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Her tongue moved in slow circles, caressing the still tingling lips of my vagina. The wetness left by Alan was soon licked clean, replace by red lipstick and her long tongue.

I stared at her ass up in the air. Alan wanted her from behind.

“Let me lick you,” I begged. She looked up disappointed.

“But I’m not done,” she pouted. Her perky tits glistened and her hard nipples begged for me to suck them.

“You wanted to share,” I held Alan up. His long, curved glass cock glistened with the juices I’d covered him with. She smiled.

Taking Alan from my hand, she stood. Sliding her skirt and panties down to her ankles and stepping from them. Her bush trimmed in a straight line.

Grabbing her ass with both hands I pulled her pussy onto my face. Her outer lips were full and flawless. Her inner lips buried deep inside them. My tongue took a long drawn out stoke from the bottom of her pussy to her neatly trimmed hair. She moaned softly.

“You have a pretty pussy,” I complimented her.

“Just lick me.” She sighed again as I moved my tongue in a zig zag pattern across her lips.

I looked up. She had Alan by the glass ball at his base and licked up and down his shaft. She left a sloppy wet mess that dripped off him and onto her small thin hands.

Reaching up and taking her wrist I pulled Alan down towards my mouth. She moved with escort istanbul him. Our lips and tongues lathered him simultaneous. When our mouths met my pussy trembled.

“Make me cum with your mouth,” I demanded. Instantly her lips went back down onto my pussy. Her firm rear end popped into the air.

Her soft tongue probed just inside my lips, lingering on my clitoris and then back down, splitting my pussy in two.

Reaching under her with one hand I found her full lips and spread them apart. I slid Alan along her back. He still dripped with our mingled saliva. Finding her tight hole, I put the tip of Alan inside.

“Oh god,” she moaned. Her soft breath caressed my sweet wetness making my pussy quiver. I pushed Alan deeper. She seemed go forget about me and I moved the glass shaft into her tight cunt.

“Eat me while he fucks you,” I demanded. She smirked.

Her tongue took two long licks up and down my pussy. I used the first few inches of Alan to dig inside of her and pull her sticky wetness from inside her.

As her tongue split me apart I swear it was longer than some cocks I’d sat on. I jerked and drove the full length on Alan into her. Her pussy clenched and her lips bore down on me harder.

She began sucking my clit. My free hand grabbed her hair and pushed her onto me. I pulled Alan back, nearly removing him escort bayan from her pussy then drove him fast and hard back into her dripping box.

She let out a squeak but never moved her lips from my clit. She sucked it ferociously, pulling it into her mouth and stroking it with her tongue.

“I’m going to cum,” I warned her. She sucked long and hard one last time them released my button from between her glistening lips. Opening her mouth she began to French kiss my pussy like it was a mouth. Her lips pulled on mine and her tongue dug deep into my cunt. I had to let Alan go. Pushing him as far as he would go into her pussy, I left him there as her mouth savored the sweet juices seeping from inside me.

I felt light and airy. My whole body hovered on a cloud high above the dressing room we were fucking in. My arms and legs tingled. My fingers and toes trembled.

“Cum for me baby,” her soft voice fluttered up into the sky.

“Yes,” I whispered back. Grabbing my tits, I pulled hard on both nipples. Every part of me shook with energy. Then instantly all of it shot down to my pussy where the tip of her tongue flipped at my clit.

“I’m coming.”

I felt the first wave rip across my skin.

“I’m coming.”

My arms shot down to the bench and my toes curled.


My pussy erupted. The scent of sweet cum eskort filled the air. Wave after wave of pure fucking coursed through my body and squirted from my lips. Still she sucked.

I came again. Wetness covered her face. Her lips and tongue tore at me. Devouring me. Swallowing ever bit of me.

“Oh fuck,” her body arched. I hadn’t noticed in my own pleasure but as I came she had been rubbing herself. I looked down. Her eyes were shut. Lines of my pussy juice dribbled off her chin. Her body arched again.

Letting out a gasp her whole body exploded. Her pussy clenched then released in a wave. Alan shot out from her and flew across the dressing room.

I slowly massaged my own clit, relishing in the after glow as I watched her cum long and hard from her own fingers.

A few moments later, she stood and dropped down next to me on the bench.

“I need a fucking cigarette,” she exhaled and smiled.

As we dressed, not a word was said. She reached down and picked Alan up.

“Want me to wash him off for you?” she asked.

“Hell no!” I bursted. You taste too damn good to go to waste. I’ll take care of it myself when I use him again later.”

She pushed the dressing room door open and smiled. We walked to the door and I handed her my card.

“We should hang out sometime,” I offered. “What’s your name anyway?”

She laughed. “It’s Jill. I will definitely be calling you.”

Unlocking the door, she opened it for me and I went to my car. Looking back over my shoulder I saw as she tuned the signed that read ‘Out to Lunch’ back to open.

I had to laugh out loud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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