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He woke her up at a quarter to five in the morning. The sun hadn’t risen yet, and in the darkness of their bedroom he slid down beneath the sheets and parted her thighs, and woke her with long, probing licks. She grew wet almost immediately, and he moved over her, slid himself inside her. They kissed deeply, and he placed a hand between their stomachs, his thumb on her clit, so that with each thrust she felt a bolt of pleasure. He remained patient until the arch of her back, the quiver of her stomach, and the low cry in her throat let him know she had reached her climax. Then he braced himself with a hand on either side of her, and lost all restraint, driving himself into her until he came in a hot rush that spread through his entire body like a warm blanket. With a parting kiss, he rose to get ready for work, and with a dreamy smile she rolled over and fell back asleep.

* * * *

Claire woke up several hours later to see warm sunlight pouring through the bedroom windows. She glanced at the clock; it was almost noon. Jackson was at work, most likely engrossed in his files, and wouldn’t even look up for lunch. Claire stretched sensually and got out of bed to take a shower and brush her teeth. She threw on a pair of jeans and a white tank top and went downstairs to make coffee and eat breakfast.

She was reading the paper while munching on a blueberry bagel when the doorbell rang. Startled, Claire glanced up, and then at her watch. It was after one. She got up and went to the front door. Upon opening it, she saw Jackson’s aunt, and smiled a warm welcome.

“Come on in, Dana.”

Dana was about five and a half feet tall, with very long hair the warm, golden brown color of dark amber. Her eyes were large and deep green, framed by long lashes. She was built like a dancer, lean and toned and very graceful. Her entire body seemed to always be swaying to some music no one else could hear. She smiled easily and sincerely.

Dana was actually only two years older than Jackson. Jackson’s grandfather had remarried late in life to a woman much younger than him, and had Dana around the same time that Jackson’s parents were getting married. So he and Dana had grown up, if not like brother and sister, at least as easy friends, close in age and often in school together. Since Claire had moved in with Jackson about six months ago, she and Dana had been slowly growing closer, getting to know each other better.

“What brings you by?” Claire asked, leading the way into the living room, where she plopped back down on the couch near her discarded paper.

Dana sat down next to her, tucking one foot beneath her and leaning her head on her hand, with her elbow on the back of the couch. “Boredom, to be honest. I don’t have much to do today so I thought I’d see what you were up to. Maybe you’d like to go shopping this afternoon?”

Claire laughed. “Have I ever said no to shopping?”

They sat and talked for a while, while the sun slowly moved across the sky, until mid-afternoon shadows lengthened in the living room. They had been gossiping about friends for a while when Dana suddenly sat up straight and said, “Oh my God, have you heard about Brenda?”

Claire shook her head. “What about her?”

“She left Andrew – for a woman.”

Claire gasped melodramatically, putting a hand to her mouth. “No!”

Laughing, Dana nodded. “Yes. Apparently he caught them together at the other woman’s apartment. He came by to drop off her purse, which she left at home, and when the other woman opened the door she was wearing a sheet and breathing hard. Andrew looked past her, saw Brenda in the bedroom doorway buck naked, and totally flipped. Threw the purse at her, cussed them both out, called her a lying whore and a dyke, and then stormed out. All her stuff was on the lawn by that afternoon.”

“Wow.” Claire shook her head. “But you know, I kind of got that vibe from her.”

“What, the lesbian vibe?”

“The bisexual vibe. I could tell she liked Andrew, but I could also tell she was checking out other women.”

“Did she ever hit on you?”


“That surprises me.”


“You’re gorgeous. But I guess if you’re going to hit on another woman, it makes more sense to pick one who’s also bi.”

Claire grinned wickedly. “How do you know I’m not?”

Dana grinned back, but there was a hint of uncertainty in her eyes. “Are you then?”

Claire stopped grinning and shrugged. “I’ve tried it.”


Claire studied Dana’s face; she looked very, very interested. There was a sudden slow summer-saulting low in Claire’s stomach. She had always found Dana very attractive, but in an admiring, neutral sort of way. Dana was Jackson’s aunt, after all. But the look in her eyes touched some emotion in Claire that she had previously kept well hidden. Claire swallowed and looked away, trying to make it seem casual. “Sure, a few times in high school and college. I did threesomes with a lot of my boyfriends. It was nice. It’s escort bayan different than being with a guy. It’s…nice.” She forced herself to meet Dana’s eyes with a calm expression. “What about you?”

Dana shook her head a little nervously. “No. But I’ve been curious…” She trailed off.

“And?” Claire prompted, unable to help herself. “Why didn’t you ever try it?”

“I didn’t really know how to go about it. I mean I thought about asking one of my friends, but that seemed too awkward. What if she said no, or freaked out? I wouldn’t be able to take it back. And trying to find some random stranger… I wouldn’t know where to start. I have no idea how to hit on a woman. Besides… how do I even know I really want to do it? How do I know I wouldn’t turn and run if I ever got the opportunity?”

“The only way to know is to try.”

Dana looked at Claire sharply, wondering if she’d misheard the faint note of invitation in her tone. The silence that settled over the room when their eyes met was thick and heavy. They held each other’s gaze for a long time, Dana’s green eyes just as wide as Claire’s blue ones. The air between them suddenly seemed charged, almost as solid as a wall. Dana felt excited, nervous, hopefully, and terrified at the same time. Her pulse began to race. Claire felt the same way, except she knew that she had the upper hand here; all she had to do was make a move, say a word, and she could either act on what they were feeling, or close the door on it. They could pretend, awkwardly for a while, that this moment had never happened. Eventually, they would purposefully forget all about it.

Claire reached over gently and traced the tips of her fingers along Dana’s jaw. Her thumb barely touched Dana’s lips. “The best way to do it,” she said quietly, “is with someone you trust. Do you trust me?”

Silently, Dana nodded. The light touch of Claire’s fingers had sent a little shiver right through her, raising the hair on her arms and at the back of her neck. She stared at Claire’s dark auburn hair, her full, sensual features, her athletic body with its soft, voluptuous curves. She wasn’t brave enough to touch her yet, but when Claire leaned forward, Dana closed her eyes and offered her lips.

Claire kissed that full, soft mouth gently, reveling in the feel of it. She had stared at it so many times, wondering how soft and warm Dana’s mouth was, what those lips felt and tasted like, what the inside of her mouth was like. A surge of desire pulsed through her, but she held back, not wanting to overwhelm Dana. She kissed her lips softly, and slowly teased them apart with the tip of her tongue. Once Dana opened her mouth, she seemed to come to life, her arms coming around Claire, her body pressing up against hers. The feel of Dana’s breasts against her own was electric. Claire slid a hand over the small of Dana’s back, pressing her against her a little harder, and pushed her tongue deep into Dana’s mouth. Dana’s tongue pushed back against hers, and they began a slow, sensual dance of lips and tongue and gentle teeth. Claire licked at the inside of her mouth, sucked at her tongue and lips, while her hands worked their way up Dana’s back and into her long, thick, soft hair. She twined it around her fingers, holding Dana’s head while she tried to devour her with her mouth.

Finally, Claire pulled back a little, breathing heavily. Dana’s eyes were glazed and hot with desire. “Lean back,” Claire whispered.

Dana leaned against the back of the couch, melting into the cushions bonelessly. She watched as Claire lifted the hem of her shirt and tenderly pulled her bra down, exposing her full breasts. Claire leaned down and took a nipple in her mouth, working it gently with lips and tongue, biting it lightly so that Dana moaned softly. She moved to the other breast and gave it the same attention, while caressing both with her hands. She kissed Dana’s stomach, trailed her fingers lightly over her skin and watched it quiver with a smile. She reached for Dana’s stomach and unbuttoned her jeans. She looked up to meet Dana’s eyes, smiled reassuringly at her, and slid her hand down Dana’s smooth stomach, beneath her cotton panties, and between her legs.

Dana gasped when Claire’s fingers found her clit, and Claire could see why. It was swollen, and her lips were dripping wet. Claire circled her clit lightly with the tips of her fingers, and watched Dana writhe, eyes closed. Then she slid her hand a little further, and pushed two fingers up into Dana. They went easily; there was plenty of lubrication. She pushed them as deeply into Dana as she could, and Dana lifted her hips, one hand clamping down on Claire’s wrist to urge her on. Claire slid her fingers in and out slowly. Each time she went in, she went in as far as she could, pressing hard against Dana’s pussy. And each time, Dana gasped and moaned and her hips undulated.

Finally she decided she wanted to see Claire come. She put two fingers on her clit and moved them in slow, gentle circles. istanbul escort Dana sighed, “Oh, yes.” Claire bent to kiss and suckle Dana’s breasts while she worked her clit. As Dana’s breath began to quicken and her back to arch, Claire’s breath quickened too. She bit at Dana’s breasts, but Dana didn’t seem to mind. She put a hand to the back of Claire’s head, pulling her closer. Claire felt Dana’s whole body begin to tense, nearly lifted her off the couch as her orgasm neared. With a small smile, Claire backed off a little, slowing down. Dana groaned and tossed her head. Claire kissed her deeply, working her clit very slowly and softly, teasing her. Dana pushed up against her, kissing her hungrily, digging her nails into Claire’s back and arms. Finally Claire relented. She knew Dana was excited enough for it, so she bore down on her hard, rubbing her clit furiously. Dana cried out and her entire body came up off the couch. She came hard, with a series of low, breathy cries, and collapsed against the couch, panting and sweating.

Claire didn’t pause. She pushed Dana down on the cushions so that she was lying on her back, and then swiftly pulled her jeans off and tossed them aside, along with her panties. Dana had hardly had time to recover when Claire’s mouth came down on her pussy. She gasped, her body jerking uncontrollably as Claire’s tongue lavished her sensitive clit with attention. Claire moved away from Dana’s clit after a moment, and instead pushed her tongue inside her, and tasted everything but her clit with long, slow licks. She wet one finger with saliva and Dana’s own juices, and then gently pushed it into Dana’s asshole, waiting to see how she’d react. Dana moaned softly, pressing down slightly against Claire’s hand. With a smile, Claire pushed her finger the rest of the way inside, and sealed her mouth over Dana’s clit, pulling it into her mouth and sucking and flicking it with her tongue.

Dana shivered and shuddered while Claire’s tongue moved on her, and her finger moved in her. She gripped the couch with white-knuckled hands, gasping and giving little involuntary cries. Christ, she had never imagined it would be so fucking great. She lifted her hips, her hand on the back of Claire’s head, pushing her down. She moved her hips beneath Claire, and in a matter of seconds she was coming again, so hard that she couldn’t even breathe as it spread, so pleasurable it was almost painful. It washed through her, and she went limp, heart thundering in her ears.

Claire made her way up Dana’s body, licking and kissing and biting lightly. Dana grabbed her face in both hands and kissed her hard and long, tasting herself on Claire’s mouth.

“Show me how to do that,” Dana whispered.

Claire stood and stripped her clothes off easily, then sat back down, parting her thighs and smiling invitingly at Dana. Dana got down on her knees carefully, placed her hands lightly on Claire’s thighs. She had never been this close to another woman’s pussy before. She reached out to trail her fingers over it, and found that the flesh was warm and soft, and slick. Claire was wet. Dana explored gently with her fingers, stroking Claire’s labia and clit, and slid a finger inside her experimentally. She was so engrossed with this new experience that she hardly noticed Claire twisting and gasping at her light, unintentionally teasing touches.

On impulse, Dana leaned forward and licked Claire’s pussy. Claire cried out. “Oh God yes, do that again.”

Dana obeyed. The taste of her was warm and fleshy and different than anything else Dana had ever tasted. She felt for Claire’s clit, judging from her own experiences while masturbating. She knew she’d found it when Claire jumped and moaned.

Claire was more vocal than Dana. She gripped two handfuls of Dana’s hair, holding her mouth firmly against her pussy, her legs spread wide, her head thrown back in ecstasy. “Oh god yes, yes, yes…. Oh, right there…. Don’t stop! Oh shit, yes… god that feels so good…. Yes, lick me, yes…”

Dana became excited by Claire’s cries, and ate her eagerly, pushing her fingers roughly inside her and licking and sucking at her clit. Claire held her hair tightly and began to move her hips beneath Dana’s mouth, working her clit the way it needed to be worked. Dana let her do it, becoming swept up in Claire’s impending orgasm. When it came, Dana almost cried out herself while Claire shuddered and screamed. Her scalp hurt a little from Claire pulling on her hair, but she didn’t care. She sucked on Claire’s clit until Claire pushed her away with a convulsive gesture, and then she moved up and kissed Claire’s breasts, sucked her nipples, ran her hands all over her body. She ran her fingers through Claire’s wet slit, pushing her fingers in and then touching her clit lightly to make her jump. She couldn’t get enough. Claire’s body was soft and full of beautiful, fascinating curves. She felt Claire’s warm thighs, her smooth back, muscular legs, flat stomach, and her full breasts. She kneaded escort them and touched her hard nipples, ran her hands through her long red-brown hair, and kissed her mouth as though she would eat her from the inside out.

Finally Claire laughed and pushed her gently back. Looking up into Dana’s brilliant green eyes, she said, “So you like it, then?”

Dana laughed. “I do. I really, really do.” She kissed Claire again, gentler this time, and Claire responded, pulling her tongue deep into her mouth. She stroked Dana’s body affectionately.

The two women lay entwined on the couch, kissing and caressing each other, and then quietly fell asleep.

* * * *

Claire sank down into the hot water and fragrant bubbles and sighed in pleasure. Across from her, Dana smiled above the bubbles. Their legs touched and slid against each other in the tub. They lay quietly for a while, enjoying the hot bath and each other’s company.

Finally Dana said with amusement, “You’ve done that more than a few times.”

Claire chuckled. “Yeah. I love women. They’re soft and lush. Men are hard and fun, but women can be intensely sensual. It’s a whole other level of eroticism.”

“So you are bisexual.”

“I suppose so.”

“Maybe I am too.”

Claire grinned. “Maybe.”

After a while, Dana said, “I’d like to get better at it.”

“You did really well for your first time. Some women take forever and a day to come, especially with oral. But you made me come fairly quickly. You’ve got a natural talent, I guess.”

“Yeah, but you were un-fucking-believable. I want to be un-fucking-believable.” She looked at Claire with warm, glowing eyes. “Show me.”

“Show you what?”
“How to make you come. Show me how you do it yourself.”

Claire actually blushed a little, but the thought also excited her. “Okay.” She pushed herself up and sat on the edge of the tub. She leaned back carefully against the cold tiles until they warmed under her back. She settled herself in a comfortable position, her legs spread with her feet in the water. Dana’s eyes moved over her sleek wet body, warm with appreciation. Claire put a hand between her legs and caressed herself. It felt a little awkward at first. She closed her eyes and imagined that she was alone. That made it a little easier. She stroked herself with easy familiarity, moving around her clit, working up little shivers and sparks of pleasure. She felt her pussy grow warm and damp. It was like a flower opening in the hot sun, muscles relaxing. She slid one fingers into herself, feeling the wetness. Then she moved to her clit, began circling it with her wet fingers. Her breath had quickened. She put her other hand above her pussy, holding it open and pulling the hood back from her clit. She stroked it lightly, shivered, and then pressed it more firmly. She worked it in small, gentle circles that gradually grew faster and harder. She opened her eyes when she felt the orgasm approaching. It felt as though it appeared, a little spark, deep down inside her, and her working fingers slowly drew it to the surface. Her eyes met Dana’s, and she saw that Dana was masturbating as well. Her hands were hidden beneath the soapy water, but her lips were parted, her body obviously moving under the water. Her free hand gripped the edge of the tub tightly.

Their eyes locked. Claire rubbed her clit hard and fast, feeling an intense orgasm coming. She gasped and arched her back, but held Dana’s gaze. The two women looked into each other’s eyes as they came nearly at the same time. The sight of Dana’s eyes when she came was enough to send a second, almost painfully intense orgasm slamming through Claire right on the heels of her first. She screamed involuntarily, back arching so hard that her body lifted off the tile. She went limp against the tile. Dana moved over to her eagerly, buried her face in Claire’s pussy and licked away her wetness hungrily.

“Oh god, that was amazing,” she murmured, nuzzling Claire’s super sensitive clit. Claire shuddered, but couldn’t quite push her away. She lay weakly on the edge of the tub, twitching and shuddering at the light caresses.

Dana got up on her knees and kissed Claire, pushing gentle fingers inside her. With soft, lingering kisses they slid down into the water together. After a few minutes, Claire slid her hand between Dana’s thighs. “I’m one up on you,” she whispered, and kissed the other woman deeply while she fingered her clit, until Dana came with a low cry and a shudder.

“Now we’re even,” Dana said breathlessly, and they smiled at each other.

* * * *

Jackson came home late. He expected to find Claire already asleep, but when he opened the bedroom door, he was surprised to see her sitting up in bed, waiting for him. The lights were out, but she had candles lit on the bedside tables and on the dresser. She was wearing a black satin slip that barely covered her. Jackson swallowed hard, feeling his tiredness and tension melt away. As he came closer, he saw that both her hands were tied to the bed frame.

“What’s this?” he asked with a smile.

“I had Dana do it,” Claire told him honestly, but with secret laughter in her voice. “I wanted to surprise you. She was very understanding. Amused, even.”

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