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Miami and I had been together now for almost 2 years. I saw us as a couple, as did all the people who knew us, though it was not a stated fact on his part. To him, I would never be anything more than his bitch, or his whore, to be used as he saw fit. It actually made him a little angry if I even suggested that he was gay, even though everything we did together was! I was just happy to take him for the extremely sexual creature that he was.

His foot long, extremely thick black cock had become an object of worship to me, and whether he was using it on me gently as he could so often do, or ramming it into me brutally as he did so more often, I didn’t care if he was gay or straight, just as long as he was satisfying my insatiable lusts! When we were alone together, he was completely mine, and I was completely his.

I had met enough men since I’d known him, that I didn’t really need him to fulfill my desires, yet I couldn’t have left him if I tried. I’d let myself fall deeply in love with him, and somehow felt that he must love me too! Why else would he have kept me for so long!

I’d never even kissed him, at least not a full lover’s kiss on his open mouth, though he often pressed that hot mouth over mine to blow exhaled cocaine smoke into me. Once when I’d boldly darted my tongue into his mouth, he’d slapped me, not hard, but just as a warning not to ever try it again, and rolled me over and gave me a brutally hard fuck, bringing tears to my eyes as he thrust his long, hard, thickness into me! I guess it was his way of showing me he was, and always would be the man, and not to challenge him in any way!

For some perverse reason, I liked it when he fucked me hard, and I guess I loved to be dominated by him, and found I could always provoke him into doing so by getting to familiar with his other taboo spot! His tight little virgin man pussy!

I loved when we’d lay in his bed on hot summer days, and he’d take his cock out for me to suck on, which I always did willingly, taking it deep in my hungry mouth, letting him push my head down on it roughly, hardly letting me come up for air. His delicious pre cum tasted like nectar from some dark god as it flowed over my tongue.

I’d get so turned on as I’d pull his pants down his legs, watching his big balls move around in his cod sack as if they had a life of their own! Sometimes he’d prop his ass up on pillows and expose his self to me as if inviting me to mount him, and pop his tight little cherried ass hole! I loved to kiss the hairy, sensitive flesh between his heavy balls and tiny exposed slit, relishing the feel of course , tight hair on my tongue.

He took pleasure in holding my head down there, pressing my nose into his smelly flesh, telling me to smell that ass, or lick that ass! Though no cock had ever penetrated his exotic dark hole, he loved when I’d fuck him with my tongue, and he’d press his hot flesh against my hungry mouth, telling me to eat that nasty ass! When I’d try to explore it’s tightness with my finger, he’d slap it away!

I’d probe, and he’d bursa escort slap, and he’d always wind up on top of me, forcing his cock into me brutally! Even as experienced as I was now at taking a monster cock, these fucks, which were practically rapes, always took my breath away! Sometimes he was like some kind of wild beast on top of me, inside me, almost losing control as if he wanted to hurt me! The more I cried out, the harder he’d fuck me, always leaving me full of his massive load of sticky, hot semen, feeling abused and bruised! Even though he sometimes hurt me a lot, the thickness of his cock against my love spot would always make me cum! My God I loved this man!

On one particular day in July, Miami told me his main dealer Greg was having a party, so that meant I’d have to put my ass into action, because there were always men to be taken care of at one of Greg’s parties, and hell, being a whore was my job now. It was always fun letting Miami dress me how he wanted me too, and it was also time for a good ass shaving! I loved when he did that to me, because it really brought out his gay side, and got him really hot!

It made me feel so decadent to stand naked in front of him, and spread my ass cheeks for him to shave around my pussy. He’d always lick me when he did it, and tell me I had a nice cooder, and it made me so horny when he really let his gay side show, which he only did privately with me. I’d always wind up bent over the bathroom sink, and get one of his quick, hard fucks when he had me all smooth like he liked me!

His powerful thrusts would practically lift me of the floor as I’d reach around behind me and place my hands on his firm hips, sometimes trying to slow him down, but more often trying to draw him deeper up inside me! My own cock would swell, and sometimes he’d stroke me as he fucked me, coaxing a load of my own hot cum up through the shaft of my throbbing cock. I liked it when he let it shoot into the palm of his hand, and then place it over my mouth, and make me drink it down!

We made our way to Greg’s house, and I anticipated who might be there, and what I might have to do! Since I’d known Miami, I’d done so many things that I thought I’d never do, only dreamed of doing in my nastiest stroke sessions!

I’d been fisted, gangbanged, and even visited a weird older white guy who never did anything to me but use his collection of dildos on me! He liked to push them into me, and fuck me with them as hard as he could while Miami watched. Then he’d jerk off in my face as he watched Miami fuck me! I would have never thought a small southern town could harbor such a collection of perverted freaks, and I guess I had to consider myself as one of them, because I enjoyed every depraved moment of it!

I’d run up on guys I knew form work, who I never thought might even think of doing anything like we did! It felt good to see all their sexual predilections come out, and I was happy to be in the middle of their secret lives, and it gave me a thrill inside to meet them on the street, and know the secrets we shared together. I think görükle escort this was part of the reason I loved Miami so much, because he had introduced me to this decadent world. It was like having a secret nobody else knew anything about!

Little did I know, that that was about to change tonight at Greg’s party. I was about to find out something I never would have believed, and do something I’d only ever dreamed of doing. Something wonderful, and sad, as it made me realize what some people would do for their addictions.

We got to Greg’s house, and naturally the drinks and coke were flowing in abundance. In no time I was in back with a thick cock in my ass, and one shooting hot semen in my mouth as I sucked it like the whore I was. After taking three cocks up my ass back to back, I made my way back into the living room to get something to drink. I was dressed only in my underwear, and actually dancing with a chocolate brown flamer who I didn’t even know, when I saw someone I did know!

It was a guy I’d gone to school with named Al Davis, a guy I’d had fantasies about back in the old days, and one of the straightest guys I’d ever known. All at once, I realized all my secrets were out, and everybody I’d ever known would know what I’d been doing tonight! I knew he must be there to buy some coke from Greg! I wanted to crawl under a rock!

I rounded up my clothes, and went to find Miami so we could leave, hoping against hopes that maybe Al hadn’t noticed me! When I was dressed, I made my way back to the living room, and was relieved that Al wasn’t there, hoping against hope that I’d avoided a very embarrassing situation. I couldn’t find Miami, so I made my way to Greg’s bedroom to see if he might be there. He was there, and so was Greg, who was getting a noisy wet blowjob! My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I realized who was sucking his cock! It was Al!

Not only was he sucking on Greg’s 9 inches of thick cock, he was naked from the waste down, with his ass up in the air! I was both stunned, and incredibly turned on at the same time, because it was just as beautiful as I’d always imagined it was, though I’d never seen it!

It was firm, and I could see his brown eye practically winking at me! My god he was hot! His cheeks were spread, and his opening was surrounded by a mass of brown curly hair! And knowing an ass as I do, I could tell he definitely was not a virgin!

Somehow, deep inside, I knew he had to be doing what he was doing for coke, and I felt a kind of pity for him, and thought I should leave the room and pretend that I’d never seen what I’d seen! The look on Miami’s face told me to stay though, because he saw what it was doing to me, and when he told me to take it if I wanted it, the spell was broken, and Al looked up and saw me standing there!

Instead of me being embarrassed, it was Al’s blue eyes that seemed to plead for me not to say anything. As I began to undo my pants and take out my throbbing cock, Greg pushed Al’s head back down on to him. I made my way across the room, and reached between Al’s legs and began bursa escort bayan to stroke his cock. It was about the size of mine, 8 inches and fairly thick, and it swelled to full hardness in my hand.

I bent and kissed his hot ass, and began probing his tight hole with my tongue, as always intoxicated by the feel and smell of a man’s ass! Miami handed me a tube of lube, and I began getting Al’s tight pussy ready to take my throbbing cock! He cried out as my finger pushed into his hot flesh, and I could tell it was something he didn’t really want to do. But he knew he had to this for me to please Greg, and somehow I knew I had to do it to please Miami! It was amazing how you could read someone’s mind that way.

Al wasn’t the experienced cock taker I was, and I felt the muscles of his rectum clinch tight around me as I pushed my cock into him. It felt wonderful to me, but I could tell he was in agony as his hot flesh tried to push me out as I pushed deeper into him. His cries of pain were muffled by Greg’s cock as he drove it deeper into his mouth! For some reason, this felt wrong, I felt like I was committing rape on an unwilling man, but it felt so good!

I resigned myself to the fact that none of this would be happening to Al if he wasn’t addicted to crack cocaine, and gave in to my deep sexual impulses, and thrust my cock deep inside his tight, hot ass and began fucking him like I liked to be fucked! He screamed like I knew I had once screamed as Miami had taken me for the first time! I fucked him harder and harder, as his eyes filled with tears, egged on by Miami and Greg’s cries of fuck that bitch, and open up that ass!

I plowed into him, imagining that his ass was Miami’s, and it was him I was tearing into, lost in a frenzy of sexual depravity I didn’t think I had in me! I knew I had to be hurting him, but if he’d just relax and let it happen, it would be over soon! I reached under him and took his throbbing cock in my hand, and knew it must not be all that bad to him if he was so turned on! As I shot my load of juice deep in his ass, I felt his spurting into my open palm, and covered his open mouth with my hand, making him taste his own cum! Then I roughly forced his head around and covered his mouth with mine and we shared what was to be his first cum kiss!

When I pulled from him, leaving him dripping, Greg pushed me out of the way and replaced my cock with his! His cries had a more pleasurable tone to them now, and I knew he had opened himself up to what was happening to him.

Miami was naked now and I knew my willing ass was about to get some abuse too! He shoved his cock into me with all his might, and soon both Al and I were screaming like bitches in heat as our black studs rode us home, each trying to out fuck the other. My hand found Al’s, and we held hands and kissed as we gave ourselves to our men.

Later as we all lay together in Greg’s bed, Al made me promise never to tell a soul, and I was willing to keep that promise, and accept him as a wonderful new friend! The life I had so wanted to keep hidden from him, he was now a part of, and I welcomed him into it. I gave him his first piece of ass that night, and loved Miami even more for giving me a wonderful old friend to love. Each day I spent with him seemed to bring some wonderful new gift, and Al had been the sweetest of all!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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