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i woke up the next moring feeling like shit. my back was in pieces, i felt a massive pounding in my head and i had a feeling i did something really stupid. I could feel an arm around me and i Looke up to see Nates face looking down on me. i tried to move and in my attempt headbutted Nate in the balls, which was followed with him writhing in agony. “I am so sorry Nate, i didn’t mean too.”i said in a rushed paniced voice. In our confusion on trying to get out the shower, i ended leaning on the water switch and turning the shower on, getting us soaked, while nate was trying to move slips landing on his back with me on top with my boobs in his face.
the door suddenly opens and there stands Paul and Kevin, staring at us. “it is not what it looks like” i say trying to get off Nate. i finally got out of the shower, soaking wet with my boobs hanging out and my pants a translucent black, and standing between me and the soiltude of my bedroom, were two of my room mates with looks of amusement. God this couldnt get worse. Mid way through my thoughts i heard a knock on the door followed by Lottie screaming “HI TINA.” yes it could get worse with the arrival of my mother.
“Guys can you please distract her while i try and get myself ready. please.” i begged Paul and Kevin. they laughed and walked out the bathroom, and i could her muffled hello hugs and all the Arnavutköy Escort greeting crap my mother normally does. “Nate get up please. my mother is here.” i said trying to pull him up. after five minuetes of pulling i got him out and i quickly ran to my bedroom and got myself dressed.
i walked into the living area and was greated by my mom. “Darling, how are you, it has been so long.” she says pulling me into a hug and kissing me on each cheek. i shrugged her off.
“Hey mom, how are you doing? what brings you her?” i ask pulling away from her grip. she sighed deeply.
“Its your father. How do i put this, he passed away.” she says in a dramatic voice. the news shocked me and i fell onto the sofa numb to the world. Kevin and Paul stepped back giving us some space while Lottie sat next to me and held my hand. the room was silent. Nate walked in and saw a depressing sight.
“who died?” he said with a chuckle and i turned to him tears threatening to fall
“My dad.” i whispered. nate just stood there and frowned.
“when did it happen?”i asked looking at my mother.
“Oh months ago darling, round new year.” she says as if she wear telling me she had a new haircut. rage filled me.
“You mean you and the rest of my family have known for months that my dad is dead and you didnt have the curtasy to pick up the damn pfone. Escort Arnavutköy I missed his funeral and everthing.” i said my voice dripping with menace.
“Well darling we didnt want to bother you with such drab news specially after the wedding dibacal. oh before i forget, here is what was left to you. she says openeing the front door and briniging in a guitar case and attached to that was a letter and a check. I sat still trying to prosecc what had just happened.
“get out mom, get out and never come back. after all the shit you have done to me in the past, this is the worst. you are not my mother anymore. get out. ” i stood up and followered her to the door and slammed it into her face. i took a deep breath and saw the faces of everyone in the room and smiled.
“if you could excuse me for a moment i need a minute to myself. ” i said taking the case and letter into my room with me. i sat on my bed and just stared at the wall. i was like this for ages when i heard a gentke knock on my door. it was Nate, he held a bottle of whiskey in his hand and two glasses in the other.
“the others have gone to work so i thought ill help give your dad a send off.” he sat next to me and poured me a doble shot of whiskey. i downed it all at once, and the senstion burned my throat. he sat with me in silence for what seemed like an eternity. i Arnavutköy Escort Bayan looked at his brown eyes and for a moment i left the pain behind. I leaned in and kissed him, deep and long holding on to the good in the world. he put the bottle down and the glass and he pulled me to his chest and held me there and i laid in his chest hoping for a mircle to happen.
we laid like that for hours and i final sat up and breathed deeply. “thank you Nate.” i said and kissed his cheek. “He held my hand and looked at me and i at him, then we leaned in and kissed like never before. His lips were soft against mine and i couldnt get enough of them, my hands trembled as i tried to unbutton his shirt, revealing his torso. His hands made light work of my top and trousers and i felt his warm kisses move down my body stopping at my nipples.he played with them and teased them with his toungue.
I felt his body shift and soon felt his hard cock against my pussy opening. seconds later he was thrusting inside of me and it felt good. i matched his thrusts and soon felt my body spazming over and over again but he didnt stop, he fucked me harder and harder, all i could hear was his panting and my moans of pleasure. His cock fe;t amazing in my cunt. i couldnt hold it in much longer as i spazmed again on his cock he groaned and quickly pulled out and shot load after load on my stomach. I just smiled and kissed him, rolled over and fell asleep. When i woke up later on that evening i had clothes on and was in bed with Nate asleep in my chair oposite me. and i again dozed off into a dreamless sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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