though they had had hot sex this morning. He got hard just remembering how she sucked and fucked him, it was better than the now tepid cup of coffee in front of him.

Giving up all thought of working he turned in the chair, and stood up. He walked over to where she sat reading and took her book laying it down on the table next to her. He leaned down and kissed her, his hand holding the back of her head right where he wanted it.

Her hand slid down his arm and tightened on his wrist. She moved his hand to her breast, then moved hers to his crotch. She rubbed through his pants, loving the way his erection started to grow just by her touch. He told her to move over, he wanted this his way, slow and easy. He had already given in to her this morning.

Yes, he was already hard, and his cock seriously wanted deep inside her. He was more patient. He laid behind her on the couch, the fingers of one hand playing with her hard nipple, the other hand stroking her ass. His mouth slid over her neck just missing on purpose the one spot on her neck that would have caused an instant orgasm. He was taking great pleasure in her squirming.

She loved the way his hands felt on her, warm and strong. She loved the way his erection pushed against her ass. She loved the way he held her. He was teasing her, That was driving aksaray escort her crazy. She knew what he could do for her with those hands, and that mouth, so hot and wet. She knew the orgasm that waited, and it drove her crazy when he teased her.

She pushed back into him with her ass. Her hand tried to move his from her hip to her throbbing. He wasn’t going to let her have her way this time. He told her to stop, or he would. He slid his hand under her top, loving the way her soft skin felt. He played with the small jewel in her belly button. Something strangely alluring about a woman of a certain age having a belly button piercing.

Her already throbbing clit jumped while he played with her jewel. She squirmed more, Her ass moved against him in an effort to relieve the throbbing, but it just made things worse. She wanted his fingers there, instead of teasing her belly button. She took a deep breath, a gasp really, when his mouth moved to just below her ear. She purred deep in her throat as his hand moved a little lower, his fingers edging under the black silk of her panties. He stroked just at the top of her mound, her closely trimmed bush of blond curls.

A whimper escaped her as his mouth moved lower towards that pulse that was now a sure sign of her arousal. He was so close, yet still just far enough away to make her crazy. She was almost where he wanted her. He loved working her into a fever pitch, it made the orgasms they shared even deeper. He pulled his hand back out of her panties, and with both hands took hold of the hem of her top, and pulled it off her with one swift move.

After he tossed her top to the floor his hands stroked down her arms, brushing her arm pits. He used the back of both hands to stroke the sides of her breasts, then took them in his hands. He squeezed, then pinched her nipples with his fingers. He held ankara escort her there for a minute, rolling her nipples, then he rolled on top of her, pressing his throbbing cock into her.

His mouth finally kissed that pulse just above her collar bone, and she began to shudder with the beginnings of an orgasm. He licked his way down her chest to her nipples, taking them one at a time, in his mouth, sucking hard as she ground her hips up into him.

He moved her so he could kneel between her legs as he licked his way down to her belly button. She was squirming even more now. She lifted her leg up over his shoulder as her nails scored those shoulders. He licked still lower and found the small blue butterfly on her hip. She gasped again as her hips thrust up into his chest rubbing her hot pussy into his chest.

His fingers took hold of the panties she still had on, his mouth finally touching her clit through the silk. She wanted, needed, his wet mouth on her throbbing. He eased the panties lower, slowly licking his way to where they both wanted to be. He stopped then and raised his head to look at her. Her hands were on his shoulders, nails digging in as he made his way lower oh so slowly, begging with her grip for him to give her the release she knew he could, but with his admonition she didn’t dare push too hard.

She raised her head to see why he had stopped, gasping for breath, almost crying at his teasing. He grinned at her and asked if she was ready. Oh my stars, you’re Kidding, right? She asked him in a shaky breathless voice. He pulled her panties down and looked at her beautiful pussy. He loved how she kept it tightly trimmed. His fingers spread her lips so he could look at her wet opening. He flicked her throbbing clit with his thumb, and almost laughed as she moaned.

His fingers spread her lips wide, and finally gave in to antalya escort the need he knew they both felt and stroked his tongue from the base of her hot wetness until he was at the top of her clit, then took it deep in his mouth. As she began to shake he slid two fingers into her tight, wet pussy.

It was her undoing. She came apart, her legs over his shoulders went rigid with it. He began to pump his fingers into her as her orgasm climbed higher. Longer and longer he held her in the grip of the orgasm, He had her screaming his name, her hands grasping at him, looking for something to hold on to, not wanting to let go of the orgasm he was giving her. One, two more thrusts then he held still as her orgasm peaked. As she slowly came down from the rock my world feeling he pulled his fingers out of her and licked them before drawing them down to play with her ass. Then he backed up to let his straining erection out.

He pulled her ass to the edge of the couch, and holding his rock hard cock where his fingers had so recently been. His hands held her thighs, and he smiled as she attempted the maneuver to force him into her. Even after such an orgasm she was ready for more. She was always ready for more. It was one of the things he enjoyed most about her.

He thrust into her, and held as she adjusted to him. Her eyes flew open as he began to rock. Her hands covered his as he started the rhythm that was like a primal drum beat only they could hear. Harder and harder he rocked them, higher and higher they rode each other.

He was there, and so was she. This was what he wanted most, the tandem of their shared orgasm. He let go of his cum to spill into her cum. He pulled her tight against him as the last of it shuddered out of him. He collapsed onto her listening to her heart pound, her breath slowly slowing to normal.

He kicked his pants off and went back behind her where they had started. He pulled her back to him, and held her close. His one hand holding her breast, the other on her hip. She purred in contentment as they settled into the easy way they enjoyed each other deepened with each time they shared in the joy of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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