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Big Tits

As I’m lying in my bed, I’m daydreaming about what happened during community service today.

We were about fourteen guys overall, but we were split up in small groups to do various jobs. I was put in a group of four. The other members were Mitch, a lean Indian guy; Aiden, some short bulky dude with a few bad tattoos and Jeffrey.

Jeffrey wasn’t particularly tall, kinda bulky but now as Aiden. He was badly shaved, wearing dirty glasses yet walking around like he was the shit. He had a big mouth and wouldn’t shut up about how bad it sucked to be here. Of course, none of us were fund of doing community service but we accepted our fate and didn’t complain about it. He was also making jokes, very sexual ones — and never funny.

As for myself — Ian: I’m a rather quiet person, but not because I’m shy or insecure. I honestly just don’t like people very much. Especially in an environment such as this I tend to keep to myself. I’m even shorter than Aiden and skinny, very pale, and pretty rather then handsome. I try to keep my homosexuality hidden in places such as these, usually successfully. I can deal with guys like Jeffrey, but I’d rather avoid talking to them at all if I can.

But this time it didn’t matter whether I said something or kept to myself.

We’d been cleaning some cars for little more than two hours. At least we got to be in a garage, cause it was Yakacık escort a warm day. Jeffrey nodded towards me, proclaiming proudly:

“If you were a girl, I’d fuck the hell out of you.”

This announcement shocked me a bit. It was both surprising and confusing. I didn’t really know how to react, so I just kinda smirked and tried to play it cool. Jeffrey’d been making dirty remarks like this all day, just never directly towards me.

“Okay?” I answer.

Jeffrey wasn’t pleased with that answer. I’m not sure what exactly he wanted me to say to that. Maybe he wanted me to be more intimidated or even show some sort of flattery. But I’m pretty good at hiding my true feelings and impulses, so I didn’t blush.

However, he was not giving up just yet. To my further surprise he got Aidens attention by pushing him a bit and pointed at me.

“I’d fuck him so hard…” he said.

Now even his friend looked a bit confused. He was clearly overstepping a line where it stopped being funny and started sounding kinda gay. This encouraged me a bit, so I found back to my senses and finally replied properly:

“Well then I’m lucky I’m not a girl.”

His friend laughed and of course Jeffrey laughed with him, as if my answer was somehow embarrassing for me, rather then him. But somehow, I did wonder if Jeffrey was also a bit offended. Did he want Atalar escort bayan me to be flattered by his crude joke? Maybe I was a little bit but of course I wouldn’t show him that.

I decided to ignore him and focused on my work again. The car was almost clean, soon Mitch would have to drive it away. As I was mopping the water off, I heard Jeffrey continue talking about me. I’m not sure if anyone besides me was supposed to hear what he was saying. But he definitely made sure I heard it.

“Cute baby-face, tiny and skinny, I’d fuck him stupid.”

At that moment I was mostly confused rather then turned on. But later it wouldn’t get out of my head. Him being turned on by me was already something, but the image of my tiny body being ravaged by this idiot was somehow hot. But yeah, I didn’t react to it and kept working until Mitch got in the car. As he rode off, I realized that now only Jeffrey, Aiden and I were left.

Aiden had his back turned towards me. My instincts were telling me, that Jeffrey was gonna use this moment — and I was right.

He moved towards my right and touched my chest with his left hand, reaching for me nipple. I quickly moved away without looking at him. Now I kinda regret that decision.

When the next car arrived, Jeffrey and I ignored each other. So nothing interesting happened.

On my way home, though, Escort Kadıköy I was turned on so badly, all I could do was thinking about Jeffrey and whatever cock he was packing. At home I immediately re-downloaded a hook-up app. I hadn’t been on there in a while. I uploaded the same pictures I had used a few months ago, but the process took too long for me. So I contacted Juan — one of the guys I used to hook up with. I had ignored his past few messages ’cause I got bored of him. It was embarrassing to crawl back to him after all these months. If he responds he’s desperate too so who cares? I said to myself. Luckily he did respond and agreed to come to my place in just one hour.

Juan is actually hot — tall, muscular, with big dark eyes and perfect lips. We are that perfect porno-match. Even the way we fuck me is very pornographic — various positions but nothing to outlandish, me moaning and him occasionally exclaiming “fuck”.

That’s exactly what’s happening now. We didn’t talk long, we undressed each other and now we’re lying on my bed. His big hand almost wraps fully around my upper leg, so he has an easy time holding it upwards. With his other arm his chocking me, something I’m really into. And of course, his dick is penetrating my hole repeatedly, as I’m moaning heavily. Even with my eyes closed, I can feel his gaze on me. I can picture us from a distance — a big Hispanic guy fucking a tiny twink. It’s everything a boy could want but I’m not pleased. Of course, my dick is hard as I’m jerking it quickly. But somehow all I can think of is Jeffrey touching my chest, confidently saying he’d fuck the hell out of me if I was a girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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